Attorney: Elder “Protective Services” is a Racketeering Enterprise Medically Kidnapping Seniors

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  ~Ephesians 5:11


The real perpetrators of elder abuse & exploitation: Medical kidnapping by state public officials

by Lisa Siegel Belanger, Esq.
Health Impact News

More than 30 years ago, throughout the United States, state governments created agencies known as “elder protective services.”

As seen by such designated titles, these agencies are made to appear as though state governments are helpful resources for citizens.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

These so-called protective agencies are, in fact, wolves in sheep’s clothing that I can attest to from not only my direct personal experiences, but also from years of research.

Details of my family’s ongoing travesty of justice can be found at (See also: Massachusetts Senior Citizen and Attorney Medically Kidnapped – Estate Plundered – Represents National Epidemic.)

Upon years of my reviewing and obtaining voluminous court documentation throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts—particularly, in my professional experience as an attorney, there is no doubt, whatsoever, that public officials have been operating a racketeering enterprise through the probate and family courts, feeding off our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly.

These public officials do so through physical and financial exploitation of the elderly. [1]

In 2015, I filed a federal civil action in the District Court of Massachusetts providing overwhelming and irrefutable documentation that state elder protective agencies is one cog of many in a long-embedded governmental money laundering and embezzlement enterprise…… Read More


Australia Now Issuing Fines to Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines for Their Kids

Australia will now monetarily penalize parents who choose not to vaccinate their children and the advocates for mandatory vaccines in America are salivating over it.

Australia’s Minister for Social Service, Dan Tehan, announced July 1st, the Australian Government will monetarily penalize any citizen whose children are not up to date on their vaccinations. The penalty, in the form of a reduction of government payments, amounts to $56 (AUD) monthly.

Called the “No Jab No Pay” program, Australia aims to increase compliance with government mandated vaccination programs by taking money away from its citizens. Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children may continue to do so under religious or medical grounds, but will not be allowed to keep the money they were previously receiving from the government.

No Jab No Pay appears to be working. According to Tehan’s press release:   ….Read More


Australia Now Issuing Fines to Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines for Their Kids

Are doctors “Gods”?…..Government thugs medically kidnap child from new mom who was a victim of sex trafficking

MFP Commentary:
Since when have both doctors and police been  elevated to some sort of “God” that can take your child with zero due process?   Could you do this to someone? If not then you are looking at  “moral relativism”   a Satanic principle that permeates our government and society,  shockingly with enthusiastic support of the vast majority of so called Christians.

Another state-sanctioned kidnapping of a child has taken place in the “land of the free.” A Maryland couple recently had their newborn daughter forcibly stolen from them by Child Protective Services (CPS) after a pair of rogue pediatricians decided to report them to the state for alleged neglect – though no neglect was taking place.

It all began when first time parents Jennifer Guskin and Scott McFalls home-birthed their precious daughter Iris, who was born slightly underweight. As any good parents would do, the couple sought out answers from multiple pediatricians, none of whom were competent enough to notice that the young girl had a tongue and lip tie.

They continued their search until finding a doctor who seemed knowledgeable and understanding, but it was already too late. Because Iris was born at home somewhat unexpectedly, CPS was immediately alerted in accordance with Maryland state law. Everything from this point on would go downhill until Iris was ultimately seized from her loving parents and taken into state custody.

Wanting to do things as naturally as possible, Iris’ mother decided it was best to breastfeed her daughter on demand – meaning whenever Iris was hungry, Jennifer would feed her. But several pediatricians disagreed, urging Jennifer to feed Iris formula as well, which the little girl couldn’t stomach and repeatedly vomited up.

After going back and forth and cycling through several pediatricians, Jennifer continued to feed Iris naturally, giving her as much natural food as possible, only to see that her daughter was still not gaining weight. So they continued their search for answers, only to eventually receive an unexpected visit from CPS.

 One of the pediatricians whom the couple had “fired” for failing to help their daughter apparently called CPS to report “concerns about Iris’ weight.” This same pediatrician also accused the couple of “missing (their) appointment,” which was a lie as they had already indicated that they were seeking out a new pediatrician.

During this time, Jennifer and Scott had found yet another pediatrician who made similar recommendations about giving Iris formula, despite the fact that she wouldn’t drink it. This pediatrician didn’t seem to have any pressing concerns about Iris during the initial visit, and yet this is right around the time when things went strangely south.

CPS routinely steals children under false pretenses

The pediatrician in question called Jennifer and Scott later in the day after their visit, warning them that Iris wouldn’t “survive the week,” and that they should bring her to the emergency room several days later. Common sense would dictate that if a child’s life was in immediate danger that her parents should take her to the ER immediately, not on some future date – this strange situation prompting Jennifer and Scott to seek out yet another pediatrician.

But they wouldn’t get that far, as CPS would show up at their house just one day after the date they were told by that same pediatrician to take Iris to the ER. CPS officials accompanied by local law enforcement attempted to seize Iris right then and there with neither a warrant nor a judge-signed court order, to which they declined.

While all of this was happening, Jennifer and Scott finally figured out what was wrong, receiving input from people online during a Facebook Live recording that Iris had tongue and lip tie, and that this was preventing her from receiving proper nutrition from her mother’s breastmilk – something that none of the pediatricians they consulted bothered to notice.

In other words, it wasn’t on Jennifer and Scott that their baby was underweight. But they were still targeted by CPS, which used the excuse of “failure to thrive” to eventually take baby Iris from her parents, even though they did nothing wrong – not to mention the fact that Jennifer was a victim of sex trafficking as a child, having been separated from her own family. And as we’ve reported on previous occasions, this type of situation happens all the time, and typically with the excuse of “protecting children.”

Be sure to read Jennifer and Scott’s horrific experience in full at this link.

Sources for this article include:


Government thugs medically kidnap child from new mom who was a victim of sex trafficking

Hospitals Are Making A Killing On Poorly Nourished Patients As Insolvency Of Medicare Part A Looms

MFP Commentary:

I just gave blood yesterday and it was not entirely for benevolent reasons.
To find our why you should be doing the same, read the following article.


Patients Without Borders: The Rise of Medical Tourism

The more health care is able to function like an actual free market the more options will be provided to consumers.

by Brittany Hunter

There is simply no way of getting around it: American health care is exorbitantly expensive. But while many people look to government to solve our nation’s health care woes, the real solutions lie elsewhere. In fact, the more the government intervenes in health care, the higher the costs seem to rise. Just look at what happened when Obamacare was implemented: costs of care rose and many families suddenly found themselves unable to afford their insurance premiums.


But where government intervention has failed the health care sector, free market innovation has become its savior. The rising costs of health care in both North America and Europe have actually created a void in the marketplace. And medical tourism is filling that void by offering a whole new avenue of choice for health care consumers.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, medical tourism is when someone chooses to travel outside their country of origin, usually to less-developed countries, in search of affordable, quality medical care. And it also happens to be one of the fastest growing global industries. In 2016, this burgeoning sector was valued at $100 billion and is expected to experience 25 percent year-by-year growth by the year 2025. And in an era of soaring medical costs, it is saving health care consumers thousands of dollars and providing them with the care they so desperately need….. Read More



The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD

In one of the most shocking science videos you’ll see this year, molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of human vaccines.

With a well established history of working for the National Cancer Instituteas a cancer research, Dr. Mikovits worked with human retroviruses like HIV. Her work focused on immunotherapy research and involved HIV.

In 2009, she was working on autism and related neurological diseases. She found that many of the study subjects has cancer, motor-neuron disorders and chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS). She believed a virus may have been responsible for these symptoms, and through her research, she isolated the viruses that turned out to come from mice.

She soon realized that these protein and viral contaminants were being introduced into the human population via contaminated vaccines.

“Twenty-five million Americans are infected with the viruses that came out of the lab… into the humans via contaminated blood and vaccines.”

In response to this discovery, she was fired from her job, indicted, prosecuted, jailed and ordered to retract her research and publicly claim she “made it all up.” She refused to cover up the scientific evidence and was targeted and punished by the “vaccine deep state” establishment. She was actually thrown in prison. “Just dragged out of my house in shackles… I refused to denounce the data… we have the data… they basically said tell everybody you made it all up and you can go home. If you don’t, we’ll destroy you. And they did.”

This is what modern “science” has come to. Watch the full, astonishing video below, and check out Dr. Mikovitz’ book, Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases.….. Read More

The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD


US healthcare system collapsing so rapidly that workers are now committing suicide in record numbers

(Natural News) An unprecedented number of medical professionals are committing suicide these days, and one doctor is concerned that not enough is being done both to address the problem and to prepare the victims’ colleagues to deal with this escalating crisis.

Comparing it to the current opioid epidemic, Dr. Vinita Parkash, an associate professor of pathology at the Yale School of Medicine tells the story in a recent piece for The Hill of her own junior colleague who committed suicide a little more than a week before her 35th birthday.

Dr. Parkash had been a mentor, of sorts, to the victim as she transitioned from her fellowship into practice. Upon receiving news of the suicide, Dr. Parkash says that her own department continued about its business as if nothing had happened.

That’s because physician suicides are becoming increasingly common, outpacing suicide rates in nearly every other segment of society. And while experts can’t pinpoint a precise cause, one of them, suggests Dr. Parkash, is the erosion of public trust in the medical profession…… Read More

US healthcare system collapsing so rapidly that workers are now committing suicide in record numbers

BETRAYED: Whole Foods suspends GMO labeling promise, will continue selling unlabeled GMOs after five-year LIE to its own customers

After being purchased by dishonest globalist Jeff Bezos — the same “Dr. Evil” anti-American creep who runs the fake news Washington Post — Whole Foods Market is now reversing five years of promises to consumers by suspending its GMO labeling promise. This means Whole Foods will continue to sell unlabeled GMOs while fraudulently insinuating to customers that its stores sell no GMOs whatsoever.

Back in 2012, when Whole Foods was desperately trying to quell customer concerns over genetically engineered ingredients found in thousands of grocery items sold at Whole Foods Market stores, Natural News released exclusive undercover video from the “Organic Spies,” exposing how Whole Foods deliberately trained its employees to lie to customers about GMOs. With other groups like the Organic Consumers Association joining the effort to expose Whole Foods’ GMO deceptions, the grassroots outcry against Whole Foods was rapidly expanding, and the retailer scrambled to get in front of the GMO labeling issue to try to comfort customers.

(See also “Whole Foods knowingly engages in massive GMO deception, says undercover video by ‘Organic Spies’” which contains several non-functioning YouTube links because Google is now just as evil as Amazon and Whole Foods, going all-out to censor and silence independent media voices that engage in real journalism to protect the public from precisely the kind of total fraud we’re witnessing at this very moment from Whole Foods.)

In early 2013, the retailer announced it would adopt a “full transparency” GMO labeling policy by 2018. This March 8, 2013 press release from Whole Foods claimed, “[B]y 2018, all products in its U.S. and Canadian stores must be labeled to indicate if they contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Whole Foods Market is the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for full GMO transparency.”

Get more news like this without being censored: Get the Natural News app for your mobile devices. Enjoy uncensored news, lab test results, videos, podcasts and more. Bypass all the unfair censorship by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Get your daily news and videos directly from the source! Download here.

“We are putting a stake in the ground on GMO labeling to support the consumer’s right to know,” Whole Foods Market CEO Walter Robb said in 2013. But in reality, the fraudulent corporation systematically moved to put a stake through the heart of GMO labeling, all while deceiving its own customers for the last five years by pretending it would require clear, transparent GMO labeling on all products sold at its stores.

That promise has now been exposed as not just a heinous lie, but a horrible betrayal of its customer base….. Read More and video.

BETRAYED: Whole Foods suspends GMO labeling promise, will continue selling unlabeled GMOs after five-year LIE to its own customers

Why Are So Many Concerned About The Potential Health Dangers Of The 5G Cell Phone Network That Is Going Up Nationwide?

May 30, 2018 by Michael Snyder
The new 5G cell phone network that is being rolled out across the nation is going to make communicating by cell phone super smooth and super fast.  It will basically revolutionize the entire cell phone industry, and for multitudes of phone users this new era cannot get here fast enough.  But will there be a great price to pay for this amazing technology?  Right now, U.S. wireless companies are installing hundreds of thousands of new antennas, and each one of these new antennas is a microwave transmitter.  If you live or work near one of these antennas, that means that you are literally being bombarded by microwave radiation on a constant basis, and once this entire network goes up nationwide it will be extremely difficult for anyone to get away from this radiation completely.  Some experts are warning us to consider the health implications before it is too late to do anything about it….. Read More

Why Are So Many Concerned About The Potential Health Dangers Of The 5G Cell Phone Network That Is Going Up Nationwide?


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