NIH Website Removes Study That Confirmed 5G Ties To Coronavirus After Reports Pointed To It

NIH Website Removes Study That Confirmed 5G Ties To Coronavirus After Reports Pointed To It

Last week, Suzanne Hamner reported on a study that was posted to the National Institute for Health’s website that proved 5G could produce coronavirus in human cells.  Following that report, within hours, the study was pulled from the website.  Is this a coverup?  You be the judge.

Fauci’s NIH Study Reveals 5G Tecnology Can Produce Coronavirus In Human Cells

In Hamner’s report, she wrote:

Remember when the coronavirus outbreak first hit in Wuhan, China?  Remember that Wuhan, China had just rolled out 5G technology around the same time?  Remember the theory postulated that 5G might have something to do with the outbreak of coronavirus?  If you do, you will be pleased to know that Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s National Institute of Health (NIH) just released the findings of a study that indicates 5G technology can produce coronavirus in human cells…..Read More

Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend

Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend

(INTELLIHUB) — Online virtual classrooms in the State of Virginia are now requiring students who attend to be immunized against various illnesses despite the fact that the pupils will be taking classes from the comfort of their own home in what can only be considered a blatant push to inject poisonous toxins and metals into to bodies of schoolkids.

The unconstitutional order comes after a high number of parents have refused to take their children to get their standard yearly cocktail dose of vaccines which during a non-COVID school year would allow students to attend school physically.

As rumor has it, parents are concerned about taking their children to get vaccinations due to the current purported COVID-19 outbreak. However, people, in general, may just be waking up to the real dangers of vaccines and may just be to the point where they are outright refusing them altogether.

“I think people feel like if you’re not going to the brick and mortar school then you don’t need to have the immunizations but that’s incorrect,” Fairfax County Health Department worker Shauna Severo told NBC 4 in Washington….Read More


BBC confirms Bill Gates’ agenda for all travelers to be inoculated and microchipped to travel, work or leave home

STUNNING: UK State Media Pushing Forced Inoculation & Microchipping of Humans

State-run BBC News is claiming that vaccine passports via Bill Gates-funded digital tattoos will be a necessary part of travel in the post-COVID world.In the article, Will Travel Be Safer By 2022?, the BBC explains how COVID-19 will permanently alter the way people travel, namely, that they will need to present their vaccination record via a “digital tattoo” backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Travellers would present the customs officers with an entrance visa and a vaccination record. That could be a paper card – or a tiny tattoo on their arm, invisible to the naked eye but readable by an infrared scanner,” the BBC reported last week…Read More

CENSORSHIP: CDC Takes Over Frontline Doctors’ Website and Replaces Content with Their Own Data

Direct link to video only on BitCHUTE

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As we have been reporting this week, a group of doctors who have been on the front lines treating COVID patients, successfully, descended upon Washington D.C. this week to conduct press conferences and a 2-day “White Coat Summit” to share their experiences in treating, and curing, their COVID patients.

They claim that they represent “thousands” of doctors who have been censored.

Their first press conference was sparsely attended by the Washington D.C. media, and the only media company that filmed it and shared it online, Breitbart News, was immediately censored, and the video was quickly deleted from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

But the video of that press conference has been preserved, and has now been viewed by over 20 million people, and our own copy that we have published on our Bitchute Channel has been viewed over 125,000 times so far…..Original Post

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How Fake Is Church History? The Gregorian Coup and the Birthright Theft – The Untz Review

This is the second of three articles drawing attention to major structural problems in our history of Europe in the first millennium AD. In the first article (“How fake is Roman Antiquity?”), we have argued that the forgery of ancient books during the Renaissance was more widespread than usually acknowledged, so that what we think we know about the Roman Empire — including events and individuals of central importance — rests on questionable sources. (We have not claimed that all written sources on the Roman Empire are fake.)

We have also argued that the traditional perspective of the first millennium is distorted by a strong bias in favor of Rome, at the expense of Constantinople. The common representation of the Byzantine Empire as the final phase of the Roman Empire, whose capital had been transferred from the Latium to the Bosphorus, is today recognized as a falsification. Politically, culturally, linguistically, and religiously, Byzantium owes nothing to Rome. “Believing that their own culture was vastly superior to Rome’s, the Greeks were hardly receptive to the influence of Roman civilization,” states a recent Atlas de l’Empire Romain, mentioning only gladiator combats as a possible, yet marginal, debt.[1]

The assumption that Western civilization originated in Rome, Italy relies partly on a misunderstanding of the word “Roman”. What we now call “the Byzantine Empire” (a term that only became customary in the sixteenth century) was then called Basileía tôn Rhômaíôn (the kingdom of the Romans), and for most of the first millennium, “Roman” simply meant what we understand today as “Byzantine”.

Our perception of Rome as the origin and center of Western civilization is also linked to our assurance that Latin is the mother of all Romance languages. But that filiation, which became a dogma in the mid-nineteenth century,[2] is under severe attack (we thank the commenters who directed us to this documentary and that one, to Yves Cortez’s book Le Français ne vient pas du latin, and to Mario Alinei’s work). It seems that Dante was correct when he assumed in De vulgari eloquentia (c. 1303), the first treatise on the subject, that Latin was an artificial, synthetic language created “by the common consent of many peoples” for written purposes.[3]

The distortions that produced our textbook history of the first millennium have both a geographical and a chronological dimension. The geographical distortion is part of that Eurocentrism that is now being challenged by scholars like James Morris Blaut (The Colonizer’s Model of the World, Guilford Press, 1993), John M. Hobson (The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization, Cambridge UP, 2004), or Jack Goody (The Theft of History, Cambridge UP, 2012). The chronological distortion, on the other hand, is not yet an issue in mainstream academia: historians simply do not question the chronological backbone of the first millennium. They don’t even ask themselves when, how and by whom it was created….Read More

DavidKnightShow Full: Mandatory Masks Prep The Country For Forced Vaccines! – David Knight Show

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‘New generation mobile technology, like 5G, could have the main role in constructing various types of viruses, such as Coronaviruses, within a cell,’ says study

 | – JULY 22, 2020

NIH Admits 5G Can Actually CREATE Coronavirus Within Human Cells

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