Public Schools Were Designed to Indoctrinate Immigrants


Kerry McDonald

Humans tend to romanticize the past. In many ways, it helps us see the good in what has been and what is now, but in other ways, it disguises the truth.

The history of American public schooling is a notable example of viewing history through rose-colored glasses. In my college and graduate school education classes, I read books and articles about how American public schooling was intended to be a great equalizer, to provide opportunity and social mobility to every child regardless of background. But I also learned that the rosy stories I had been taught about American history, from Christopher Columbus to Thomas Jefferson, had a darker side not often revealed. Did the origin of American schooling have a similar shadow?…. Read More

Medical Doctor: Blood of Every Vaccine Injured or Killed Child on Hands of Murder-by-Vaccine Pediatricians

You might want to consider watching or buying the movie “Vaxed”



James C. Meehan, Jr., MD.

by James C. Meehan, Jr., MD
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To all the pediatricians still trolling my page, now that I’ve got your attention, listen closely. Heed my words.

You should be FIGHTING LIKE HELL for the safety of our children from even the most remote possibility that vaccines aren’t as safe as they could be or aren’t as safe as we are being told.

Instead of fighting for truth and safety, you’re fighting like rats for your piece of cheese.

I have ZERO RESPECT for vaccine profiteers that are so financially biased, confirmation biased, indoctrinated, and willfully ignorant of the evidence that clearly shows vaccines cause injury, disease and REGRESSIVE AUTISM, that they aggressively lobby lawmakers to make vaccines mandatory, and deny parents the essential knowledge about the risks of toxic ingredients injected into their babies.

Bought by big pharma, the caretakers of children’s health have become the perpetrators of harm rather than the protectors. They profit as our precious, perfect children are harmed and killed by vaccines filled with cheap preservatives, neurotoxic adjuvants, and human cellular material derived from aborted fetal cell lines.

They are complicit accomplices in the murder-by-vaccine crimes that have made American infants THE MOST VACCINATED and THE MOST LIKELY TO DIE in the first year of life.

America’s infant mortality rate, the highest rate in ALL developed nations, is a national tragedy. The epidemic of autism, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, ADHD, and pediatric cancers is far worse.

The evidence is everywhere.

Unbelievably, the epidemic of autism is rising exponentially. Today, ONE in 48 children in America suffer autism. At the present rate of increase, by 2032 ONE in TWO children AND 80% OF BOYS could be autistic.

We can’t afford to sacrifice our children and the future of our nation to the ignorance and greed of pediatricians and their big pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturer masters demanding parents submit our children to an intolerably dangerous, untested, and unnecessary vaccine schedule of 72+ injections…and rising. There are over 200 vaccines in the pipeline.

Every pediatrician, family practitioner, or vaccine profiteer that isn’t rising up against the corruption of the science of vaccines perpetrated by the CDC is betraying their oath to “first, do no harm.” They are on the wrong side of history.

Too many have given up objectivity and reason and have simply become sales representatives for the vaccine manufacturers that have so easily bought and conditioned them to believe their lies.

The blood of every vaccine injured or killed child is on the hands of every pediatrician that parroted lies like “vaccines do not cause autism” and “the science is settled.”

The science isn’t settled, it’s corrupt.

The vaccine industry will soon face the backlash as doctors, scientists, and parents across America become aware of your crimes, rise up to oppose your lies, and hold you accountable for the vaccine injury holocaust you’ve caused.

The fraudulent deceit is coming to and end. We won’t allow it to continue.

For me, uncovering the many layers of fraud and corruption that have allowed vaccines to harm so many children, is analogous to walking into an exam room in which a child is being abused by a doctor. I’m not about to look the other way and allow the abuse to continue.

I would call the police, however, in my analogy the police are the CDC, and they are participating and enabling the abuse. Regardless, I won’t ignore the abuse and allow it to continue. I’m going to stop the abusers from harming the child, and I won’t be gentle about it.

That’s how I see the travesty of the corruption of vaccines that is harming the children of America today. It’s obvious and I’m angry about my how so many of medical colleagues refuse to open the door, expose the abuse, and stop it.

In closing, I beseech my colleagues to open your eyes, minds, and the evidence that for too long you’ve negligently denied.

Confront the reality that you’ve been duped, controlled, and indoctrinated.

Free yourselves from the indoctrination. Stand with me.

Demand scientific transparency, integrity, and reform of the vaccine industry.

Join me in this fight to protect children and get yourselves on the right side of history.

Together we must STOP the abuse….. Read More


Mike Pompeo’s Latest Rant Demonstrates That the CIA is Far More Unreasonable Than North Korea

North Korea has attempted to engage in dialogue with US allies, while Donald Trump’s CIA director threatens an illegal assassination against the North Korean leader.

Dr. Ted Naiman on Diet

Please take the time to listen to this primer on diet. It is succinct,  and accurate, and may very well save your life, or that of a loved one.
DIet is critical and there is a lot of bad info out there. (doctors and the press are the main sources of bad info)  This is not bad info….it is some of the best that I have come across.



The text of this short talk is here.

While you  are at it check out the talk on exercise:

Imagine If U.S. Healthcare Had a Truly Free Market

There is no American who is ignorant of the fact that healthcare costs are currently exorbitant and prohibitive. We are collectively faced with the false narrative that healthcare is an inherently expensive endeavor, and thus people are either doomed to face bankruptcy in any free market, or the government must save us all with a single-payer model. Leftists posit that prior to the presidency of Obama, America suffered under a free market failure, and that people were too often bankrupted by unforeseen accidents and disease. They insist that the problem with Obamacare is that it did not do enough, and that affordable care remains impossible because the government did not remove the profit motive from medicine altogether. They say that we can only solve the affordability problem by demanding that our government save us from the real problem, which we are assured is greed.

Within these arguments are multiple layers of intellectual dishonesty which should be addressed. Foremost amongst the fallacies is a contention that healthcare is expensive by its very nature, whereas in actuality, healthcare has been arbitrarily made expensive. At Health Wyze, we spend the bulk of our time discussing better alternatives for the treatment of chronic diseases, but for the purpose of this essay, we shall pretend that allopathic (orthodox) medicine is the only medicine, in order to avoid unnecessary complexity….. Read More



10 years later, school still sugar free and proud

This is  still a horrible diet other than the sugar being removed, and look at the fantastic improvements!  What do you think would happen if they further improved their diets.

If you want my detailed thoughts on what is still wrong with their much improved diets, start the ball rolling in the comments…..


(CNN) — The children in the cafeteria drink low-fat milk, shovel corn kernels on their sporks and munch on tuna sandwiches on wheat.

One of the most requested vegetables at Brown Mills Elementary School is broccoli, according to its principal.

One of the most requested vegetables at Brown Mills Elementary School is broccoli, according to its principal.

For dessert? Peaches.

There are no bake sales here, no birthday cupcakes, no cookies or ice cream. Don’t even think about bringing sugar to Browns Mill Elementary School.

As schools around the country have begun removing soda and junk food from their premises, the elementary school in Lithonia, Georgia, was ahead of the curve, cutting out sugar 10 years ago under the watch of principal Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler.

“Childhood obesity, it’s our tsunami, it’s our Katrina,” she said. “If we’re really thinking about the best interests about the young people today, then we will take a stand.” ….Read More