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The founders told us that only an educated electorate would be capable of holding onto a Republic.   At the time newspapers were the tip of the spear in the education of the people, as were the then private schools that everyone attended.   The militia  was ubiquitous, and protected citizens against criminals, Indians, and tyrannical government.

Today this is all turned upside down, our schools are based upon the Austrian educational model from the 1870’s, that were openly admitted to be a means to brainwash the citizenry to not question their government.  Today our “government schools”  (they are no more “public schools”  than the Federal Reserve is Federal)  are implemented by both the first and tenth planks of the   communist manifesto.  Today our entire educational system, our media, and our newspapers are controlled by the Deep State.  Today  the “police” have replaced the militia, and  rather than protecting our rights, they exist to by terror, threat, and traumatization, enforce every illegitimate  law, put in place by the Deep State.  Today the “police” are the real  criminals. It is they, not the “criminals” that are the most likley to violate your rights, it is the “police”. They have become the standing army that the founders warned us about.

Consequently we are no longer a free country or a republic as the electorate has no clue as to the principles that this country was founded upon,  the rights that they possess,  nor the proper place of government.

It is the  mission of Missouri Free Press to Rectify this dumbing down of the American electorate.   If you choose to read MFP,  it  will educate you as to the founding principles, your rights, and the proper place of government.


“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master. ”  ~George Washington

Begin your education with this film. It is an epiphany to most:

None Dare Call It Conspiracy – Gary Allen



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