Excellent News Sources for 2021:


The Epoch Times

Steve Quayles – Web site and news

Steve Quayle – Q files

Gen Six Giants   (this site has taken precautions to stay up with  the current cesorship)

Freedoms Phoenix – Ernie Hancock  (get on the daily newsletter mail list)


Common Sense Show TV – Dave Hodges also check him out on YouTube

Mike Adams – daily health ranger report

Hal Turner – Radio show and news

Hagmann Report  

Hagmann on Rumble

Jeffery Prather  web site & radio show archives

Jeffery Prather on BitChute

Sarah Westall  interviews and news

The David Knight Show  RoundTableReport – BitChute

Dana Ashlie – also check for her at YouTube

Missouri Free Press   IP address for Mike Adams in case DNS is taken down.