Excellent News Sources for 2021:

Steve Quayle Interviews on Brighteon

Jay Dyer –  jaysanalysis.com

Information  Liberation


Gateway Pundit

News With Views


The Epoch Times

Steve Quayles – Web site and news

Steve Quayle – Q files

Gen Six Giants   (this site has taken precautions to stay up with  the current cesorship)

Freedoms Phoenix – Ernie Hancock  (get on the daily newsletter mail list)

All News Pipeline

Common Sense Show TV – Dave Hodges also check him out on YouTube

Mike Adams – daily health ranger report

Hal Turner – Radio show and news

Hagmann Report  

Hagmann on Rumble

News With Views

Jeffery Prather  web site & radio show archives

Jeffery Prather on BitChute

Sarah Westall  interviews and news

The David Knight Show  RoundTableReport – BitChute

Dana Ashlie – also check for her at YouTube

Missouri Free Press   IP address for Mike Adams in case DNS is taken down.

The Burning Platform

The Unz Review

Medical Kidnap

Orthomolecular Medicine
News Service – Andrew Saul