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One of the  most important books on liberty ever written.
This will change your world view!

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There is an answer to the current criminal government over-reach.
It is a law enforcement problem, that can be solved by bringing back  the grand jury, and the Constitutional militia to the control of the citizens in  all of our counties.

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Donald Trump is a licensed gun owner — here’s what will happen to his firearms after his felony conviction

You need to learn and memorize the reason why taking felons guns is a crime because they are guaranteed that right by the goddamn second amendment!

The real problem here is that American conservative / Patriots don’t have a f****** clue is what to the God damn US Constitution says. The Second Amendment is the highest law in the land and it says shall not be f****** infringed.

It would take a God damn Constitutional Amendment the f****** change this. Where is that God damn Constitutional Amendment that changes the Second Amendment and makes it illegal for felons don’t firearms? The answer is there is no such f****** Constitutional Amendment and Americans are about as dumb as f******  pond scum.


The most useful explanation of modern “exoteric Christianity” that I have ever heard…..

Fake-Ass Christians – Part 1 of 2 Genuine Christianity is not what most people think it is. Human beings have been given a false form of Christianity to keep them spiritually asleep. In this paradigm-changing presentation, Mark Passio points out the hallmark beliefs and behaviors of false “Christians” and defines what it really means to be an Authentic Christian.$/download/Mark-Passio-Fake-Ass-Christians-Part-1-of-2/ca1897b202ea0304473f9cb0f37b9590f9b7dfe0

Fake-Ass Christians – Part 2 of 2 Genuine Christianity is not what most people think it is. Human beings have been given a false form of Christianity to keep them spiritually asleep. In this paradigm-changing presentation, Mark Passio points out the hallmark beliefs and behaviors of false “Christians” and defines what it really means to be an Authentic Christian.$/download/Mark-Passio-Fake-Ass-Christians-Part-2-of-2/75888dffc7e78e7e873e9c82fc0ab489450fdcf0

WEF just admittied CASH will soon be Illegal, here’s how their plan works | Redacted News

Rural Areas of USA Could Soon LOSE Cellular Service Hal Turner

Russia Issues Warrant to Arrest Ukraine’s Zelensky; Declares Ukraine “Illegal Entity”

Russia’s Anti-Satellite Nuke Could Leave Lower Orbit Unusable, Test Vehicle May Already Be Deployed –

Watch this!

Former FBI Chief Tried To Warn You Of An Elite Satanic Pedophile Network But You Didn’t Listen –

Five Female Middle School Athletes Banned From Playing Sports For Protesting Trans Opponent

Why don’t they simply form their own sports league to compete in?


Wild Shootout Captured On Film! Police Battle Gunman Leaving Four Cops Dead~

From the photo this looks more like a Darwin award.  Sitting behind a car door is NOT cover, it my be concealment, but it sure as hell does not stop bullets.
I don’t know all of the details but I would suspect that the the U.S. Marshals Task Force were up to no good.   I also suspect that the world will be a better place without these order followers.


Moon Man’s Top Secret Presidential Document reveals the sad fact that the still unrepeatable 1969 “Moon Landing” was indeed falsified, fully detailed in the deathbed confession of a military eyewitness to this arrogant government deception.

NASA fakery and fraud EXPOSED by researcher Bart Sibrel

Most of true history has been hidden from us:
Britain’s Chernobyl: The Windscale Nuclear Disaster | Windscale 1957 | Spark

Russian State-Controlled TV: If NATO Troops Enter Ukraine , SARMAT, YARS, and Avangard (Nukes) Will Hit NATO Decision-Making Centers 
~Hal Turner

M1A1 Tanks PULLED From Ukraine Front Lines “Weak and Vulnerable” 
– Hal Turner

Bird Flu Frenzy: FDA, USDA, CDC Issue New Warnings On Outbreak, Latest Reports Of Spread In Pasteurized Milk And Cows, Mandates PCR Testing, Continued New Pandemic Fears

More lies about a test that does not work and a virus that probably does not exist!

‘You Don’t Have to Pay Income Tax’ – Peymon Mottahedeh
Sean Miller | Infowars

It is a fact that  by law, most Americans are not required to pay the income tax.
Here are 2 books to get you started:

Income Tax – Shattering The Myths
by Dave Champion

Listen to this!

Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals shocking use of venom peptides in cosmetics and the food supply, with NEW SOLUTIONS for foreign protein detoxification
~Health Ranger Report


Health Ranger on Bastyon:

By unleashing police brutality against the student protesters in Austin, #Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has done irreparable damage to the reputation of the State of Texas, which was once known as a place of freedom and free expression. Now, Gov. Abbott says that those who criticize Israel’s blatant #genocide are criminals who must be arrested and thrown in jail. Not only is this stance a gross violation of the United States Constitution (the First Amendment), it’s also a violation of the State Constitution of Texas. This is Gov. Abbott’s Justin Trudeau vs. the truckers moment, when everybody paying attention realizes that they are living under a tyrannical regime that respects no rule of law, no civil rights and no freedoms when it comes to the subject of justifiably criticizing Israel for acting as a murderous regime of war criminals.

Gov. Abbott should resign from public office and apologize to the student protesters for violating their civil rights. No doubt massive lawsuits are coming against the State of Texas over all this, and they will be very costly for Texas citizens who will have to foot the settlements and legal bills.

You are missing the clear lesson here Mike!
The founders warned us about standing armies.
Jesus Christ warned about “those that live by the sword” (mercenaries)
which is IMHO synonymous with a standing army. (the police)
Also go and read Genesis 14 again Mike, and try to figure out who was the standing army and who was clearly the Militia (the people)

The only institution that is even remotely going to protect free speech Mike is the Militia and the 2 juries (grand and petit)
Please Check out:

“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”
~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States


Judge Orders Man Physically Castrated for Raping, Impregnating Teen
by Adan Salazar

Whats next? Gouging our of  you eyes  or limbs amputated?
If this was done to me, I would make it my life goal to bring this judge to room temperature!  If this is not cruel and unusual punishment, I don’t know what is!
The death penalty would work for me.



A $250 Million War Game and Its Shocking Outcome:
In minutes, Van Riper ,taking the side of Iran,emerged victorious over his superior opponent and sank all 19 ships. Had it been real life, 20,000 US sailors and marines would have died


Decisive: Upon $61 Billion in new U.S. Aid to Ukraine, Russia Declares It Must Now Also Take Sumy and Kharkiv Oblasts


Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel
– The Burning Platform


Tuesday LIVE: UK Government Confirms Covid Shots Have Killed MILLIONS as Secret CCP Military Bases Discovered Across US
The Alex Jones Show

Yet Americans remain so fuking stupid that they do not prepare for their own self defense as the founders told us was “necessary”.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning & Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment Part 2 Arms,Needs & Cowardice – 2018-06-26

MUST SEE: The Most Important Freedom Videos (Compilation Documentary)

First Texas, Now Iowa: State, Local Cops To Start Arresting Illegal Migrants In July

American Goes Missing in Donbas – Hal Turner

THE SHERIFFS: All meaningful politics is local going forward….

You must be mentally ill to swallow this shite!
Our County sheriffs, for starters enforce the 1st plank of the Communist manifesto – the GD property tax!!
How about the 10th plank? “Free government schools” Our Communist sheriffs enforce this one also with the truancy laws.
I could go on, but let me point out that the remaining 8 planks have also been implemented in this country.

If you had a lick of sense, you would realize that it is the Militia and citizen control of the grand jury is what is missing in this country


This is why we were warned never to have standing armies……

Disgraceful: Shock Footage Shows USAF Senior Airman Abused by Soldiers After Refusing COVID-19 Jab
by Adan Salazar

Slow execution would not be good enough for those that raped this man.


Brighteon Broadcast News, April 3, 2024 – The world must STOP ISRAEL or we all die in a nuclear holocaust


Mike Adams you have a show called Decentralize TV….

yet, most every “solution” to our criminal government that you come up with, involves DC and Centralization!

For the 100th time Mike…. getting control of our evil government is a law enforcement problem, and it is at the County level that it can be solved…..


“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” ~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States

We lost the Militias over 100 years ago Mike… right after Mr. Lincoln’s war to enslave the States.

Now we are a nation of people incapable of defending themselves, and you Mike seem to be OK with that.


Dr.SHIA™:SHATTER THE SWARM. How The Few Control the Many. (15 minutes)

Biden Regime CANCELS Plans to Refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve Because Oil Now ‘Way Too Expensive’


WHEN – NOT IF – WE SURRENDER TO COMMUNIST CHINA, YOU SIGN THE DEATH WARRANT  FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES! (as they have repeatedly said that they will kill every man, woman, and child)

JESUS CHRIST and the Founders gave us the answer. Read Genesis 14 and take note of who the standing army was and who the militia was!!  In case you are not too bright Abram raised a militia and the 5 kings had a standing army. ( that Jesus later called those that live by the sword)

This country is done because Americans are extremely stupid and cowardly, and it is close to being too late to do anything and yet we continue to do nothing!


“If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope for victory, because it is better to parish than to live as slaves.”
~ Winston Churchill

New Study Estimates US Has 13.7 Million Illegal Aliens, 37% Increase Since Biden Took Office, Larger Than 33 State’s Individual Populations –

When the fuk are you going to get off of you ass  and do something?
We were told not to support standing armies (like the police and our “military”) and that the Militia was NECESSARY if we wished to remain free!


BREAKING: CPS Hands Over Kidnapped Children to Pedophile Rings
Sean Miller | Infowars

No shite Sherlock, and most Christians still support the child trafficking CPS.
Christianity has become a mental disorder at best.


The Russian Federal Security Service Identifies US as a Suspect in Crocus Attack – Paul Craig Roberts

Top Doctor Details ‘Huge Financial Incentives’ For Hospitals To Murder Covid Patients –  THEPEOPLESVOICE

Yet “law enforcement” continues to sit on its ass.
They need to be charged with aiding and abetting a felony.

Do you support the 2nd amendment or are you a useful idiot like most Americans are?

At 2:33:30 Mike Adams says “thank God for the 2nd amendment” and then goes on to lie about how he supports it.

Anyone reading the 27 words of the 2nd amendment, that is not under mind control, immediately realizes that a ubiquitous Militia is central to the meaning of the 2nd amendment. That the 2nd amendment is meaningless and useless without the militia.

The amendment hammers in, with few words that the militia is NECESSARY if we wish to remain free. Coward or useful idiot Mike (I don’t know which) will at times skirt around the militia with euphemisms and concepts that are not even remotely equivalent.

But he will never speak the truth about the absolute necessity of the militia.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning & Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment Part 2 Arms,Needs & Cowardice – 2018-06-26,Needs-Cowardice-2018-06-26:3?src=embed

This is bad enough by itself… but the truth is that Mike opposes the 2nd amendment by supporting gun law lifted directly from Nazi German gun law to be illegally imposed upon Americans, as the 1968 gun control act is not the necessary Constitutional Amendment that is necessary to legally alter the 2nd amendment. It is merely a “law” not a Constitutional amendment and thus invalid.

Gun Control Act of 1968 was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation

Every time Mike supports “law enforcement” he is supporting thugs in blue to murder you if you dare exercise your God given right of self defense that is ostensibly protected by the 2nd amendment. Mike supports “Law enforcement” murdering you if you dare have the weapons necessary to defend yourself against the 5th column terror groups in the US that are awaiting their orders to strike.

Pastor Bonhoeffer correctly calls Mike out for what he is:

“Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice“ ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

As far as liberty goes Mike Adams is almost always a useful idiot and is much more dangerous to us than even our enemy that harbors malice towards us…. the NWO.


Japan BANS all COVID mRNA Shots – Excess “Sudden” Deaths! – Hal Turner

And your local POS “law enforcement” still  doesn’t give a shit about these murders! Are you seeing why the founders warned us about standing armies like law enforcement?



War Correspondent Michael Yon Warns Russian Style Terror Attacks Coming to America
Sean Miller | Infowars

Americans don’t seem to comprehend that the mere owning of weapons does not make them safe. Even if every American owned 100 combat rifles, this will be a slaughter of Americans for several reasons.
One is logistics.  People that can not eat are not going to prevail in a conflict.
Another is a lack of training. Americans are not trained in the use of  combat communications, nor are they tactically trained in  critical things like “bounding” in combat.
Where do you learn these skills?
You learn them when you follow the founders and the 2nd amendment and form Militias for self defense.  Something  that cowardly Americans will not do.


Moscow Terrorists Trained in . . . . Turkeye’ – Recruited Through UKRAINE EMBASSY in Tajikstan! – Hal Turner

Deadly Moscow terror attack was clearly carried out with the help of Ukraine and the CIA – Natural News

Bet On The CIA Being The Culprit In The Moscow Mass Murders, Just Like They Were In The Las Vegas Concert Massacre, And As They Will Be In The Upcoming Black Swan Events

ENGINEERED FAMINE: Marxist Oregon Starts SHUTTING DOWN Small Farms “To Protect The People” (Video)

This is treason by definition.
Charge them,
Find them guilty.
Publicly hang them from the neck until dead.
We can’t do this because we lost control of real “law enforcement” i.e the militia and the grand jury.


Gunmen in combat fatigues open fire at Moscow concert hall, 50 dead, 50 injured reported. Hall is on fire, roof collapsing

Perhaps if Russia had not disarmed it’s citizens, this would have went down differently. This is what happens in our Blue Cities.

Debunking All the Main Arguments for Antitrust Laws
Antitrust laws are built on nothing but poor reasoning and misguided apprehensions.
~Walter Block

Tyson Foods BOYCOTTED as it sacks 1,300 staff at Iowa pork plant and offers ‘job-and-lawyer’ packages in bid to hire 42,000 asylum seekers in New York – Daily Mail

Don’t worry the police and military are next.

VIDEO: Uniformed U.S. Military Member SELF-IMMOLATES in front of Israeli Embassy – Hal Turner

This guy had to see a lot of evil that the US is part of to be drive to do this.


I can not urge you in strong enough terms to watch this:

Mark Passio – The True Meaning & Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment Part 2 Arms,Needs & Cowardice – 2018-06-26


Brighteon Broadcast News, Feb 22, 2024 – WAKE UP! They FAKED history to MANIPULATE your reality and keep you blind to their real agenda – Mike Adams


Talking about fake and hidden history, the history of the Standing Army of the North committing horrendous war crimes against the civilians of the South has been completely buried in our Communist Schools.

The US military during and after the “civil war ” acted a Lot like the IDF is now behaving in Gaza.

The history of these war criminals, in Lincolns Standing Army, both during and after the war, completely substantiate the the founders warnings about standing armies!.


Historically uneducated people like Mike Adams and much of this audience, unbelievably still support standing armies in fact both the ones in green and the ones in blue.

Even thought our standing army is being population by foreign nationals Mike does not seem to even comprehend the warning about standing armies.

“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”
~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States

Read this book Mike and see what the institution that you support so often did to the American people in the 1860s’. It is about to happen again and you still can’t see it!

“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”
~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States


Operation Warp Speed was a global military operation that seized control over entire medical and court systems – Natural News

“…Operation Warp Speed was a global military operation that seized control over entire medical and court systems..”

Anyone writing that title does not know history.

Our medical system was taken over in 1912 by the Rockefeller family’s “Flexner Report” and their taking over the AMA.

The courts became corrupt and were taken over by globalist in 1803, with the power grab by SCOTUS in Marbury V Madison. (also 2 more subsequent power grabs of judicial review and judicial supremacy over the States, ending in 1819)

Our real military, the militia, was destroyed in the 1860’s with Lincolns raising of a standing army that has not yet gone away.

All of the things in this title, happened well over 100 years ago, and dumbed down Americans are just beginning to see it.


War on Children: Pentagon Secretly Installed DEI Propaganda Into K-12 Public School Curriculum
by Ethan Huff, Natural News

Didn’t the founders tell us not to have a freaking standing army? We didn’t listen did we? They also told us that to remain free that the Militias was necessary! We didn’t listen to that advice either!

“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” ~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States


United States VETOES Gaza Ceasefire Resolution – Again

State Department Insider Reveals How The Military Started Its Censorship Campaign Against US Citizens After Trump Victory

Why do you think that both Jesus Christ and our founders warned us about standing armies?


U.S. General Sounds Alarm on Chinese Border Crossers: ‘They Are Coming Here to Kill Us’
by Jamie White

80% of Americans test positive for chemical found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats that may cause infertility, delayed puberty: study – David Icke

Food is not only more affordable in Russia than the US, because they don’t print fake money. They don’t put poisons in the food in Russia like our leaders are consciously doing here in the US.

West will never disclose truth about its criminal biological experiments — Lavrov – The Burning Platform

Tucker Carlson says higher quality of life in Russia made him radicalized against US leaders 

“Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini called for the suspects to be chemically castrated if found guilty.”

Horror In Italy as 13-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped by Mob of Egyptians In Front of Her Boyfriend – Infowars


The real problem is the Italian government that has disarmed the people.
Perhaps Misinster Matteo Salvini and the Italian police should be chemically castrated
because their actions resulted in this rape.


Simple inexpensive Off-Grid Communications – a  texting only solution:

If you want to set up a comms network to be able to send texts from Android device to device,  in a grid down situation these $35 lo-ra  radio boards and meshtastic software on your android allows it.

These little repeater radios can be as far as a mile or 2  apart in an urban setting.
FYI  —  AREDN (a HAM  frequency mesh network) is the big brother to the lo-ra mesh network,  and it  allows you to run just about any network app you can think of, and just not texting.

Now 25 out of 50 States Standing with Texas Against Federal Government; U.S. Primed for Actual CIVIL WAR  –  Hal Turner

Brighteon Broadcast News, Jan 25, 2024 – Texas Gov DEFIES Biden’s TREASON as pro-America states form battle lines to defend against MIGRANT INVASION – Mike Adams

Mike you and most Americans desperately need to go back to school.

I could scarcely believe my ears when I heard you describe the Constitution as a compact between the States and the Federal government. (2m40s)

It appears that you don’t think, or question and  merely the repetition of a lie is enough to convince you of it’s validity!

Mike the Federal government did not exist until AFTER the Constitution was signed!

So how the hall was the Federal government a party to the Compact?

The truth of the matter is that the Constitution is a compact between the States.  Which changes many things drastically.

This is probably the best explanation that you will ever get:

NONCOMPLIANT the movie by Kris Ann Hall




Tucker Carlson Tells the ‘Most American Story Ever’ – the Rise of ‘Catturd’

Heads up on Infowars…..

I have found a lot of irony in the rightful bitching at Infowars about them being criminally de-platformed and censored…..while at the same time they have de-platforming me in their comments section no less than 5 times for my legal and lawful speech!!

It seems that they hire very low IQ people to do the censoring, and that any mention of enforcing the penalty for treason on our government masters, gets you banned.(I am guessing since they never tell you why your commenting account is closed) Even though this is something that Alex himself has called for many times.

I hate to do so, but because of their hypocrisy  I am done financially supporting Infowars.


US Supreme Court Openly Endorses Collapse of US Border, Orders Texas to Submit to Illegal Alien Invasion!

What Americans can not get through their thick skulls –  is that SCOTUS was never given the power of judicial supremacy.  In this matter the state of Texas is the superior party.


Explosive results of research into pedophilia among US Democrats
A Russian human rights organization has published research into pedophilia in the highest circles of the US government, which I would not like to withhold from the German audience. – anti–spiegelr

BREAKING: Americans Being Infected With Live Ebola By Secret Bill Gates Project
The Alex Jones Show |

** UPDATED 3:15 PM EST — Ukraine Shells Civilian Street Market in Donetsk; 25 Killed – Hal Turner

This morning, the Ukrainian Army, funded, trained, and directed by NATO, bombed a civilian market in Donbas with nineteen (19) 155mm NATO shells. The death toll in the Ukrainian terrorist attack on Donetsk has reached 25 people.

Information about 25 deaths has been confirmed.

At least 20 more people were injured, including two children in moderate condition.

All victims are provided with the necessary medical care. Among them are the seriously wounded, many with penetrating wounds in the area of vital organs and traumatic amputation of limbs.


Military Accountability…..

Open Letter to the American People…


Existing anti-parasitic drug could offer treatment for Ebola
Study in human cells shows it counteracts Ebola’s defenses
It’s funny how God puts you at the right place at the right time.
I was put on the path to get Nitazonxinide for parasite  cleanses.
Now that they are trying to produces an Ebola pandemic in this country
I heard that this anti-parasitic has been discovered to thwart the Ebola virus.

If you want to know where to get some let me know.

You can bet that they will hide this fact just like they did with COVID and Ivermectin.


St. Louis REVOKES MASK MANDATE less than 24 hours after it was announced following pushback from hospitals and health experts
01/18/2024 // Zoey Sky

After shooting Ashli Babbitt, Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd LIED on radio claiming he was fired at first – Ethan Huff

FBI Chief Warns Satanic Pedophiles Are Working To Depopulate Earth –  The peoples voice

This is a true story reported decades ago!


Surgeon General of Florida says mRNA is an “Anti-Christ product” – Tucker Carlson interview

The reason that “Public Health” is not interested in our health Tucker – is that the County Heath departments were started by the same Satanists that took over the AMA in 1913: The Rockefeller family.

Understanding the WHO’s Plans for You – Tucker Carlson

“…Many have reflected on the fact that Big Pharma has a perverse incentive to promote ill health, as its financial bottom line depends on it. But few understand just how elaborate its efforts to that end are….”

BREAKING: More Jewish Tunnels Allegedly Found In NYC – What Was Found Inside Implicates Connection To Kids (Video) —

Another Death Notch for Drug Warriors
By Jacob G. Hornberger
The Future of Freedom Foundation


Some good thoughts on local food clubs and using PMA’s  to protect them from the Food Nazi’s.( i.e. The Rockefeller created “County health departments”)



New Hampshire is trying to ban chem-trails:

No Homestead / Off Grid channel will discuss this! But I will... -OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY

Gonzalo Lira – Dead – Hal Turner

Murdered by a criminal US regime  that refures to defend him –  as he was a US citizen.

The sooner we hang those responsible  in DC the better things will get.


The International Court of Justice is Now Seated at The Hague; Israel Genocide Charges – Hal Turner

Average bottle of water contains 240,000 pieces of cancer-causing nanoplastics – 100 times more than previously thought – Daily Mail

Should US Taxpayers Cover Ukraine’s Pensions? –

I hope that their “pensions” are not as criminal as our social security with it’s 2% ROI is.
I am struggling with, whether to feed my dog or myself.

We should be hanging US politicians for the criminal act of a 2% return on our investment in our retirement!


REPORT: British Army Supplying AK-47’s, Ammo, and Hand Grenades by Crateload to Hotels housing “Migrants” (to arm the Migrants!) – Hal Turner

When the fuk are Americans going to wake up? For one we need to immediately  form well trained and armed militias to defend ourselves…..


Must-See VIDEO: Democrat Congresswoman Confesses to Using Illegal Aliens to Rig Elections
The Alex Jones Show

40 Years in Jail for a Marijuana Offense
by Jacob G. Hornberger

We live in a society where 99.9999% of the population can not define what right is and this is the result.
Under USC 18 sections 241 and 242 the people that violated these peoples rights under “color of law” can and should be hanged from the neck until dead.
That includes many many police, judges, and legislators.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20


Chabad, a Jewish Sect, Caught with Secret Tunnels under their Brooklyn HQ – Hal Turner


Young children 200 years ago knew that treaties could not violate the Constitution! Today people with PHD’s falsely believe that a treaty can do anything. That judges rulings can redefine reality.

You were dumbed down in the Communist indoctrination centers called “schools’, and you know less about our form of government than young children did in the past.


EXCLUSIVE: The Latest Draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty Will Establish a Planetary Dictatorship Controlling Every Facet of Our Lives
The Alex Jones Show


U.S. Attorney Suggests DOJ Will Expand Prosecution of J6 Protesters Who Did Not Enter Capitol
by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

These government people clearly are part of a treasonous plot, and need to be charged and when found guilty executed.
You can not vote yourself out of treason.


Tucker Carlson: The Mark Epstein Interview (25 minutes)

EXCLUSIVE: After Shooting Ashli Babbitt, Capitol Police Lt. Made False Radio Report: Lawsuit
Previously undisclosed radio dispatch, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, reveals Lt. Byrd’s actions after fatally striking Ms. Babbitt.


Biologist Warns WHO Planning to Take Control Over Nations For Next Pandemic, Confirms COVID ‘Vaccines’ Killed 17 MILLION People

I think most of the population has already taken this pill.



“It’s Disgusting What They’re Doing”: Tucker Carlson Describes Visit with Julian Assange –