EDITORIAL: Modern store scanners are ripping you off: COSTCO a case in point.

Sunday 2/16/20 I was at a COSTCO near Saint Louis. I had to drive the 400 miles round trip because the Communists that run Springfield have denied COSTCO the right to build on their own land in this area.  I have heard this has changed and I wonder how much it cost COSTCO to pay off the communist city council here to ignore the first plank of the communist manifesto in COSTCO’s case?

I had estimated with my POS smart phone calculator that the bill should be little over $500.   The first  total was $739.44!!   I knew I was not that far off and after much back and forth I convinced that cashier that each case of  sardines had 6 packs in them and not 12!  Even after showing him – he wanted to ring them up as 12 to case! ( He must have attended a government school).    The bill he then presented was for  $579.44!  (picture below) Still a lot bit higher than I thought correct so I thought it a good idea to ring it up again and if no mistakes were made it should ring up at $579.44 again. Correct?


$579.44 at COSTCO
$579.44 at COSTCO

Instead of ringing it all up again immediately, they shuffled me and the cart aside to wait on a manager to do it again at another register.
This time the total came out to be $642.73!   A $63 difference!  More than a few items.

COSTCO $642.73
COSTCO $642.73

Something is very very wrong when 2 totals on the same cart shows a $63 discrepancy.  Worse yet the manager would not let me ring it up myself the 3rd time because you should get the same total twice.    Instead they checked each item against the tape, which in theory should be right but not having hours to try and tease out what errors might be introduced I went ahead and paid $63 more than what the first total was.

He bottom line is that they got 3 different totals for my cart and no 2 of them were the same. They refused to ring the cart up again until they got  the same total for a second time.  I feel like the victim of an armed robbery after doing business there.
FWIW I had a very substandard experience the last time I went to this COSTCO also….as poorly as modern business’s are run it’s hard to keep up with the incompetence.

I am currently looking for a good tape calculator  for the smartphone.  I can not tell you the number of times that I have found mistakes on a receipt, most often in the stores favor. FWIW SAMS club has an application that lets you ring out your purchases  that could be used in this manner.

If you have any stories like this, let us know by posting in the comment section below.

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