OPINIONS and EDITORIALS – December 2023


There is an answer to the current criminal government over-reach.
It is a law enforcement problem, that can be solved by bringing back  the grand jury, and the Constitutional militia to the control of the citizens in all of our counties.

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A health  epiphany that  happened to me today.

For years I have been pointing out that there is a literal eugenics operation on the human race.  Today I revised that saying to:   “there is a eugenics operation on our literal physical minds.”   (I am not including the global mind control operation)
Today the globalists are using the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the doctor you visit, as vectors to damage your mind.  And that is an understatement, and not an overstatement.

The food is chock full of inflammatory neuruotoxins like MSG, yeast extract, aspartame, and more.

The water has fluorine compounds in it in addition to heavy metals  like lead.
Fluorine in particular calcifies your Pineal gland – the gateway to spiritual thought.   Both fluorine and lead lower your IQ, and you absorb both if you drink or shower with them in your water..

The air is full of nano sized aluminum,  from Chem-trails, that  is likely  a  major factor to the increases in Alzheimer’s.

Our doctors push vaccines,  that  contain aluminum, and have contributed to the world wide increase of autism in our children.  It probably lowers IQ even if it did not put you on the spectrum like it did me.

I have not even touched upon the fact that the globalists have used  mass mind control for centuries to control us.

Here are books on the topic since I can’t go into it here:

The Rape of the Mind – The Psychology of Thought Control – Menticide, and Brainwashing.pdf

Mass Control – Engineering Human Consciousnessl-Jim-Keith.pdf

Do you also see these things or is the  cognitive dissonance, and  the normalcy bias getting the best of you?

And if you do see it, when the hell are you going to do something to put a stop to it?

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I received  an offer today  to let AI write my articles on MFP.
Keep a close eye on AI people.
We will be hiding from the AI in a few years if we do not.

Like most technology if we are not careful,  it will be used to enslave us not too free us.



The real reason that the world going to hell in a hand basket

It came to me this morning, that my Amish neighbors don’t read books and thus they do not educate themselves.    Then  I  realized that we “English” are in the same boat.

I don’t know a single human being in person, other than myself, that recognizes the necessity to read and educate themselves and  that actually read.

It’s all too simple for people to see  yet  none will take my advice.
Until people decide to educate themselves, the world will continue to go to  hell in a hand basket.

We will be very lucky if the human race survives what they have brought us in their ignorance.



My thoughts on Mike Adams claiming that our county sheriffs want a well armed citizenry….


28 minutes plus.. Mike, you are saying that our country sheriffs want us (as if it matters what they want) to be well armed citizens.

The factual matter is that to the best of my knowledge that all 3,141 country sheriffs in this country enforce Nazi German gun law that was almost word for word translated into English and re-branded as the “1968 gun control act”.

This is where they for the 1st time in US history denied a class of citizens the right to self defense.

It was an earlier “law” — the 1934 Federal Firearms act, that proposed to change the US Constitution, the 2nd amendment in particular, and my God given rights with a mere law.

They did not even bother to pass the required Constitutional amendment to do this.

So Mike when the 5th columns are released upon us in the near future, because of my County Sheriff enforcing Nazi Gun laws, and another law pretending to be a Constitutional Amendment…. I sure as hell will not be a well armed citizen.

I will probably be dead thanks to these treasonous rights, and Constitution stomping clowns that you seem to look up to.  No way can I hope to to survive what is coming without a local militia (that the sheriffs have suppressed since you can’t even own militia type weapons) and weapons that are comparable to what the 5th columns are going to hit us with.


Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

 The “temple of the holy spirit” my fuking ass…..
If you spend any time in the “modern Christian Church” you  don’t have to wait long to be told that our bodies “are the temple of the holy spirit”.
Like most of what you hear in these Satanic 501C3 churches, it’s hypocrisy and bull shit that no one really believes.
Every week you are asked to pray for the health  for those that choose to destroy the temple of the holy spirit, by consuming the poisons that are placed in your local supermarket by the Satanists that run the planet.
After the “prayer’ to help the unwilling to be helped, you watch a bunch of fat out of shape parishioners waddle out of the church.
Try and talk about health to any of these useful idiots, and their eyes glaze over. They are not in the least interested.

What brought me to put these thoughts down on paper, was an incident this morning when my left eye was almost totally occluded of sight for a period.

The first thing that  came to mind was my inability to purchase healthy nutritious food for my “temple of the holy spirit”, and the realization that this state of affairs is a direct result of the things that modern Christians believe in and support.  Things such as getting only 20% of the return one would expect from your Social Security contributions if you were not dealing with a Satanically run government.  Then other things like the Rockefeller created county health departments that prevent the local Amish from raising healthy food for our local food stores.  It is a deep dive, but it is enough to realize that we have a disease causing food supply, because of the dogmatic bull shit that is taught in our modern churches.  Perhaps at the top of the list is the teaching of Adolph Hitler’s interpretation of Romans 13…. that God, not the voter, somehow chooses the Satanic scum that is our government.

I have tried for going on 10 years now, to get the local Christian to solve many of the problems by forming food clubs using a PMA  (private membership association) structure.
Not a bite not a nibble by anyone in the so called Christian community.

I have long ago come to the conclusion that the greatest evil that we face today is “Modern Christianity”. Which is in fact de-facto Satanism – something you need to investigate to fully understand:

Mark Passio – De-Facto Satanism



Discounting the fact that most  weapons are illegal to own, and the “police” have disarmed us of them with threat of arrest,  and the threat of prosecution from law enforcement if we dare to  defend ourselves with the weapons that  we do  have.


Government is another word for slavery and rape

I just looked in my checkbook, and the last 10 gallon tank of gas has had to last me for 3 months….
While the government forces me to pay $45 a month to insure one vehicle.(that should insure both as I can only
drive one at a time)

In the last 3 months, I have been forced at gun point to pay $135 for insurance while I only used $23.00 worth of gasoline!

I just got back from town to witness 2 blue rapist cars, ( that cost the tax payer at least $100,000 per vehicle when you throw in
the drivers salary and insurance) were needed to pull over an old lady and extort more money from her.

When leaving town today, there was an empty blue rapist vehicle parked for the obvious purpose to intimidate and terrorize the population.

Americans are extremely stupid not to realize, that it is their duty to protect themselves, and that the real purpose of police (claimed to be run at the top by
the Church of Satan which is easy to believe considering their actions) is to control and intimidate the population by enforcing what are mostly tyrannical laws.

How very ironic, is it that we are forced at gun point to pay people to do a job that they can not and will not do, and to top it off is OUR job to do?

Both standing armies (our military and our police) are now being populated with illegal alien,s and that should tip you off at to why the globalists have
created and supported both of these illegitimate institutions.

Jesus said to buy a sword, he did not say to pay someone else to carry a sword for you!
In fact he said “those that live by the sword will die by the sword”.
He is clearly talking about the mercenaries that we call both police and our military.

Forcing people at gun point to pay for people to defend them, makes as much sense as forcing us to hire “grooms of the stools” (literately someone to wipe your ass). I think that most Americans still have enough sense to realize that it is their job to wipe their own ass’s, but they have no clue that the same thing applies to protecting themselves rather than “law enforcement”.


Just an observation about those that get their moral compass exclusively from the Bible and the 10 commandments:

As planned the globalists have controlled all of the religions because people will support much evil if they base their concepts of right and wrong solely on the bible.

An illustration of this is the is the ubiquitous acceptance of all 10 planks of the Satanic Communist Manifesto in our Churches,

Christians could not find a greater evil to support than the Communist manifesto yet that is exactly what they do!

Modern Christianity is in fact one of the great evils that the globalists have created and brought to us.


Real  Constitutional “Law Enforcement”…. is the Constitutional Militia (and the citizen controlled County  grand jury)

I am so tired of the misapplication of the term  “Law Enforcement”.
The only “Law Enforcement” mentioned in the US Constitution is the  Constitutional Militia, and the  the grand juries of the several states mentioned in article  1, section  8, paragraph 15.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that will come to your home and murder you if you have not paid the property tax and you refuse to leave.
All without a jury trial and due process.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that will come to your home and kidnap your children to be sex trafficked by CPS.
All without a jury trial and due process.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that will  steal your vehicle (which well could be your home) on the spot  if you don’t show proof of insurance.
All without a jury trial and due process.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that will steal your families  life savings  and call it “asset forfeiture“.
All without a jury trial and due process.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that  sit idly  by as the state puts rat poison in your child’s drinking water, and  the medical profession put poisons in their bodies and in their veins.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that are assisting massive Satanic child  sex trafficking at the southern border.

What people call “Law Enforcement” are  criminal thugs that helped to pull off the child murders  Ruby Ridge, Waco TX, OK city, and recently Maui Hawaii!

In reality “Law Enforcement” is the enforcement arm of the  New World Orders, war  on firearms and their war on drugs as both were put in place by the NWO for their benefit and for no other reason.

We were repeatedly warned by the founders not to have standing armies like our current military and our police.

Have you noticed that US cities and states are allowing  non-citizens to become police officers like they are already doing in Europe?  That is because  the  globalist plan from day one was to build standing armies  to enslave us!  This was the plan for both the “police” and the “US military”.

“What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”
~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States

Here are some answers:  tacticalcivics.com