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“Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”
~ Edward Abbey

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You need to read this book about how dangerous EMF’s are.

and this one also:
The Contagion Myth
Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease
by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, Sally Fallon Morell

I think I am going to take a break folks.
Too many stupid people to deal with.
No free speech anywhere….

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
~John 14:6

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”
~1 John 3:18


“I have never voted in my life… I have always known and understood that the idiots are in a majority so it’s certain they will win.”

~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”
~Galatians 4:16


Doug Casey on the World’s First Anarcho-Capitalist President
by Doug Casey –

US Government Raids Amish Farm & Seizes His Property: “Shocking Display Of Overreach” (Video)

Why is the IRS Buying .40-Caliber Submachine Guns?
The weaponization and militarization of the federal government continues unabated as Congress and the states sit back and do nothing

Explosive New Study Finds Face Masks May Increase Stillbirths and Cognitive Decline in Kids – Need to Know News

 It looks like the children in Maui were “Yard Farmed” by the US Air Force…. 

VIDEO- Stew Peters Was Right: Directed Energy Weapon Used Against Maui

Keep  in mind, those of you that worship, this unconstitutional standing army:
This is exactly why the founders warned us about standing armies like the one that just murdered over 1,000 children in Hawaii with aircraft based directed energy weapons.


It’s a lot worse than this, the modern christian church supports all 10 planks of the Satanic Communist manifesto. The globalists have installed Satanists at the top of all of the cultural religions.

Republicans In Nine Florida Counties Adopt Resolution Calling For Ban Of COVID Vaccines
by Zero Hedge

When are the county sheriffs of all 3,141 counties, going  to  be arrested for allowing this genocide, that they could have easily stopped?
When are we going to reclaim our grand juries so that charges could be pressed?


While Maui Fires Burn, Sierra Club Battles to Stop Water From Being Used for Firefighting – Sons of Liberty

I don’t know if you realize it or not,  but the Sierra Club is a communist run POS organization, filled with “useful  idiots” that have no clue as to what they are part of.
A lot like the situation with NRA members.


Dr. Lee Merritt: The Hidden Hand Behind Our Politicians Needs To Be Brought To Justice Too!  –  Sons of Liberty

A great interview

Some incredible information!
Did you know that AZT (the HIV/AIDS drug) and Remdesivir (the COVID hospital protocol) that killed thousands and were run by Fauchi…..
BOTH are made with animal venoms?
And the according to Ardis that spike proteins and thus COVID are also animal venoms!!
You could easily listen to this twice.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Fauci & The CIA Were Using Snake Venom To Poison People Long Before COVID (Video)

WHO GAVE THE ORDER? Dozens of Survivors CONFIRM Police Used Barricade to Stop Hawaiians Fleeing Inferno – Watch LIVE

The Alex Jones Show

The lesson learned should be that the belief in “authority” can kill you.
So called “Order followers” are one of the most evil things on the planet!

Do some research and Google the “Milgram experiment
None of us should believe that others have authority over us.
This is what was meant with the words “all men are created equal”.

Want answers:

by Will Grigg | Jul 3, 2019

We didn’t go after the murdering Federal Bastards in 1992, so they are back in 2023, this  murdering over 1,000 Hawaiian children.

This gives new meaning to Pastor Martin Neimeillers poem.

This organization has the way to stop the Federal Monster.
Check them out.

Doctors Received Cash Rewards for Every Patient They Got Vaccinated
Hunter Fielding –


American doctors were paid financial rewards for every patient they convinced to get vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots, leaked documents have revealed.

Doctors were offered cash bonuses from Big Pharma-linked health insurance companies, with the payouts increasing on an incremental scale as the number of vaccinated patients grows.

Those who successfully convinced large numbers of their patients to take the injections we pulling in thousands of dollars a day in cash bonuses.

Due to the scaling nature of the bonuses, doctors were incentivized to peddle as many jabs as possible and to keep the momentum going in exchange for cash.

A leaked document from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Medicaid shows how the health provider created a “COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive program” to reward doctors for pushing Covid jabs on their patients.

Does this against their Hippocratic Oath?……..More


Food Industry Insider Exposes Food Chain Supply Breakdown Ahead of Collapse – Alex Jones (22 minutes)

CONFIRMED: Government Covering Up Truth of Maui Hellstorm, Landgrab Announced by Governor – Alex Jones (12 minutes)

Federal Scientist Blows the Whistle: Covid Vaccine Purposely Contaminated with SV40 Cancer Virus, MUST WATCH!
– Alex Jones (59 minutes)

BREAKING: Biden Set to Announce Climate Lockdowns, Rationing of Energy & Food
by Ben Warren

Governments & Universities Secretly Studied COVID Vaccine Before Rollout: Shots Killed 100% of Mice, Monkeys
The Alex Jones Show

BOOK: Time_to_Start_Over_America_3Sept2022.pdf

“…Founding Fathers were against career military and ‘law enforcement’, and why sheriffs don’t help restore the constitutional Militia….”

“….As in ancient Rome and Great Britain: career armies, police, and sheriffs’ forces have displaced Militia. Our Founding Fathers were stridently against this…..”



copper, iron, calcium…..

The Toxic Nutrient Triad
A little: good. Just a little more: bad
~orthomolecular news

Pope Francis Says Disabled People Should Be Euthanized To ‘Fight Climate Change’  – THEPEOPLESVOICE  (9 minutes)

Modern Religion is nothing other than evil  posing as good.
All of the other cultural religions are just as evil  if you just bother to look.


I will never forget that it was “law enforcement”, that aided and abetted in the ongoing hospital murders of our friends and families ….and that the “Churches” are just as silent. and culpable.
They seem to be on the same evil team.


Murderous Hospital Protocols with Scott Schara and Karen Mueller – The Truth Expedition


Today’s show consists of two interviews. First, Mark talks with attorney Karen Mueller about the recent decision handed down by the WI supreme court on a case she was presenting. Karen is the lead attorney for the Amos Center for Justice.

Next, Mark has a conversation with Scott Schara. Scott is the father of Grace Schara, who was, in my opinion, murdered by hospital protocols. Grace’s care was full of negligence and misconduct, which I believe led to her death. There is much more to this tragic story! Grace did not need to die! Scott is suing the hospital and several doctors in a ‘first of its kind’, landmark lawsuit. You can follow the case and sign up to participate in coming ‘calls to action’ at

You can find out more about the story at

Veteran of Iraq war, Carlos PIccata address’s tyrannical city council and tells them what we the people are going to do to them if they don’t stop their tyranny – Missouri Free Press  (3 minutes)

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 21, 2023 – The COLLAPSE of the dollar-based international monetary system is now IRREVERSIBLE – Mike Adams  (1h 47m)

WHOA! Mass-Media Begins Telling Public “Ukraine is Losing; Territorial Concessions to Russia” and “The West Can Do No More!” –  Hal Turner

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Part 3 is  very much worth watching.


Watch and DL for free that latest in a series of 3.
The other 2 are also for free.


The first PLANDEMIC, a 26-minute documentary, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide, setting a historic record. This documentary exposes hidden agendas, questions mainstream narratives, and sparks a global conversation.

The premiere of PLANDEMIC 2: Indoctornation set streaming records with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream. Journey deeper into the web of deception as Plandemic 2 uncovers the untold stories and exposes the powerful forces manipulating our world.


Witness the culmination of truth-seeking as PLANDEMIC 3: The Great Awakening unravels the layers of corruption and unveils a path towards a brighter future. Prepare to be inspired, awakened, and empowered to take a stand for liberty.


13 Nations agree to engineer global FAMINE by destroying agriculture, saying that producing food is BAD for the planet – Mike Adams

Banking Insider Warns CBDCs Will Be Implanted Chips
Greg Reese |

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 18, 2023 – RED ALERT as 13 nations agree to ENGINEER global FAMINE for planetary depopulation – Mike Adams

Warning To Californians: ‘Shocking New Income Redistribution Scheme’ Coming Ripped By Steve Forbes –

Forbes Breaking News

This is NOT shocking to those paying attention. All of America has already adopted the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto, and the 4 pillars of the Church of Satan.

If that is news to you, you had better start paying the hell attention.

Jim Caviezel: Hollywood Elite Trying To Kill Me for Exposing CIA Child Sex Trade – (13 minutes)

All of this evil  is helped along by the useful idiots in the modern Church.

They do this by becoming 501c3’s and refusing to discuss what is going on in the world.

Then they twist Romans 13 to mean that God put the evil pedophiles into power and that we need to heed them and not question them.


BOOK: The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio –  Forrest Maready  (284 pages)

A fascinating account of the world’s most famous disease—polio—told as you have never heard it before. Epidemics of paralysis began to rage in the early 1900s, seemingly out of nowhere. Doctors, parents, and health officials were at a loss to explain why this formerly unheard of disease began paralyzing so many children—usually starting in their legs, sometimes moving up through their abdomen and arms. For an unfortunate few, it could paralyze the muscles that allowed them to breathe.Why did this disease start to become such a horrible problem during the late 1800s? Why did it affect children more often than adults? Why was it originally called teething paralysis by mothers and their doctors? Why were animals so often paralyzed during the early epidemics when it was later discovered most animals could not become infected? The Moth in the Iron Lung is a fascinating biography of this horrible paralytic disease, where it came from, and why it disappeared in the 1950s. If you’ve never explored the polio story beyond the tales of crippled children and iron lungs, this book will be sure to surprise.

A New Medical Paradigm with Andrew Kaufman MD Tom Cowan MD and Kevin Corbett PhD ( listen in at 45 minutes)

(SPOILER — lead, arsenic, and DDT were the major cause of polio)

Global Elite Vow To BAN Anti-Pedophile Movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ – THEPEOPLESVOICE (12 minutes)

You don’t need to see the movie as it does not bring out the full extent of the problem nor does it get into child murder and the eating of children. These are some of the best books on the topic:

Sexual slavery & mind control; by Intel agencies:


Dr. Peter McCullough Explains Why Autism Exploded from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 36 ( 5 minutes)

Terrain Based Medicine | Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the 2nd Brighteon Autism Conference (20 minutes)

A Beginner’s Guide to Germ Theory | Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Jerm Warfare (1h 12m)

Perhaps the elephant in the room is the likelihood that like many of our misconceptions of reality, were socially engineered into us, by the dark occultists that run the world.

Places like the Tavistock Institute likely designed this false virus paradigm, they then socially engineered it into your consciousness.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Do Viruses Really Exist & Can They Be Transmitted? – mariazeee (1h 9m)


 Transcending the Plandemic Narrative
by Dr. Andrew Kaufman (1h 12m)


Homicides Soar 96% In Washington State After Passage Of Gun Restrictions

Shouldn’t the people that facilitated these murders, like the State Legislature and the Police, that  disarmed  the population, all be arrested as accessories to murder?

Democrat Candidate for Elected Office CAUGHT Soliciting 14 year old Boy for sex, on Internet –  Hal Turner

I can remember that during the time that I lived in PA, that the “age of consent”  over a number of years,went from 18 to 14, which it has historically been worldwide..

The bottom line is that the psychopaths in government think that  rights come from them, and that they can change them at will as if they were God himself.

With no knowledge of History and Natural Law they can make any damn age that pleases them.

FWIW the age of consent was set by “law makers” (government) in the South to 7 years of age.  With no references to history and Natural Law there is nothing keeping them from making the age of consent 90 years old or even one day old,

This is called “moral relativism” , it is the 2nd plank in the Church of Satan and our legislators are firm believers in “moral relativism”.


The $100 Billion Ingredient Making Your Food Toxic
Joseph Mercola – Epoch Times

(omega 6’s – in nuts and in grain fed pork and poultry)

When The Justice System Won’t Bring Justice, Others Will (Video)

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Zapata County Deputies Snap Off Man’s Leg During An Unlawful Arrest (Video)

Both Jesus and the founders warned as about standing armies.
Americans are still to freaking stupid to see it yet.
Perhaps when they come to take you to the camps it will register.


Andrew Tate Tucker Carlson THE INTERVIEW  – Tucker on Twitter (2h 27m)

Child Slavery and the Sound of Freedom Ten billion a year industry in the US alone – Greg Reese (6 minutes)

Our “churches”  work for the pedophiles by telling us that God puts our leaders into their positions!

You can not get much more complicit,  and supportive of pedophilia than this advice from our churches.


WTF: California Assembly Committee Blocks Bill to Make Child Trafficking a ‘Serious Felony’
by Jamie White

This is what your modern Christian Church has brought us with their bastardized version of Romans 13,.

The exact same interpretation  that Adolph Hitler brought to Nazi Germany.


WTD ep.88 ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor’ –  WakeTheDead (2h 25m)

Carrie Olaje is our guest on Wake the Dead for the first time to discuss her experiences as a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. With a focus on the experience of remembering & healing the trauma, this conversation reveals the horror of child trafficking, pedophilia, murder, torture & cannibalism. Carrie’s father was a member of the U.S. military & a total psychopath. He gave Carrie to the cult when she was 3 years old. She was used by her owner for satanic ritual & sex trafficking to his military friends. Carrie was used to blackmail many young psychopaths eager to join the satanic order. This cult also made snuff films & child pornography. Carrie is sharing her story with us to reveal the truth behind child pornography, the military & the dark occult New World Order system. The most unimaginable horrors are still happening everyday to other young children. Awareness is the first step in confronting this problem we face. Please take the time to listen to this important episode. Carrie & Sean are planning to continue this conversation in the future, so look out for part 2.

Cop Fabricated Story About Being ‘Carjacked by Two Black Men’ — After He Accidentally Shot Himself

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 11, 2023 – Corporate media DEFENDS child sex trafficking by attacking blockbuster “Sound of Freedom” movie (59 minutes)

I hope you are aware that this movie held back a LOT.
The fact is that there are millions of  new children thrown into this meat grinder each year.

They do not stop with sexual abuse, many are killed for snuff films and for Satanic Ritual sacrifice,
Many are eaten.
This was left out because your Average American could not handle the truth.


WEF Orders Govt’s To Prepare for BILLIONS of ‘Social Credit Prisoners (8 minutes)

‘The World Economic Forum has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cellphones as part of a plot to compile ‘blacklists’ of users who hold ‘politically incorrect’ views ‘

The Left’s New Sugar Daddy Alex Soros Had 20 Meetings at Joe Biden’s White House (So Far)
by Breitbart


You totally miss the point Dave that EO’s are illegitimate. What Congress should do is to clearly spell it out that the president can not write law, much less write laws that violate the Constitution as is the norm!

Your false world view is a large part of the problem.


Narrative Collapse: Tucker Carlson Says Capitol Police Chief Admitted ‘Jan6 Crowd Was Filled With Feds’
by Zero Hedge

Operation Mockingbird: How The CIA Took Over The US Media

Rancher Refuses to Inject ‘Gene Therapy’ mRNA Jabs In His Cattle as Push Continues to Mandate Them –  TheLibertyDaily (2 minutes)

Migrant Riots in France, Spreading: Switzerland & Germany now – Hal Turner

It amazes me that none of our  Patriot Mouthpieces has noticed that the two  standing armies (the police and the military)  are controlled by the very people that the militia is supposed to protect us from!!

This entire threat is because of a rogue government that is letting the migrants into the country, and their 2 standing armies are employed by this rogue government and will do nothing. (as planned)

Americans are still dumb enough to support the troops and the thugs in blue, who essentially work for the enemy!! (rogue government)

We were warned about standing armies by the founders, and also told by them that to remain free that we needed the Militia.

How dumb are the American people and our Patriot Mouthpieces?


Rothbard: The Free-Market and Antigovernment Roots of the American Revolution
By Murray N. Rothbard

“…..Thus, the well-known theme of “separation of Church and State” was but one of many interrelated motifs that could be summed up as “separation of the economy from the State,” “separation of speech and press from the State,” “separation of land from the State,” “separation of war and military affairs from the State,” indeed, the separation of the State from virtually everything……”

Notice “separation of war and military affairs from the State,” means that we were meant to have no standing armies  like the police or “military’.
A standing army is not protection from tyrants – it is capitulation to them.

That a militia of the people was to provide our protection against tyranny. 


The Cult Of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

Circle the Wagons: The Government Is On the Warpath
By John & Nisha Whitehead

Church of England Collapsing: “Our Father” is called “Problematic” due to Patriarchy – Hal Turner

Do you need any further proof of the fact that the  secret societies run the religions?

Religion being just one of a legion of institutions that they control.
Like our government, our money, our schools, our media, our law enforcement…. you get the idea.



Brighteon Broadcast News, July 7, 2023 – Government now admits to GEOENGINEERING kill scheme to DARKEN the skies – Mike Adams (1h 56m)

A Brief History of Shape-Shifting Reptilians – Greg Reese (5 minutes)

Masked Teens Violently Mugging Moms with Children in Crime-Infested San Francisco – Need to Know News

Personally I hold the “order followers” (the police) most responsible,
Every time a woman is robbed a SF cop should go to jail!

Why you ask?
Because they are the ones that have disarmed the citizenry.
Laws alone did not do this, it took the order followers to do this,

Mark Passio – Presentation – Cult Of Ultimate Evil


Evidence of Covid ‘Vaccine’ Crimes Submitted to Florida Grand Jury Investigation
By Dr. Joseph Sansone
“Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”

It boggles  my mind that it has taken 3 years to get  the criminals in law enforcement, to  investigate the use of a bio weapon against us by our doctors and hospitals.  I say fire them and then prosecute them they are no better than Gates or Fauci.


French Cops Can Now Secretly Activate Phone Cameras, Microphones, GPS To Spy On Citizens
by Zero Hedge

News flash!  Your phone was designed  from day one to be a spy device for the standing army we call the police.


In Less than 48 Hours, 2 Cops in the Same Department Arrested for Sex Crimes – The Victims Are Numerous

American Churches Are Eerily Silent When The Country Needs Them Most
by Brandon Smith |

Our Churches have been “silent” for at least the past 100 years.
They seem to do the bidding of the globalists.
Whatever will benefit the bringing in of the NWO the churches
are right there to comply.
They became 501c3’s for a reason….


Explosions Rock Courthouse in Kiev, Ukraine – Military Conscription Cases Bombed – Hal Turner

Anything to stop slavery.  We should have  considered this during our Vietnam war.
Perhaps we should also consider this over the 1st plank of the communist manifesto…. the property tax.



This is how it will go down and we have no Militia’s  to protect us

Your local standing army (the police) are likely the ones to take you there.
Read up on the Milgram experiment.
The founders told us not to have standing armies for very good reason.


Why Can’t We Talk About the Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism?
Let’s take the highest quality studies on both sides and critically examine them and see which hypothesis is more likely to fit all the high quality data. Why won’t the other side engage in a dialog?
By Steve Kirsch

I think it is about time that we start arresting doctors that vaccinate without giving  full consent,  and that includes  stats about all cause morbidity, autism. auto immune diseases and a lot more,

Even with informed consent a doctor should be financially responsible for any vaccine damage.   If the drug companies believe in their products, they could indemnify the doctors.




I have had incidents in Springfield MO that make me believe  that big reason for the “memberships” is to collecting  data on what you are buying and  providing that information to the Federal government.

Yesterday the checkout girl at Sams demanded to see my ID. (to make sure that they were recording the data for the right person.)

When I objected she said the she was only doing her job, to which I responded  that is exactly what the guards at Auschwitz said when put on trial at Nuremberg.  (no evil  can happen until you have order followers).


HazMat Incident at the White House. UPDATED: COCAINE! – Hal Turner

Government Agents Routinely Entering Private Land Without Warrants
Emboldened by dangerous Supreme Court decision, agents even planting cameras on private property –  BRIAN MCGLINCHEY

Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) are the most egregious offenders.
Almost by definition these people ought to be hanged.

20 years ago my secluded 10 acre property in Industry PA, was twice criminally invaded by the “heroes” in blue. On the second occasion they broke into my home and stole property.

I was so traumatized by these events that I abandoned my home and became homeless for many years. There is no justice when the criminals are your own government.

We were supposed to have a militia to protect us from such standing armies.



Biden Regime Outlines Geoengineering Research Program To Fight ‘Global Warming’
by RT

The truth is that they have been spraying for 50 years or more.
According to the work of Dane Wigington  these chem-trails are soon going to do the exact opposite of what the lying Satanic government tells us.

The science says that when that soon  happens, that the Earth will rise to the temperature of Venus.  Hot enough to melt lead!

This is what the psychopaths in DC have in store for those that they can not starve to death or kill with the next bio-weapon that they release.


Tragic: Actress Dies By Assisted Suicide Following Devastating COVID Booster Injuries
by Jamie White

The genocide continues,  as  all 3,000+ of our county Sheriffs are collecting fat paychecks and benefits, doing nothing, while justice demands that they all be charged with accomplices to murder.


Donations For Policeman Who Killed Teen in Nanterre Six Times Greater Than For Victim’s Mother
by Sputnik

We have standing armies, lording over us,  and government seems to be  god.
They are supported even when they murder.

Washington-Backed “Independent” Ukranian “Kill List” Includes Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson, Eva Bartlett, Roger Waters, Steven Seagal & More – Sons of Liberty

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – Greg Reese (5 minutes)

We should have followed the ideals in the Declaration.
We have come close to doing the exact opposite.
We are a nation of dumb asses that can not even define what a right is.


The Declaration of Independence states that every person possesses three inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Two hundred and forty-seven years have passed, and we have mostly forgotten what those words mean.

Today it seems that most of us think that the pursuit of happiness means the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain and distress. This confusion can best be explained by the dumbing down of America which we covered in our last video, and the gross lack of spiritual enlightenment in today’s society. In modern society the childish Atheist will often ask; if there is a GOD, why do bad things happen to good people? As if the Earth is supposed to be a Utopia where humans are born to experience nothing but pleasure. Like all Utopian ideations, this is a fantasy for the weak-minded who seek to avoid the pain of life. Bad things happen to everyone so that we can overcome them, learn, and grow.

The Earth is nothing at all like a Utopia. It is a wild place where one must kill in order to live. It does not matter if one is carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan. And it does not matter if you pay someone else to kill for you. Life can only be sustained by life. And perhaps this is why civilization was created, but more often than not, they have served the tyrants at the top, while enslaving the people to run whatever system has been put into place. But in 1776, our founding fathers drafted something very unique. Perhaps the most revolutionary form of spiritual self-government ever penned to paper.

They understood what the pursuit of happiness meant. To Thomas Jefferson, it meant the pursuit of a meaningful life. And it was preceded on the list by life and liberty because individual freedom is needed in order to choose your own path in life. If God has a purpose for each and every one of us, then we have the right to live our life freely so that we can pursue our own life’s work.

The American Revolution created a form of government that serves to protect and defend the individual’s right to pursue their very own path so long as they respected the rights of others. It established a form of government whose sole purpose was to protect these unalienable rights that each individual human deserves. But this is obviously not the case anymore. The government today is serving the interests of what we could refer to as the New World Order. A worldwide police state to manage a belligerent population of undisciplined slaves.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are ethical goals. And the problem today is that the American people are no longer an ethical people. Most of us are chasing pleasure in whatever form we can find it in. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or just something to buy that will make us feel good for a fleeting moment.

While the New World Order definitely had a hand in all this, it is ultimately our own fault. They wanted to turn humanity into an ignorant slave class, so they laid out the bait in the form of social welfare, easy money, and easy access to all sorts of vice. And while some took the bait, those that didn’t aren’t really doing anything to help our fallen brothers and sisters. Those of us working towards a meaningful life, are mostly out for themselves and see the rest as part of the problem. And this has likely been a human struggle throughout all of history.

It has often been said that this life is a spiritual battle. And it most certainly is. The majority of the so-called Left, are not the enemy. They are our neighbors who through trauma or ignorance have come to believe the lies of the mainstream media propaganda machine. And they have been weaponized against American patriots by the New World Order. They are the fallen ones.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

If we expect a corrupt government to fix itself while we fight our fallen neighbors, then do we really deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Tucker Carlson Tackles Rachel Levine (5 minutes)

Michigan House Passes Bill To Make Calling Person “Wrong Pronouns” A Felony!
by Kelen McBreen

OK I will start things off with addressing every one of the genetically male psychopaths in the Michigan legislature with the pronouns: “him/her/monkey-balls.”

That should suffice for misgendering. (if this is read in MI then I have broken their “Law”. Right?)

I challenge any of those miscreants to issue a Felony warrant in the State of Michigan for misgendering these mentally ill, low life scum.



It’s getting very hard to stomach what I term “modern Christianity”
Our churches appear to be Illuminati led and the facts that I can find support that observation.
The same applies to our “police” departments.

Seattle-area police go all hands on deck to find car that left skid marks on Pride crosswalk –

We were  warned about standing armies, and this Seattle standing army is being used to selectivity enforce laws  that  accomplish  their communist  political agendas.

If the American people did not have shit for brains, they would defund every “police” department from coast to coast.



Serial Arsonist Police Chief Gets Life for Burning Down Homes and Buildings of People He Didn’t Like

What is the problem here?
Don’t we give police special super powers that we their bosses don’t  have?
Not to mention that my Church says that God  chooses the men in government.

I mean it’s not like cops actually ever follow the law….. (they take steroids and beat their wives for starters) lets get real here.


Cop Who Avoided Jail After Killing 6-Month-Old Baby, Arrested Again… For Biting a Toddler

Perhaps  he was not of high rank in the local Satanic Coven so they decided not to cover his ass, like they do for most of their controlled cops.

My Church says that God  chooses the people in government, so perhaps we should just let this man go free.



You need to listen to Dr Jane Ruby’s report on RFK….
She uses his own words to hang him self.
This guy should not even be a dog catcher.
He is more anti gun than even Trump….
Again the video clips of RFK make her case.

FULL SHOW-RFK Candidacy, Second Amendment, Climate Change & Trojan Horses


I for one would like to know where the hell they got the Constitutional authority to make this decision.  The vast majority of things that SCOTUS sticks it;s nose into it has zero Constitutional authority to do so.
Perhaps it’s the misapplication of the 14th amendment that they have used for this latest power grab.


Cop Reinstated with Back Pay After Assaulting Masseuse When She Denied His ‘Happy Ending’ Demand

The founders warned us about these “standing armies”.
Why the hell did we not listen?

Fifty-Five Years Ago, We Were Warned

It was an extraordinary yet now forgotten event: on July 15, 1967, NBC gave New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison nearly half an hour to rebut an earlier NBC show that had criticized how Garrison had conducted an investigation of people he thought were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The segment was extraordinary because today we are accustomed to the major news outlets only allowing one point of view to be heard. It was doubly extraordinary because Garrison took the opportunity to explain to the American people that they were being lied to by the political and media elites, in words that are even truer today than they were when he spoke them.

Garrison’s central point was that the findings of the Warren Commission that investigated the circumstances of the Kennedy assassination were false, a claim that he neatly established by showing that the Commission’s reconstruction of the path of a bullet that supposedly hit JFK and then passed into the body of Texas Governor John Connally was physically impossible. Garrison contended that Lee Harvey Oswald was not and could not have been the lone assassin of Kennedy, and that he was, in fact, a CIA operative. The hit on Kennedy, according to Garrison, was a CIA operation emanating from the agency’s dislike of the Kennedy administration’s moves toward a thaw in the Cold War with the Soviet Union……

WATCH: Cops Force K9 to Maul Innocent Sleeping Man, Then Pretend it Never Happened

When I worked in Pittsburgh PA in the 90’s, it was common for the criminals that were the city police. to  have their dogs bite people just walking down the street.   We should end this evil institution called police and go back to a single county sheriff.


A State of Martial Law: America Is a Military Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy
By John & Nisha Whitehead
June 27, 2023

The 2 Party System and the Dumbing Down of America – Greg Reese (6 minutes)

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free… it expects what never was and never will be – Thomas Jefferson

After seven years of violent revolution, our American founders were well aware that political factions were most often used to divide and conquer the people. And they knew that the Republic they created would only last as long as the people could remain educated.

In 1816 Thomas Jefferson wrote; “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

By the end of the Civil War, the two-party system became the norm, the Globalist system we face today was born, and the deliberate dumbing down of the American citizen began with our great-great-grandparents.

In the late eighteen hundreds, the Skinner Pavlovian method was brought into American schools by Johns Hopkins. These psychological methods allowed teachers the ability to program students’ behavior in the same way that Pavlov did with dogs.

In 1934, the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace published the Report On The Commission On Social Studies. Which explicitly stated the goal of eventually taking away people’s land, and noted that most people would obviously oppose this. The solution was to begin using the school system to re-condition the minds of children.

In 1976, the bicentennial year of the Declaration of Independence, 124 Congressmen signed the “Declaration of Interdependence.” which stated that: “Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a New World Order.”

And it pledged to give children special attention in distributing a common education to suit their goals.

By the nineteen nineties, this globalist dumbing down system was perfected. And America began exporting it worldwide in what is known as Outcome-based education.

Starting in 2010, Common Core began in the United States. It outlined what students were expected to know at each grade level, and enforced ways to assess those standards.

Charlotte Iserbyt, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, has traced most of this agenda stemming from The Order of Skull and Bones at Yale, through both Republicans and Democrats. Two wings of the same globalist bird which understood that dumbed-down people have a base desire for a simple Dualistic choice.

In 1953, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Robbers Cave Experiment, wherein, eleven-year-old boys who thought they were signing up for summer camp were organized into two separate tribes and were manipulated into fighting each other. Which was easily accomplished by having a single resource that the two groups competed for.

The Henri Tajfel experiments of the nineteen seventies showed that by simply dividing people into two groups, they would naturally identify with their own group and discriminate against the other.

The basic ego mind is constantly making preferences. No matter how dumb you are, you have an opinion about everything. And if you can keep the population dumb enough, and give them two parties to choose from, they will innately identify with one, and despise the other.

This allows the globalist system the cover they need to implement unpopular policies, such as a Central Bank Digital Currency, while ‘We the People’ ignorantly fight each other.

United we stand. Divided we fall. And we’ve been falling for it for generations.

The American people have been so thoroughly dumbed down that we think freedom is the ability to choose between two parties working for the same control system. And we have been made so weak that we are afraid to even discuss the option of violence. Which is most often the only remedy for tyranny.

But if we were an enlightened people, we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the tyrants.

The answer to 1984, is 1776

Florida Family Indicted for Selling Toxic Bleach as Fake “Miracle” Cure for Covid-19 and Other Serious Diseases, and for Violating Court Orders –

Miami, Florida — A federal grand jury in Miami has returned an indictment charging a Florida man — Mark Grenon, 62 — and his three sons — Jonathan Grenon, 34, Jordan Grenon, 26, and Joseph Grenon, 32 — with fraudulently marketing and selling “Miracle Mineral Solution,” a toxic industrial bleach, as a cure for COVID-19, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism, malaria, hepatitis, Parkinson’s, herpes, HIV/AIDS, and other serious medical conditions, and with defying federal court orders.

“…If convicted, the Grenons face up to life imprisonment. ..”

This is what the  Satanically run Federal terrorists do to people that are exercising their God given rights.     I take this “Miracle Cure” just about every day and I thank God that I found it.




WEF Declares Humans Must Eat Feces and Drink Urine To Fight Climate Change –   The Prisoner on Brighteon

American “patriots” are very dumbed down group to say the least.
99.99% of this mindless group believes that treaties can supersede the US
Constitution, because some authority figure told them so.

The acceptance of this outright lie is the ONLY way that the WEF can force their bullshite on the American people.

There are many other outright lies about the Constitution that Patriot-tards accept, but lets leave it at the hugely consequential treaty lie for the time being.



Video: Trump Vows To “Sign A Law Prohibiting Child Sexual Mutilation In All 50 States”
by Steve Watson

The Moronic Conservatives in this country have zero respect for the rule of law, and the US Constitution.

I find the behavior of  “Mason Trump” disgusting and revolting.

The States never ceded any authority in the realm of medicine to the Federal government.

This is Federal over reach in the exact same manner that they used to make abortion a Federal matter when it is clearly a State matter.



Is a Titanic conspiracy theory tied to the sinking of the billionaire submersible? –

The Ezra Pound play……
In the 1950’s, world renowned Ezra Pound was held in a psychiatric hospital in DC for 13 years.
His real crime might have been opposing the Federal Reserve.

When I head that there was “a” billionaire on the sub my mind went right back to the
reason that the Titanic’s sister ship was sunk.

It Is Time to Put to Bed the Lies and Misconceptions Associated With the Term “Anarchy”
By Gary D. Barnett

“Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”

~ Edward Abbe

No sugar coating here:
This Man Thinks You Should Drink Your Own Piss Every Day –

Khazar Nazi’s vs Soviet Russia: A Battle Since 600 CE
By Helena Glass

“A chilling account by a whistleblower reveals the monstrosities that were being committed in Ukraine labs before the Russian divesture. Body parts from live children were packaged and sent to Europe buried in grain shipments.”

5.29.23 The Tipping Point on Rev Radio, STUDIO B w/ Dr. Ed Group on Urotherapy (2h 19m)

An amazing talk. I highly recommend it.

Part 1/2: The Urotherapy Q&A Event | Global Healing Institute

It Is Time to Put to Bed the Lies and Misconceptions Associated With the Term “Anarchy”
By Gary D. Barnett

Actor Jim Caviezel Implicates US Agencies in Child Sex Trafficking – Need to Know News

Don’t leave out CPS in all 3,000 US counties and the “law enforcement” that aides and protects them.

Isn’t tomorrow (June 22nd) a favorite Satanic sacrifice day?
85,000 kids and “law enforcement” has done nothing.

I think that law enforcement is owned by the Satanists.
That is what they claim at least.


How to Prevent Deaths from Sepsis
by Max Langen and Dr. med. Petra Wiechel

“…Annually, sepsis affects almost 50 million people and contributes to or causes more than 11 million deaths….”

The Hospital murders started a long time before the COVID  Remdesivir murders.


Bryan Ardis | “They Are Using Remdesivir The Same Way They Used Gas Chambers To Kill People In Germany” – Byran Ardis (2  minutes)

And “law enforcement” because they take federal bribe money, sit on their fat arses and watch (help) the genocide.


Steve Quayle warns Mike Adams: Weather weapons will make ENGINEERED FAMINE far more deadly – Mike Adams (60 minutes)

Steve also talks about the news blackout on troops being deployed in over 20 states. VERY WORTH HEARING IMHO

Tucker Carlson 6/22/23 Ep. 6 FULL END SHOW | BREAKING FOX NEWS June 22, 2023  (32 minutes)

Big Pharma Whistleblower Suspended By Twitter For Exposing US Military’s Involvement In COVID Jabs
by Kelen McBreen

“…..Former pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova talked with The Epoch Times this week for an epic discussion about her research into the dangerous Covid jabs and how the U.S. military was involved in the creation and distribution of the shots….”

Didn’t the founders warn us about standing armies?
What a dumb people we are.

Chinese Surveillance State: Facial Recognition And Social Credit Score Required at Gas Stations

I would not be surprised at all of every pump in the State of Missouri  is not already fully capable of of operating this way. (this is what government “regulation” is really all about)

Video: Washington Students Marched To Principal’s Office And Lectured For Wearing ‘There Are Only Two Genders’ Shirts
by Steve Watson

You would think that “Christians”  would be embarrassed  about  these evil  implementations  of the Satanic 10th plank of the communist manifesto, and demand that they be eliminated!

Most support this clearly Satanically inspired institution of the government educating our children.

Most don’t have working brains is  my only explanation.  The “schools” and the churches have reduced them to babbling idiots for the most part.


United Nations Creating A Digital ID Linked To Bank Accounts

Don’t lose track of the fact that local small town banks also  counterfeit money and that is why prices of every thing that you buy are going up.

They are also going along with every evil globalist dictate  to invade your privacy.

You were dumbed down in the 10th plank schools for a reason.


Serial Rapist Cop Gets Off with a Wrist Slap as Taxpayers Forced to Pay His Victims –

Cops have a lot in common with Hunter Biden.
They can break the law and  they get off one way or another.

For instance the second amendment guarantees your right to own a fully automatic weapon. (for the purpose of protecting yourself from rogue government) You will go to jail for exercising this God given right.
However  despite the Declaration saying that all men are crated equal, cops are exempt from this law and you are not.

Do you see how dangerous this is?  You are prevented from owning the arms that were a guarantee of you ability to protect yourself from criminal government.  So they criminalize your ownership, and then make it OK for your potential enemy to own.

All of this is happening because the churches and the schools have made the citizens are dumb as rocks in their understanding of Liberty.

The Bible talks about the criminal paying restitution to the victim.
Our system steals from you (commits a crime) to pay restitution.


When a police officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation.– Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder

I disagree, when one of these agents of the globalists is killed, it makes us all  more free.

600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst
Former Bernstein senior analyst Josh Stirling draws a shocking conclusion from UK government health data –

What should really blow your mind is that we have over 3,000 useless County Sheriff’s that can’t see that something very sinister is a foot.

They can see your plates are expired but they fail to see national genocide.

Do you think that the Federal bribe money and toys have anything to do with this?

Gavin Newsom’s Gun Grabbing Constitutional Addition Would Repeal the Second Amendment – Need to Know News

Hey Demon from hell Gavin….
You can not “repeal” God given rights.
You can not “repeal” God’s Natural Laws.

Unfortunately Americans, and their cockroaches in government do not understand this in the least.

This fact is illustrated in the story of Eve trying to internalize good and evil.

But then again your Illuminati controlled Churchs never taught you what that was really all about.


Great Falls, Montana: 20 Heavily Armed IRS and ATF Agents Raided a Gun Store – Need to Know News

Looks to me like this criminal gang of thugs violated the 2nd amendment.

Where was  the local sheriff and the local DA?

Arrest those ATF agents  and let the jury decide on their fate.

Where are the criminal indictments against these thugs?

OH YEA….”Law Enforcement” feeds on the Federal Bribe money and that is all that matters to the thugs in local “law enforcement”

Isn’t this why we had Militias?
For when government turned into criminals.

See what the men in Athens TN did when their sheriff went rogue.
You won’t be taught this in the Communist schools.

HISTORY: The Battle of Athens, Tennessee


First Tangible Sign that NATO “Exercise” May Go to LIVE WAR with Russia in 4 Days – Hal Turner

Congress Tells Treasury Secretary to “Prepare for China to DUMP U.S. Treasuries” – Hal Turner

In an absolutely stunning exchange on Capitol Hill, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, appearing before a Congressional Committee, was told by Congress to Prepare for China to DUMP $859 Billion in U.S. Treasury Debt Notes — “overnight.”

It’s Not Just the FBI: The IRS goes into ‘Beast Mode’
By Clarice Feldman  –

New Docs Reveal DHS Plot to Assign Social Credit-Like Scores to Americans – Sons of Liberty

These Satanic  Nazi bastards are probably operating in your county.
With the permission of your country sheriff!
I have seen their vehicles in my county…..


Dave Hodges  how clueless can you be?
Where were you when the 1968 gun control act was passed?
You seem to support this abomination.

SCOTUS has zero authority to hear anything concerning the second amercement Dave.

The second amendment made it clear that anything dealing with the Militia was not to be in the purview of the Federal government, and was to be left in  the hands of the States and the people. So how can SCOTUS claim any jurisdiction at all?

Your continued ignorance is a clear and present Danger Dave.
To find the real enemy we need only to look in the mirror.

Most of all Dave where in hell is the MT State Militia?
Where the hell are the county Sheriffs?


The SPIKE PROTEIN is making the masses cognitively RETARDED via neurological damage – Mike Adams (21 minutes)

Alex Jones Was Right! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Makes Stunning Revelation That Will Rock The Media

“…Mark Dice breaks down how Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s candidacy for the Democratic presidential nominee represents a major threat to the establishment because he’s willing to dismantle media lies and narratives, in particular the hormone-disrupting chemicals in the water supply and how they’re linked to the transgender movement — a topic that has been discussed at length by Alex Jones for years….”

FBI Groomed Developmentally Challenged 16-Year-Old To Become A Terrorist, Then Arrested Him
by Zero Hedge

I looks like FBI  whistle blower Ted Gunderson was right when he claimed  that the FBI and the CIA were run by pedophiles and Satanists.


Hundreds Of Canadian Doctors Dead: Genocide Confirmed After 4th Booster Mandated For Medical Field – Stew Peters TV (11 minutes)

These are the docs telling their patients to take the jab.
Perhaps this is poetic justice.


Here’s How You Can Actually Fight Tyrants Trying To Take Your Guns W/Dave Jose –  sonsoflibertyradiolive

The making of the Unabomber: How Ted Kaczynski was radicalized as a 16-year-old prodigy math student at Harvard when he was used as a human guinea pig for the CIA’s sinister Project MK-Ultra – Daily Mail

I have to ask why in God’s name the people that tortured Ted Kaczynski, using trauma based mind control were not held accountable?   In fact they are running these mind control operations to this very day.

In many respects Ted Kaczynski, was the victim here and the criminal the US government  as usual goes unpunished.



“…..Citizens in **MANY** areas of the U.S.A. are startled that tanks, troops, assault aircraft are BEING DEPLOYED on the streets throughout the U.S.A. today, Saturday, June 17. Video below shows tanks on the highways of Idaho, Osprey Helicopters dropping Marines in California residential neighborhoods, and trainloads of military armor moving in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.

We begin in Larksper, California where United States Marine Corps OSPREY aircraft are dropping troops into residential neighborhoods:…..”


I doubt if he is countering the many 5th columns meant to spring forth soon. Perhaps these US troops will deploy under the UN flag and come for your guns.

I hope YOUR local militia is well regulated.



Is Donald Trump a Freemason? Is Trump Tower in New York a Satanic Temple?

America Needs To be Recaptured Under The Banner Of Liberty – Greg Reese (7 minutes)

I can’t believe my ears!!!  An ex member of the  US special forces standing army, finally comes out and calls the standing army what the hell it really is!

This guy comes as close as I have heard for calling for a restoration  of the State Militias.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment


BREAKING: WEF Claims to be God, Calls for Banning of the Bible – Alex Jones (22 minutes)

Thank the Illuminati controlled 501c3 Christian churches for this.

They have been pushing Adolph Hitlers version of Romans 13 for as long as I can remember.

There are consequences for ignoring evil, and your church has led the way on that front.

Remember that if the government bans the bible that God put them there and you must do what they tell you to do.(per Hitlers version of Romans 13)


Whistleblower Claims Advanced Technology In Antarctica Can Cause Earthquakes – Greg Reese

Australia Approves Mandatory (Bill Gates) mRNA Vaccines for ALL Agriculture – Hal Turner

You can bet your ass this is coming here (pigs are already mRNA injected in the US)
Our pastors have told the farmers in their congregations to sit on their asses and do nothing. (Romans 13)
That God put these Satanists in charge and we had better do what they tell us to do.I am ashamed of this county and it’s people. It stands for little other than aiding evil.


Putin: There Will No Longer BE a “Ukraine” – NATO Direct Intervention Will Not Change Outcome – Hal Turner

Former NATO Chief Admits “We Decided Back in 2008, Ukraine WILL Become Member of NATO” – Hal Turner

UPDATED 4:15 PM EDT — US FedGov and NATO HQ Claims Under “Cyber-Attack” – Pro-Ukraine Group Promises to Blow-Up Kerch Strait Bridge within 36 Hours – Hal Turner

Tucker Carlson Said that Trump Is Being Prosecuted because He Opposes War – Infowars (13 minutes)

Traitor to the Constitution: The U.S. Government Is the Real Criminal
By John & Nisha Whitehead

Well it only took 200 years to notice!
The Federal government has been trashing the US Constitution  with very serious violations since the Washington administrations approval of a National Bank followed by a huge SCOTUS power grab beginning in 1803 to 1819.

If the American people,  and our politicians were not so completely  dumbed down in the mandatory  indoctrination camps, we might still have a few God given rights in this country!

Read this book if you would like to relieve your planned ignorance:
Saving the Constitution –   Richard Proctor PhD


Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong
By Ron Unz and Mike Whitney

While  Ron Unz’s  story has  truth to it, he leaves out the Satanic and Occult aspects of the 3rd Reich, just like the sanitized version you were taught in the  indoctrination camp you were forced to attend for 12 years.

The truth is that Hitler worked with the German Illuminati to learn their trauma based mind control methods.   Dr. Josef Mengele’s  torture of children was all about continuing to learn more about mind control, and this mind  control knowledge, was eventually brought to the US through operation Paperclip and the Illuminati created CIA.


State TV: United States is in Moscow’s Nuclear Crosshairs – Hal Turner

Don’t be fooled. Russian war technology is light years ahead of the US.
This will not go well for us.
Americans only chance to avoid this fate is for us to remove this illegitimate government.
If we do not the Russians are going to do it for us.
Do any of you yet see how important the State  Militias are?


Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

Biden Regime Offers Path to Citizenship to Foreigners Enlisting in U.S. Military Amid Recruiting Crisis
by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

So soon we will have a Standing Army that consists of brainwashed foreigners.  Let’s add to this, the fact the we have no militia at all.

Americans are too stupid for me to even wrap my mind around.
Connect the dots folks. It’s all there for you to discern if your brain even remotely works.


The 1986 film Labyrinth which is about the world of a Monarch Mind controlled slave from their perspective.

Oddly (not) it is not available for viewing on Amazon in the US.

I could use a VPN and give it a try I guess.

This is a foretaste of the control that the CBDC and social credit scores will give the psychopaths we call government…..


WARNING WEST COAST ⚠️ Supply Chain HAS STOPPED‼️ | Prep Now SHTF  – Riverside Homestead Life (11 minutes)


The Jennifer Guskin Story: Child Sex Trafficking with the Rich & Powerful (Video 51  minutes)


Listen to this to the end. She implicates Trump at being at parties that she was prostituted off at, when she was a child.

Our so called “churches” have sold their souls and become 501c3 corporations and refuse to speak out  because of their cowardliness, and love of money.

Sex slave Cathy O’Brien, in her book,   says that Reagan was deep NWO and was into bestiality.


“Everything that is hidden will be found out, and every secret will be known.
Whatever I say to you in the dark, YOU must tell in the light….”
~Luke, 12:2-3

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”
~1 John 3:18

300 People who Rule us all by Wealth & Stealth  – 45 minutes

In the book  CONSPIRATORS.HIERARCHY – THE STORY OF THE.COMMITTEE OF.300 PDF–  John Coleman   explains the globalist control of our country better than any other tome that I have  ever come across.

If you don’t want to read the book at least  listen to the 45 minute talk by Coleman above.  It may just blow your mind.


Alex Jones Full Show 6/9/23 UFO – Guest Dark  Journalist (3 hours)

Alex Jones finally breaks his  20 year silence on UFO’s, and explains why.
This is the most riveting and informative AJ show that I have heard in the last 5 years.
Start to listen in at 1h 39m and kick back and listen to Dark Journalist and Alex unload  boat loads of mind blowing info.


Tucker Carlson DEFIES Fox News’ Threats, Posts Ep 2 Of Twitter Show: Cling To Your Taboos

Tucker Carlson on Chinese in Caribbean 

Man Convicted Of Nonviolent Crime Cannot Be Stripped Of Gun Rights: Appeals Court
by Zero Hedge

None of these judges, nor the American people for that matter, know their history.
They don’t understand the Constitution, and that “shall not be infringed” means what the words say.
Or that the very definition of a right means something that man did not create and that certainly man can not take away.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment


AIDS was a Lie Also – 1994 Video – Rehearsal for Covid-19 – Need to Know News (1h 10m)

Judy Mitkovits also exposes this lie in her book:
Plague_of_Corruption – Dr Judy Mikovitz.pdf


Hackers Crash ENTIRE Russia Banking System – Get CASH Out Now Before Reprisal Attacks Today – Hal Turner

President Trump HAS Been federally Indicted – Hal Turner

As far as I am concerned  Trump is likely in on this charade, that is designed to set off division, and hopefully some sort of civil war, or false flag event to  lead to martial law and gun confiscation.

Trump is the guy that thought he was God and with his signature took away your right to own a bump stock on your rifle.   He never cared about any of my God given rights and I could care less how many of his are violated.  Because regardless of what is done to him my rights will be continued to be violated.

It’s not like if he got into office that he would follow the Constitution and protect my rights. He never did that during his first term and he never will.

I really think that Trump in the end, is a globalist meant to play the public like a fine violin.

I find the   book Trance Formation of America – by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Philips.pdf very credible, and the amount of governmental knowledge of the New World Order described in that book in mind numbing.
Even Reagan was definitely  One World Government globalist according the the accounts of Cathy O’Brien.


The Great Covid Death Coverup
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

What  Dr. Mercola  misses is that we have 3,000 criminals called County Sheriffs that are ignoring the largest mass murder in our history and they have not even been charged, 3 years into the murders!!!


The Blue Dawn Gun Confiscation Invasion Will Come Before the Red Dawn Invasion of AMERICA – Dave Hodges

Americans are morons
This is just another reason to quickly disband the Church of Satan (they claim) controlled standing army army known as the “police”. They exist to carry out the orders ultimately of the globalist committee of 300 by enforcing the illegitimate laws the globalist puppets called Congress passes for them.

We need to call for a full restoration of our real Military a Militia of the people.

If you are not doing this you will have blood on your hands.


US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington: Is Climate Engineering Real? (59 minutes)

Another 52 Shot, 10 Murdered In Chicago This Weekend

I scares me that Americans are so stupid that they don’t see that this is happening because people have been disarmed.

I scares me even more when they don’t realize that the only reason that the people are disarmed is because of criminal order following police.


More Jeffrey Epstein Contacts Revealed, Including Bankers, Billionaires, Celebrities, Etc –  Need to Know News

This illustrates what we have known though CIA operation Monarch, is that ALL key politicians, Federal and State are compromised through sexual blackmail.

This was done to key scientists to get them to go along with both the COVID and global warming  narrative.

The celebrities that are pushing the COVID vaccine are also compromised.

This is done world wide through a slew of positions and occupations.


If you are not aware of where the children come from for these blackmail ops, look no further than CIA “Finders” (finding children) operation. They kidnap children and run them through project Monarch that is in large part run on US Air Force bases. (keep on supporting standing armies morons)

Read both of these books for the details:

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves & the C.I.A. – Tracy R. Twyman.pdf….51mwnwGdVMDbz8OhiHGz

The Franklin Coverup _ John DeCamp….OSi4ILkeY0AlC8WwRkQ1

UPDATED: Horrifying VIDEO 2000+ Dead Ukrainian Soldiers in Overnight War Fighting –   Hal Turner

Christian churches in this country are supporting  Ukraine’s  war of aggression against Christian Russia.

Perhaps these mentally ill cowards, posing as pastors should go over there and fight, if they support Ukraine so much.


WHERE ARE THEY? Chilling mystery as nearly 30 kids go missing from city in two weeks and cops say they’ve never seen anything like it – The Sun

If you do your homework you will find that many police departments are run by pedophiles and protect the pedophile rings.  The same goes for the FBI and the CIA.

Read The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska if you want to get an introduction to this reality.


WATCH: Innocent Veteran Homeowner Calls 911 to Report Burglary, Cops Show Up and Execute Him –


The State of NJ created this situation in the first place by disarming the citizenry…..

If you or I did this we would certainly face criminal charges. But these tugs are always above suffering the consequences for their crimes. Even  in the rare case when charged and convicted they get off easy in cop jails and are let out early.

The founders warned us about standing armies, and we need to rid ourselves of this standing army, that both temporally and spatially  can not protect us.
“Protecting us” is based on a lie, that moronic Americans seem to accept without question.


Electrosensitivity: ‘I didn’t believe people had it, then it happened to me’ – BBC

A great book on the topic that you should read:
The Invisible Rainbow- Arthur Firstenberg – PDF

A company with  EMF remediation products:
EMF  solutions


Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses (90 minutes)

Excellent interview of Dr Tom Cowan
Do read his new book:  The Contagion Myth

Amzon will not carry this book.


USS Gerald R. Ford Transferred to NATO Command – Hal Turner

Have not these troops and commanders committed treason?
Any sane thinking person would have to agree.
When are the trials and hangings going to happen?

How is this any different   than a Untied Nations command?


As ‘Government’ Wages A Losing War Upon God And All That Is Good, We’ve Gotten A ‘Communist Church’ With Brainwashed Pulpiteers As America’s Fall Into Despotism Nears Completion – All News Pipeline


Brighteon Broadcast News, June 2, 2023 – COVID jab has injured or killed 600 MILLION people (so far) and Trump takes credit for fast-tracking it – Mike Adams (1h 19m)

MIT Researcher Explains How Chlorine Dioxide/ MMS Destroys the Toxicity of Glyphosate Poison – Need to Know News

Do the deep dive on chlorine dioxide.
Here are a few books that taught me a lot  about this miraculous substance.
For what it’s worth Dr. Stephanie Seneff is the real deal. When I comes to glyphosate she is the world’s leading expert IMHO.


“Law and Order” Conservatives
-Larken Rose (24 minutes)

A critical look at Bill Gates plan the plan to vaccinate the world 

Article includes the excellent James Corbitt documentary “Who is Bill Gates?”

11-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 For Help Protecting His Mom, Cops Show Up & Put A Bullet In His Chest   MATT AGORIST

And the best case is that you the tax payer pay a lot of damages or this criminal’s  criminal actions.

I say to defund them before they come and disarm us and take us to camps.

I just recently realized why there was a special “grant” (stolen money) to build a medical facility for the Amish…..

They don’t have medical insurance and want to pay cash.
The COX hospital network doctor I go to would go to jail for taking cash or even providing free care according to Dr. Lee Merritt!

So to solve the problem that they created they steal from people to find a “grant”.

Thank the Satanic psychopaths that think that they are God called the Federal legislature.

Medicine should be free market. Any other system is fundamentally evil and in violation of Natural Law.

A Memorial Day Message From a Former US Marine
written by lucas gage

“….It’s Memorial Day and Americans are out barbequing, having a few beers, and spending time with their loved ones; they are celebrating to honor the fallen warriors who have died to protect our nation, our freedoms, and our way of life.

But I have a serious question that may make you uncomfortable: Did they really die protecting those things?

If you believe that every war we have ever started, engaged in, or supported was just, then your answer will be a resounding “Yes!” But I think more and more American are beginning to realize they have been lied to about many of these wars, especially all the wars the came out of the so-called “War on Terror.” Many of those Americans being war veterans just like myself.

America is 246 years old, yet has been at war for over 96 percent of its existence. Certainly, some of these wars must have been just, but most of them, especially after 1913, have been nothing but special-interest wars that benefited the Military Industrial Complex at the expense of Americans. We were warned about this entity by people who worked for it: once by General Smedley Butler, who wrote a short book (a mere 12 pages) called War is a Racket; and another time by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his farewell address. I highly recommend every American read both to get the truth directly from those who were on the inside.

By the way, did you know despite all the fighting our nation has been/is involved in, it has only formally declared war five times? The last time the United States formally declared was in 1942 against the Axis Powers, yet it has been engaged in “military led operations,” “police actions,” and “humanitarian interventions” for over eight decades since then. Just like our government changed the “Department of War” to the “Department of Defense” in 1949, it uses these sanitized terms to avoid calling what these things really are: wars. And as I stated in the last paragraph, most of these wars do not benefit the American people at all; in fact, they cost them everything….”
continues here


I have a few criticisms  of this article although I agree with a lot that is in it.

The author seems to think that it is the governments job to educate our children.

For a US marine he sure does not know the Constitution.

He somehow thinks, he gets a pass for going into a war where congress did not declare war. Is he going to claim ignorance on that part of the Constitution also?

Finally he does not see that he was part of a standing army. Something that both the founders warned us about  and the Constitution prohibits.

He strikes out 3 times on not knowing or following the Constitution , which BTW is much better than most so called Patriots.


I think I am going to take a break folks.
Too many stupid people to deal with.
No free speech anywhere….

Had Steve Quayle cancel my Q-files  subscription because I dared tell him that  his sponsor had ripped me off.  I wanted him to know the kind of people that he recommended. How audacious and evil of me!

Then  Steve’s’ friend,  Mr Free Speech Hal Turner, did the same thing after I dared relate that story to readers on his site. I am now kicked off of Hal’s site.
Neither  of these guys has a thing over Facebook or Twitter.
Same deal of no free speech allowed.
This is the exact  post on Hals site that was too much truth about Steve:



Don’t know if you know how volatile Steve Quayle is.
I wrote him with smoking gun proof that the sat phone store had ripped me off.

His response? His Christian response?

Was to cancel my Q-files membership!!

Try to do good and spread the truth and Steve Quayle plants a knife squarely in your back.

It’s really really sad that is is the character of our so called “patriot leaders”.

FWIW he offered to refund the money that the SPS owes me and I of course refused his offer.
He is a very poor judge of character and assumed that my motivation was some sort of shake down.

I make my case.
Our “Patriot mouth pieces” like Steve , Hal, Greg, and Infowars are really  no fuking different than the fascist, censoring,  psychopaths at Facebook or Twitter.

Why even bother when the guys that are on “our side” are enemies of truth and free speech?


The Church in America is Just as Complicit to that of the Germans in the 1930’s –  Sons Of Liberty (4 minutes)

Mexican, While Being Arrested for Catalytic Converter Theft, Tells Cops “The Russians and Chinese are coming for you soon” – Hal Turner Radio

Red Dawn is not a theory….



Don’t know if you know how volatile Steve Quayle is.
I wrote him with smoking gun proof that the sat phone store had ripped me off. of $1500

His response? His Christian response?

Was to cancel my Q-files membership!!

Try to do good and spread the truth and Steve Quayle plants a knife squarely in your back.

It’s really really sad that is is the character of our so called “patriot leaders”.

FWIW he offered to refund the money that the SPS owes me and I of course refused his offer.
He is a very poor judge of character and assumed that my motivation was some sort of shake down.

His actions just illustrate his poor character.



Remember How The Militia Warned About The Need For Their Existence For A Time Like This & People Thought They Were Terrorists? (Video) –

1/4/2023 Merritt Medical Hour: Dr. Lee Merritt ft. Tim Brown

Sports Illustrated 2023 Swimsuit Issue to Feature Transgender Biological Man on Cover
by Adan Salazar

Attorney Thomas Renz unloads horrifying audio recording evidence of nurses ordered to MURDER COVID PATIENTS for hospital profits – Mike Adams (46 minutes)

And our county sheriffs continue to sit on their asses and watch medical murders
I can not think of any reason to continue to fund criminal law enforcement.

In fact I think they all need to be prosecuted  as accessories to murder.

Keep the battle of Athens TN in mind Patriots.


UPDATED 6:34 PM EDT — Happening Now: Kalibr Cruise Missile Launches from Black Sea – PATRIOT MISSILES ***JAMMED*** FAILING! – Hal Turner Radio

Submitted by Dave Hodges (5 minutes)  (listen in at 3 minutes)

Disarm the IRS, De-Militarize the Bureaucracy, and Dismantle the Standing Army
By John & Nisha Whitehead

I have to wonder if I have influenced Johns definition of a standing army, for the better.

I have written him many times trying  to  expand what he see’s as a standing army.


Sunday Live: Migrants On Terror Watch List Arrested At Collapsed Border As Media Denies Crisis
The Alex Jones Show

The fact of the matter is that if you include 5th columns (like the CCP) we have well over 500,000 terrorists in this country.  Wake the hell up folks!


CBS News Promotes Bill Gates-Backed Scheme Spraying Aerosols In Earth’s Atmosphere To Block Sun
by Kelen McBreen

Amerikans are so stupid as not to know that they have been spraying the entire planet for over 50 years.

Why the hell do you think that Alzheimer’s is so prevalent?
Spraying nano aluminum is a big reason as to why.


Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants: advocates
By Bernadette Hogan and Kate Sheehy

Killing of veterans has always been the agenda of the US government.

They are the dangerous ones that can fight back.

Look at the agent  orange in Vietnam, and the depleted uranium used  on them in Iraq.

What gets me is these dumb asses for the most part, have not caught on.

If they really wanted to defend the country they would be forming local Militias like the founders told us to do.



DHS Is Looking For Help Building A Biometric Database Tool On Amazon’s Cloud
by Ken Macon | Reclaim the Net

IMHO this American version of the East German Stasi has had this info for a decade or more.

This is just some kind of predictive programming or other nefarious plan.


After-School Satan Clubs Are Hot, Hot, Hot!
by Zero Hedge

“Modern Christians” are a really stupid bunch.   They rejected free market schools that we had up until the 1860’s, for the 10th plank of the Communist manifesto schools. that we now have.

Then they  are surprised when  these Communist schools turn out students that are communists/socialists/Satanists.   They are all the same thing, created by the same people.

Americans are beyond stupid IMHO.



Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients — Study
by Jamie White

Breaking! Russian Strike On Ukrainian Ammo Depot Destroys Depleted Uranium Tank Shells, Massive Explosion Disperses Radioactive Particles into Atmosphere
by Jamie White


Plastic Is Everywhere Now, Including Your Brain
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

The end of FREE SPEECH on Twitter…
Yes, Elon Musk is another WEF puppet…

Dr Robert Malone: When Governments deploy psy-ops on their citizens, ‘sovereignty becomes obsolete’ – GB news (11 minutes)

Confronting and Dismantling the Federal Killing Machine
By Jacob G. Hornberger

Since When Do Politicians Believe That Americans Should Have Personal Freedom?
By Laurence M. Vance

Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov’t May Restrict Bank Withdrawals – Tells public to *****Panic***** – Hal Turner Radio

Bill Gates Owns Synthetic Fruit Coating — What’s in It?
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

And it may even be on your government approved “organic food”!
The ONLY solution is local food clubs where you can be sure of what you are putting into your body!

FWIW they are even going to put mRNA technology into “organic food” !
It’s been in the pork supply for years.


“Were You Expecting Us?” – ATF Agents Go ‘Door to Door’ to Confiscate FRT-15 Triggers
by Zero Hedge

Our 3,000 County Sheriffs are the criminals  here:
Do these morons even know what their job is?
The Declaration says that it is to “secure our rights”.

For the past 3 years county sheriffs have done nothing to address the largest mass murders that his country has ever witnessed with the globalist eugenics program disguised as a “vaccine”.  Helping mass murders, seems to be what county sheriffs think that their  job is.

Now our county sheriffs are allowing the unconstitutional ATF into their counties to violate the 2nd  amendment,  and your  sacred God given right to self defense!  Doesn’t the 2nd clearly say “shall not be infringed”?

This is dereliction of duty at the very least.
It is aiding and abetting murder at worst.
The states need laws where the citizens can convene a grand jury and press charges on these criminals in blue uniforms and have them arrested.

There is also the federal law (USC 18 sections 241 and  242) “Violation of rights under color of law”, that allows penalties up to and including execution if they cause a death.


Fluoride Poison On Tap 2015 full documentary, Paul Wittenberger – (1h 38m)

If your church does not have fluoride in it’s water for the children’s teeth… get with the times. You can prevent cavities and cause brain damage to the little bastards at the same time.

Isn’t that what “Modern Christianity” is all about?



They are infecting MEAT and VEGGIES! HB1169 FAILS – OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY (13 minutes)


HB1169 FAILS——We are lorded over by globalist puppets in our legislature here in Missouri. (not a new thing at all)

*** We should be considering some of the remedies listed in the Declaration of Independence!


Ivermectin and Colon Cancer –  The Cancer Box (7 minutes)

Ivermectin/Colon Cancer Story: CEA went from 1498 to 4.7 (31 minutes)

Kari Lake Torches Fox News: ‘Globalist Network Run by Globalists Who Want to Destroy Constitution, Second Amendment’
by Adan Salazar

“…We have a Constitution,” she told Morgan…..”

The hell if we do Kari Lake.
She needs to explain the 1968 gun control act if we have a Constitution.

It’s a shame that Kari Lake is the best we can do.

She obviously does not understand the US Constitution.


Trump To Appeal After Jury Finds Liable For ‘Sexual Abuse’
by Zero Hedge

Perhaps Trump will feel  some of the pain of your average American that can’t afford attorneys,  that are screwed over by the legal system their entire lives.



Do you know anyone with cancer?
If so this site started by G Edward Griffin is a good place to point them:

The Cancer Cure Foundation 

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Returns, Slams Corrupt Gatekeepers in Media, Announces New Twitter Show
by Ben Warren

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Drug Cartels To Launch Terror Attacks Inside U.S., Warns Federal Intel – Alex Jones (50 minutes)

Just one of the MANY 5th columns that will soon be activated.


Jury Finds Proud Boys ‘Guilty’ of Seditious Conspiracy. Will Donald Trump Be Next? – Need to Know News

Can we actually address the causative factors here?

We have implemented the 10th plank of the communist manifesto and all of these “jurors” were forced at gun point to attend a 12 year long government indoctrination camp we call “public schools”.

It is not in the best interest of the State to have the serfs on their plantation to know anything about the rights and duties of a juror and this is the predictable result.

Most of the incredibly dumbed down public keeps on supporting these government indoctrination camps, merely wishing to reform them!


Oklahoma Bans More than a Dozen Woke Banks from Doing Business with the State – Need to Know News

If these “law makers” had any brains at all, they would form a State bank like ND has!

I see banker pressure on these weak men, because they are not addressing the real problem here.

Allowing private business’s to counterfeit money for profit is the only issue here.


PURE EVIL: Leading US Medical Institutions Are Deliberately Confusing Toddlers And Converting Them Into Transgenders –

If we would have followed  “the rule of law” and not have allowed the globalist Rockefeller family, to create  our  unconstitutional  and criminal medical cartel (the AMA)…..
we would not have had the COVID jab genocide and we would not be having these child mutilations!

Conservatives are among the dumbest people on the planet, they constantly fail to see causative factors and spin their wheels usually  accomplishing nothing of value.


Police given go-ahead to use force against those who have surrenderedPolice given go-ahead to use force against those who have surrendered’Protect and serve’ now has become ‘comply or die’
By WND Staff

Americans are morons….
The founders warned us about standing armies, yet we have created this disgusting standing army in blue despite the founders warnings.

They were intended from the beginning as a means for the globalists to enforce (“I was just following orders”) illegitimate laws that they author.

Americans fail to see that there is zero difference between the guards at Auschwitz “following orders” and you local cops doing the same. 

Cops have been used for decades to violate out rights, but with a population that can not even define what a right is, they mostly have Stockholm syndrome and support their oppressors.

The founders also told us that to remain free and to prevent the rise of standing armies that we needed the Militia.  We didn’t listen to that advice either.

Consequently we may soon see this group of order following thugs in blue, come to your home and take you and you family to plague isolation camps. (death camps) or in many  cases to come and disarm you of your firearms so that the globalist pedophiles will have no effective resistance to their plans to rape your wife and children.

That is what “police” are really for.


We’re Watching the Rule of Law Get Flushed Down the Toilet
Kurt Schlichter

Most of the people making this observation are mentally ill.

The fact of the matter, is that we  have not had “rule of law” in this country for most of our history.  It’s just that the American people are so stupid that they can not determine right from wrong. (legal from illegal)

Take the “1968 gun control act”.  We all know, or should know, that a mere law can not change the Constitution!   Yet we have allowed this law to basically nullify the entire 2nd amendment!

For at least  50 years we have not followed the 2nd amendment!  When are these idiots going to realize, that the rule of law of the 2nd amendment, was flushed down the toilet decades ago?

We can go back even further.  Author Richard Proctor in his book “Saving the Constitution“,   points out that by the 1830’s, we had flushed 10 of the most important Constitutional principles (rule of law) down the toilet!

Go look in the Constitution   and see what our representation should be in the house of representatives!  It was over 200 years ago that we flushed that very important “rule of law” down the toilet.

The bottom line is that I have not seen a single Patriot talk head, not a single politician, that even knows what the law is, and they sure as hell are not supporting the “rule of law”.  The general public unfortunately is just as dumbed down.

Education is the key, but you first have to recognize that you don’t know much at all , before you can begin that process


We Must Defend Self-Defense
Kurt Schlichter

This guy Kurt is so poorly informed that he does not see that we have no right to self defense. That we have  ever shrinking “permissions”  handed down from an omnipotent government.

There is nothing much left to defend Kurt.

I find it hard to see how one can be so clueless….. but then again this is the state of consciousness of 99.99999(% of so called “Christians” and “Patriots”.

Houston, we have a real problem here.


Michael Yon Live From The Darién Gap:
Chinese Communists Plan to Take Over the United States

The Alex Jones Show (48 minutes)

Michael Yon joins The Alex Jones Show from the Darién Gap to expose the weaponized migration being exploited by the Communist Chinese in order to take over the United States.


Submitted by Dave Hodges

“…surrender is the only option in order to avoid complete annihilation….”

You are right Dave, but only because of our anti-2nd amendment patriot mouthpieces like yourself.

People that think that owning an AR15 is the same as the meaning of “arms” in the second amendment.

People that think that you can have protection just by owning firearms, and not arms.

People that don’t grasp that the 2nd amendment has no teeth at all, without training in arms with your neighbors (the militia)

Thanks a lot Dave.
We could have had 10 or more years of restoring the militia.
Now we have run out of time and money to do so.


In 55 days EVERYTHING changes for the U.S. Dollar | Redacted with Clayton Morris (14 minutes)


Emergency Terrorism Alert! Texas Mass Shooting/Truck Attack Beginning of Mexican Cartel Terror Campaign — Alex Jones – Sunday LIVE

All sorts of 5th columns are in this country.

Where is your militia you dumb asses that pretend to be Americans?

What is your plan to protect your family you mindless,  illiterate  morons?


WARNING! Graphic Aftermath of Texas Shooting Highlights Hard Truth About Gun-Free Zones

High Levels Of Toxic Metals Found In Widely Consumed Drinks: Study – Zero Hedge

“….A new study has found that some commonly consumed beverages such as fruit juice and artificial soda contain levels of toxic metals including arsenic, cadmium, and lead that exceed federal drinking water standards….”

Atty. Tom Renz: “The COVID-19 Murder for Money Scheme in the Hospitals… Have Been Carried Out by Fake Doctors and Nurses”
By Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit

Extraterrestrial Base Inside the Bucegi Mountains
Tales from out there