EDITORIAL: Cox and Mercy  hospital staff are going along with the Satanic COVID  agenda, and the  accompanying eugenics  coming out of the United Nations. They are a perfect example of the infamous “Milgram Experiment”.

Originally published:  December 4th 2021

Let me begin with saying that I am  (criminally IMHO) blacklisted in the Springfield MO area  by both the Cox and Mercy medical systems  from receiving a critical  hernia surgery.    This did not happen by accident, and is tied directly into the literal  takeover of our local  medical system by dark and nefarious  global forces with  evil men and woman in these 2 medical  systems that are  unfortunately willing to go along.

In the past 2  “COVID years”  the   medical system takeover has been a  beautiful  illustration of the Milgram psychological experiment:
After WW2 Americans did not believe that their fellow Americans would murder people like the Nazi guards at Auschwitz did. Well the Milgram experiment  conclusively proved  that Americans will not only murder their fellow citizens on command,  but that  2/3 of them will do so with no more coercion  than a person in authority telling them to do so!  I suspect that when coercion, such as a job comes into  play that close to 100% of Americans will go along. That has been my experience with both the Cox and the Mercy staff  here in Springfield MO.  If you have the time here is a full documentary on Dr Milgram’s experiment at Yale.  The Milgram Experiment 1962 Full Documentary


I take you on a  slight detour of a few stories in the news to give you the background and perspective of what is transpiring at Cox and Mercy.  Please take the time to read them if you are not aware of these goings on:

Global Bombshell: US Government Signs Secret Treaty With Pfizer, Granting Company Dictatorial Powers Over US Economy – Infowars.com (178 minutes)

Hospital CEI Commits Suicide: I can’t take part in Covid-19 Vaccination Genocide Anymore, which is carried out through vaccintion

The bottom line is that our hospitals are being run run by the UN and Pfizer, using Medicare/Medicaid payments to  club hospital administrators into going  along with the UN/globalist agenda. (Note to self: contact the hospital administrators and possibly these doctors for comment)

Inhuman Monster: Daniel Ray Cardwell, MD – 417-875-3230 – Cox Health

On Tuesday November 9th I  punctually arrived at the Ferrell-Duncan Clinic –
1001 East Primrose Street Springfield, MO.  Dr. Cardwell’s  staff was on the 5th floor.    I approached his desk without a mask.   I was asked to put on a mask.   I declined, and began to inform this desk person that I had a medical reason to be exempted from wearing a mask.   She turned into a psychotic lunatic and immediately called out for someone to call security.

At the time I was thinking that the proper response from sane rational people would have been to inform me that I had to comply or they could not service me. But then I observed that I was not dealing with sanity or rationality, but rather “order followers” following a Satanic Agenda run out of the United Nations.

I  reluctantly put the mask on and went to sit down.  I heard them send someone into the Dr Office to see “if he would still see me”.
Acting preemptively I called the Dr from the waiting area to see what was going on. They accused me of being “rude to his staff” and that under no circumferences would they see me.
This is a good example of another  observation called projection, where people that are obviously doing something wrong accuse you of doing what they are doing.   I am sure you have experienced this whether you knew the technical term for it or not.

Before I move on to the other doctor involved, let me explain to  you the reader what I was trying to explain to the receptionist when I was so rudely threatened with violence and refusal of service :
I have a  breathing disability  that OSHA says you MUST accommodate.
Requiring someone to wear a mask  is a medical procedure as it lowers blood oxygen.  Therefore if the person ordering this is not a doctor they are practicing medicine without a license.
Also  the Nuremberg   Accord and the  Geneva Convention state that any medical procedure must be voluntary and that it is a war crime to do otherwise.


Inhuman Monster: John Robert Hornick, MD –  (417) 820-3800 – Mercy Hospital

It appears that Cox blacklisted me from their entire system  for merely asking that my wishes and rights be respected and the law followed because my primary care physician  made an appointment  out of  the Cox system.

I had an apportionment with Dr John Hornic in the Mercy Hospital system for Monday December 6th.  Before that date I received a call from them canceling that appointment and that someone would reschedule.   They never called so I called them and made an appointment for the following Monday.

It was on Saturday that his office called again and  my discernment  smelled a rat.  The lady from Dr Hornic’s office seemed very concerned as to why I was seeking services outside of Cox.  I told her that I had no idea and that she should go to my primary to find out why.
She had lied to me about no knowing anything and then accused me of “being concerned” about the PCR test.
Well she brought it up (and had likely gotten that info from my “private”  HIPPA records with my primary care doctor , that are not really private at all are they?)

I reluctantly went ahead with my many concerns, that are widely  reported, among them  the fact that the PCR test is NOT a diagnostic test, it is a forensic test.  I quickly ascertained that she knew much less than nothing about this test.  She did not know how many cycles  they were going to run it, she did not know what they were using as a “seed” for the test.
I am certain that she did not know that Dr Fauci back in the 90’s used the fake PCR test to  falsely diagnose 10,000 children with HIV, kidnap them from their parents using CPS, and then use experimental HIV drugs, up to the point of killing over 200 of them and permanently maiming many others.
This fact is covered in  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s best selling book: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)

Much  of the information about the PCR is propaganda from the deep state in the form of “fact checkers” that are anything but.   If you look carefully  you can find truthful information.  Here Kary Mullis, the inventor  of the PCR test explains why it is NOT a diagnostic test:

Kary Mullis explains why his PCR test is not a diagnostic test – Brighteon (2 mintues)

Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose – bpa-pathology.com


New Documentary on The PCR Test Deception is Banned on YouTube – Share this Film with Skeptics – Medical Kidnap (article and 40 minute video)

I also highly recommend that you take  5 minutes to watch this Greg Reeves piece on how Fauchi kidnapped from their parents   and murdered 200 young black kids, by using the PCR test inappropriately:

Fauci’s Dead Babies and Mass Graves From the Past  – Greg Reese (5 minutes)


To recap all I had done was to ask for minimal “informed consent” about  the PCR test part  of the surgery.   We are always told that “informed consent” is sacrosanct. Right?

She as being very elusive washy and elusive  when I framed a question to her, asking if I still had an appointment on Monday. She responded that no I did not because of my “concerns about the PCR  test”  So I  told her that those questions were part of “informed consent” and she again admitted to me that they would not see me because I was asking for that information.

A quick summary is that Cox has refused to see me for a critically surgery  because I asked them to follow the law. I did not demand it, I even put on their so called mask to placate them.

Mercy  has refused to see me because I dared ask for  informed consent.I did not demand it, I merely bought it up after THEY asked.

I could and should write an entire article on how useless the  the psychopaths in government that we euphemistically refer to as Congressman or Senator.
I have been  contacting  US Senator  Josh Hawley for over 3 years about  medical malfeasance in SW Missouri without any type of  thought out meaningful.
Last week I was told  by his   staff that these hospitals were private business’s and they they could not do a thing, This from the people that regulate how much water each toilet flush in those hospitals can use and the limits on the size of the incandescent light bulbs that they can use.
Not to mention that these hospitals take Federal Funds and thus are treated under many laws like government and not as a private business that did not take government  money.

Josh Hawley’s assistant is:
(314) 354-7060

Thank you for reading this to the end.
This was a very hard piece for me to write about.  This was in every respect a serial rape by the medical monopoly, and it brings up a lot of intense emotions when I relive it.   I don’t think that it is a coincidence that this is how I often feel when dealing with governmental entities ,and this story is very far from being the only incident of  government misconduct that is in my life.    Besides the medical system I have had incredibly horrific incidents with our County property tax collector and also Social Security, all within the space of the past few months.  Government seems not to be our servant, but rather   a serial rapist.  I really don’t know why we continue to tolerate it.

Help me out with comments, suggestions, and phone calls if you can. Your prayers are always most welcome.


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People often miss  that when an individual stands up for  the truth  that they are not only standing up for your rights they also stand up for Jesus Christ as he is the ultimate truth.  ~MFP