As with everything else from Lucifer  the mask is based on a lie.
The lie that people that are not sick can spread disease
The lie that these “masks” can in any way thwart  a virus
The lie that masks do not harm the  wearer both physically and psychologically

Lucifer operates by instilling fear, and this is exactly what  he achieves when people walk around masked.
This one is personal. It looks like Lucifer has killed my mother in this manner, she took the death jab because of the fear instilled from the mask ritual. Her death will be a blood sacrifice to Lucifer.

Lucifer also hates the image of God represented in the human face.
Lucifer smiles each time you submit to him and cover God’s image.

If you are going along with or enforcing this Satanic Ritual you have blood on your hands.
Do some research on the Milligram Experiment and learn what you are part of.
Our medical system in this country seems to fear man much more than they fear God.
Close to 100% of them are enforcers of this Satanic Ritual.
The only way that we can win is by saying no:

“…know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”
~James 4:4

In closing: Masking demonstrably lowers blood oxygen levels so it is therefore a medical procedure. The Nuremberg code and the Geneva Convention are both supposed to protect us from forced medical treatments.
Furthermore Federal Law in the form of OSHA regulations mandate that people with disabilities (such as low blood oxygen) must be accommodated. There are no exemptions to this law.