Lin Wood Fireside Chat 5 | Shining Light On the Corruption, the Dark World of Jeffrey Epstein,… Clay Clark – YouTube

Lin Wood talks about the huge number of kidnapped children in the US. He also talks about the rape and murder of these children in order to blackmail and control politicians worldwide.  He does not delve into the eating of these children,  (yes you read that right) ,something that keeps on popping up about the Satanists that are in seats of power of our government apparently  are doing in their Satanic rituals.


Lin Wood shares what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop & John Podesta’s laptop. If President Trump orders the military to seize documents, Chief Justice Roberts, Nancy Pelosi, & others will be immediately arrested. Documents must be seized before they are destroyed. Time is of the essence if this part of the Kraken is to be successful.

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