Some Americans are Getting Fed Up and Resisting – But Where are the Rest of You?! – Medical Kidnap

A Costco shopper in California tries to wake up his fellow shoppers regarding Governor Newsom’s Tyrannical orders by using a bull horn.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

People across America are beginning to say “enough is enough” and are taking a stand to resist medical tyranny while the rest of the nation just willingly complies and watches the rapid destruction of lives, jobs, and personal liberties.

Look at each of these stories and picture how different each one of these stories would be, if others had joined them.

It does NOT have to be a majority of the population. I have stated for months that if 5% of the population starts resisting, it will get the ball rolling and others will join.

If 10% of the population resists, we have a full blown revolution on our hands, and that is what it is going to take to end medical tyranny.

So if you see a lone, brave soul take a stand for life and liberty, take off your mask and join them!!

Police Raid Stockton California Hair Salon

By Brock Simmons
The Gateway Pundit

Bravely putting their lives on the line to protect the public from hair stylists serving customers, police in Stockton, CA, raided Pomp Salon just before Christmas and ordered the place to close, as it been operating in defiance of Governor Newsom’s shutdown orders.

“About five armed state police officers burst into our salon shouting drop everything you’re doing. Stop, you’re being shut down,” salon co-owner Vicki Kirk told ABC 10 news……Read More

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