What is causing Fibromyalgia? Another shocking revelation – HPV Vaccine

(An important story about what is causing Fibromyalgia. You should read it!)

Before we found out what happened to our son (he was injured by the HPV vaccine) I told many of his doctors an incident that happened 20 years ago. When trying to asses my son’s symptoms they’ve always asked if something similar has ever happened in our family before.

And it actually had happened in the past…

Around 20 years ago I was the CEO of a publicly listed company that I had founded 10 years earlier. I was working a lot, which means really a lot… 16 hours per day were normal for me and for 10 years I just worked every single day without a break – and was never sick. Except for a half day where I came later into my office.

Suddenly and absolutely unexpected my life changed dramatically.

From one day to another my body started to rebel against me. I had no clue what was going on but the symptoms were piling up in a matter of days.

I got

  • Pink eye
  • Rashes all over my body
  • Dizziness all the time
  • Muscle pain, especially in the legs
  • Sudden muscle cramps, sometimes like seizures
  • Joint pain in the knees, ankles, legs, arms and upper body
  • Several near-faint experiences
  • Tingling legs
  • Strange forms of memory loss