Is Infectious Disease Just a Shell Game? A Corona Cold Virus May Not Be The Cause Of COVID-19 – Bill Sardi

Is Infectious Disease Just a Shell Game?

How does modern medicine get away with saying there is a novel newly-mutated coronavirus (cold virus) that is deadly and spreading round the world for which we have no immunity towards and then say that the flu vanished at the same time?  Is COVID-19 really just the flu?

It is now revealed that the flu has almost vanished (98% decline) in this COVID-19 year of pandemic.  And not just here in the U.S.  According to a report in the DAILY MAIL, there were just 12 cases of the flu in Chile between April and October (7,000 cases of the flu were reported in the prior year).  In South Africa flu cases literally vanished.

A virologist says there is no mistaking a flu virus for a cold virus.  Under a microscope “a fragment of genetic material from a coronavirus looks like spaghetti, while flu genetic material looks like 8 pieces of penne pasta.”  So, there is no confusion in the laboratory.  Only outside the laboratory….Read More