When the Police Are Not Safe, Neither Are You

MFP Commentary:

What is behind this trend Dave Hodges asks…It’s very easy for me to see it, but for some reason Dave Hodges has not yet seen it. I call bullshit on this view. The fact of the matter is that none of us are  safe from the so called “police”.

Our politicians have been compromised for decades, the laws that they write are over 90% illegitimate and unconstitutional. The deep state saw that the county sheriff and the milita would not enforce these illegitimate laws.

So they have created a standing army that I call Blue ISIS. An evil band of self described “order followers” that will enforce any of the laws written by these globalists. In this respect Blue ISIS is not any different than the guards at Auschwitz or the men that nailed Christ to the cross. The evil that they do Dave is behind this trend….we are paying attention.


Regardless of your personal feelings toward the police.. When they are not safe, neither are you.  Here is the complete story…


Adult Medical Kidnapping: Euthanizing America’s Seniors – Orlando Medical Guardian Resigns After Getting Caught, but How Many More Are There?

MFP Commentary:
Don’t be so naive as to think that the state actually protects your rights with it’s spiders web of illegitimate regulations.
As it most certainly does not.    This case reminds me of the Fordlands clinic’s,  God like ability to “discharge clients” for any or no reason,   and in effect are able to insure that seniors are unable to receive dental care in this county.   The reader may be interested in  these related   stories about the Fordland Clinic: here & here

Again I wonder where the hell the “right to life” people are….



Gerald Manczak, a ward of Rebecca Fierle, said this “do not resuscitate” order was filed without his permission by the professional guardian.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that professional guardian Rebecca Fierle has resigned after an investigation revealed that she had filed unauthorized “do not resuscitate” orders on almost all of her senior patients, against the wishes of the patient and their families.

The investigation was prompted by the Orlando Sentinel’s report that one of her patients died due to her “do not resuscitate” (DNR) order, even after the patient and family requested that the DNR be rescinded.

A man died at a Tampa hospital after staff could not perform life-saving procedures because of a “do not resuscitate” order his Orlando guardian filed against his wishes, state investigators determined.

The investigation into the final days of 75-year-old Steven Stryker of Cocoa caused Circuit Judge Janet C. Thorpe to seek the removal of his court-appointed guardian, Rebecca Fierle, from 95 Orange County cases at once in a hearing sealed from the media last week…..Read More

“They Took My Daughter Away From Me Alive and Gave Her Back Dead” 6-Year-Old Medically Kidnapped Girl in Kentucky Dies in Foster Care

MFP Commentary:
You do know that the second amendment is about citizens being able to protect themselves from government tyranny.
If this is not tyranny of the worse kind, I don’t know what is.
I do know that if I am ever on a jury of a parent that used lethal force to stop a CPS kidnapping, that they would not only walk, I would also go up and shake their hand. 

When “the system” can not defend  children from sexual predators like state CPS something is drastically wrong and it is left up to parents to do what they need to do.


Charity Lewis with Daughter Demiyah (now dead).

by Health Impact News

Charity Lewis took to social media earlier this month (July, 2019) to tell her story about how Kentucky CPS medically kidnapped her special needs daughter because they did not think she was capable enough to take care of her, and now she is dead. She died while in the custody of the State of Kentucky and her foster home.

Charity’s video on Facebook has been viewed almost 1 million times at the time of publication of this story. It has resulted in a flood of traffic to MedicalKidnap.com to read our previous stories about the abuses of Kentucky CPS.

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The Reasons Why China Wants War with the United States

There is a plethora of articles appearing about the growing Chinese threat to the United States. The essential reporting of the threat is accurate, however, how deep the determination, the length of the plot and the motivation behind China’s intent to exterminate as many Americans as possible, is omnipresent and being largely ignored, even within the Independent Media. In fact, it is accurate to say that since the Obama administration, we have forced China’s hand to make destroying America, China’s number one goal. And in the present reports I am reading, this point is going ignored. Much of the media is acting like went to bed one night and awakened to a hostile and determined China. The awakening of the military intentions of China has been an evolving process and most are missing this essential motivation to attack the United States in multiple ways. One cannot fully appreciate the present gravity of world affairs without know how we got here and also it is key to understand that the globalists are using the same plan as they did to start World War II with Japan.

The number one goal of the Obama administration was to get World War III started on behalf of the globalists. Obama pulled out all the stops, but failed to get World War III started with Syria and Iran. And Obama also turned his intentions to the Pacific and attempted to get World War III started in the same manner as FDR did when goaded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor by following the 8 Point Plan. ….Read More

Texas Senator Exposes Corruption with CPS and Child Abuse Doctors Over Medical Kidnapping of 4-Year-Old Child

MFP Commentary:
It looks to me like the useful idiots are trained to only address one government evil, and that is abortion. Every other egregious government evil seems to be OK with these brainwashed “right to life” people. Am I mistaken? Actions speak louder than words. 



Commentary: CPS Heavy-Handed Overreach

by Senator Bob Hall

When the overreaching heavy hand of the government leads to even one instance of injustice, a little bit of liberty is lost for all citizens.

On July 2, 2019, in Kaufman County, Texas, another piece of liberty was chipped from our society. Once again, in a very sad courtroom scene, the “legal” abduction of a 4-year-old child by the Texas Child Protective Service (CPS) was upheld by what can only be described as an egregious miscarriage of justice.

During a hearing, that lasted more than six hours, little to no evidence was presented that indicated either parent, of the 4-year-old boy, had actually done anything remotely close to child abuse. In fact, no one involved in the whole prosecution process had ever met or talked with either parent, or met or talked with the child.

The doctor from Children’s Hospital, who apparently initiated the forceful removal, had no history of treating the child, had never seen the child, and did not make a complete review of all of the child’s medical records……Read More


UK Seized Iranian Tanker Full of Oil 2 Weeks Ago, Iran Retaliated by Seizing UK Tanker, and US Sends Warships Toward Iran

MFP Commentary:
Don’t ever believe what the mainstream press tells you. It’s usually nothing but lies.  The psychopaths that run this country want war and death to help distract from their plethora of crimes that are being exposed.

UK Seized Iranian Tanker Full of Oil 2 Weeks Ago, Iran Retaliated by Seizing UK Tanker, and US Sends Warships Toward Iran

The British Royal Marines to seized an Iranian tanker off the coast of Gibraltar two weeks ago, and Iran retaliated by seizing a British-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf. Iranian troops wearing ski masks and carrying machine guns rappelled to its deck from a helicopter, the same tactics used by the British. Due to the controlled media, many Americans are unaware that the British took the Iranian ship. The US has sent warships to ‘guard’ the Strait of Hormuz, which is a trigger for war. Europeans, and all other nations are refusing to send warships to support the US. The goal is to peel the EU away from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Iran announced that it arrested 17 CIA spies earlier this year and it sentenced some of them to death. Iran’s state media is circulating photos purporting to show some among the alleged CIA-linked operatives. President Trump says the report is false and it is merely propaganda……Read More

You’re already being watched by facial recognition tech. This map shows where

Digital rights nonprofit Fight for the Future has mapped out the physical footprint of the controversial technology, which is in use in cities across the country.

Earlier this month, Oakland, California, became the third city in the United States to ban the use of facial recognition technology by any city agencies, including police, behind San Francisco and Somerville, Massachusetts.

But these cities are in the minority. A new map produced by the digital rights nonprofit Fight for the Future illustrates just how pervasive facial recognition technology is across the country: an overwhelming number of red stars on the map indicate where local and state police are using facial recognition, including in Detroit, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can toggle on and off to see the map pins for each of the groups using the technology, which include police departments (both city and state), as well as airports that use facial recognition and cities that are starting to mobilize against the technology…..Read More

Idaho Judge in 16-Year-Old Medical Kidnap Case Orders Video and Picture of Doctor Removed from MedicalKidnap.com as Cell Phones of Supporters are Confiscated

MFP Commentary:
This is judicial fascism pure and simple.  We have criminals in black dress’s that unfortunately are above the law.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~JFK

by Health Impact News Staff

For the last month, Kristine McCreery has been working to bring truth to light in an extremely complex Idaho medical kidnapping involving her 16-year-old son, Brandon.


Idaho Homeschooled Teenager with History of Medical Issues Removed from Mother Against His Will Due to Child Abuse Doctor Testimony

When a public defender failed her in court, and she spent all of her resources on paid attorneys that she felt weren’t speaking for her, Kristine reached out to her local legislators in desperation.

This led her to community organizations that teamed up to help her raise awareness of what was happening to her family. 

Upon learning their story, the community rallied around the family, demanding justice for the young man and his mother. 


Idaho Residents Show Support for Homeschooled Teen Medically Kidnapped – Mom Continues Fight in Court

Kristine took it upon herself to start learning the system and how to speak for herself in court. 

However, after she had submitted a motion to discharge her attorney and requested an evidentiary hearing, Kristine learned that Judge Courtnie Tucker blocked her submission of any further motions, instructing the Canyon County Court Clerk to refuse any documents that Kristine attempted to submit to the court. She was not allowed to submit any evidence or even a declaration of fact for the judge, temporarily silencing her voice to the court once again….Read More

After being repeatedly harassed by cops, an innocent man installed cameras which caught police drag him from his home and beat him for no reason.

MFP Commentary:
From my years of being homeless I can tell you with certainly  that this type of behavior is extremly widespread  in the standing army known as  Blue ISIS…..


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Monsters with Human Faces: The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order

Man Installs Cameras To Catch Cops Harassing Him, He Caught Them Beating Him Instead

Palo Alto, CA — Gustavo Alvarez — despite not having a criminal record — says he’s been repeated harassed by Palo Alto police. So, two years ago, he had surveillance cameras installed on his home in case his fears of police harassment ever materialized on his doorstep. Earlier this year, that is exactly what happened. Only because Alvarez had these cameras installed is he a free man today…..Read More

Monsters with Human Faces: The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order

By John W. Whitehead
July 24, 2019

“But these weren’t the kind of monsters that had tentacles and rotting skin, the kind a seven-year-old might be able to wrap his mind around—they were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t recognize them for what they are until it’s too late.” ― Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Enough already.

Enough with the distractions. Enough with the partisan jousting.

Enough with the sniping and name-calling and mud-slinging that do nothing to make this country safer or freer or more just.

We have let the government’s evil-doing, its abuses, power grabs, brutality, meanness, inhumanity, immorality, greed, corruption, debauchery and tyranny go on for too long.

We are approaching a reckoning.

This is the point, as the poet W. B. Yeats warned, when things fall apart and anarchy is loosed upon the world.

We have seen this convergence before in Hitler’s Germany, in Stalin’s Russia, in Mussolini’s Italy, and in Mao’s China: the rise of strongmen and demagogues, the ascendency of profit-driven politics over deep-seated principles, the warring nationalism that seeks to divide and conquer, the callous disregard for basic human rights and dignity, and the silence of people who should know better.

Yet no matter how many times the world has been down this road before, we can’t seem to avoid repeating the deadly mistakes of the past. This is not just playing out on a national and international scale. It is wreaking havoc at the most immediate level, as well, creating rifts and polarities within families and friends, neighborhoods and communities that keep the populace warring among themselves and incapable of presenting a united front in the face of the government’s goose-stepping despotism.

We are definitely in desperate need of a populace that can stand united against the government’s authoritarian tendencies.

Surely we can manage to find some common ground in the midst of the destructive, disrupting, diverting, discordant babble being beamed down at us by the powers-that-be? After all, there are certain self-evident truths—about the source of our freedoms, about the purpose of government, about how we expect to be treated by those we appoint to serve us in government offices, about what to do when the government abuses our rights and our trust, etc.—that we should be able to agree on, no matter how we might differ politically.

Disagree all you want about healthcare, abortion and immigration—hot-button issues that are guaranteed to stir up the masses, secure campaign contributions and turn political discourse into a circus free-for-all—but never forget that our power as a citizenry comes from our ability to agree and stand united on certain principles that should be non-negotiable….Read More