Why School Compulsory-Attendance Laws?

MFP Commentary:

It is beyond insane to see so called Christians supporting these government indoctrination camps.   For starters free government education is the 10th plank of the communist manifest.   A plan to bring in the New World Order and to kill all Christians.   And the vast  majority “Christians” support both the theft to support these schools (the first plank of the communist manifesto)  and in doing so are supporting  the death of  Christianity and the murder of millions of christians and others.

Modern Christianity has in so many ways become a mental disorder…. I have no other way to explain this insanity.

Why School Compulsory-Attendance Laws?


Imagine if Congress were to enact a law that required everyone to attend church on Sundays. The overwhelming majority of Americans would go up in arms. The concept of religious liberty is so deeply ingrained in our American heritage that there is no way that people, including devout Christians, would accept such a law. That heritage was enshrined in the First Amendment, which prohibits Congress from enacting such a law.

Now, suppose things had been the exact opposite. Suppose that from the beginning, the Constitution had authorized Congress to enact compulsory church-attendance laws. Suppose that immediately after the Constitution called the federal government into existence, Congress had enacted a law requiring parents to send their children to church, in order to be educated on religious, moral, ethical, and Biblical principles. Suppose that we had been living with that national compulsory church-attendance law for the entire history of the United States…. Read More