Did the Dental Profession Just Admit That brushing and flossing are ineffective?

MFP Commentary:
It sure as hell is bad advice.  I have done what the monopolist at the American Dental Association  dictated, and it did nothing to stop the cavities! Changing my diet over the past years has! My  dentist observed the vastly better oral health I was experiencing, and asked me if I were brushing more? “Hell no” I responded. “I quit listening to your useless and dangerous advice, and educated myself, I suggest that you do the same.”


August 11, 2018

……Sunlight better than water fluoridation?

Severe dental caries (cavities) in preschool children are more related to low blood levels of vitamin D rather than lack of use of fluoride toothpaste or fluoridated drinking water.  (Fluoride helps harden dental enamel and thus makes teeth resistant to acid-forming bacteria that induce cavities.)

One study reveals children with vitamin D blood levels below 50 nanomole per blood sample are at greater risk for dental decay.  It is not surprising to learn vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy is associated with a reduction in dental decay in infants……..

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Did the Dental Profession Just Admit