5 Ways Melatonin Helps Prevent Cancer

“…….What Exactly Is an EMF and Why Do They Have Such a Detrimental Effect on Health?

EMF stands for “electro-magnetic field.” EMFs themselves are neither bad nor good. They are all around us, even though we cannot see them. In fact, naturally occurring EMFs are a vital component of the earth’s connection with the cosmos. They help the planet, the weather, the oceans, and our bodies be on just the right “schedule” for life to flourish!

Humans, like all life, are electrical beings. We need to be in “resonance” with the earth for optimal health. The earth, and our bodies, resonate at a frequency that has been around 7.8 Hz for thousands of years. Man-made devices emit a frequency on the EMF scale as well. The problem with these frequencies, however, is that their place on the frequency scale, their intensity, and their shape are not in alignment with life. They are too high or sporadic (or both) to support life. Constant exposure to man-made EMFs cause us to be off-balance – and the consequences for health can be dire.

In relation to melatonin production in particular, high exposure to EMFs – and especially the “blue light” produced by cell phone and computer screens – can create a vicious cycle. As mentioned above, EMFs shut off melatonin production. In turn, this affects sleep. The result of less quality sleep is less melatonin production. Less production means less quality sleep, and so on. Before you know it, you are caught up in a stressful cycle that can only lead to disease…………..” Read More

5 Ways Melatonin Helps Prevent Cancer


  • MFP

    FYI Android OS 7 has a low blue light setting, that you don’t even notice after you get used to it. Apple IOS has had this for sometime.

    There is also the excellent blue light blocking app for the PC called f.lux. I run it on all of my PC’s:


    That and I have turned off ALL Wifi. All PC’s are on ethernet as is even my cell phone with a “to Go” to ethernet adapter:

    Charging a cell phone while on ethernet is problematic. The big tech companies never seem to get anything right.


  • MFP

    Did you realize that the criminal and illegitimate, USDA forces you to use melatonin that is synthetic, rather than derived from natural sources?

    Yep, this federal agency has it’s head far up our collective arses. So far that you can not buy melatonin derived from natural sources, unless you get a permission slip, from an “MD”, whom you must pay to write this permission slip, which you must then take to another monopolist called a “pharmacist” that will sell you real melatonin for a vastly inflated artificial price.

    This is the land of the free in 2018.
    “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” ~Dr. Benjamin Rush – 1776