Book: Deep Nutrition by Dr Catherine Shanahan M.D.

Came highly recommended. I got a used copy for $10 delivered:
UPDATE 5/21/18:   I have ordered 6 additional copies of this book for gifts and to loan out.   I was reluctant to buy this book thinking it would just be a rehash of what I already know.  I am only 1/3 of the way through and have already learned much,  and   positively reinforced  many things.  Read the 5 star Amazon review from an MD below:


Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food
Deep Nutrition by Dr Catherine Shanahan M.D.
5.0 out of 5 starsAn an absolute must read for all!!!
January 15, 2018
“This is a most fascinating book and I have reads scores of books on nutrition. Dr. Shanahan makes so many great points that are NEVER discussed or even known by 99.9999% of MDs. I should know as I am an MD.
Nutrition is blown off by the medical establishment and medical schools as being totally irrelevant to health. Nothing is further from the truth. I agree with the doctor on almost everything but since I have been on a ketogenic diet for years and actually feel and look younger than I did 10 years ago, I think the upper limit of carbohydrate intake should be no more than 50 gms/day. The doctor addresses so many issues in this book. An amazing discussion on the spacing of children and a mother’s nutrition is right on. She states that having kids in rapid succession is deleterious to the looks, brains, and health of the subsequent child. No obstetrician or family medicine doctor will ever tell you this since they are oblivious and do not know this. Of course there are exceptions to any rule but in general I believe this is true. I have pondered this idea regarding my own family and birth order. She also points out how “normal” levels of cholesterol and LDL are constantly lowered by the medical system in order to benefit big pharma and get as many people as possible on statins. Anyone who has really studied cholesterol/LDL knows this is not the culprit of cardiovascular disease but carbohydrate consumption that leads to hyperinsulinemia and then to insulin resistance which causes many diseases. This is an amazing and very interesting book! If everyone practiced the teachings in this book miraculous improvement in health would be obtained.”
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