Government “heros” in blue kill far more than “school shooters”.

 Cop Massacres
They’re stepping up, says Eric Peters…

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David Hogg, a student who witnessed Wednesday’s massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Florida made a direct plea to lawmakers on Thursday to take action, warning more children will die otherwise.

It’s barely four months into the year and already, armed government workers have shot to death 294 people. This is more than twice as many people as have been shot to death by freelancers – those not wearing government uniforms who shot people at schools – during the past six years.

Last year, armed government workers shot to death 987 people. This is almost 60 timesas many people as were shot to death at Parkland. If the first three-ish months of carnage are any indication – 2018 will be an even better year.

Why isn’t the Soy Boy demanding that armed government workers be disarmed? 

Why isn’t there . . . outrage? 

Clearly, armed government workers are verydangerous.

Your child is far more likely to be shot by an armed government worker than by a freelancer school shooter.

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