The time of year that the County Satanists extort you or else they murder you

This is the time of year that the de-facto Satanists extort us for the 1st and  10th planks of the communist manifesto.

It does not matter that you can not afford healthy food, or proper health care, or that a tank of gas has to last you 2 months or more,  or that you wash your clothes in the sink because your washing machine has not worked for 2 years, the mentally ill Satanists that make up the institution of the  property tax collectors  office, yearly demand blood money or they will send men with guns to your home to either make you homeless, a death sentence at  my age, or murder you on the spot if you refuse to give them your home!

I must support, what to me, is their lavish as hell salary,  and their, I can only dream about having medical and dental care.

This is the same group of Satanists that extorted me for $500 last year in order to get a fair property tax value that they refused to provide.

What is mind numbing is that I am in the so called “bible belt” and none of the apostate churches here, have a  problem with any of the planks of the Satanic Communist manifesto!

Pretty strong proof IMHO that all of our churches are run at the top by Satanists,  and that  the sheep  are too fuking stupid  and complacent  with evil, to figure out what is right in front of their snouts.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20

The apostate churches are  just too  complicit with this evil for me to think that they are not literately run by Satanists.

If you would like to learn how the Fabian Socialists overthrew this country with the help of “Modern Christianity”. There is no better book than: One World Order Socialist Dictatorship – by Dr John Coleman and it is free with  the link in this sentence.

*** Enforcing a “law” should not protect criminals from prosecution.
The guards at Auschwitz claimed that they were innocent of wrong doing when they gassed Jews because “it was the Law”.
The same should be applied to those criminals that enforce the so called property tax, which is really the the 1st plank of the Satanic Communist Manifesto.
Put me on a jury and I will vote to have hanged by the neck until dead, anyone involved in this evil.
Claiming that they were just following the law doesn’t cut it any more than when  the Nazi’s tried that line during the Nuremberg trials.

The Evil of the Residential Property Tax –