OPINIONS and EDITORIALS – January to April 2023

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“……The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson…”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt (letter to Colonel House 1933)


The stupidity of focusing on BIBLE PROPHESY

Which color of horse is riding this week guys?

Is it the 334th rendition of the red horse or is it the black horse?

This obsession with “prophecy” does little other than create a deterministic world view and amounts to a stand down psy-op.

I think that it is encouraged if not initiated by globalist actors.

Your time would be much better spent dealing with things that you can clearly see…..

Perhaps like the fact that many of you are going to die because you are too dense to see that not having a militia is going to win a lot of you Darwin awards.

But as you and your children, die because of your stupidity, at least you will be able to recite which color of horse recently rode.



We have been totally enslaved for decades.
Anyone that has not seen it is literately retarded:

We can not own land in this country.

We are forced at gun point to attend indoctrination camps for 12 years.

Our incomes are “taxed” in violation of many laws.

Medicine has illegally been made a monopoly that kills millions.
(free speech about medicine has been dead for 100 years)

Law has illegally be made a monopoly which denies justice to millions.
(free speech about law has been dead for 100 years)

We have a draft and jury duty that look very much like chattel slavery and violate the 13th amendment.

We have no rights that are not “regulated” (infringed)

We have been disarmed by gun laws that pretend to be Constitutional amendments.

We have a SCOTUS that illegitimately claims to have the power of judicial review over every other branch of government, both State and Federal.
(going on 200 years now congress has allowed this)

Police kidnap our children for CPS without due process or trial by jury.

We have had 3 criminal central banks counterfeit out money….

They murder a sitting president and supreme court justice and we sit and watch as if it were a movie.

We have had unconstitutional sedition acts under Adams and Wilson that threw people in prison for 10 years for free speech.

My neighbors of Japanese descent spent their youth in concentration camps in Northern California.

Tyrant Lincoln took away the State Militias and any States rights.

So this is the 1st step to enslavement?
That is almost delusional.

I think that Niemoller’s poem was written for those with so little discernment,

Now that they are coming for YOU —– now you suddenly are paying attention…..


Surprising Surge Of Young Americans Turn To Religion
by Zero Hedge

I feel sorry for them.
How many decades will it take them to realize that all of the modern 501c3 churches, are fronts for the New World Order?

Where you are taught to ignore the rat poison that your city is putting into your children’s drinking water.

Where they are taught to accept  and ignore the fact that all 10 planks of the Satanic Communist Manifesto are already implemented.

Where they are indoctrinated in stand-down psy-ops and “doctrine” to insure that they never stand up and address evil……


“If you think you’re on the right side I can assure you are on the wrong side no matter which side you are on. Each of us individually must begin to study, research and learn the truth.”

~William Milton Cooper



” Anyone who thinks there is a political answer to a spiritual problem ain’t too smart”
I am so tired of hearing this parroted by  Modern Christian morons

Or some version of the above. To which I responded:

If you purposely drop bowling ball on your foot, and break your foot is that divine judgement?

Modern mind controlled “Christians” sure think so.

Modern Christians call dropping a bowling ball on your foot a “political problem”

They call something with an easily identifiable causative factor, a “political problem” and then declare that there are only “spiritual solutions” to dropping that bowling ball on your foot!!

It looks to me like modern Christianity has  become a mental disorder!

In modern mentally ill Christianity, you never look at identifiable causative factors, you just declare that something is a “political problem”, that only has “spiritual” solutions”. What ever the fuk that is supposed to mean

Your logic and reasoning would be like you going to the doctor, and he tells you that you have pneumonia and that you need an antibiotic.

Then you get on your soap box, and proudly tell him that this pneumonia is a “political problem” and that there are only “spiritual solution’s”.

With modern Christianity this fuked up —
it’s almost a form of solipsism, and it’s no wonder that the evil ones are winning this battle, because Christians refuse to see the very apparent solutions that are there for those with “eyes to see”.

Like I said Modern Christianity has become a mental disorder.


Massive Numbers of Military-Age Chinese Men Lining Up in Panama to ILLEGALLY Cross into USA – Hal Turner Radio


*** You read that right, and if you don’t know this, you are not too bright, and are part of the problem ***

Do you think for a fuking second that this Chinese 5th column, will have only semi-auto small arms like the American people do?

Do you think that they will have close to zero training as the American people do?

Do you think that this 5th column will have no supply line for food, ammo, and other essentials, like the American people?

Do you think that they will ever take prisoners?

We have dozens of so called “Patriot” leaders that don’t know the US Constitution any more than they know about a time travel.

How the fuk did both our Alt media leaders, and our politicians become so fuking stupid?

Not a one of them even remotely understand the second amendment, or have called for a restoration of the militia.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

Where in God’s name are the Jonas Clarke’s?
Where are the “Black Robed pastors”?

It seems clear to me that if there is a hell, almost every Pastor in this country is going to justly end up there.


MASS SHOOTINGS IN 2023 – gunviolencearchive.org

These people died from a mental illness.

They suffered from the  extreme delusion that police would protect them.

We need to defund the police and restore the State  Militias — yesterday.


With The Barbarians In The Gates, We May Need Our Own Barbarians – Hal Turner Radio


Use of the word “Public schools ” shows that you really don’t understand the problem Hal…. 

Hal you are smart guy. A hell of a lot smarter than I am in many areas….

You however really miss critically important things because you seem to have never studied globalism.

You use the word “public schools” without any acknowledgement that they are Government schools. Furthermore that educating the public is not a function of government. In fact I can hardly think of anything more dangerous to the continued existence of a free country.

You do know Hal that “free public schools’ are the 10th plank of the Satanic Communist manifesto.

You do know Hal that these communist schools began replacing the free market schools in this country very shortly after the Communist manifesto was written in the 1860’s.

Nothing to worry about Hal , just a coincidence.

Hal have you ever read the other 9 planks of this Satanic document?

Are you aware that all 10 have been implemented with the full approval of Americans and their “Christian” churches?

One last thing I wish to point out:
The American people are disarmed and will do extremely poorly when they are called upon to defend themselves and their families from invading foreign troops.

Think about it Hal….
All we are “allowed” to have are semi-automatic small arms.

There has never been a defeat of a modern military with only semi-automatic small arms.
If the Afghans had been as poorly armed as US citizens are we and Russia both would have kicked their asses.

Secondly Americans have zero useful military training and it would take 10 years at least to properly correct that problem.

Finally this country of idiots, has neglected the fact that no matter how well trained and armed a people are, that whether they live or die depends upon logistics.

And we fuking have completely dropped the ball there too.

We will have no way to feed and equipment the number of men that will be required to fight a foreign military.

The starvation of Washington’s troops at Valley Forge will pale in comparison to what is coming to our domestic fighters.

When we shoot all of our ammo, none will be coming to replace it.

Americans allowed the globalist serving EPA to close down the very last lead mine in the US here in Missouri not long ago.

Americans are a stupid people and we are going to get a massive Darwin Award.

We deserve to die and to lose this country as a stupid people can never remain free.

And FWIW the founders warned us about the perils of an ignorant population, and ironically our “solution” was public education to insure a very dumbed down population.


Mass shooting at Mahogany Masterpiece in Dadeville leaves multiple people dead and several injured – FOX3 Now Staff

The people that rode the short bus to school, keep on telling us not to “defund the police”.

None of them seem to have the mental capacity to understand that police protection  is both a spacial  and temporal  impossibility.

Is the purpose of government to force us to hire body guards (that can’t possibly do the task)  for those too stupid, lazy, or inept to protect themselves?

Why can’t these lazy bastards, hire their own private security rather than extorting you and I  to pay for their ostensible protection?

Most of those shot in Alabama were old enough to have been Militia members in 1776.

Back then they knew it was their responsibility, and no one else to protect themselves. They did not approve at all of standing armies like the police.

Americans are looking for  a Darwin Award if they continue their Stockholm relationship with police and hesitate in getting rid of this evil institution.

FWIW I fully support a single county sheriff and private police forces not paid for with my tax dollars.



Ep. 4423 Nothing But Lies As a Nation Dies | Steve Quayle Joins Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report | April 13, 2023 (60 minutes)

No one in the “Patriot” community even remotely understands the 2nd amendment, much less support it.

The second amendment, Steve and Doug, and Mike, et al., is NOT about untrained people owning semi automatic small arms.

The second amendment is about ARMs and men well trained in the use of those arms. Arms meaning having technology equivalent to that of the enemy.

The American people have been effectively disarmed, and the Patriot talking heads are oblivious to that fact.

If the Vietnamese or the Afghans were as disarmed as the American people now are, we could have kicked the shite out of both groups rather than turning and running.

Good for the Afghans and the Vietnamese that they were not disarmed like the American people are.
They would both have lost badly if that were the case.



Religious hypocrisy at it’s best.

Hundreds  of thousands of people that pay for abortions through the Federal income tax, are in DC begging their masters to please stop the “legalizing” of murder.

All of them too stupid apparently, to know this is a State issue, and that they should have  been at their State Capitals for the past 30 years.




When someone says “this is a spiritual  and not a political problem”: 

I don’t think that Christians with that  worldview “get it” at all.

Everything they mention: “…killing babies, disfiguring children…”

Are just the expected symptoms of sitting on your asses and doing nothing to address evil. (In part because your pastors teach Adolph Hitler’s version of Romans 13)

Definite causative factors are:
Not following the law (the Constitution) and cowardly pastors unwilling to speak out.

How can you call spineless pastors a “spiritual problem”.

These evil men of the cloth are the problem in the psychical realm, and a lot of culpability, also goes to those that attend cowardly churches like this.


Democrat Mayor Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography Met With Pelosi, Dalai Lama, Lady Gaga and Drank Beers With Pete Buttigieg – Gateway Pundit

The public has been scammed again….

Bull shit laws like this are the reason that Hunter Biden is not in jail!!
The  criminalization of “photos” is the reason that evidence against  Hunter could not be released to the public.

These laws make it child’s play for “law enforcement” to frame people, even easier than our drug laws now allow them to do so.

IMHO these laws were created and are supported by the NWO, because they help them so much.

Perhaps we could outlaw the possession of photos of dead people, and charge those that have them with murder!  That is in essence what we now have.

This  law protects criminals, and turns innocent people into the criminals.


“Tranheuser Busch?” – Hal Turner Radio

“…Their poor judgment is literally destroying the Bud Light Brand…”


You keep revealing Hal that you need to do a lot of reading. They are not clueless at all.(check our John Coleman’s works)

You think that the end goal of these globalists is to make money?

Far from it. The ultimate goal will always be the bringing in the One World Government.

PERHAPS CHRISTIANS SHOULD THINK ON APRIL 15TH WHEN THEY PAY TRIBUTE TO SATAN. (fully half of the income tax goes to the globalists – from almost every country on the planet)

It is dumb as fuking shit “Christians”, following “Romans 13” that have given the globalists the money to either own or control every large business on the planet.

Mark Passio is 110% correct when he identifies modern Christianity as “de-facto Satanism”.


It is difficult sometimes to see the globalist plan.
Part of this move could possibly be to drum up the dialectic they are creating between normal people and mentally ill trans people. This would certainly feed the divide an conquer that they are always creating and likely somethings that we are now missing.




​*** Heads up…. many of the parasites in DC  are in nuclear fall out shelters today. (this is the second time they have done this in the past few months.

They know the dollar is going to crash soon, and they are planning on starting a nuclear war so that they don’t take the blame for their criminality of letting the Federal Reserve counterfeit our money for the past 109 years!!

What really pisses me off is that they are starting this war.
Then they go to the shelters that your paid for!!
All without telling the public that this the case (as the media plays along)

I guess they don’t want to make you notice that your loving government did not build any shelters for the public.

The bottom like is that all of Congress (including Josh Hawely and Rand Paul) need to be charged and when found guilty hung from the neck until dead.

Hawley is my Senator and the Son of Bitch is likely hiding in a fall out shelter, and has not thought it of any importance to notify his constituents!!
Nor have they even spent the $5 on courses of iodine for the unlucky fukers (we the people) that will need it to avoid thyroid cancer.

We not only need to defund the police…. we need to defund the entire fuking government!

Have a nice day




Today’s Modern Patriots are some of the most delusional and uneducated people that I know of, because of their brainwashing they absolutely refuse to look at the facts and because of their pride they fail to recognize the fact that they have been duped.
As a whole “Patriots” do not believe in, or seek truth, truth, freedom or liberty and almost none of them can even correctly define the word “right”, yet they thin
k that “rights” are what they are all about.

What most Patriots believe in is all powerful National Government. (not a Constitutional republic) that has the power to determine the extent of it’s own powers.  This is not accidental; after 12 years of public school indoctrination,  and being forced to recite a daily pledge to the Nation, that the Nation has become the god of many Patriots. When truth and freedom are what we should be pledging our “allegiance” to.

Besides not being able to even define the word “right”, Patriots are not educated at all in the Laws of Nature, and the Laws of Natures God (Natural Law) which the founders believed was the  way to discern right from wrong action.

Instead the modern Patriot believes that the founders gave us a political system in the Constitution that allows the federal government to determine the extent of it’s own power. Saying it out loud sounds crazy, because it is crazy, but this is exactly what modern Patriot believes.
In short the modern Patriot thinks that his rights come from man via unconstitutional “case law”. He is totally unaware that the founders eschewed and found repulsive and non binding, any law that violated God’s Natural Laws.

Our past preoccupation with God’s Law over mans law is covered very well in Barton’s: Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion by David Barton
Modern Patriots, falsely believe that the Constitution gave the US Supreme Court the power of judicial review over:
1.) The meaning of the US Constitution.
2.) The laws written by the Congress
3.) Bills signed by the President.
4.) The laws written by the legislatures of any State.
5.) The decisions of the Supreme Court of any State.
When in actuality none of these powers were delegated to the Federal government. The founders did not create a Federal Government with unlimited powers over those that created it!  The truth is that the court gave these powers to itself.

The fact is that each of these gross and treasonous usurpation’s of power were committed by the Supreme court, beginning in 1803 with the Marberry v Madison decision where they began to give themselves the power of “judicial review” in areas that they were clearly never given that power. Then over the next 15 years the supreme court kept giving itself more power with it’s decisions,, and eventually gave itself the power to rule over the entire US regardless of what the citizens had voted for or the actual powers that the States had given the courts.

Thomas Jefferson pointed this out and said that the courts actions violated the principle of separation of powers and that such actions amounted to a judicial dictatorship rather than a Constitutional Republic.

Stopping this power grab, the writing of law by the Supreme court, is the duty of the Congress to put a stop to. But for over 200 years the treasonous critters in Congress have failed to do their job, and the American people have failed at their job of holding the Congress’s feet to the fire.

A summary of what happened is documented in the excellent book: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution by Kevin R. C. Gutzman

This book tells the incredible tale of those that wanted an all powerful central government (globalist agents) losing that battle by the signing of a Constitution that severely limited the Central government. This same group did not take losing laying down, and in the first few decades of our existence, they used the illegitimate self appointed powers of the Supreme Court to turn the meaning of the Constitution literally on its head!

Much additional information as to the specific Supreme Court Decisions can be found in: Liberty Will it Survive? , volume 4 by Dr Richard Proctor. See page 23: 1803 Marberry V Madison, 1816 Martin v Hunter, and 1819 McCulloch v Maryland.

In these 3 decisions the Marshall court began to establish that supreme court as the law of the land over all of the other governments of the land!

The court did not let this power grab go to waste, they almost immediately declared that the Constitution says that treaties can supersede the Constitution! (this benefits no one but the globalists)

The Modern Patriot now defends all of the thousands of tyrannical, and unconstitutional decisions by parroting the term “case law”.
As if somehow sexually confused men in back dress’s have the right to in effect, write law and overrule every other elected branch of government both Federal and State, not to mention the votes of millions of Americans.

The power grab did not stop then, in large part because Congress did not do their duty to reign in the rogue Supreme Court, and in the 1860’s a Harvard Law School  Dean, by the name of Christopher Columbus Langdell began to formalize and institutionalize “case law” into our legal system.

He was a Darwinist that thought that law should evolve just like Darwin believed that biology evolved. Case Law was his way to change any law that the court wished to change. (for their globalist masters) His movement was very successful, and his ideology was carried into the Supreme Court by several of his students that later became justices.
This tale is documented in:
Betrayed by the Bench: How Judge-made Law Has Transformed America’s Constitution, Courts and Culture – John A. Stormer

The idea of “case law” is now so embedded in our society that it is a religion to most Modern Patriots, something that they can never ever question or think about, as that would amount to heresy.
The idea of case law became very accepted thanks to C.C. Langdell, and in a few more decades it was used to turn the 14th amendment on its head! The 14th amendment was not written to apply to the States, and yet that is what was done and it has destroyed liberty in this country.

For instance it was the misapplication of the 14th amendment that the Federal government used to overturn the anti-abortion laws in all 50 states, that led to the murder of 50 million unborn children.

The irony here is that Patriots and Christians both seem to be big supporters of “case law” and the misapplication of the 14th amendment.

They both in reality are supporting the murder of millions because of their ignorance. This gives new meaning to Hosea 4:6.

The unbelievably low level of education of the average American these days, has contributed to most of the evil that we are witnessing today. This evil is a direct result of Modern Patriots Religious fervor in defending a globalist created fiction called “case law”.

The following recent history is all the result of subscribing to the false religion called “case law”:

The “Patriot community” is now telling us that “the FBI is superior to your Country sheriff”!

The god given rights trampling illegitimate and unconstitutional, AMA medical monopoly that has enabled the globalist murder of millions of Americans exists because of Modern patriots belief in “case law”.

The very root of our dumbing down the 10th plank communist schools are perpetuated over legitimate free market schools, you guessed it, because of the false belief in “case law”.

We were warned by the founders, about the need to keep a militia of the people, and that neglecting to do so would result in standing armies that would lord over us and enslave us.
It’s too late, we now have standing armies lording over us……

Whether you like what I have presented.
This is the truth, and knowing the truth shall set you free.

As it stands the “Modern Patriot” is one of the biggest dangers that we face today.
Dangers from within are always more of a threat to our liberties than external threats. It is  in large part, this irrational believe in “case law” by Modern Patriots that has destroyed this country.

It’s your choice, if keep on believing the lies, and what little freedoms we have left in this country are going to be lost forever.


Why is the Patriot community  so dumbed down and dangerous to liberty?

The “Patriot community” is telling us that “treaties supersede the Constitution”

The “Patriot community” is telling us that “the FBI is superior to your Country sheriff”.

They fail to see that  the unconstitutional monopoly of   medical licencing is what enabled the worldwide genocide of millions.

They want to reform the government schools rather than seeing them as the unconstitutional  communist indoctrination centers that they truly are.
Where to do you think the moronic voters get so stupid?
These 10th planks to the communist manifesto need to be dismantled!

So called “patriots” fail to see that the police, are violations of natural law.
They fail to see that they mostly enforce rights trampling illegitimate  laws that the globalists got their puppet legislators to pass.
They fail to see that this standing army needs to go..

With people this dumbed down, the globalists have people that call themselves “patriots”  helping them on their march to bring in a  global one world  government.

The root cause of all of this evil and stupidity, on the part of patriots, is that none of them seem to understand objective morality.  They know nothing of the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Natures God.

In closing it is clear to me that one of the biggest obstacles to liberty in this country is an uneducated group that call themselves “patriots”

Are they going to wake  up or will they continue to lead us over a cliff like they have  for the past 50 years or more?



I  have been hearing a lot of morons that identify as “Patriots”  , repeating a blatant lie, because in reality  they lack any discernment, or knowledge of our form of government.

These are the same “patriot-tards” that have been proclaiming that Treaties supersede the Constitution.

I have now heard 3 times, Patriots with some level of gravitas, state as if it were a natural law of the universe that   The FBI out ranks your local Sheriffs because , the DHS says so!!

I can’t imagine a more dangerous belief if I tried.

It is  scary at how  large a percentage of the  patriot community accepts both of these globalist psy-ops.

If you can not articulate  a plethora of reasons that both of these assertions are wrong you are not educated.    You are also a danger to this republic because stupid people that don’t know Natural Law always end up being enslaved…..


Senate Bill 686 Gives WEF Full Control Over America, Gives Citizens 20 Years in Prison For Dissenting – News Punch

Americans were stupid enough to allow  our 3rd unconstitutional Central bank, back in 1913.

If this  unconstitutional and natural law violating law passes  it will be the 3rd time  that I know of this happening:

Both John Adams  (Alien and Sedition Acts) and Woodrow Wilson’s (The Sedition and Espionage Acts)  administration had draconian anti free speech laws passed.

Are you beginning to see why the globalist have forced mandatory Free public Education on to you?

We are a nation of dumb asses that don’t even know their own history and worse yet most do not yet realize how dumbed down that they have been made.


*** Did you notice that this comes up right before they start WW3?
They like during WW1  absolutely not allow  dissident, when they send your children to go die in the Ukraine.


POISONING OF **OUR FOOD** BEGINS THIS MONTH – mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs – Hal Turner Radio

If you think that this is “just starting” you are very naive:

The overt mRNA cattle (our food) injections were started in OZ a few months back and they likely have been doing this to our food in the US for years.

]I have always called our food supply a eugenics operation and very few Americans understand how true that this is.

“…If #Missouri will pass #HB1169 the informed consent and disclosure…”

This is bull shit, we have the Nuremberg principles of consent, and here in MO neither doctors nor dentists are held to it. And FWIW Josh Hawleys office could give a fuk.

Dentists in MO, for instance can and will fire you as a patient if you don’t want dental x-rays. Can’t you consent to no x-rays? Apparently not and this “law” won’t change a fuking thing.

I had a surgeons office in Springfield MO fire me as a a patient because I wanted some information on the PCR test! They openly admitted that me wishing informed consent was a reason to deny me a surgery!
(any attorneys reading this?)


In Dr Judy Mitkovits in her book “Ending Plague” and in many interviews, has disclosed that in the 1980’s, she discovered that every vaccine that your doctor gives you is contaminated with cancer causing retro virus’s!

The retro virus in the vaccines inserts itself into your DNA, and you pass this cancer trait from animals DNA into the DNA of your grand-kids!

Like the mRNA jab these retro virus’s change your DNA and thus it could be argued that you are no longer human after this change.

People are naive and asleep.
There are quite a few eugenics operations being run by the globalists, and some of them go go back over 100 years!

It’s a little bit late to start noticing… but better late than never I guess.



 Ty Bolinger documents a lot of medical history in his docu-series.

I have recognized  a few very  upsetting things about “law enforcement” in this country:

1.) That doctors can carry out the eugenics for the globalists,  and murder their patients and “law enforcement” will do nothing! We have watched this play out for 3 years now!

COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths and Injured 6.6 Million Americans in 2022 –  Need to Know News

2.)  But  the many doctors that cured cancer in the 20th century, were all hounded mercilessly by up to 12 Law Enforcement agencies at the same time!

This is what happens to those that dare cure cancer:
McDaniel Life-Line LLC Issues Voluntary Worldwide Recall of Indian Herb – fda.gov

3.) Thus we have few affordable  and effective treatments for cancer.

4. We very much need to disband most all  “law enforcement”. We should go back to single country sheriff, and his pose (the militia)

The bottom line is that we would have likely “cured” cancer long ago if it were not for monopoly AMA  medical licensing, AND “Law Enforcement”.


Why don’t we have any decent political candidates?


In close to 50 years of  being of age to vote,  I can not recall a single candidate in any political race  that demonstrated that  they understood Liberty and Natural law well enough for me to vote for them and   trust  them to do the right thing.

This observations applies to those running for dog catcher,, US senator, and president.

These people ALL  come from the very bottom of the intellectual barrel.
If they had tried to run in 1776 all of them would have been tarred and feathered and run our of town on a rail.

Because people back then had not attended 12 year long Communist indoctrination centers.
The people back then understood that the sole purpose of legitimate government was to secure our rights.
The people back then understood Romans 13 (not Hitlers version that modern Christians follow)
The people back then  and their black robed Pastors understood  Natural Law.
The people back then, did not drink brain damaging, and  IQ lowering fluoride in their water.
The people back then read things called books……

I just listened to a speech by Trump.  Just about every sentence made me want to puke, because what is clear with him is that he has no fuking clue as to the limits  that the Constitution  places on government.  Not in the slightest….
Almost every single thing that he said he was going to do was NOT a power delegated to the Federal government by the still sovereign States.

What you should  immediately see when political pukes like Trump start talking is that the do not know the difference between right and wrong.

Then you  should ask yourself why the people hearing him talk do not seem aware that everything that they are applauding that he  promises to do, is criminal! and unconstitutional.

The real problem we have is a dumbed down public.
Voting nor politics, nor a Republic can possibly work  when you have a moronic public doing the voting.

Nothing will change in the long run if Trump does manage to get into office, because he is not the solution.  His and the public’s ignorance is actually the problem.

The bottom line is that we a are a national of dumb fuks, that are totally incapable  of of discerning which candidates we should vote for it we wish to remain free.


If you wish to survive the next pandemic, I strongly suggest that you become familiar with this material.


MMS Health Recovery Guide Book (226 pages)
by Jim Humble

This book is filled with alternative health restoration protocols that have been found to work from the experience of grassroots efforts by many people around the world. Every individual is personally responsible for his/her decision as to whether or how they use this information, or whether or not they seek officially recognized medical attention.



*** If you have to take something  like MSS every hour and need a flexible timer, check out Repeat Alarm in the Google Play Store


Are people this stupid …not to know this?

I really don’t know how you can live on this planet, and not long ago have come to the realization of what the CPS is and who it serves.

Your first clue should be that CPS can literally kidnap children (assisted by “law enforcement”) with no due process, no jury trial. And as always it’s to “protect the children”

Our real problem is that so called “Patriots” are like children and just beginning to recognize problems that would have been apparent to any thinking person at least 100 years ago.

So for the time being it is dumbed down “Patriots” that are one of our biggest liabilities..

Like Pastor Bonhoeffer famously said:

“Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice“

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Just as aside:  I have a friend whose  grand daughter, that they adopted, was required by the CPS Nazi’s that had kidnapped her from the mother, to take the COVID death jab!

So let me see if I  have this straight:  the state kidnaps children from their parent to protect them.   Then  the State over the objection of the  custodians and grandparents of the child, force  the child to receive what by this time was clearly a bio weapon designed to kill people!


You might want to look into this. If I were to have but just one thing in my med kit, this might be it.

Chlorine dioxide on Amazon

I like the use of hydrochloric acid in this kit rather than citric acid or even  phosphoric acid:

Trying to get my mom to order one to help her with pain and other issues.Crystal Clear Lab Chlorine Dioxide Kit | Hydrochloric Acid 4-5% (HCl) : Sodium Solution (8oz) Liquid Set, 4 Fluid Ounces, Pack of 2

The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide


BOOK: Forbidden Health : Incurable Was Yesterday –  Andreas Kalcker – MMS/chlorine dioxide

I find this information so important that I have attached  a link to the ebook after you Install the Telegram client. Also here

With this information you can be assured that the next pathogen that they release will probably not kill you.

That you can treat many of the conditions that the  medical system will not and soon will not be able to treat because we wont have a medical system soon.

**** I am about 100 pages into this book and the information is phenomenal.


Did you realize that the medicinal use of kerosene and turpentine is 1000 years old?

That the 1899 Merck manual recommended the use of kerosene?

That soil Boron levels correlate perfectly with arthritis cases?
That the government of Australia passed a law to ban boron supplements?

Germany has almost outlawed boron….
That 70% of the population of Jamaica has arthritis and  very low soil boron levels.Much of this books is about the use of MMS but there is also much more


For  you clueless and spineless  Americans, this is what your ignoring your duty to form Militias has brought us. 

And most of you are so dumbed down that you still don’t see it……

American Government Agrees To Allow UN Military Takeover BY: STEVE ALLEN – fromthetrenchesworldreport.com

Forbidden Health : Incurable Was Yesterday –  Andreas Kalcker – MMS/chlorine dioxide



Americans still do not fully understand that it is the US Congress that is behind almost every calamity that they face….

This entire banking crisis is the fault of Congress, in 1913 they unconstitutionally set up the Federal Reserve.

The entire COVID worldwide murder operation was made possible by congress, again unconstitutionally creating the medical monopoly in 1913. Without this licensing monopoly the globalists could not have gotten all of these medical people to go along.

The spectacle of presidents writing law by executive order, is the fault of no one else but our congress that refuses to reel the office in.

Our courts have been out of control for 200 years. The entire legalized wholesale abortion in this country could have been stopped at any time, if Congresses would have done it’s job and reeled in the runaway criminal court.

We all all forced at gun point to attend 12 year long dumbing down camps, and it has resulted in mass clueless-ness and stupidity  in the population.


The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution
by Kevin R. C. Gutzman (FREE PDF)


*** Probably the most important book I have ever read, that explains how this country was literally lost to out of control illegitimate courts, in the first 30 years of it’s existence!

The Men that wanted a limited government, actually won that battle, when the Constitution was ratified.

BUT the men that wanted a Nationalistic , all powerful central government actually won, by drastically changing the meaning of the Constitution using the courts in the early 1800’s and they continue to do so up to today!

The sad fact is that 99% plus of patriots have no clue that what they think of as the supreme “law”, of the land , does not even closely resemble what men like Jefferson intended for us.

Ignorant “patriots” are IMHO the biggest threat we face.

Read this book and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

The takeaway you need, is that most of what courts are doing today is criminal. They have no authority to do what they do!

That Congress has neglected it’s duty to control the courts since at least 1804 with Marberry v Madison.
This should outrage any sane person!


See if you can get the free PDF copy of this book here:



More patriot spread  dis-info:

The Sovereign Citizen Movement

Unfortunately this author seems to be clueless of many things, just like most Americans are.

“….While there is no document that defines the Sovereign Citizen Movement, there are two almost universal beliefs I have found among its adherents: The government and its taxes are illegitimate….”

Paul you are wrong in the very first thing that you state.: That no document

defines the sovereign  citizen.  Have you ever heard of a document called the Declaration of Independence?  I clearly states that all men are created equal. That means that all men are sovereign over their lives, because there is no one above them.  The Declaration also says  that government is by the Consent of the People.  Again pointing out that the citizens are the sovereigns.

You totally miss the purpose for creating a corporate government, and corporate people. i,e the straw man  that represent you, and is in all caps.
The purpose of doing this was to apply admiralty law to everyone after you get them to claim to be national citizens under the misapplied 14th amendment.  The fact of the matter is that all citizenship (except for ex slaves and naturalize citizens is state citizenship.  Read this: Citizenship

You miss the point that the income tax (if it were even  valid) does not apply to most Americans. It only applies to foreign Nationals and to federal government employees.   Please read this:    Income Tax – Shattering The Myths Paperback
by Dave Champion   This book and it’s research completely validates my claim.

You also miss the critical point that the 16th amendment was never ratified.
Consult this source:  THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS, VOL. 1, The Fraud of the 16th Amendment and Personal Income Tax by Red Beckman
Which means that the Income tax is not valid.

You should also point out that the 2nd plank of the Communist manifesto is a graduated income tax,   The purpose of the communist manifest is to destroy  a nation based on the free market and not communism.

It is antithetical to freedom and should be rejected regardless of it’s “legality”.

You also miss the critical point that the lions share of this tax does not go to run the government. It goes to the criminal and unconstitutional  banking cartel called the Federal Reserve.  You also fail to point out that the globalists do this in almost every county.  That citizens in most all countries toil for months to pay the globalists, interest  to the criminals that  counterfeit their nations money.   This is not OK Paul no matter how many words some legislator commits to paper.

In conclusion Paul, I think that uninformed people like yourself are a greater threat to my liberties and freedom that either Russian, or China.

We are falling from within because of useful idiots like you that have not really done their homework.

I leave you with 2 quotes:

Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“If you think you’re on the right side I can assure you are on the wrong side no matter which side you are on. Each of us individually must begin to study, research and learn the truth.”

~William Milton Cooper

FWIW you are right on one thing that the “sovereign citizens movement’ is a farce.   That does not mean that you and I are not sovereign.   It only means that the intel agency’s  of the government have created a psy-op called “the sovereign citizens movement” in order to convince  you and others that are very uninformed, to throw the entire idea of the citizens being sovereign in the trash.

While in fact the idea the we the people are the sovereigns is a foundational principle of our system.




Thanks largely to the 1st plank of the Communist Manifesto (the property tax) my mother lives in an old folks home in California. I did not build an apartment for her here in Missouri because it would have doubled my property tax’s, and I could not afford that.

So let me relate to you what $60,000 a year buys you in an old folks home:

1.) They get no nutritional supplements at all. No zinc, no vitamin C, no B vitamins, no fish oil with long chain Omega 3’s, no iodine.

2.) On top of all that you are fed GMO pesticide laden foods that are severely lacking in nutrition

3.) They are forced to shower in and to drink water laced with rat poison. (fluoride)

4.) They have a forced mask policy to this day – to keep everyone in fear and to make them sick.

5.) Judging from the last pandemic, the state will throw very sick people into these homes when the next pandemic comes. They will isolate them from family visiting (so that they give up on life) The state of CA in particular will also likely go around and force vaccinate many of the residents. This time around it may be the “mandatory” Ebola vaccine.

The naive as hell public that in large part refuse to care for their older family members, think that the “licensed” and expensive old folks homes are a decent place for their family members.

Nothing could be further from the truth, they are clearly there to suck the money out of them, and to kill them off.

Both the property tax and the state licensing of these places are almost universally supported by your pastor, who is in reality a person with a Satanic world view that  think that they are followers of Jesus Christ.



I have recently become aware of how important this is.
Your county “health department” sure a hell is not to educate you.
They are part of the globalist eugenics team as far as I can tell…..

Have you wondered why the big push for plastic bags, and plastic packaging?

Because they are composed of chlorine compounds, and when you burn them you produce DIOXINS. Dioxins that we all breath out here in the country when we burn our trash!

The fumes the Amish let their kids play around and breath.
Dioxins that land in the field and contaminate the local milk and butter and beef (that you buy)

There are no accidents IMHO.
The switch to BPA family plastics, allowed the introduction of feminizing xenoestregens into everyone’s diet.
It also ensures that rural people are poisoning each other, and their children with Dioxins.

This is not your grandfathers trash. (which was safe to burn)

We will wells have escaped the rat poison in the water, only to get BPA estrogenic, and dioxin producing plastics,




These  state assembly organization sure look like  reincarnation  of the Q-anon psy-op.

It’s a shame that most  do not see it for what it appears to be.

What is not helpful is ignoring scams like this that most of the dummies in the patriot movement lack the discernment to see.

Being silent on  this is no different than being silent on the Q-anon scam. (that contributed to the Jan 6 debacle)

If I am wrong let them respond to my valid concerns.

They can not defend their choice of issues.
The dollar is about to go digital (and it will then likely be all over) and they are concerned about driver  licenses and the income tax!!!

Their poor choice of actions will almost certainly lead to the destruction of this country. (as they are planned to accomplish)

They are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic without a clue that the ship is about to sink.

Yes we should have some discussions on Natural Law.
The founding generation was obsessed with making mans laws conform to Natural Law.  I strongly recommend David Barton’s “Original Intent


Missouri Assembly

National Assembly

A plug for RMR bullets in Idaho.
These guys are fantastic and then some!


They have helped me with reloading issues, twice that I could not solve.
They really do stand behind their products.


*** Max Igan really rocks if you have not heard him speak….
He sees and address’s real CAUSES unlike most.


Government despite it’s claims of “protecting you” in exchange for the money they extort from you, never ever seems to be able to address globalist initiated evil:


“Good morning xxx,
If you have concerns with the mask policy at the hospital, you should bring your complaint to the hospital administration.  At this point there is nothing further the Department of Health and Senior Services can do.
Thank you for reaching out to the Department of Health and Senior Services.Office of Constituent Services
Division of Senior and Disability Services
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services”

Can you believe the above? Government, the people that can do anal inspections on YOU anytime that wish to, will do nothing to stop the globalist control of the hospitals in MO. They want ME to go talk to the people that are going this.

*** This would be like you calling the  police about a murder and them telling you to go talk to the murder and see if you can get him to co-operate.

“Government” is slavery, and it is insane to keep supporting it!




Have you found it odd, that the nanny state will pay for $100,000 operations, but will not pay for things such as $3,000 dental implants that dramatically change the quality of life, and also a persons ability to chew food well, and to provide better nutrition to their body.

Said another way: When you can’t chew food well, it adds to the degradation of your health and shortens your lifespan.

Why will the nanny state pay $1,000 a month for life for a “drug”, and they will not pay for $3,000 for dental care?

The prescription drug money actually goes to the globalists via their “legal drugs” drug companies. Not to mention almost none of the drugs is health enhancing. They just cover up symptoms.

On the other hand,  if a local dentist does dental work on you, the money does not go to the globalists.

It can also provides positive benefits to your health.

This is why one is paid for and the other is not.

It’s very simple actually if you recall that it was globalists that started the medical monopoly back in 1912. Look at medical care as thinly veiled eugenics and you will be closer to seeing it for what it really is.




I have never seen a group that is collectively as dumbed down as “patriots” and “Christians”  in this country.

For some reason they think that what they have been told by the 12 year government indoctrination camps,  euphemistically called public schools, about the US  Constitutions is true.
For some reason they believe that  what the  CIA run newspapers and  news programs have to say about the Constitution is true.

Patriots are for the most part rabid consumers of dogma. When  you present demonstrable  truth to these mentally challenged people they reject it for their dogmatic beliefs.

What the the false dogmatic beliefs of “patriots”?
One of the most dangerous is that  the Supreme Court was given the right of judicial review in the US Constitution, when none of them have bothered to  read article 3 to see that it is not a power delegated to the Federal Courts by the States.   This one false belief has caused more harm to this country than almost any of the other false beliefs .   How many “patriots” have read the 1803 decision of Marberry v Madison and  seen  for themselves, that judicial review is nothing other than the Supreme Court illegitimately giving themselves that power?

Some of the more dangerous  lies that “patriots” seem to treat as a religion, are:

1.) The Constitution clearly  says that treaties must conform to the Constitution.
2.) The 14th amendment (hence the bill of rights)  does not apply to the States.
3. Conscription (the draft) is prohibited by the 13th amendment. (but the states could have state level conscription unless their State Constitution prohibits it!)
4.)  Our “military” is a standing army and prohibited from existing for more than 2 years by the Constitution.
5.) The Constitution says that our military is the people (the militia) and that it is necessary if we are to remain free.
6.) All federal gun laws are unconstitutional including the 1968 gun control act and the 1934  Federal Firearms act.
7.) Almost all of the 2,000 + Federal agencies  are not Constitutional.
8.)  The Constitution does not allow the AMA medical monopoly or the  BAR law  monopoly.
9.) The income tax is prohibited by the US Constitution  and the 16th amendment was never properly ratified.
10.)  The IRS, even  if it were a somehow a legal institution,  is required by the Constitution to afford you a jury trial before they can attach  your home or bank account.
11.) ALL executive orders and national security directives are illegitimate as the president does not have the power to create law. (as idiot Trump did when he “wrote” gun laws by executive order.)
12.)  The criminal enterprise known as social  security.   On top of the criminality of it not being authorized in the Constitution,   it is also a criminal (for you and I) pyramid scheme with an ROI of 2%!!!

Many of these stem from allowing the Supreme court to illegitimately have the power of “judicial review”.   We have a criminal congress that has ignored their duty to reign in a criminal  supreme Court  since at least 1803!

In summary almost everything you believe about the Constitution is an outright lie, and the stupid unteachable  people defending these lies call themselves “Patriots”.



Some very intriguing thoughts to say the least:

Mystery Babylon 35:From Christianity to Babylon

This is Part 35 in a series of live broadcasts by William Cooper on the Hour of the Time shortwave radio program on Mystery Babylon.
From Nimrod to Constantine. Constantine’s Vision of the Cross in the Sky.
In Hoc Signo Vinces: In this sign thou shalt conquer.
The Synthesis of the pagan Mystery Religion with Christianity resulting in the Catholic and eventually the Protestant churches.
The cloaking of the Roman pantheon of pagan gods with the appearance of Christianity and the transformation of Caesar into Pope.
The Philosophers of Fire.
The true Christians who turned the world upside down and made Rulers tremble.
Most people who call themselves Christian today do not even understand the meaning of the word and may find the entrance to the kingdom closed and barred against them.
William Cooper stresses the importance of freedom of religion and the absence of a government established religion.Listen: mystery babylon 35.mp3Act 17:6  And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;
Act 17:7  Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus.
Act 17:8  And they troubled the people and the rulers of the city, when they heard these things.
Psa 146:9  The LORD preserveth the strangers; he relieveth the fatherless and widow: but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down.


The state of Missouri has implemented the  Communist manifesto

And the electorate are too fuking dumbed down to recognize what they see.

I have  2 vehicles ,  I don’t drive one because the State demands that  I purchase “insurance”  from the monopoly that they created.   The thing is I can only drive one at a time so  driving two  incurs the exact same risk to the insurance company.  But seeing as they are a monopoly and can do what they wish, they charge you twice to drive 2 cars even though the risk is the same as driving one car.
This is the road that accepting communist takes you.

I  almost forgot my original  point:
I was forced by the Commitments that run the property tax office  to pay tax on the vehicle that I can not drive due to me not being able to afford  the insurance.
You can not pay tax on just the vehicle that runs and that you can drive.

So they tax property that they State has effectively stolen and you can not use.

The entire “tax” is further maddening when you learn that the “gas tax” pays twice over the amount spent on our roads.  This tax it seems is just about control and enslavement.



Cox Medical in Seymour is still demanding that we wear masks.
I have a very strong desire to see the upper management of COX medical in jail for violating the ADA which exempts me from wearing a mask. Also the Nuremberg accord which prohibits  forcing a medical treatment upon someone.  These masks are medical treatments since they provably lower blood oxygen and raise carbon dioxide.

This is all the result of an illegal and unconstitutional medical monopoly called the AMA

I am relaying this information to Senator Haweley’s office and the Federal ADA.

I do not expect any action from either as the government is the fuking problem!

I have had 2 surgeries cancelled by Cox in the past, and now I had to cancel a doctors appointment because they demand that I submit to a harmful medical treatment.


Here is the actual complaint (which they refused because I did not have the approved web browser)

I have twice been denied surgery from the Cox chain.

Once because I merely asked (did not refuse) that I be exempt from wearing a mask because of a disability.

The other time I was denied surgery because I wanted informed consent, and had questions about the PCR test. I was clearly told that was the reason that they would not see me.

Then today 2-2-23 my doctors office demanded that I wear a mask for my upcoming appointment even after I explained that I had a disability that exempted me from wearing a mask. AND that the Nuremberg accord prohibits non-consensual medical treatment.

I had no other option than to cancel my upcoming appointment.


Not only the above but mask don’t work for either party:

Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows ‘Little To No Difference’ In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection

What is Admiralty law and why should you care?

A flag indicating Admiralty Law is in effect – not necessary to impose it on you. but just part of their informed consent due diligence


Seventh Amendment:

“In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.”
Most Americans are totally unaware that we no longer live under a system of common law, which is based upon the Creators Natural Law.

Living under the Common Law/Natural Law just could not be allowed by the dark occultists that actually run the planet. So we now live under Admiralty Law.

It has taken me 20 years to even begin to piece this together, as most reports on it are just small pieces of the puzzle and no one seems to have connected them all.

The globalists, have done many things to legitimize, and get our permission to do this to us, as this lessens
the moral consequences of their wrong actions under Natural  Law.  They have basically covered their asses from the Natural Law consequences of denying us common law.

The problem the globalist first encountered was that  admiralty/contract law occurs between entities such as  corporations. The first thing they had to do was to make the US government a corporation and they did this in the 1860s’.  The next thing they had to do was to make you a corporation. They have done this by getting you to agree to being your name is all capitals.    Your capitalized name is not you but rather a legal entity that you agree to.  When government paperwork names you in all caps and you agree that this is you, they have gotten your free will agreement to their scam.

Now they could start writing and applying their admiralty law to you!
Under admiralty law you have no God given rights!  That was tossed with the tossing of  Common Law. This is why judges will hold you in contempt if you bring up the US Constitution in your defense!

This is how the globalists  have through your free will gotten you to agree that you have no rights, and that the common law does not apply to you.

This explains a  lot, and I have not seen anyone to date make these connections.

As I said there is almost no information on this state of affairs.  You get little pieces, such as the US being a Corporation since the 1860s’, but it stops there, with no recognition of why this was done or the consequences of it.

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (09/09/2011) Mark Passio on 9/11 & Admiralty Law (listen in at 30 minutes)

** Do not lose site that the way they did much of this also involved the illegitimate concept of “case Law”

Or that most of our Admiralty Court judges are MASONS that know exactly what is going on.


Medvedev: “Everything will be turned to dust” – Hal Turner Radio 

Russian Federation Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev criticized Western attempts to justify arms deliveries to Ukraine as an alleged effort to prevent a world war.  He then made clear how World War 3 will actually start.

Writing on his social media TELEGRAM channel, Medvedev stated:

“Firstly, defending Ukraine, which nobody needs in Europe, will not save the senile Old World from retribution if anything occurs. Secondly, once the Third World War breaks out, unfortunately it will not be on tanks or even on fighter jets. Then everything will definitely be turned to dust.”

There are many ways to interpret what he means.  One interpretation is that World War 3 will begin by turning everything to dust.  Logically, the only thing that could accomplish that is a nuclear first strike.

But by whom?


So how did we get here?
What are the causative factors?

Factor #1 is that Americans do not understand the Constitution, or when they do, they lack the balls to demand that it be enforced. The institution that made sure that the government did not act tyrannically was called the Militia”.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

How many  Patriots or Truthers see this, and are calling for a restoration of  the State Militias? None!  It’s a demonic suicide mentality

Let’s be honest “Patriots, and Truthers” don’t understand the Constitution or demand that it is adhered to.

The Constitution tells us that  a Militia is necessary  if we wish to remain free:

The trampling of the Constitution  has led to a runaway, criminal  “supreme court”. Since at least 1803, both congress and the citizens, have not addressed this mammoth problem. Furthermore most Patriots and Truthers have swallowed the “case law” Kool Aide, and go along with this travesty. Often even  citing it’s  validity and application.

We also have the fake Federal Reserve which resulted in the fake IRS.  Congress or the citizens have had since 1913 to address this, and they  are so fuking dumb, and apathetic  that they ignore it.

We will very likely have a full nuclear exchange with Russia  in the coming year, and  a major cause, is that we don’t follow the GD law!!

Either YOU convince the globalist puppets in DC to  stop their madness, and to  follow the Constitution, OR the Russian nuclear capability will do it for you!

I lay money that Patriots and Truthers continue their insanity of doing nothing much other than pointing out the evils in the system  and it stopping dead in the water right there.

Zero thought – Zero action.



Natural Law – Freedom – Sovereignty channel

*** VERY interesting discussions dealing with the imposition of Admiralty law on  Americans as well as illegitimate “licensing laws”,  birth “certificates”, marriage certificates  !



In 2010, the Bushwackk Channel on YouTube created a presentation called “Slavery by Consent” that succinctly outlined the deception used to enslave humanity by the global criminal class. It was a powerful statement documenting the crimes of our ruling classes which I thought was great, but could be better. I spent 2 weeks in the Summer of 2010 adding information to the documentary, subtitling parts in the movie that were overdriven by music making them difficult to hear and creating an even more informative documentary highlighting the nature and history of our enslavement, the absurdity of an all-powerful governing (controlling) class to a free human race and the philosophy of liberty which we all need to adopt if we are to ever be a free species on this planet living in balance with the natural world.

I renamed the documentary, “Slavery by Consent: Understanding the Human Farm & Breaking Free of the Invisible Prison for Your Mind,” put the expanded video onto DVD and gave it out to many people who watched it and finally began to awaken to reality because of the message and soft approach to the information. A few days ago, I decided to update it once more and upload it to YouTube since I am now able to do it in one full and uninterrupted file and share it with the rest of the world. Below is a listing of the chapter titles and the times at which they begin.

Thanks go out to Bushwackk for the initial and inspiring presentation, Stefan Molyneux for his deeply philosophical insight and common sense, Daniel Taylor of OldThinkerNews.com, The International Society for Individual Liberty, Ken Schoolland and Kerry Pearson for their tireless efforts in educating the world and promoting the ideals of freedom and individual liberty and Alex Jones for exposing the crimes and modus operandi of the elitist ruling class for 17 years and counting.

Slowly, the world awakens from the nightmare of debt slavery and illegitimate authority imposed on us for nearly 6000 years which has violated the natural, universal laws made to govern us and our interaction with each other and all other species on this planet by the Creator of the universe…

Thrive full movie: “explaining what is wrong with the human condition”

Thrive full movie  – 2h 12m

www.thrivemovement.com Uploaded by Nathan Andrews,


This is the most comprehensive production to date explaining what is wrong with the human condition and better yet, what we can do as humans to correct the problem.

Yes, this mess can be fixed! Take the time to watch the entire film.

You will be amazed. You will be even more amazed at who made the film.

I Am Fishead (2011) – “how psychopaths and antidepressants influence our society…”

I Am Fishead (2011) – 1h 18m


** This does not into the control structured institutions that actually select for psychopathy, especially at the top and that there is a world wide group that is doing this.
There is a deep dive into the use of  dangerous SSRI’s …..
That induce a form of psychopathy.  Could you call this  tertiary psychopathy?

I also made the observation that psychopathy either primary or secondary, is very similar to the world view, and ideology of the Church of Satan. 

Both exhibit:

1. Extreme self focus and concern only for self

2. A belief in moral relativism

3. Social Darwinism

4.  Eugenics

So   does Satanism = psychopathy ????
Does AMA drugging cause psychopathy ????



how psychopaths and antidepressants influence our society a provocative snapshot of the world we live in It is a well-known fact that our society is structured like a pyramid. The very few people at the top create conditions for the majority below.

Who are these people? Can we blame them for the problems our society faces today? Guided by the saying “A fish rots from the head.” we set out to follow that fishy odor. What we found out is that people at the top are more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of us. Who, or what, is a psychopath? Unlike Hollywood’s stereotypical image, they are not always blood-thirsty monsters from slasher movies. Actually, that nice lady who chatted you up on the subway this morning could be one. So could your elementary school teacher, your grinning boss, or even your loving boyfriend. The medical definition is simple: A psychopath is a person who lacks empathy and conscience, the quality which guides us when we choose between good and evil, moral or not. Most of us are conditioned to do good things. Psychopaths are not. Their impact on society is staggering, yet altogether psychopaths barely make up one percent of the population. Broken into three parts, our search for the fishead( starts in New York City, on Wall Street, where a big chunk of the world power is concentrated. This small plot of city land is where the economic crisis erupted and what we found there has far-reaching consequences, both for the psychopaths and us normal folk.

EBOOK:   That Old-Time Religion: The Story of Religious Foundations – by Jordan Maxwell, Paul Tice & Alan Snow – 113 pages


“…the last one explaining how we should revert to the original teachings of religious founders, including Jesus, before they had become corrupted by “organized religion.”………”


Found PDF here


This book shows how many Christian beliefs could be far older than what we have suspected. It gives a complete run-down of the stellar, lunar, and solar evolution of our religious systems and contains new, exhaustive research on the gods and our beliefs. The book’s main theme centers on the work of Jordan Maxwell. He has become widely known as one of the world’s foremost experts on early mythological systems and their influence on both ancient and modern religions. The book also includes an interview with Dr. Alan Snow, referred to by Sydney Ohmarr as the “world’s greatest authority on astrology and the Dead Sea Scrolls.” Paul Tice also contributes three chapters, the last one explaining how we should revert to the original teachings of religious founders, including Jesus, before they had become corrupted by “organized religion.” This book is illustrated, organized, and very comprehensive. Educate yourself with clear documented proof, and prepare to have your belief system shattered!

“Play stupid games, Win stupid Prizes”

Kick In The Face” – Soldiers Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine Forced To Pay Back Signing Bonuses – Gatway Pundit

The “soldiers” in our military are incredibly stupid men. They seem to know no history, or be aware of the founders warning us about having standing armies.
They  ignore the remarks of Henry Kissinger, as if they are not the truth:

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
~Henry Kissinger

They ignore the fact  that tens of thousands of US troops were injured by DU Uranium in Iraq, and just like those inured from agent orange in Vietnam, their owners ignored it.

They ignore the fact that tens of thousands of them have been inured and killed by their owners forcing experimental “vaccines” on them. (i.e Anthrax and COVID for starters)

They ignore the fact that their owners left thousands of them  behind as POW’s in both WW2 and Vietnam!

They ignore the fact that their owners have put them all on lists as  potential terrorists.

They are too ignorant to notice that their uniforms ,  medals, and patches contain Occult Symbolism of their true owners mocking them.

They are ignorant of the fact that their owners refer to them as “our dogs” and that they have been given dog tags.

“Play stupid games, Win stupid Prizes”  is all I have to say to these morons that eschewed joining the militia and instead choose to serve the enemy, as standing armies will NEVER fight domestic enemies, that is the hand that feeds them.

These men seem to have Stockholm syndrome or worse…..


Hawley Introduces ‘PELOSI Act’ to Stop Insider Trading in Congress
by Zero Hedge

Josh Hawley seems to be hacking at the branches rather than  striking the root.
You can see that he got a shitty 10th plank indoctrination, rather than an education.

Rather than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic why doesn’t  Hawley 
focus on  the big dangers we face?  Things like an our of Control “supreme court” ?

In 1803 in   Marberry V Madison the globalist controlled court gave itself the power of  “judicial review”.  As  of that time laws were no longer written by Congress nor approved by the President. 

Shortly after this the globalists had their court commit another mad as hell power grab. In 1816 in  Martin V Hunter the court declared that it now had the power to over rule ALL State Supreme Courts and also over rule all State Legislatures.

In 1816 the supreme court became God of this country.

You  were forced at gunpoint to go to a 12 year indoctrination camp so that you did not learn anything important,  and made to believe that you were actually educated, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Congress has had the power since 1803 to put a stop to this Satanic control of our country.  Josh Halley  thinks that he is actually addressing the root of the problem while actually he seems to be part of the problem.


Instead of calling it the “truth movement”, calling it the “shite for brains movement” would be a lot more accurate:


After reading “Saving the Constitution” by Richard Proctor

His 6 volume “Liberty Series” is worth your time.

Books 3 and 4 go into great detail to explain how clearly corrupt that the supreme court (it was not capitalized in the Constitution) was from the very beginning. (I can give you page numbers if you would like)

In 1803 these globalist agents  gave themselves the right of 
“judicial review”.  

This one decision literally made the court King! 

From this point forward Congress, nor the president really mattered as the court would from now on be the true source of our “laws”.

A few years later, since they were not stopped in 1803 with their Marberry v Madison decision,  they gave themselves the illegitimate power to supersede all State supreme courts and  the State legislatures!!!

This was the 1816 decision of Martin V Hunter.

They went from mere Kings of the US  to Gods of the US!

This is the bull shite the “patriots and truth seekers: support and believe in.  They fuking support the power grab of these Satanic psychopaths.

 Instead of calling it the truth movement,  calling it the “shite for brains movement” would be a lot more accurate.

After all Romans 13 confirms for us that “Government is God”. Does it not?  That at least is what Modern Christianity teaches.


In Volume 4 Proctor goes through more than 80 dangerous power grabs by this globalist run court.

Anyone that thinks that they can use “the system” to fix the system is extremely naive as to both history and reality.

I can not recommend these books enough.
Not knowing this knowledge is why this country is going down the tubes.

This Satanic court should have been stopped dead in it’s tracks back in 1803.

One would think that 220 years would be long enough for the  special kind of stupid population to get off of their asses and act.

FWIW voting in more “selected” psychopaths is not going save your sorry ass.

Saving the Constitution


If you need further convincing. It was in the 1860’s that the “evolution” of the Constitution (“CASE LAW”) was formalize at Harvard by law Dean C.C. Langdell.

This is related in detail in the book:

Betrayed by the Bench: How Judge-made Law Has Transformed America’s Constitution, Courts and Culture



Evil Walks Among Us: Child Trafficking Has Become Big Business in America
By John & Nisha Whitehead
January 23, 2023

What this is really all about John,  is that the  secret societies that run the world are giving us their religion.  (the “Old Region”)

They are literally  “making us in their image” by giving us  child rape and torture,  That is  a large part of the Satanic mindset, and the “Old Religion”.

Satanism is NOT about the worship of Lucifer. That is merely a purposely created fiction in order to deceive “Christians”.

  Christians have a false idea of what Satanism is, thus they almost never see it, so they end up helping it along…..
Even when they themselves have been inculcated with it,  and are de-facto practitioners of Satanism themselves.


Mark Passio – De-Facto Satanism

One cannot change reality by changing the words you use to describe reality. Look beneath the rhetoric, and glimpse the truth.

The Jones Plantation – Larken Rose (12 minutes)



Belief in government is one of the biggest and most dangerous  Religions on the planet.


How to stop  Globalist controlled Judges from  destroying the Constitution

For years I have rallied  against judges  being able to  exercise judicial review of laws passed by Congress.   During my study of Thomas Jefferson the obvious became apparent:

All 3 branches of government, and the States and the people, have the right to determine laws as unconstitutional.

1.) The president can do this by using his veto power.
2.) Both houses of Congress can to this by not voting for unconstitutional laws.
3.)The Supreme Court can do this by it’s “opinion” with no power to enforce it’s opinion on Congress as this would be a violation of the separation of powers, not to mention that the Constitution never gave them the power of judicial review. (read article III)

4.) The States have this  right,  since they are the Superior Party in the legally binding contract known as the US Constitution .
The States can for example use 10th amendment nullification  to nullify  unconstitutional Federal Laws.  The States have done this for decades now with their nullification of unconstitutional  gun and firearms laws.ms laws. The States also have the right of secession as a last resort.

5.) Congress can pass any unconstitutional laws that it wishes but it can not enforce any of them.  It is the jury that actually enforces all laws. (if the system is functional)   Americans currently are way too dumbed down to effectively serve on juries as a bulwark to tyrannical government

The only answer is education. We need to dismantle government indoctrination camps and the property tax that supports them

We need an educated population that understands Objective Morality (Natural Law) as that is the root of all of our problems.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20


The 14th amendment Rabbit hole

The rabbit holes I have done down, with the 14th amendment are staggering.
I thought I  understood the real history of it with Dave Champions excellent account and resources.

SPOILER:  Dave Champion makes the case that a special class of citizenship was created for the freed slaves. And that State citizens do not belong to the class of “14th amendment citizens”.  ( i.e  “US citizen”)

I just heard Tom Woods speak about  how individual States  wanted to revoke their approval of it because of the ambiguity of the language and it’s being prone to abuse.  Talk about a crystal ball!

Around the 22 minute mark:  THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO AMERICAN HISTORY: 7. Reconstruction

I don’t think that these 2 views are mutually exclusive,
To boot the 14th amendment, like a few others, was not properly ratified!



Because these women and others like them, and illegals  are allowed to vote. They went to the same 10th plank  dumbing down camp that every American goes to.

Two women tried to fill up a Tesla with gas – (3 minutes)

The NWO created these 2 clowns, and they don’t even realize that they are clowns.

Don’t get punked here….. they must keep creating boogie men to keep the sheep controllable and in fear.

ANTIFA Attacks Atlanta Airport – Discharges Fire Extinguishers in Passenger Terminals – Hal Turner Radio


As in all dialectics they control both sides.
Both Antifa and the Police.

They are going to get what they want out of this.

Will it be the Nationalization of Police?
Marshall Law?
Major Cities burning to the ground and the UN “must” step in under the Kigali principles?

The important thing is to stay aware the you are being punked, and that the end goal is a New World Order.



There is much in this talk about the ubiquitous Satanic symbolism that is  on police and military. uniforms.   It is there to  mock them.  Much of it says “you are our slaves” and the men wearing it are too willfully ignorant to even see it. (even when told)

Below is  a  NRO patch.   NRO is in charge of spy satellites.

The all seeing eye represents god, and his light of knowledge and truth.

“Supra Summus”  literally translates to : “HIGHER THAN THE MOST HIGH”

Just “coincidence theory” right?
A government patch that says they are above god.

This just happens on the majority of  police, military, and government agency patches right?

And people still sleep on…..

Mark Passio : De Mystifying ,The Occult – Part 3 of 3



Research Finding ‘The Vax’ Is A Bioweapon Developed By DARPA Over 10 Years Ago Explains How The ‘Vaxxed’ Are Walking Talking Bioweapons, Pumping Out Deadly mRNA On The Rest Of Us
– CDC Pushing More Kill Shots Has Americans Calling Them Out For Crimes Upon Humanity –  allnewspipeline.com

Health care workers see VICTORY after New York Supreme Court strikes down covid jab mandate – Natural News


What if, what really happened, was  that  the power that tells these judges what to do, told them to do this  to try and get some level of trust back from the wakening sheep  and  to slow down and mitigate that awakening?

What if, these courts are completely controlled by the globalists?

. When things like this happen  it looks like a globalist psy-op to me,

The globalists would gain nothing at this time,  by having their owned judges, not appear to be fair.


Why do  almost all of  those that claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, also follow the Communist Manifesto?
Who is their Master?

The Communist Manifesto was hoisted upon Karl Marx by Adam Weishaup.    It is essentially a Satanic  Illuminati document on how to destroy a free nation by stealing all of the peoples property rights.

All ten planks have pretty much been implemented in this country, some of them for over 100 years.

In the 501c3 churches of this country,  it’s all crickets because money is the root of all evil and the church is not exempt.

All 10 planks of the  manifesto are supported  actively  and  by complacency  in the modern  church.

Supporting Satanism (the manifesto) seems to be how Americans  follow  Jesus these days..


Now go and read it so that you can see the truth.

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”
~Matthew 6:24

Obama’s U.N. plan: Globalize cops against ‘violent extremists’
Conservative Christians ‘becoming the target .wnd.com – October 6th, 2015

This was back in 2015!!
One would  think that, by now the “useful idiots” that call themselves “Patriots”, would quit supporting the  globalist standing army has been  used and will be increasingly used in the future   to enslave the population.

The American people, otherwise known as the Militia, were meant to be the bulwarks against standing armies that they knew the globalists would raise in order to enslave them.

We are watching this happen right right our eyes and the dumb fuks on the so called “right”  are supporting  their mortal enemy. This is all so surreal.

In case you are really dense, the destruction of the State Militias, by the Federal Government after the Civil war, was the disarming, and the enslavement of the American People.   

I like to say that “the Civil War, changed us from a nation of some slaves, to a nation of ALL  slaves.” (with the help of the “police”)

“If you think you’re on the right side I can assure you are on the wrong side no matter which side you are on. Each of us individually must begin to study, research and learn the truth.”

~William Milton Cooper



**** Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

George Carlin – Stupid people (2 minutes) 

I have lived in the Ozarks for 12 years.  In that time I have met many people that identify as both “Christians” and “Patriots”…..

Many  of them possess an intellect, often greater than mine.
But none of them, not  a single one showed any signs of intelligence (right brain holistic thinking)
In others words everyone that I have encountered here are by deification “stupid”. (by choice)



I got  contacted by a law firm telling me that in many cases that Social Security was stealing from people by not paying out from the Steigerwald v. Berryhill lawsuit.  This was a sizable sum and this is 4 years after the fact!

Just in case you are wondering how evil government actually is.
They are stealing from old people. They are stealing from your parents and grandparents.

That is in addition to the 80% of what they steal from every retired persons check,  because they purposely pay  a 2% ROI, rather than a reasonable 10%, so that they could more easily enslave the population.

The psychopaths that are in government commit so many crimes these days that you can hardly keep track of them.


*** Just an incredible story that  is worth your time:

Justice for Sale – Why the Criminals Running the U.S. Will Continue to Operate Until the Corrupt Judicial System is Replaced –  Brian Shilhavy – healthimpactnews.com


“”’Even today, I am in correspondence with a father who has been living on the streets for 8 years, because the system destroyed his life as he tried to get his children back who were kidnapped from him. He claims that the people at the top of this racketeering are all Freemasons, and he was surprised that I would even answer his emails and not consider him crazy or insane. He uses free wifi connections to communicate online with a secure email.

I frequently get emails like this, because of the kinds of stories we have published, including seniors who are kept in mental facilities or hospitals against their will, and I can tell you there is no other feeling of helplessness that can compare to this, knowing that what they are reporting is probably true, and yet there is not a single thing I can do to help them, other than to reply to their emails and let them know I understand and care about what is happening to them…”

You are incredibly spot on Brian.
If we are even going to keep government, when we get to make that choice again,
like we did in 1776, I think that it should be entirely devoid of judges as they exist today.

1.) All courts should be run by the jury.
2.) Citizens should be able to convene grand juries with no government interference.
3.) Restitution of victims should largely be the only punishment.

4.) Like the courts in the Icelandic Free State, one should be able to reject the decision of a court and walk away, with the courts then labeling you an “outlaw” and barring your use of them in the future. (or similar solution)


Were you raised in nutritional upside-down world? Unlearning nutrition & more w/ Dr. Ariel Policano (1h 35m)


I recently decided that my diet was too alkaline.
Then quickly realized that without a community that demands good food, that it would be too expensive and difficult to obtain.

I have 5 Amish families living within one mile of me, and what they are willing to sell comes down to almost nothing, because of Rockefeller’s’ Health Department Nazi’s that they live in fear of. Most, are thus forced to work both in town, and leave their families for the day, and to raise poultry and sometimes rabbits, for the National Factory Farms/shit food just south of us in Arkansas.

Locally everyone is oblivious, and complacent even after 10 years of my prompting to start a local food club based upon a lot of Amish production of food. Most of my Amish neighbors could be staying home, and producing valuable healthy food, but can not because they, and the English also, have this false belief that government is God.

*** Knowledge of Nutrition and food is a great start.But, with our current food supply, that knowledge does little other than frustrate one about the ubiquitous stupidity of mankind.

Most of the problems in the world today, can be ultimately traced back to the lack of knowledge in the minds of the people around you.


How much does the Liberty movement look like a cult?

We are prone to always point to others rather than ourselves.


Recently I had to correct someone on the Hal Turner forum, calling out Ukraine for being a bunch of Nazi’s, while failing to acknowledge the Nazi influences here in the US:



Things such as the “1968 gun control act” being lifted directly directly from  Nazi gun law
Our CIA was filled with paperclip Nazi’s.
2 of our presidents (The Bushes) had family Nazi connections.
Our outcome based education is Nazi German in origin.
National Socialism is no different than Communism and we have adopted all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.
We are in effect one Nazi country that is supporting another Nazi Country.


The best discussion I have ever heard   about cults in our society is WOEIH Show #112 

*** It was a  very instructive  discussion that helped me  see the cult like behaviors of the Truth movement, that are holding it back.

Also the cult behavior of many of the  intuitions that we belong to, and deal with on a daily basis.


August Landmesser,  an individual,  in the midst of thousands of cult members.


Falling for all sorts of divide and conquer. i.e. “EVERYTHING is the Democrats fault!”
The mentality of  “If you are not a “Christian” of my type you are an enemy”
“The Russians did it!”


“Patriots” are continually parroting the same shite.
Things such as “Consent of the governed”
“Police protect us”
“Democrats caused this”
If you don’t believe exactly like me: “God is going to damn you”

This is what “Patriots” often sound like:


The Pledge of Allegiance for 12 years in the Indoctrination camps (written by a socialist)
The non stop repetition of the message that “government is bad”
“We win in the end”
“Man is born evil”
“We are a Democracy”


The diet of just about everyone that I know.
And sadly they also  support  the State criminalizing anyone that wishes to escape the food eugenics being carried out on us. They support the County Health Departments, the Satanically  created Medical monopoly, FDA, USDA,  and more…. All designed to destroy your health so assist in their mind control over you.





On the whole I see very little other than FEAR in the Patriot Community.

Fear of physical harm.  Fear of standing out.  Fear of…. you name it.  A bunch of cowards that refuse to come to terms with this truth.




The criminal and illegitimate medical monopoly known as the AMA, was put in place for eugenics by the ruling class.  How ironic that the sheep by supporting this monopoly are supporting their own ill health and deaths.


In the early 20th century there emerged a plethora of scientists that were making great strides at understanding disease and health.

It is not co-incidence that the ruling class using the AMA monopoly as a cover, to basically enslave you and I, by making it a crime for us to have control over our  own medical care.  To have authority over our own bodies!  The AMA monopoly if you don’t know was created with the help of Congress, in 1912, by the globalist Rockefeller family.

The AMA is in reality a slave owner concept.  The AMA is the slave master that owns your body.  You have no rights over your body, the AMA does. As a result they have conducted eugenics on the American population for 108 years now.

The American people however have been made so stupid, that they will defend to the death, the right of the globalist to have this slave system, because it is there to “protect you”. And of course don’t forget that it is for the children also.

The globalist had to create a medical monopoly in 1912 in order to stop the advancement of medicine!

Doctor Rife was just one of many brilliant scientists that the AMA destroyed in the early 20th century.
Here is his story:

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Jr

Dr Rife with an optical microscope that can image a virus. Something that we can not do today.


If you don’t clearly see this, after how the globalists have used the medical monopoly for eugenics for the past 2 years of the COVID hoax, I don’t know what to tell you.

Something is very wrong with your mind and you need to address it.



If we are ever to live in a peaceful and moral world it is absolutely necessary to abolish all police


This is NOT opinion this is objective truth.

It is a spacial and temporal impossibility for “police” to protect you.

Read that again because  99.99% of the you  after hearing the opposite repeated thousands of times, have been brain washed into parroting and believing something that is an impossibility.

It is also an objective truth that the “laws” are NOT written to protect you!
The police are there to enforce the dictates of the ruling   class. Period.


There are actually 4 parts to this talk.  Listen to part 2- which is podcast # 224 if you can’t listen to all of them    


If you do not concur with abolishing the police as a necessity.
then you are   big part of the problem.

You need to further educate yourself about what is actually going on in the world.

You need to learn what objective truth and natural law are.


I was just browsing show titles and this one really got my attention. (watch the short INLINE YouTube clip below)

Title: The State Of Software: The Satanic Mindset Of Software Developers & Why It Matters(show #244)

So far this show is phenomenal.
Mark uses mass mind control on the listeners to try and get the zombies that make up the majority of the  Patriot/Liberty/Truth movement off of their asses.
Highly recommended  discussion.


Here is a   humorous  clip , of several  “vomit puppet” allegories.  The first one is in episode #224 at 53 minutes in.  

I have not laughed this hard in a long time.  Perhaps my sense of humor is warped but this was funny as hell….



Title: The State Of Software: The Satanic Mindset Of Software Developers – Call-In Show (show #245)


*** how to become the true media 
is an online course, taught by Mark Passio,  from July to December that is  now open for registration.

It feels so good when your government rapes you…..

Satans’ “useful idiot” minion and head rapist

On top of the absolute violation  and rape of your God given rights with  the property tax, these Satanic sadists are not done as you think, when you get your bill.

I had to hire a fuking appraiser for $500,  and put it on a credit card, because these Satanic Bastards would not come do a real appraisal!

They PURPOSELY had   appraised my home without actually looking at it,   at TWICE what the  appraisal came to!

They in effect tried to extort me, and did extort the $500 I had to pay an appraiser. I would have gone to jail if I had done what they did to me.

Frankly I think that government behavior like this should be a capitol offense.   (this $500 extortion could have made me homeless)

People like this should forfeit  their lives, but as it stands they are above the law all together.   


The original tax was $511, but because I was 4 days late the payment was usuriously  jacked  to $568.  For 4 fuking  days  I was charged 10% interest.
Then when you are checking out,  they add ANOTHER god damn made up amount to your bill! They add a  $13 “service fee”.

Why don’t they just call it the “we can fuk you any way we want and you can’t do a damn thing about it fee”? (or we will just come and kill you is the implied threat)  They could make this fee $1,000 and just come and steal everyone’s homes like the globalist masters of these useful idiots are planning to do.

So the theft of $511 turns into $586 in being 4 days late!

All to pay these peoples extravagant salaries , retirement, and health care.
Paying lots of money is how Lucifer gets people in government to do evil.

The money is  ultimately used to indoctrinate children into socialism and the Religion of government.   These indoctrinated  children will then support the theft and rape of their fellow citizens  because government , as planned, has become their God.

Most Americans are so dumbed down that they don’t know that the “property tax” is the 1st plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Government is supposed to be our servant but  they have turned into our masters.

““Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.””
~George Washington

Bend over and grab your ankles…… Get ready for another  rape on April 15th.
This is Satan’s 2nd tax (and 2nd plank of the Communist  Manifesto) where your money is used to pay the Globalist bankers,  interest on the money they criminally counterfeited and loan to  us.


*** I just went to try and pay the “property tax” on one of my vehicles, as I can only afford to buy the states permission to drive one of my vehicles….. the bastards at the collectors office, don’t even tell you which vehicle you are paying for!!!

Honestly folks I would much rather do business with the Mafia than these sub human bastards from hell.

The psychological rape never seems to end.


***  Have any of you ever  lost your home to these government terrorist? 

Well I have, about 20 years ago.
As a consequence I lived in cars and tents for 10 years. Winter and summer.
It was hell, especially dealing with the mentally ill and sadistic cops on almost a nightly basis.

I became an alcoholic in order  to to deal with the rape, caused by government, and supported by  the Modern Christian Church.

I am still dealing with the severe health   consequences of a decade of drinking.

If it ever comes to this again….. they will have to kill me as I refuse to be treated like a GD slave on their plantation again.

It is beyond sad, that 99% of the people reading this are doing absolutely nothing about this evil. Or any other evil for that matter……

AUDIO:  Part 1  of 7 “Government” The Biggest Scam in History Exposed 
~James Cordiner

Start listening in at 8 minutes

Book in print 

Other Parts

What if “Government” isn’t legitimate, moral, desirable or necessary at all? What if it has been a scam since the days of royalty perpetrated by inter-generational organized crime using control of the media and mandatory schools, scouting programs, and police/military training to trick the population into turning over half their income in overt taxes, covert taxes and inflation?

“Government”- The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government” and the Media exposes the hidden control system and pseudo-religion of Statism used by an inter-generational organized crime system centered around banking and central banking to rob and control the population.Using historical photographs, media ownership charts, infographics and memes the book is d…


Here are the properties being stolen by the implementers of the 1st plank of the Communist Manifesto  in Webster County Missouri.

These are demonic, soulless creatures, that have no limitations on the evil that will visit upon their fellow human beings.

These are people that literally believe in slavery, and they will either kill you or  make you homeless if you can not afford their extortion.

In the coming years the plan is to steal everyone’s home through  Satan’s property taxes.


***BULLETIN *** FLASH – URGENT: W.H.O. Meeting in Secret to convert themselves to Enforceable Law under EXISTING Treaty; FORCED VACCINES, OUTLAW GUNS “Public Health Issue” – Hal Turner Radio



“Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice“
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I am seeing more and more clearly, that the absolute piss poor education of “patriots” in the principles of Liberty is the cause of most of our problems.

I am not going to repeat my arguments, but if you do not know that treaties CAN NOT supersede the US Constitution, please get the fuk  off of the Liberty bus, and go and join the fuking Left-Tards.

You are of no fuking use to the cause of Liberty!

“….Because this is an existing Treaty, it, along with the US Constitution, is, by virtue of the Supremacy Claus of our Constitution, “the highest law of the land.” No state would be able to “opt-out…..” ”

Bull shit Hal Turner:

What is the mental block here?
Yes the Constitution is the highest law and it clearly says that treaties can not supersede it.

States fuking CAN opt out in 2 ways. They can declare something unconstitutional and nullify it (like they have with federal gun and drug laws) OR the States can secede from the Union. (but you have to have  enough  brains to know that you need a State Militia for your State to assert it’s sovereignty, and patriots lack this particular part of the brain)

“….It has never been decided by a US Court, as to whether or not a Treaty can usurp or over-rule provisions of the US Constitution. Are you willing to trust the present US Judiciary to protect our rights?….”


They have illegitimately declared that treaties can supersede the Constitution at least 3 times. It matters not because the Constitution still says what it says and they were never given the power of judicial supremacy!

“I say the same as to the opinion of those who consider the grant of the treaty making power as boundless. if it is, then we have no constitution.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“You seem to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
~ Saint Augustine


 The “Vote” (the mob) determines what your God given rights are in Missouri

Deciding what our God given rights are by “voting” in Missouri


Is this nothing more than “moral relativism”? 
This is an overt admission that their is no objective right or wrong, in the State of Missouri.  We decide which is which, by having the mob “vote” on it, and naively assume that the vote is not altered, and that these people that are “voting” understand Natural Law.

This is in complete contradiction to the founders belief that ,  God’s “Laws of  Nature” gave us objective,  timeless, answers to moral questions.

“Moral Relativism” it just so happens is one of the  core ideologies of the Church of  Satan.  It seems that this  is also the belief system  of the people of Missouri.


Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20

We are literally  a Communist Nation:  Is there a greater evil in this country than  the  county  property tax collectors office?

I was unable to pay the thieves until 4 days past the due date, and was charged a full months interest for that.

When I finally got to their site, I am told that I can not pay online, and it’s unclear as to when the hell I will be able to!!!

“The Online Payment will be closed until early January. Thank You.”

Well it is early January and I can not pay online!
I have a very sincere “FUK YOU” to this office of criminal  extortionists/communists…….

What  the property tax shows to me, is that Christians will accept ANY evil, just as long as the Satanists write the evil on paper and call it “law” in   to legitimize it in the minds of the stupid bastards that dare call themselves Americans.
People that are fully supporting Communism fill our churches.
We are a Communist nation…..

This is NOT a tax, it is literately the rape of your most precious God given right. The right to own property and rights are supposed to be unalienable.

If you are not pissed there is something very seriously wrong with your mind.


Every year these Communists that have zero respect for their bosses….  make you go through the hell of finding your property in order to pay the taxes.

Every year neither parcel number, name, or mailing address turns  anything up.

Every year it takes me a few hours to figure out what the hell is going on.

They never make it user friendly because they have you by the short hairs.
They don’t give a damn because if you give up in frustration and don’t pay, they will send their thugs in blue to either make you  homeless or to  kill you.
Being a slave on the government  property tax plantation is no fun.

What a business model. Don’t you wish that you could do business like this?

Crimes such as the property tax have  SERIOUS consequences……

I wanted to finish off an apartment for my elderly mother.
I could not do so because I would be unable to afford the  increased extortion by the property tax thieves.

*** Because of this evil office, my mother sits in an “old folks home” in California, where I will never be able to see her alive again,  where I am confident that they are going to eventually murder her.  

IMHO the Webster Country property tax office has much culpability in this matter. Is it any wonder that they  now disarm their bosses when we go to that office?


What the “law” is, is purposely kept from the citizens. It would be dangerous as hell if “the people”  the ultimate sovereigns, could address crime when the psychopaths that we elected will not do their jobs. People like your county sheriff and your county commissioners.

Unlike the schools in 1776, I went to “schools” for over 16 years, and it was not an  accident that I was taught nothing about the “law”  or how to handle legal matters on my own.   The   current system reacquires you to consult with a member of the illegitimate legal monopoly, that the vast majority of us can not afford in the first place.  In essence we have no legal system in the US, if we can not access it. It is all just a mind control fantasy, to make the serfs on the plantation think that they are free, that there is justice, and that they have a voice. All 3 are demonstrable falsehoods.

If we  as citizens could actually investigate crimes, I would have started a grand jury to investigate the criminal extortion being committed by our property tax office here in Webster County.  As it stands they like most of “government” are above the law.

If we  as citizens could actually investigate crimes, I would have started a grand jury to investigate why the property tax office takes peoples homes without a jury trial as required by law!

The CPS office in this county kidnaps children with zero due process, or a jury trial.  They are then put into a worldwide network of  child rape, and murder by these mostly “useful idiots”.    I assure you that if the people actually had access to justice, that I would have convened a grand jury to investigate the criminal actions of CPS and the police in this matter.

I have had both hospital chains in Springfield MO refuse me surgery because I insisted  on the Nuremberg principle that one must give informed  consent for a medical treatment.   Donning a “mask” is clearly a medical treatment, because it changes your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels,  yet, these medical dictators  violate the God given and protected by law and treaty,, right to informed medical consent.

I have had the “Fordland Clinic” deny me dental care,  and the whistle blower laws are absolutist useless to protect me.  I have not had dental care there in 4 or 5 years because I dared point out irregularities that included having mental health workers talk you you during a supposed doctors visit, in the hopes of addicting you to an SSRI!   I would have convened a grand jury to investigate these, and other irregularities, at the Fordland clinic if we actually had any accesses to our justice system, Justice simply does not exist in this country, it is nothing more than an elaborate illusion.

The entire concept of “law” and justice have been turned upside down because  most “Christians”  have 2 masters.  They follow the Satanic  interpretation of Romans 13 that Adolph Hitler used to control  the  churches in Nazi Germany.  Government and not God is the master of almost all so called Christians. That is why there is no justice in this country. We put man’s laws above God’s laws on a daily basis.


“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”
~Matthew 6:24