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“Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.”
~Psalm 97:10

“God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.”
~Psalm 7:11

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”
~ Psalm 94:16

UN Treaty Creates Medical Dictatorship Under Biden –  The Alex Jones Show  (44 minutes)

Case law story….

BOOK:  The Right to Useful Unemployment: And Its Professional Enemies Paperback – July 1, 2000
by Ivan Illich (95 pages)

Dr Thomas Cowan on age 21  of his book”  “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease” ,  talks about how much this book influenced him in his early years. So I had to get a copy and here it is.

Here it is on Amazon in paperback.

And reviews on Good Reads

FWIW  PDF this is good quality photographs, and not really text.

If you would like a $100,000 education in 90 minutes.
If knowing right from wrong is important to you.
If you wish to end human slavery….
Then watch this:

Mark Passio Interviewed On InfoWars – 2022-10-29

Mark Pasio,  on the Alex Jones today reminded me of this book:
Mark Interviewed By Alex Jones On InfoWars – October 29, 2022

None Dare Call it Conspiracy – Gary Allen

I can not recommend  this 118 page,  easy to read book enough.
I read it 20 years ago and need to read it again.
Here is the hard copy on Amazon.

On Satanic Government:

You are aware  that members of the Skull and Bones at Yale,  were a large percentage  of the “selected” leaders that we “vote”  for? Right?

Today I got confirmation of what I already believed about these people. (on the 10.29.22 Alex Jones Show)   Alex and his guest both added to the coffin and  gay sex involved with Skull and Bones initiations  that most of you are already aware of.

What they added to the story was that they are forced to stay in feces in a coffin until they can commune with Demons.  Even if it takes days for this to transpire.

This information dovetails right into all of the  many other Satanic “tells” of our “selected”  leaders.


This was the broadcast and the portion I speak of it is right before Mark Pasio comes on.

Mark Interviewed By Alex Jones On InfoWars – October 29, 2022


SGT Report: Hospitals are being used to implement a holocaust, says Scott Schara – Natural News (article and 44 minute podcast)

Sadly  our “law enforcement”  that is  of a reprobate mind,  is doing nothing.
They are too busy kidnapping children without a jury trial for the sex trafficking of children by  “CPS” in every State.

What is it going to take to stop this?
I think that we are going to have a rash of parents killing hospital personnel when they realize the truth.
And any informed jury would likely not convict them.

IMHO the root of this problem is the apathy and complacency of the Modern Christian Church,   towards the State illegitimately tramping our  God given  right to choose our medical care,  with the creation of  the AMA medical monopoly.

The White Coat: A Veil for State Killing?
by Joel Zivot, MD

Shelters Discount Grocery in Seymour MO

Be careful when you purchase repackaged cheese at Shelters in Seymour.
Their vacuum packaging machine has not worked in a year. They have had plenty of time to either fix it or replace it.  
They are packaging cheese in plastic and it molds badly in less than 30 days.


Samuel warns his people that if they desire a King they will inevitably have conscription, requisitioning of their property, and taxation (7th century BC) –  libertyfund.org

Yet the Modern Christian Church,  through it’s  Satanic interpretation of Romans 13, supports the “Divine right of kings” in the year 2022!

The Modern Church does not seem to realize that we are a Constitutional Republic that is not ruled by men, but rather by law.   Modern Christians are almost universally willfully ignorant of that “law” that we call the US Constitution.

Consequently “Modern Christians” are huge supporters of lawlessness because they  have no idea of what the “law” actually is.

And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
~Matthew 7:23


Saving the Constitution  by Richard Proctor PhD


Mind Control: “Sovereign Citizens”


The idea of the sovereignty of the people is one of the main underpinnings of the God inspired Declaration of Independence. Right?

In much the same way that the CIA tried to keep people from recognizing, and pointing out conspiracies with the term “conspiracy theory”, the mind control lords in the CIA have waged a war against the concept of our sovereignty.

They have done this by taking over the education of the useful idiots that are known as “law enforcement”.

Through miseducation, they have convinced cops that anyone that believes that they are the sovereigns, as the Declaration tells us, and the word of God in the Bible tells us, (because all of the Natural Law ideas in the Declaration come from God’s word) are members of a group probably birthed by the FBI, called the “sovereign citizens movement”.

It is very telling that both the founders and Jesus told us not to have standing armies … such as “the police”. We did not listen, and today they are being Satanically mind controlled against us.  God’s Prophet  Isaiah put it this way:

​“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20

This is exactly what law enforcement is doing when they go on their rants about “sovereign citizens.”

From what I see, EVERY cop on the beat has undergone this brainwashing and they have swallowed it hook line and sinker.

What they are doing is showing disgust for the foundational principles that God founded this country on. namely that the citizens are the sovereigns.

Unfortunately cops do not recognize how much that they are being used, and mind controlled. If you wish to learn how “law enforcement” should look you need to go no further than Balko’s description of it in 1776 in his book: “Rise of the Warrior Cop




I  remembered   today that Lucifer’s  1st tax, the first plank of the Communist Manifesto (the property tax) comes out  next month, so I had to cancel my upcoming  dental appointment.

Hey Satan’s tax’s must be more important than maintaining the Temple of the Holy Spirit because  the modern Christian Church has no doctrinal problem with it or  Satan’s other tax. (the  2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto)

Lucifer’s 2nd tax is coming up in April .(a graduated income tax)   Never mind that I need a few thousand dollars for important  health needs besides my dental needs.   Satan  must be paid first. Everyone knows that.

Lets  all  “Hail Satan”  and fill his coffers!   Satan trumps caring for the Temple of the Holy Spirit any day,  because as we all know government is the equivalent of God, and we must do what our God the government demands.  (even if the taxes go to Satanic purposes  like these 2  taxes do)


Get Iodine while it is still available
Most governments of the world that are not actively trying to kill their citizens are distributing it to the population. Not in the US however.

IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets USP, 130 mg, 14 Count by IOSAT



Cube ACR call recorder

Have you ever needed a phone recording to prove that you spoke with someone, or something that was promised to you…?
It happens all of the time in my world.
The best app that I have found for this purpose is  “Cube ACR”

It runs $10 a year, and is well worth the money until someone shows me a good call recorder that is free.

Note:  If for some reason a  recording presents possible legal problems the recording can still be used to produce an accurate transcript.


I am really leaning towards not voting, and in a free society that should not be the case but it is.  In order for me to vote, I will have to disarm, and that is a big thing with me.  A huge thing really. Historically only slaves had to disarm and that is what our government does to us.   I will have to make sure that  I don’t wear a “political” t-shirt …. whatever that is.  Just another reminder that we are all just niggers  on the plantation with no rights in the eyes of the State.

I do not have a right to travel, in this country,  as my license plates long ago expired. So I would have to risk money being stolen from of me, psychological  and physical torture  with steel manacles, and even being locked in a  cage like an animal,  and fed food designed to destroy my health.   They might even forcefully take DNA from me, all for me trying to participate in the clown show called voting.  (and most of that BEFORE you are found guilty of anything in a court of law!)

Then we come to the actual candidates.  It is a very rare thing to have a candidate that is worth voting for.   Even men running for the highest offices of the land, demonstrate that they have no clue as to the purpose of government nor what the Declaration and the Constitution mean.   I can not tell you how many decades it has been since I have seen a political candidate  educated enough to vote for.  They are almost universally  very dumb people with an evil agenda.  (Including the “Christian” candidates)

None of them tell you  how they stand on the important issues. Even men like the “celebrated”  Josh Hawley is  very lacking in making his views known.  He is too afraid that he may lose votes,  and he does have a point.  The voters in this country are so incredibly dumbed down that they would not recognize or vote for a good candidate if it hit them in the face.

Voters, “Christians” included only seem to vote for law breakers, those that  promise to steal things and enrich those that vote for them.

I have not stood in a church in my lifetime, that has tired  to educate the flock objectively  and goes into the moral implications of  where the candidates stand. We have nothing but cowards, and simpletons in the  pulpit it seems.
They fear   man (the IRS) much more than they do God.

What most miss is that “voting” is  is one of the weaker powers that we have in this country.  The  grand and petite juries are vastly more powerful  than the vote. With the vote you need 50% to prevail – with the jury you need only 8.3%.

The Militia is the other power of the American people over a tyrannical government, and they know nothing at all about the Militia, it’s purpose and history.

The thing is that you need educated people for either the vote, the jury, or the militia to work, and we live in a nation of morons, thanks in large part to our Apostate Pulpits.

I don’t think I am going to vote this time. It is an exercise in insanity…..
How about you?


If you are looking for a red dot consider this Vortex with a lifetime warranty and both red and green dot.

Vortex Optics StrikeFire II Red Dot Sight 30mm Tube 1x 4 MOA Dot with Cantilever Mount Matte

also here for the same price

 I have been using the free VPN from Proton Mail.
It is great for the price.

Today I discovered that they have added what they call “stealth VPN’
and am tying it out today.   It should eliminate those many sites that bock you because you are using a VPN. They also claim that it is much faster:

Are you getting unwanted calls and or texts?
The best app I have discovered so far is “Call Control
Make sure you look into the “do not disturb” settings if you wish to block all calls that are not in your contact list.
You get  the premium version for a week and that is what I am running.
Hopefully the free  version that it will revert to is acceptable.


Please do not  “support the troops”! 

US support of the Nazi’s in Ukraine began in 1947 with the CIA supporting them as a “stay behind network” to fight the Russians if needed.

(Very much like  another CIA stay behind operation – “Operation  Gladio”  that in Italy bombed a school bus full of  Italian children and blamed it on the “Communists” – when in reality it was your tax money,  and essentially your troops at work )

This has all escalated to the point today that  the US 101’st Airborne is in Poland ready to get us into a  nuclear war, over a country that we have no defense treaties with, that Congress has not declared war upon,  and for which there is no casus belli.

These Americans to me look like mindless, order followers,  psychopaths, and useful idiots. Men with no allegiance to either God nor the rule of law.   It makes them in my mind clearly treasonous, apostate, and of reprobate mind.

If you support them, then does not that put you in the same boat?


Trevor Loudon exposes Marxist, communist ties of US Senators, Governors and members of Congress – Mike Adams (56 minutes)

This is really old hat. Last year Australian intelligence, released proof obtained from the SWIFT funds transfer system, that the majority of our Federal Congress and many of the State Governors, have received payments of up to $250 million dollars each to sell this country out. This includes Democrats and Republicans.

Book:Security Risk Senators: Part 1: Arizona to Massachusetts –   by Trevor Loudon

Book: Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress (Trevor Loudon Book 2)

*** The Movie:  Enemies Within


Interview:  The Enemies within the Church // Trevor Loudon (70 minutes)
*** Spoiler: Trevor shows that anyone can be an uniformed moron at 1:05:00 when he enthusiastically sides with Ukraine.

Cancer and the New Biology of Water 
Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

This is a book that anyone wanting to look into what cancer is, and how to best treat it, should read. (along with the rest of Cowans’s other books)

Tom Cowan is one of those rare gifted thinkers, that can see what is right in front of us but usually missed.

My daughter is  currently an AMA doctor, that is out doing more harm to people than good, because of the medical school indoctrination that keeps her from seeing the truth that is right outside of the little box that she is  painted into.

Do yourself and your family a favor and seek some truth by reading this book and break outside of your mental box.


The coming military draft (that everyone is ignoring):


They are going to “draft” (enslave) not only young men, but rather both men and women, perhaps from 14 to 60 years of age. We are going to lose the war against China and Russia (that was pre-planned)  that will be fought in the Continental US and most of those drafted are going to die.

If you don’t see it you are uniformed  to say the least……

Even if you thought that we were going to prevail and win, then we would go back to having an evil Satanic Federal Government lording over us.   So why would you even consider joining that fight?

The secession of Missouri from the Union is a given, at some point, which will change these dynamics.  Perhaps the corrupt and inept Missouri government will be worth considering fighting for.  I suspect that the state of Missouri when  they secede will also institute slavery in the form of a draft. 

Perhaps those of draft age would better serve God, and their neighbors if they concentrated on defending their towns and counties, rather than dying fighting for tyrannical governments that have done little to nothing in securing our rights. Patrick Henry speaks to this observation:

“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know no way of judging of the future but by the past.“
~ Patrick Henry


It seems to me that if we were to somehow win an unwinnable war, against Russia and China,  for either the Federal or State governments,  that they will immediately go back to enslaving us rather than as the Declaration says, “secure our rights”.

After all many if not most State Governors,  and the US Congress in DC are on the Communist Chinese payroll.  We learned that a few months back when Australian intelligence leaked this information that they obtained from the SWIFT electronic money transfer system.


Side thought:
If you were to  find yourself  unavoidably drafted into the military, it would be logical and moral, to refuse to use automatic weapons, hand grenades, etc…. because the government says that we the people can not own them.  Refuse to fight to defend these tyrants with anything other than a semiautomatic rifle.

After all our rights come from government and not God, so we need to follow those laws of government…..

In fact, just this week, Ukraine is enacting legislation for conscripting boys ages TWELVE (12) thru seventeen (17). – Hal Turner Radio

Why is every business that we deal with incompetent?

In the past , I have had my mail from my bank sent to a PO box.  I also had a billing address listed that was not the PO box.   
Today because I moved I needed to update the psychical  billing address, and was told that they can only have one address!  (something  that they magically could do until today) So now they are going to send my mail to an address where there is no mail box and mail can not be  delivered!

I could easily write a large book on the insanity of dealing with almost any business today, but especially government, and those business’s that government has it’s filthy hands in “regulating” that business. (like banks)

 IMHO the root of  insanity  like this, is   people “going  along to get along”. No one has a spine or any discernment….. Scripture encapsulates this perfectly:

 “…know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”
~James 4:4


Have you ever wondered why history seems to repeat itself?
Perhaps because we never seem to learn anything from it.

Look at how  Christians  learn nothing from knowing the history in scripture.
In  1963, unlike the Prophet Daniel, Christians  stood down when their god the Government. told them that their children could no longer pray in  Satan’s  10th Plank Schools.  –  1


Synagogue of Satan: Why It’s Time to Leave the Corporate Christian Church
10-19-2022 • https://healthimpactnews.com, by Brian Shilhavy

FWIW the chances are 99.99% that this  describes YOUR church.

This sermon is related:
The Mark Of A Dying Nation

Webster County Health Department flyer in the mail today:

Your County health department, like the AMA medical monopoly, was put in place by the Globalist/Satanic Rockefeller Family.

The economic havock, that this globalist serving organization,  caused in Webster Country during the COVID lock-down is huge.  They were key in tramping our God given rights, and causing the destruction of many small business’s.



COX health determines what to bill you AFTER your doctors visit! How would you like to go to the grocery store, or gas station,  and  then have them figure out what they want to charge you, after you get the food or gas?

Well this is exactly what COX health does!  I recently went in for a checkup, and made it a point to ask my primary care what I would be billed.  They said that  their paperwork would justify the tests, and that they would be paid for.  I knew at the time this was a cop out, and they had no clue.

It turns out that my cynicism  was spot on. I just received a bill for $43.20 for the f’ing visit!
And even after asking –  she was not aware that I would be charged WAY more than any so called “co pay”.

In any other context, other than a “doctors” office this would be considered outright criminal fraud.   However when Globalists start a medical monopoly, they can not only do things like this, they can outright murder people (i.e. the COVID jab – the use of Remdesivir) and our legal system (i.e the county sheriff) does absolutely nothing!

Perhaps, everyone in business ought to copy the COX Health Care model, and only charge your customers after you provide the service or product, and if the ingrates dare balk at your rip off bill, you  then take your substantial resources to ruin them financially with bill collectors, and bad credit reports.
The truth is if you did this, the legal system would come after you so fast….
but not Lucifer’s medical system.

I won’t even give my doctor my phone number because, if I do then their bill collectors drive you crazy with automated phone calls. How much more insane can you get, than your doctor not having your phone number?

What a Godly business model that COX health has put in place. based on Godly things like fraud, lies, and deception…..

Who would have guessed that Globalists/ Satanists started this illegal monopoly with the “Flexner report”?




As the Globalist Psychopaths work to eliminate humanity, the Springfield MO COSTCO is fully cooperating. They embrace the NWO agenda…..


Like the European Politicians that told their citizens to take the death jab, and did not take it themselves, I really doubt if the management, especially upper management of COSTCO, took it themselves.  They however badgered, and threatened the  hell out of  their employees  to get the jab.    How may employees did they kill and maim? Isn’t this in violation of the Nuremberg Principles?  

Why does the Green County MO Sheriff sit idly by when genocide is right in front of his  eyes?   Why isn’t the management of COSTCO charged with very serious crimes related to their actions?

They even tried to badger, and mind control their “customers” into  wearing the health hazard,  face diaper,  that they call a mask.   And it worked to an amazing degree.  I recall times when it seemed  like I was the only one in the store that was not a NPC. (non-playing character)

“Red Man Bad”


In the first week of this month, I made my monthly trip to Costco in Springfield MO. I only go once a month because with all of the inflation, that is all the gas I can afford.    I spent the better part of this day driving to Springfield,  wandering about the store getting what I needed, and went to checkout, where I was informed by the cashier that my card had expired. They had not notified me, even with them having my email and I had  failed to renewed it. Since I had not budgeted for card renewal, I asked that they let me slide until next month, after all SAMS club has done that a few times for me and it is the consideration that one would expect after being a member for 15 plus years, and being the one that pays the salaries of  COSTCO management.

They would have nothing to do with it!  I was so ticked off that I went to a second (order following)  manager that parroted the same anti-customer “company policy”.

If the above were not bad enough, when I  borrowed a paid and up to date card,  from the man inline behind me,  both management and an employee, knee jerked and told  me that I absolutely could not do this!!   They really went over the top in  making asses of themselves that day.

What has stuck in my mind was the fanaticism they expressed in it being absolutely “verboten” to use another persons card.   It explained their incessant  push for me have them put my photo on my card…

Then it dawned on me: They are helping to bring in the Satanic, “Social Credit Score”, to be used with the comping electronic currency.   COSTCO’s upper management already sells all of your purchase information to various, 3 letter government Federal Agencies!  

They are setting up all of the various pieces of the puzzle for Lucifer’s NWO, to both track and regulate all of the food that you buy.    They are doing this so that they can limit, and control you with a  “social credit score”. 

For instance if you purchase too much meat for the month, you may find out that there are  “carbon” travel restrictions placed on you and they are enforceable because you were forced to have an electric car. 

There it is for you folks, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Springfield COSTCO is a great illustration of a NWO serving,  store that willingly, and knowingly is helping to bring in Lucifer’s NWO.  


This is the Real Secret Society Behind the Great Reset – Jay Dyer hosts the Alex Jones Show (37 minutes)

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO KNOW — This is about where the communist/socialist government that we now have in the US came from.
Spoiler: This is an expose about Fabian Socialism that was a redirection of Marx’s  Communist Manifesto.



U.S. Air Force Pilot Exposes Top Secret Chemtrail Program — It’s Called ‘Operation Indigo Skyfold’ –  prepareforchange.net

The Missouri Free Press reported on this program 4 and a half years ago! (different details in the past story – so read both of them)
Chemtrails are not a “theory”: CIA whistle blower Cody Snodgres

Most rejected it as being “way out there”.   Now we have confirmation through another whistle blower


Before you buy any of the newer deep well hand pumps (most all of which are garbage) take a look at what my Amish neighbors use:
Baker Deep Well Hand Pumps   – wisementrading.com
Baker Water Systems DIvision – bakerwatersystems.com


2A Victory: Supreme Court Rejects Draconian Massachusetts Gun Control Law
by Jamie White

It is distressing beyond words,  that Americans have been so dumbed down by the Communist schools, that they entirely miss the deception here.  Here is the correct interpretation of what is going on here:

The Sovereign  State of Missouri is as sovereign as  Germany or  Mexico.
This ruling  is about as legitimate as the Supreme court telling Germany or Mexico what gun laws that they can have!

Remember that the only powers that the Federal Government has are those that are explicitly  granted to it.   No where in the US Constitution is the Federal government granted ANY authority over our self defense! IN fact they added the 2nd amendment to make this fact perfectly clear to even the mentally challenged.  The 2nd amendment says that the Federal government shall not write ANY legislation concerning our God given right of self defense.
That being said ALL matters concerning firearms are under the Sovereign authority of Missouri, Germany, and Mexico. Not the freaking Supreme Court!

If you do not understand this, I ask you to please watch  Constitutional Attorney Kris Ann Hall’s talk entitled:   Non-Compliant

The root of this mess IMHO lies in Satan’s  “Case Law”.  The Concept and acceptance  of “Case Law” is one of Lucifer’s great victories in destroying our God given rights in this country. The right and so called “Christians” have swallowed this Satanic concept hook line and sinker.

The Holy Ghost is urging me to write a piece on the fallacy of “case law”, so expect to see that soon.


Eric Metaxas: ‘Silence’ of American churches echoes 1930s Nazi Germanybook/video/article

He echos what is so self evident, that it hardly needs to be argued.


“2 step authentication” is BS

If sounds good doesn’t it?  Except it is not what it seems, and the useful idiots at the Seymour Bank have forced it upon their customers.   Without getting into technical details, according to the digital experts I have referred to, 2 step authentication does not increase your security at all. What is does do is that it lets the deep state Satanists make sure who they are tracking.  The only thing that 2 step authentication has ever done for me personally,  is to lock me out of my own account! In this case I had to contact Seymour Bank 3 f’ing times to get this straightened out.


Where do Satan’s Minions get the Money to implement the New World Order?

It’s very simple actually. The 2nd and 5th planks of the Satanic document known as the Communist Manifesto has been implemented in ALL first world countries.   I suggest you take a few hours, and watch The Money Masters if you want a detailed in depth explanation.

The 5th plank is a privately owned central bank that counterfeits the countries money. 

(As a side note: this US Federal Reserve caused inflation, has a very hard effect on the worlds poor.  Because of the so called “petro dollar”  the people in even the worlds poorest  countries in effect subsidize YOUR standard of living in exchange for lowering theirs.)

The second plank is to enslave the people with a graduated income tax, to pay these globalist servants of Satan interest on the counterfeited money.
It is a proven fact that none of this extorted money  goes to run the government!   Read President Reagan’s  Grace  Commission Report if you doubt this.

The bottom line is that  Christians in this country toil for months each year so that they can pay tribute to Satan’s minions (the Globalist Bankers that own the Federal Reserve)  by paying the  Federal Income Tax on April 15th every year.

Do not lose track that you not only pay the “Income tax”, you also experience inflation because  counterfeiting money causes prices to go up.  Hence so far you have been raped twice by the Globalists. Once with the tax, and the other time with the resulting inflation.

Because the income tax takes so much money, you find yourself in a position where you need to borrow money. The same Satanists that have implemented  the Federal  income tax, planned it this way,  and are ready to rape you  again with  their credit cards.  They are happy to counterfeit more money (this is what fractional reserve banks do) and  loan it to you at up to 25% interest.  This is the 3rd rape of you and your family.  The 4th rape is the fact that this loan and credit card money also cause prices to increase.

I find it hard to believe, that I have never in my 65 years heard a Christian Pastor  with either enough brains to understand the above, or the backbone to present it to their congregation.

The bottom line as far as I see is that the Christian Pastors of this country hold a huge amount of the blame as to why it has been possible for the Globalists  to implement the New Wold Order. One would have to search hard to find a more dumbed down population than modern Christians, they seem to have an aversion to the truth.
Satan could not ask for a better friend than the modern Christian Church.

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
~Thomas Jefferson

Look into Geoengineering   The very real results of this  “chem-trailing” is that dozens of trees on my property have died this year.   If this continues there will be no firewood to heat our homes with in the winter.

Chem Trailed Sky, in the Missouri Ozarks.
Dead trees everywhere as a result

Not a natural cloud to be seen….

Chem Trailed Sky, in the Missouri Ozarks. Dead trees everywhere as a result Not a natural cloud to be seen….

Covid Scam, NATO Wars, Green Extremism: The Tyrannical Trifecta From Hell – Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Blind support of those that “live by the sword” by the Christian pulpits is going to take us into WW3 and billions will  likely die.  We are witnessing a world created by Christians 

The evidence points to part of the standing army (i.e. those that live by the sword) known as Seal Team 10,  in an overt act of war, blew up the Russian owned  Nord Stream lines 1 & 2!     Congress has not declared war. There is no casus belli for a justified war against Russia at all.  This action was not supported under God’s Natural Laws. It really does not matter because US special forces have already been caught fighting in Ukraine along side the Ukrainian Nazi’s!

Should  Christians support  “the troops” when they look more like NWO controlled terrorists?

Certainly not, though the vast majority will support  whatever Caesar directs them to do.  They will not know the difference between good and evil.  They do not   seek the truth,  and God will send them delusions. Not what I wish it  to happen,  but  that is what is most certainly  going to happen.

How many I wonder know that this one act, by “US Troops”, could very well cause more deaths of European men women and children, than the 7 million that Hitler purportedly killed in the Concentration camps? If you are aware of the gas situation in Germany, the numbers of Europeans killed by this single act of US Special Forces, could directly result in more deaths than in any other recorded war. It could also get us into WW3 and kill billions.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20


“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: ”
~2 Thessalonians 2:11


Video: Tucker Carlson Suggests Biden Admin Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines
by Steve Watson

Situation Update, Sep 28, 2022 – All signs of Nord Stream pipeline SABOTAGE lead back to ruthless Biden regime – Mike Adams (110 minutes)


This is what God tells us  money is in his Holy Word:

This piece of paper with Satanic and Mystery School symbolism is what “Christians”  think is money and keep on supporting as money.
This is not going to end well:


MUST WATCH: The Money Masters (1996)

Fools Gold a book by Pastor Doug Tjden who lived in Seymour MO going into biblical reference to silver and gold as Gods money.

“And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: ”
~2 Thessalonians 2:10-11

“Diverse weights and diverse measures, They are both alike, an abomination to the LORD.”
~Proverbs 20:10

The words: “New Word Order” on their money should have woke them up, but for those that do not love the truth,  (modern Christians)   the “delusions”  seem to be  real and in effect.


Chainsaw sharpeners

After years of trying out different chainsaw sharpers I have found one that not only does not take electricity, it takes off far less metal than an electric sharpener and thus your chains last much longer, it also costs 25% of what my electric sharpener cost.

Above is the $400 sharpener that my local shop uses, and that I have, but very rarely use.

The Timberline  sharpener that I use daily is a bit over $100 (buy an extra carbide burr) and it does a better job and I prefer it over the $400 or any other sharpener that  I have come across.   You are crazy IMHO if you do not own one.

You will not be disappointed.

Nuclear  fallout and thyroid cancer

My research  tells me that you must start using supplemental iodine at a dose of 130 mg for 14 days, within hours of the beginning exposure, or your chances of contracting thyroid cancer go up dramatically.   Unfortunately most Americans, my self included, do not own an $800 dollar radiation meter to determine exactly when that time is.  If you are male pay particular attention as the mortality of men that contract thyroid cancer is much higher than for women.

Another issue that I can’t afford to  go into here is radioactive cesium that takes the place of calcium in the  food chain.  Don’t drink milk from your cow for at least 3 months is the advice I get, but a few hundred years is a  better time frame, as the half lime of  radioactive cesium is much longer than that of  radioactive iodine. There are preventative things to do  to mitigate radioactive cesium but again it is too lengthy to include here.

Potassium Iodide is disappearing, especially in the 130 mg size doses.
I wish I could link to a brand name product, but this is what I have found, it  is a great price, but of unknown quality:


Potassium Iodide Tablets 130 mg – (120 Tablets)

This is  30 – 130 mg doses per bottle  or approximate enough for 2 people to complete the course, per bottle.


FWIW you are much better off if you always supplement with iodine each day in the 16 mg range and then go up to 130 mg for 14 days only when exposed to radioactive iodine.   DO NOT take 130 mg a day , each  day or you  may damage your thyroid.


BOOK: Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science  –   Authors: Judy Mikovits   &,Kent Heckenlively ,  Foreword by Robert Jr. F. Kennedy (Children’s Health Defense)

An incredibly important book.  Here it is as a free ebook (268 pages)


Bulk Livestock Feed – Seymour MO
567 Bison Rd, Seymour, MO 65746
Phone: 417-765-6065

“The price is $17.25 per 100 pounds so that should be $103.50 for 600 pounds.
it’s open on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The business location is only a small shed as an office and a 3 sided building with the feed.
just pull in and the guy will come out and load you up with what ever weight you want. CASH ONLY Business. so you will have to bring it in bills.”

It is getting very expensive to feed my 9 ducks and 3 drakes, then I was made aware of a very low cost alternative: 

I can not believe that I have been paying TWICE this price for bagged broiler mix from Kliers Hardware!!  I may have to add niacin to the feed because ducks require more niacin than chickens.  Thanks to Carla you also now have this information.


This is what 1023 lbs of 16% protein poultry feed looks like:
Approximately $180

Is “Modern Christianity ” as evil as Lucifer himself?

One expects evil to be evil.   One expects Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and other Satanic entities to be evil.  That is what they do, and that is what they believe.

What do Christians REALLY believe?  Do they really believe that the  greatest commandment is to love one another?  Do they really believe that we are our brothers keeper?  Do they really believe that friendship with the world is enmity with God?  Their actions certainly  do not indicate that this is the case.  You judge a tree by it’s fruits.

It may shock you, when I say that I find it hard to tell the difference between the Satanists, and the Christians in today’s US.  But it is the honest to God truth.

There are only 2 choices of whom to follow.  You follow Satan, or you follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are only 2 sides, and silence, apathy, and complacency,  that the entire Christian Church seems to be embracing is NOT the side of Jesus Christ.  Apathy towards evil is no where found, or even alluded to,  in the Scriptures. Quite the opposite in fact. The entire Bible is replete with examples of  God’s people dealing with evil  either in themselves or in the world.   That message however has gone over the heads of 99.9% of the the pastors and congregations in this county.

Modern Christianity looks at best like a mental disorder.   There are 40,000 people in Webster County, and if things go as far south as it looks like  they may go, having  “only”  20,000 people starve to death here would be an optimistic outcome.    It  would likely be more like 90% or 36,000 men, women, and children if we lost electric of one year..

Yet the Christian Community refuses to address the food issues which could be addressed in a dozen ways including food clubs, to get the Nazi health department off of the Amish backs  to allow  the Amish to actually produce food for local consumption, without going to jail.   A seed bank,  and people that know how to save  many varieties of seed. Classes on growing, and preserving food.  People willing to help older people get a garden started, etc.   Perhaps most importantly, how are  are people going to water their gardens without any electricity?

All of these things could be addressed if people would just work together on these common goals.  What do you think Jesus Christ would do in a similar situation? Nothing at all like the so called Christians here in Webster Country?

If you are one of those (and there are many that I can see) that is preparing only for yourself and your family, you are setting yourself up for a violent death IMHO.   If your  neighbor has water, but  neglected to  work with the neighborhood to insure that his neighbors also have water, when the electric goes out,  the neighbors are going to take control of that water, and people are going to die in the process.    Even your pastor if his family is dying of thirst and hunger,  is going to be an extreme threat to your existence.   

Hunger drove  even Jesus Christ and the Apostles to glean corn from a field on the Sabbath, which they knew carried the death penalty.   Hunger drove King David, and his men to go into the Holy of Holies, and they  ate the bread there, an act that God would normally kill a person for doing.   Do you think that you are of stronger will than  King David or Jesus Christ?

There are a dozen other fronts that should have been addressed over a period of years. Many of them just as important as having food.  For instance: Has your church educated your family about the absolute necessity of taking iodine immediately after  exposure to nuclear fallout? As far as I can tell not a single Christian, or  Christian organization  in Webster County is interested at all in joining with Jesus Christ and battling Satan.    

When  many of the Christians realize that they are stuck in the mess that they created, and that God is not going to rapture them out of  their evil creation,  they are going to turn on you, and I and those that did prepare.   What a wonderful position to be in: to have to defend ourselves from “Christians”   that both created the problems at hand, and also refused to prepare as a group to deal with those problems.

Like God himself I find myself wanting to vomit out anything today that call’s itself “Christian”.  Decide which side you are on, and act that way.




It has come out that US special forces are fighting in the Ukraine against Russian Troops.  

What better illustration could one ask for that shows the evils of maintaining standing armies?

These men are fighting a globalist war for Klaus Schwab and George Soros.
They are a disgrace to the Christian principles  of just war.,  and the Natural Law  Principles  that this country was founded upon.



Canada’s Government-Run Healthcare Is Euthanizing Sick & Poor People –  slaynews.com

What is missed by most, is that the State of Missouri has it’s own eugenics program, only it is not as out in the open as Canada’s, and  those implementing it are  low IQ “useful idiots”  that we call the Missouri Legislature.

I have had to stop seeing my dentist in Missouri  because they are  forced by the state of Missouri to  make me submit to cancer causing dental x-rays whether I consent to such treatment or not.

The state of Missouri has supported this unconstitutional dental monopoly that has buried some of the most important dental research ever done by  dentist Weston A Price.    Just the fact that they are a monopoly means that much of the population can not afford to see a dentist, and get the work done that is needed.  That was done on purpose IMHO,  and is part of the medical eugenics and euthanization that the Missouri Legislature supports.

Even worse the Dental monopoly, fully supported by the state of Missouri has allowed  the ADA to cover up the life saving  research discovered by the ADA funded,  over a 20 year long, 100 man, research  project headed by Weston A Price.   (2,000 man years of  dental research buried)  Without this cover-up the  ongoing dental eugenics could not survive in Missouri.

 As  a result, most of us have life threatening medical malpractice  in our mouths! Forced  upon us by the State supported monopoly.  Things such as mercury fillings, nickel dental appliances, root canals, and cavitations.   With a free market in dentistry, as the Constitution,  and the Laws of Nature and of Natures God proscribes, this cover-up and dental  genocide by the State of Missouri could not  not have happened.



USDA threatens Amish farmer with fines and PRISON time for selling raw milk and grass-fed beef to community –  Natural News

We live in a time where the whole world lies in the evil one, and that most certainly includes the modern Christian Church. 

Lucifer’s FDA/USDA does not think that God’s people  have a God given right to grow our own food, and  nurture the temple of the Holy Spirit with  this  healthy food.

Sadly  our pastors and churchgoers by their apathy and complacency,  agree with Lucifer and as always choose  to follow  “the Satanic Agenda”  rather than following the light.

Do you recall what  the “Christian”  community did a few years back when this same evil  satanically controlled  FDA/USDA, destroyed multiple generations of a  family cheese business here  in Webster County?

FDA Orders Morningland Dairy to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Raw Cheese

They did nothing,  just like when in 1963, their god the government told them that their children could no longer pray in the 12 year indoctrination camps.


“You have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin.”
~Hebrews 12:4

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”
~1 Timothy 5:8



Do you want to keep the deep state from tracking your credit card purchases? Things such as ammo or guns?

I  have long thought that these virtual credit cards had disappeared, but today Mike Adams made me aware that this company provides this important  service:



How many people are going to die in Webster  County MO due to stupidity in the coming years?

We have almost 40,000 people residing here in Webster County Missouri.  Our own government, the same government that has  refused to protect our grid from EMP’s,  says that an EMP  and the loss of electricity, will  in one year, kill 90% of the population.  That means that 36.000 residents would die, and only 4 thousand will survive if we lost electric for a year.  Perhaps this is something that should not be ignored….. just perhaps.

There are other ways to lose electricity, for instance if  one is to not able to afford it, the other would be because of supply chain issues dealing with diesel for the trains to deliver the coal to our power plants or  the coal supply being cut off because the Satanists running the country have destroyed our infrastructure.  Or the 5th columns in this county blowing up the rail tracks that bring coal into the electric plant.

During the past  2 years, there has been another deadly threat.   The medical establishment in the county, places like the Fordland Clinic, have been lying to residents about the safety of an experimental RNA gene therapy, that very much looks like it was designed to kill off most of the people that received it.
Many think that it is  also a binary weapons system that is capable of mass death, when the correct 5g signals are present.  Again your local government is allowing the construction of the 5 G  network here in Webster County.

The part of the government that we euphemistically call “law enforcement is sitting on the sidelines,  watching the medical industry administer these death shots.    This is the same “law enforcement” that  will come kidnap your child for the CPS without any due process or jury trial.   This is the same “law enforcement that will come in the middle of winter, and make you and your family homeless, because you could not pay   Satan’s extortion tax  that we euphemistically call  the property tax, when it is clearly the 1st plank of Satan’s blueprint called the communist manifesto.

These  are the  people that will criminally come kidnap your child with no jury trial, that will in-effect murder you by making you homeless because of the legalized extortion of the property tax. These are the same people that ignore the very real crimes of the medical industry committing mass genocide on the American people. In 3 matters  I have pointed out government actions that are likely to result in  your death!

Most of the county, and local  government  are useful idiots , and they  did not attend the WEF  globalist training to learn how to do this. Perhaps a few of them have, but not the majority.  Regardless it is the actions, and inaction’s of your county  government  that are very threatening to your life.   If you are particularly slow  let me point out that government does not look like our friend, but rather looks more like a deadly  enemy that wishes to kill us.  The facts speak for themselves.

The food supply is going to virtually disappear ,  for various reasons, with or without electricity not for months but likely for years.

Lucifer’s plan, here in this county  if we let him, is going to be electronic currency  (to control every aspect of your life) and a guaranteed basic income.
It”s all going to lead to you swearing allegiance to Lucifer, and taking the mark because he is going to have you painted into a corner that you, the county government  and your pastor,   allowed him to put you in.   The government in Webster County has done NOTHING to educate the citizens or to otherwise thwart this threat. In fact county government looks like they are solidly on Satan’s team.

Speaking of government it is the Rockefeller globalists, that set up our  “county health department”  here in Webster County. The same health department  that harassed small  county business’s with  illegitimate, and onerous   burdens and threats during the fake COVID lock downs, to the point that many of them failed.  (Are you beginning to see the pattern here of government not protecting us, but rather violating our God given rights, in a effort to eliminate us from the planet?)

The county health Nazi’s are the reason that the Amish have not developed a local food industry that could well save many thousands of  lives in the coming years.  Well about 5 years ago I did a lot of research and  I discovered how to negate their evil, and that was in large part by forming a food club that they could not regulate or harass.

Over the  past 5 years I have brought up this idea to numerous “Christian leaders” in  Webster County.  Not  one, to my utter  astonishment has   showed the slightest interest, which perplexed me for the longest time.   I finally came to the conclusion that they were not interested is because they have fallen for Satan’s deception.  The lies coming out of the so called Scofield Bible Commentaries. being particularly  applicable.  I have come to the conclusion that these modern deceived Christians are not interested, because they believe that God  is going to rapture them out of the mess that  they themselves  have created!

They don’t care a phuck about the starving people that would be left behind when God beams them out of here, like they do on Star Trek.  The fact that God is going to let them stay in the mess that they created, I must admit puts a small  smile on my face, as God is just God.

Anyhow  the fallen modern Christian Church can not be described by the adjectives that I would like to use to describe what are ostensibly Gods people.  Instead sadly  when I hear the word “Christian” I immediately think of stupidity, ignorance,  apathy,   complacency and cowardliness. Hating one another….. you get the idea.  You know them by their fruits….

These are the same people with their Satanic interpretation of Romans 13, the exact same interpretation that Adolph Hitler loved so much,  have  brought us not  a Godly local government,   but  clearly a Satanic  one.


We are not free men any longer. We are slaves to the confiscatory tax’s  that support the political class:

Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2021 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined

If I have not presented the reality of September 2022  in Webster County, I am more than willing to debate the matter with you, any time, any place.



Law-Abiding Gun Owners Ignored by Media, Maligned by Politicians –  realclearwire.com

I am so fuking tired is this stupidity that emanates from the “right”.
What the hell does law abiding have to do with the God given right to protect yourself?   A right “by definition” is something that can not be taken from someone, and that was the case in this country until the psychopaths in DC adopted a Nazi German gun law,  and said that somehow this mere law somehow overrides the 2nd amendment! 

In case you are daft, it takes  a Constitutional amendment to do this!   But somehow the morons in this country think that the opinion of sexually confused men in black dresses can change this reality.

Do any “modern Christians” actually read and pay attention to God’s word?
Jesus Christ himself told his  disciples to go out and criminally (under Roman Law) buy a Gladius ( a roman sword).  He told them to be law breaking weapons owners!!

The Lord of  Host tells us to do something, and the vast majority of  today’s so called Christians, think that our government knows more, and is more important than what   Jesus Christ told them to do.

Modern Christianity  is evil and looks  like a mental disorder to me.


Jesus would not support what our Senator  Josh Hawley parrots….


Senator Hawley, I STRONGLY object to your use of the phrase:   “right of law-abiding Americans”

When you stated: “I strongly support the Second Amendment right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.”
As a US Senator I should not have to correct you. You should know this.
The second amendment says nothing about the right only applying to the “law abiding”. The very definition of a right in Blacks Law dictionary says that a right can not be taken away! In the past murderers having served their prison time were given back their weapons.  That was until we adopted Nazi German gun law in the form of the clearly illegitimate as hell 1968 Gun Control act.
It seems that you are basing your opinion on Nazi Gun laws! When Jesus Christ told the apostles to sell their cloaks,and to go buy a (Roman Gladiolus) sword. He was telling them to  go break the law, as it was against the law for Jews to own a Roman sword. So as far as I can see Jesus Christ also has an issue with your position, as the Apostles that owned swords were clearly “law breakers” and he told them to do so!Senator Hawley I submit to you that most Americans that are moral,  are not always  “law abiding”, that there are immoral laws that moral men should not follow.  Yet you clearly state that these people should be denied a God given right, that neither Jesus nor the 2nd amendment suggest that this right should be denied.If you think about your position, it is blasphemous. You are saying that you are greater than the Lord of Hosts and that you support the trampling of a right that he gave us.  I am sorry that you like many of us did not learn much about this country when you attended the mandatory 12 year indoctrination camps other wise known as the 10th plank of the Communist manifesto. You like most of your constituents do not know our history or even the definition of a right. Please reconsider your use of this blasphemous language. I find it as anti-intellectual and anti factual as the use of the words “conspiracy theory”. “fear monger”, or “civil right”. All 3 NLP mind control initiated by the CIA.This is a a  very serious matter, not  frivolous  nit picking. I pray that you can see that.  Your job according to the Declaration is to “secure our rights” and nothing else. Yet your statement above says that you actively support the trampling of our rights.
God Bless you and your family.

Far Left Love Affair with Criminals, and Hatred of Police, is WRECKING America – Hal Turner Radio

This is so misguided…. Actually it is “modern police” that are wrecking the country.
Can anyone argue that the “police” have not enforced the unconstitutional as hell 1968 gun control act? (That was lifted word for word, from Nazi Germany gun law.)
Can anyone argue that the “police” have not enforced the Unconstitutional as hell 1934 Federal firearms act?

It was order following police, and Sheriffs with shit for brains that have allowed this criminal disarming of the American people! They are a big part of the reason that the UN is going to wipe the floor with us! 

It is modern police that have disarmed the people, and the Feds have destroyed the militia through a campaign of false flag terror and entrapment.

It is your job to defend yourself. PERIOD Police never could and never will protect you. Instead they will be the standing army that comes to take your guns and bring you to the camps. That is history and why the founders warned us about standing armies. (like the police)

Self defense is a God given right and our police do not secure our God given rights like the law enforcement system did in 1776. Almost always they are there to violate your rights.

FWIW — A right by definition is something that can not be taken away or altered.

IF it were not for the insanely stupid law enforcement that we have today, Hal Turner could exercise his God given right, and duty to protect his family. Like God intended. This country is evil when it spits on our God given rights. “Police” is the evil that gets this done.

The “Satanic Agenda” to disarm us does not have better friends than your local police.

If you wish to see what Law enforcement was like in 1776, and should be like today, I ask you to read at least the intro and 1st chapter of Balko’s book on the topic:

Rise of the Warrior Cop – Radley Balko

You will find that law enforcement does not even slightly resemble what it was meant to be,



Thomas Paine — The American Crisis (Volume 1) 228 pages

This was printed right after the Declaration, and Paine refers to it in this document..

George Washington had it read aloud to the troops.
This should be required reading for the Missouri Militia that, doesn’t yet seem to even know why it exists. “The American Crisis”, it is so pertinent could have been written in the year 2022. 

The language is a bit of a challenge but well worth the effort.

At Amazon:
Writings of Thomas Paine – Volume 1 (1774-1779): the American Crisis

Project Gutenberg where I found it

FWIW I got interested in this document after getting a copy of Pastor Chuck Baldwins “Freedom Documents” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED




Americans seem to be oblivious to the coming  collapse of the dollar, although the signs are everywhere, and  crystal clear as to what the globalists have planned for us. 

Americans are ignorant of the fact that he vast majority of the words nations have signed a treaty known as “operation sandman”  where they will all one day soon  repudiate the dollar. They are all going to go to one gold backed currency or another.    The western governments however are not going to allow us what the Constitution guarantees, and instead force us onto an electronic currency.   IF we allow this there will be no going back. The total government control over your life will make dystopian novels like 1984 and Brave New World look like very desirable options.

This electronic currency control is quickly  going to get Americans to do things, such as swearing allegiance to Lucifer, if they do not want to be turned off.    Have you thought of how, because you would not swear allegiance to Lucifer therefore you don’t have a bank account, you are going to pay rent or your property tax? 

Our pulpits are asleep and their failure to warn, and prepare   God’s people  is going to be a death sentence to millions of American Christians.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge…”
~Hosea 4:6


Rechargeable battery maintenance:

Glad that I did not wait a year to check on my stock of rechargeable batteries.
They are supposed to store  for a year with a full charge, but mine were not even usable after 6 months.  I am thinking that they need to go through a few full cycles before they have their full life.

Anyhow it is a good idea to check on them on a regular basis, some types  can be damaged if left uncharged too long.  Perhaps this time they will last a full year before I have to top off the charges.



Canning in your Instant Pot

I have the large Instant Pot. It will hold 3 quarts or 4 pints at a time.
I have recently canned collard greens, snap beans, and okra and butter beans.

Make sure you put in the rack beneath the jars, and also to vent the steam for 10 minutes.    The only unknown is does it get up to the 11 PSI,  that I can with at my 1400″ altitude?   The people at Instant Pot won’t tell you, even though it is a safety issue.    

So…. I mark all of these jars with an “IP” on the top to remind me to boil the contents for 10 minutes, if I want to take the extra step in case botulism survived my canning and made toxins.   

I am sticking with it for now. It saves valuable propane, and time.



The  Christian Church is making the exact same mistake that it made in Nazi Germany:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.”
~ Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1)

I don’t find any significant differences between the actions of the Christian Church in Nazi Germany, and the contemporary Christian Church in  “these United Sates”.  In both cases, it was the inaction of the Church that allowed the evil to Fester and grow.

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
~Revelation 3:15-16



Does government do anything that is NOT “lawlessness”?

The Federal government is stealing money (i.e. the Constitution does not support them doing this) to subsidize our Internet Bills.  You get $30 of stolen money every  month applied to your Internet Bill.  All of the churches are silent because they have no idea of what is good and what is evil.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20

As a result Internet companies like Total High Speed here in Webster County jacked their prices by at least $30!  This federal theft does not even benefit me!  In fact just to remain even I have to get the subsidy of stolen money or I will be paying $30  more a month. As it is their service is approaching $100 a month!

This is but a small sliver of the lawlessness that is either actively supported by our churches or supported by their silence. 

And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
~Matthew 7:23

I don’t think that God is happy with these modern apostate churches:

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
~Revelation 3:15-16

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
~1 Peter 4:17