January 24, 2021 Breaking news and thoughts:

Looking Through An Adversary’s Eyes: A KGB Agent’s Prophecy – Zero Hedge – TYLER DURDEN

Joe O’Biden isn’t the only communist that you have to fear:
Watch out folks these Communist property tax collectors are coming to make you  homeless and on the street. Not only that but you don’t get a jury trial as the Constitution demands!   Why do we tolerate the 1st plank of a Satanic document?  The  demonic bastards in my county did a “drive by appraisal” and tried to double my tax!  Either pay it or men with guns  will come to either make you homeless or kill you if you resist.  Look for a few stories soon if I can get the time.

500% property tax increases result of low voter turnout says county treasurer – Louis Rossmann- YouTube

‘They’re chasing people out of the city’: New property tax report shocks Cook County treasurer, resi – WGN News

181 Dead in the U.S. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections – How Long Will We Continue to Allow Mass Murder by Lethal Injection?  – Medical Kidnap


Jessie Czebotar

Inauguration, High Strangeness, Codes, and Satanic Rituals w/ Jessie Czebotar (2 parts)

Jessie Czebotar rejoins the program to discuss the strangest inauguration the country has ever experienced. She explains what it should have been like and how it was considerably different. She also explains a few other points that those who are not knowledgeable about the rituals will not notice…

See Part 1… 

Part 1 on Rumble

See Part 2…

Part 2 on Rumble


Here is a propaganda, fake news,  hit piece  on Sarah Westall from the Globalist mouthpiece Rolling Stone Magazine. It’s scary as hell that there are people dumb enough to buy into this article’s premises:

Patreon Claimed They Kicked Conspiracy Theorists Off. QAnon Still Flourishes

Previously I have posted 10 interviews of Jessie  Czebotar.
This is not for the feint of heart:

Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal, World Agenda, Leadership Structure, Rituals w/ Jessie Czebotar 1 of 3 – Sarah Westhall

This is another  good Jessie Czebotar interview:

Ruling Elite’s Satanic Goals, Massive Family Trust & Dismantling the Great Reset: Good vs Evil (2/P)  

The above interview blew my mind  when it confirms where your “income tax” money goes.  It goes to fund the Illuminati trust. Basically you are paying  tribute to Satan on April 15th!    ~MFP

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 23, 2021

Niacin and Cancer
How vitamin B-3 protects and even helps repair your DNA
by W. Todd Penberthy, PhD, Andrew W. Saul, and Robert G. Smith, PhD

Orthomolecular medicine is one of the most important medical  discoveries I have made in a long time.   If you want to learn what you need to learn I HIGHLY recommend that you take this course.   ~MFP


Establishment War Against “We the People” – Paul Craig Roberts –  usawatchdog.com


The Agony Of Deceit;Over time, many Americans have caught on to the fact that the news is essentially the same no matter which channel you are watching.SQ;THE BIG LIES REPEATED OVER AND OVER TO CONTROL THE MINDS OF ‘THE WALKING DEAD!  – endoftheamericandream.com

Cult: Government Is Now The New Religion? –  TYLER DURDEN – Zero Hedge


Carlsbad, CA Declares No More Lockdowns! –  Dave Hodges

Twenty Reasons Mandatory Face Masks are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral – globalresearch.ca


Poland Plans To Make Censoring Of Social Media Accounts Illegal – Sarah Westall

California Refuses To Disclose COVID-19 Data Used To Drive Lockdowns –  TYLER DURDEN – Zero Hedge

Joe Biden is president now and everything has happened just as we were warned – Washington Post

Pelosi Wanted Machine Guns– gellerreport.com

Maryam Henein on the CORPORATION of the United States – Health Ranger Report

51st State: 46 out of 58 California Counties Want “New California” – Sarah Westall

Mozilla, Firefox planning to censor Conservatives at the Browser Level; Deplatforming isn’t enough – Sarah Westall

HOT MIC: Biden Says ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing,’ Signs Executive Order Anyway
In the video, an unidentified person told Biden to “sign it anyway,” so he did – National File

BBC sex education programme tells 9-year-olds there are ‘over 100 genders’ and shows kids talking to adults about ‘bi-gender’, ‘genderqueer’ and ‘pansexual’ identities  –  Daily Mail

Benefits of Vitamin D – COAST TO COAST AM – January 05, 2021  (Interviews pharmacist, nutritionist  Ben Fuchs – 30 minutes)

FYI  learned much of what I know about nutrition from listening to Ben Fuchs daily radio show for about 4 years.  Here is a link to an archive of those shows:

Brightside Radio Archive

Biden’s First 100 Days: Biden’s Climate Change Initiatives Will Usher In Eco-Feudalism In Which Citizens Will Own No Property
–  Dave Hodges

That  2 US presidents have met and made treaties with  ET races is not quite mainstream yet  but  this is all going to be revealed very soon IMHO ~MFP

President Eisenhower’s Meeting with ET’s at Edwards AFB – Coat to Coast AM official (70 minutes)

Angry at Big Tech? Wait! The Other Shoe has not Dropped! (worse things coming) –  Rob Braxman Tech – YouTube

His site on  Odysee

Biden Scraps Trump’s Executive Order Lowering Prices of Insulin, EpiPen For Impoverished Americans – NationalFile

Democrat NGO’s To Direct Military / CIA & FBI In Purge of Conservatives

GOP Rep Supports $1400 Stimulus Checks — But ONLY If You Get COVID Vaccine –  Jamie White – InfoWars

10 Very Strange Activities Worldwide that Point to a Global Upset & Mass Psyops Sarah Westall

Joe Biden Pledges Allegiance to the New World Order In 1992 Article – Jamie White  – InfoWars

Find the Sunday Alex Jones Saturday 1/24/2021   show,  archived on Banned.video  I am listening to it right now live ~MFP

This is a subscription video, and I recommend that you check it out anyhow ~MFP

Who controls the nukes in Mexico pointed at the US- Sam Honnold – Dave Hodges – watch.thecommonsenseshow.tv  (40 minutes)

Sam Honnold’s web site:   GospelGunslingers.com

Leftist Environmental Plan For Total Planetary Serfdom Revealed
Infowars.com (9 minutes)