January 12, 2021 Breaking news and thoughts:

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
For if any be a hearers of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass”
~ James 1 22-23

VIDEO: Military Armored Vehicles Rolling into New Jersey – Hal Turner Radio

Steve Quayle has more on this if you join Q-Files 

It seems that Eastern cities when they riot are going to be denied any resupply by truck. ~MFP

I would also join Hal Turner Radio and listen to the 1/11/21  show

Christians have been silent on these no fly lists for 20 years. No action taken.  Some perhaps  “prayed”  and did nothing else and we see what   modern   Christians have brought us.   We reap what has been sown.   ~MFP

Trump Supporters Being Put on NO-FLY List as “Terrorists” – Hal Turner Radio

New York Bar Association Moves to EJECT Rudy Giuliani – Hal Turner Radio

The left is projecting  all of the things that they are involved with,  onto  the right. ~MFP

Biden Announces NEWLY DEFINED Ideological Terrorism – Seek to have MAGA Rallies Declared “Terrorist” – Hal Turner Radio

Comrade O’Biden plans on letting tens of millions more illegals into this country to insure it’s  complete economic destruction. ~MFP

New Migrant Caravan Forming in Honduras – Newswars.com

The NWO Goes Operational –  Bowne Report

The ‘War On Terror’ Comes Home
written by ron paul

While Pastor Baldwin and  I  may disagree on some things,  this is one of his talks/ Sermons  that are  very much worth your time to listen to. ~MFP

What We Will Face In 2021 – Message by Dr. (Pastor)  Chuck Baldwin on Jan. 10, 2021 – YouTube – LibertyFellowshipMT

It seems that  Scottsdale AZ based web hosting company GoDaddy  is as  I had learned  in the past,  is surprise: another deep state controlled corporation.  ~MFP


Trump Is Finally Ready to Move Against the Deep State- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges – Dave Hodges *** Interview

Just in Case You Needed More Incentive to Homeschool… – the Organic Prepper

Hospitals Offering Financial Incentives to Staff Refusing the Experimental COVID Vaccines to Get More Vaccinated – Medical Kidnap

The  discredited deep state organization known as the FBI wants to project the crimes of the left onto the right.   They want to criminalize you exercising any of your rights. ~MFP

FBI: Armed Protests Planned At All 50 State Capitols –  oann.com

The FBI bastards are removing “stop the steal” from the net if I understood correctly.  ~MFP 

FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel Says It Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”! – Restricted Republic w/ Lisa Haven & Justus Knight

FWIW Missouri needs to secede  from the Communist States of Amerika ASAP. ~MFP

Texas Lawmakers Consider Secession Over Life Under Democrat Marxism — Several States Interested in Movement (Video) – thegatewaypundit.com

1983 Flashback: Top BLM Associate Detonated Bomb In US Capitol Building
by Kelen McBreen

Woman Warns Others Not to Get Moderna Experimental COVID Vaccine – Posts Video of Herself Convulsing – Medical Kidnap

Exclusive: Giuliani Believes Trump, Himself, And Don Jr. Indicted In DC – Infowars

MUST READ: This Is How Your Life Will Look Like Under The Martial Law – survivaldan101

CNN’s Stelter Asks Networks to Censor Trump Border Wall Speech
by Adan Salazar

by Steve Watson

5 steps to survive the Marxist Purge – WND

Guinea Pigs United – Is Mass Vaccination Creating New Strains? – Ultimate-Survival

The Globalists are in the Final Stages of Triggering a Total Collapse of the United States – FULL SHOW 1/11/21  –  Alex Jones Show

I am currently listening to Trump address the nation from the Alamo in TX.
It is not being covered anywhere in the MSM! The Emergency Broadcast  System  refused to carry it!   Today the deep state pushed a heavy DNS attack on infowars and the site has been up and down.  I got better  coverage of the speech on my cell phone at infowars.com than on  my laptop.

If the entire Internet is not taken down I will soon publish a link on banned.video where I expect the speech in full to be posted.

Sometimes I wonder if Trump works for the deep state. He should of at the very least have declassified everything.   Americans do not even know that he had Underground Chinese bases bombed along the Canadian border:
Steve Quayle has confirmed this story that Hal Turner first broke.

Perhaps Trump (he hasn’t been doing the logical thing so I am not hopeful)
 will do some Fireside Chats as many have been advising him to do for the 4 years that he has been in office.)   will expose the deep state in other soon  to come  speeches…..  I am not holding my breath that he will finally see the light.
Pray for Trump  ~MFP

I have been very disappointed in Trumps inability to take good advice and take action. So far it seems that he has totally pissed away a great opportunity

Watch Trump’s First Public Appearance Since Deplatforming – Banned.video

John Moore ( of Lebanon MO) show he has guests on that prove that   agent provocateurs  called Antifa  ran the false flag riots at the capitol.

They go in a lot of directions and is very informative listening:




BREAKING: Trump Addresses Nation: We Believe in the Rule of Law, Not Violence and Rioting –  Infowars


Patriots Plan to Take Back the Country from Dangerous Marxist Technocrats w/ Dave Hodges  –  Sarah Westall

MULTIPLE CLAIMS: Chinese Invasion Force Landing in CANADA to commence physical INVASION of USA – Hal Turner Radio

INTEL: Military Reservists Told “Drop Everything and report . . .“- Hal Turner Radio