They Are All Socialists Now – Jacob G. Hornberger – The Future of Freedom Foundation

MFP Commentary:
The author forgets to include that all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto have been not only implemented but accepted by  most of the “Christians” in this country.  Talk about being dumbed  down…
Things such as the graduated income tax, the property tax, free government schools,  a central bank, the FCC, and more come right out of this Satanic document and most are  utterly clueless….

FWIW dear reader we are in large part a communist country . Not a Republic.


In his reelection campaign, President Trump declares, “America will never be a socialist country” … well … except for:

Social Security
Public (i.e., government) schooling
The federal income tax
Public housing
Education grants
Farm subsidies
Food stamps
Corporate bailouts
Stimulus payments
Immigration controls
The welfare state
The military establishment
The Federal Reserve
The Postal Service
The Tennessee Valley Authority
Federally owned lands

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