America Does Not Understand the True Goals of the Lockdowns-EXPOSING THE AGENDA!!! – Dave Hodges

As Celeste Solum and myself have been warning, medical martial law is very near.

America is failing to grasp the gravity of the threat posed by the lockdowns. The contact tracing apps and personnel will one day be used to separate you from your family. This will be covered in my next article.

We are currently undergoing the “cancel culture”. All traditions, both patriotic and Christian are forcibly being abandoned. However, destruction of statues is not the real goal of the Left. The Left is after the building block of society. Do you have any idea what that consists?

The father of modern sociology, Amatai Etzioni, once said: “The family can exist without the state, but the state cannot exist without the family”. Modern liberalism is turning that time-honored adage into a new belief. The modern-day liberals want to destroy the family so they can stop capitalism. Also, people draw strength from their family. A strong family is a formidable foe for the globalists who seek to tear down the country.

Before we get to the globalist’s long-term goal of destroying the family, and why, we must start at a much lower level of analysis. Over the next few articles, I am going to present confirming information that demonstrates the true goal of the lockdowns, our continuing economic collapse and the meltdown of America’s mental and physical health. These variables will set the stage for the ushering in Democratic (Bolshevik) control over the government and the America that you knew will be gone forever. However, political change, although a primary goal of the Democrats, is not the final goal. The globalists plan on destroying all America, every part of it down to the family unit….Read More

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