Deadliest Virus in the World: Communism – G. Edward Griffin


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Many things in modern American are based upon Communism.  Take the “property tax”  for example. It is actually the 1st plank of the Satanic  Communist manifesto that has been implemented in every county of the US!  Where the hell are the “troops” in protecting us against this clear tyranny?   Wel for starters the troops are a standing army that the founders warned us about and that scripture calls: Living by the sword.

Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.
~Matthew 26:52



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This video squeezes into just 8 minutes how Communists around the world (1) have used violent conflict, based on identity politics, to overthrow governments, (2) how this has led to economic chaos and the murder of tens of millions of people, and (3) how this same tactic is being used today in America. It is highly recommended that this be viewed in conjunction with another program called More Deadly than War, the Communist Revolution in America, which reveals an additional layer of Leninist strategy that includes, not only the use of violence, but non-violence as well. The non-violent strategy builds on the fear instilled in the population by violence in the streets and causes them to embrace legislation they are told will please the destroyers and cause them to stop the violence. In reality, however, the legislation is designed to convert the old order into a Communist system by legal and parliamentary means. America is being conquered by Communism, not because of mobs storming government buildings, but by electing Communist politicians claiming to be socialists and justice warriors who are building Communism step by step, one law at a time. 2020 June 28 Source: Turning Point USA.

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