America’s Greatest Asset Is Going to Be Handed Over to the CHICOMS Prior to the Planned Destruction of the American Empire

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, June 15, 2020

America, if you want to truly know what lies ahead, I have a couple of homework assignments that you need to perform.

For those of you that have Amazon Prime on your ROKU, I would recommend watching the first few episodes of the original series, The Man In the High Castle. It is instructive for what it is like to live under a repressive regime that has conquered and is occupying America. Your next homework assignment is to go to Netflix and watch the first three episodes of original USA Network series, Colony, in which the dominant theme is high tech martial law with genocidal overtones. This series is available on Netflix.

I have it on good authority that Trump has been meeting with Obama and Clinton. Why? Is this a prearranged coup plotting event against the Republic and its Constitution? I have many reasons to believe that these meetings between the three individuals has indeed taken place. The most likely scenario involves a President who has been compromised and stripped of his power. We see that Big Pharma has been in charge of the country since March 13, 2020. We now see the military turning on Trump as he is powerless to stop the Antifa takeovers of American cities. I can draw no other conclusion than Trump has been neutered and the terms of surrender are being negotiated on behalf of the Communist Chinese. However, and as I have written about many times before, the surrender of America will not mitigate the planned genocide that is coming…..Read More