666: THE MARK OF THE BEAST HAS ARRIVED This is the most important issue in all of human history. Will humanity remain free or become A.I. directed slaves?

MFP Commentary:
How much do you want to bet that the Fordland Medical Clinic participates in this Satanic  vaccine  when it is Federally mandated?  And if you dare complain they will fire you like they did me.

Seeking redress from my  ostensible  servants in the  Federal Legislature, those  “servants” whose health  and retirement plans,  make the “Hunger Games” central elites life styles, look like their role models, rather than the US Constitution,  they have  basically  totally ignored me, their boss, & constituent, for months.  There is a high proportion of psychopaths in government (estimated at 9%)  I think I lost the lottery as both of mine seem to be in this camp.

 | Infowars.com – APRIL 20, 2020


666: The Mark Of The Beast Has Arrived

Watch this Infowars Special Report on Microsoft’s world patent number 060606 and the plan for global enslavement.  A 2020 patent filed by Microsoft Technology outlines a technology where human activity is used to mine cryptocurrency using a device that transfers human action data to a master server.Once a human accomplishes an activity sent by the server, the human is rewarded with cryptocurrency for completing the computer-mandated task.Is this the long-feared Mark of the Beast forewarned in The Bible?Click here to see the patent for yourself.
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