The Greatest Generation Of US Soldier Rapists and Whoremongers

MFP Commentary:
It seems that we are NEVER it seems given the true history of events.  That is how the psychopaths in power continue to control us.

The Greatest Generation

According to an article about Antony Beevor’s new book, D-Day, 20,000 French civilians were killed within three months of the D-Day landing. Some villages in Normandy only recently began having D-Day celebrations. What? How ungrateful these people were for the “hundreds of tons of bombs destroying entire cities and wiping out families.” Or perhaps it was because of the “theft and looting of Normandy households and farmsteads by liberating soldiers” that “began on June 6 and never stopped during the entire summer.” Or perhaps it was the “3,500 rapes by American servicemen in France between June 1944 and the end of the war.”…Read More