US Warns UK Over Huawei and 5G Wireless

MFP Commentary:

From the authoritarian communist country often known as California:   “Couple must pay nearly $600G for removing oak tree from their property, judge rules.”

FWIW this type of socialist/communist implementation of the 1st plank of the communist manifesto occurs in all 50 countries that make up these United States.

Keep doing nothing and you will see your states current implementation of the 1st plank of the communist manifesto, become as egregious as what CA has done.

Why is this listed under “christianity”? Because christians are supporting the first plank of the communist manifesto, a plan to kill all christians on Earth,  and to bring in the Satanic New World Order.  Talk about “useful idiots”.

This story of the US government (under direction from the United nations)  going to insane lengths (such as making it illegal to stop 5g on health concerns)  to make sure it is implemented,  cements my certainly that 5G is being implemented for  very dark and nefarious purposes.  Both health wise and privacy wise.