Pregnant Mom Traveling Through Connecticut with Husband Stops at Hospital Where They Forcibly Drug her and Perform Cesarean Surgery to Kidnap Baby

by Health Impact News/ staff

In a story so horrendous that it reads like a Hollywood script to a movie that could only be fiction, Tennessee parents Suzy and Peter Saad have decided to go public with their story of alleged medical abuse and medical kidnapping in Connecticut.

suzy and peter medical school

Peter and Suzy met in medical school. Image from Facebook.

Peter and Suzy both have master’s degrees and were former medical school students, which is where they met. However, they put their plans for medical school on hold to start their family.

Suzy pregnant two children with dad

Peter and Suzy with their two boys while Suzy is pregnant with Sofia. Image from Facebook.

After delivering two boys by cesarean birth, mom’s dreams were finally realized when she became pregnant for the third time, and this time it was a baby girl in answer to her prayers.

Suzy wanted the best for the new daughter growing in her womb, so she sought medical help to try and have a natural birth, uncommon but not impossible when the first pregnancies end in cesarean births.

The family was living in Tennessee, and Suzy was not happy with the prenatal care she was receiving. Peter’s family is from New Jersey, and after one of his family members died and they traveled to New Jersey to attend the funeral, they found a birthing center there that Suzy felt comfortable with in terms of trying a natural birth.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy with her daughter, Suzy was experiencing some anxiety and suffering from bad nights of sleep. Family and friends suggested she take a few days off with her husband, while family members watched the two boys.

They knew about a lovely place in Maine they had been wanting to visit, and decided that the 6-hour trip would do them some good.

As they drove from New Jersey to Maine, Suzy experienced some pain, and to be on the safe side, they decided to stop at a hospital in Connecticut.

This is when the real nightmares began. Her husband’s family is originally from Egypt, although Peter grew up in the United States and has been a U.S. citizen since he was a child. His family in Egypt are Coptic Christians, a minority group in a country that is predominately Muslim.

Before they fully understood what was happening, Peter was allegedly being accused of being a Muslim terrorist and fleeing the law, and Suzy was being accused of being a drug addict, simply because she had some prescription medications with her to treat her high blood pressure and diabetes.

She was allegedly drugged and forced to have cesarean surgery, and hospital staff then allegedly worked together with social service workers to take custody of her baby.

After 6 months of trying to comply with everything the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) was requiring of the parents in order to get their baby daughter back, they have now decided to go public with their story….Read More



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  • My hovercraft is full of eels

    Bwahahahaha. How stupid are you cultists? This isn’t even good fan fiction. Exactly none of that happened.
    Crunchy mom tried to refuse medical care when the babies life was in danger. Authorities intervened to overrule mommies stupidity and narcissism.

    • It’s so sad that such a large percentage of our population, is so dumbed down and seems to lack any discernment. In addition to living in a fantasy world where facts and reality are ignored. The state has a long established criminal record of using CPS and threats of such to kidnap children from Americans with less due process than one would get for a traffic ticket.

      • My hovercraft is full of eels

        The first part is hilarious unintentional irony. Exactly none of the second part is true.

    • Alexander

      How many times have you typed cultists in the past 24 hours? That seems like rather brainwashed cultist like behaviour to any rational or observant human-being.

      Maybe stop worshiping at the altar of corporate “scientific” dogma and start thinking for yourself for once in your life.

      • My hovercraft is full of eels

        Is you little cult hive mind upset? I don’t care. LOL. A mindless follower like you telling anyone to think for themselves, Priceless.

        • Alexander

          Yes, I am extremely upset that people like you make up a large portion of modern-day society in the West.

          • My hovercraft is full of eels

            Unfortunately the magical thinkers and scientific illiterates like you outnumber people like me substantially. It’s why our species can’t have nice things. It’s why we have Donald Trumps, Justin Trudeau, and the Kardashians.

      • Joe Tittiger

        It is upsetting to see how little discernment that Mr Eel and much of the population has.

        This story contains nothing that the state hasn’t done and been exposed doing, in the past. It’s morons like Mr Eeel that enable this evil to exist and to spread.

        Just because he is clueless about what is going on in the world does not make reality not so.

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