Bolivar Missouri: Video Shows Police Raid On Stage 4 Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room For Medical Marijuana

MFP Commentary:
This is how the criminals in MO have “legalized”. The entire MO legislature and the cops involved should be in jail over this. (Police it seems are selected for low intelligence and willingness to follow criminal orders.)

Keep on believing their lies about “legalization” Most Americans would not know a God given right if it hit them square in the face.  Why are all of our rights being turned into permissions?  (hint: look at the government school brainwashing)
FWIW I have a friend,  a doctor BTW, who died last year of cancer, in part because the psychopaths in Jeff city think that they are God and that our rights come from them.** It is illustrative to read the comments on Zero Hedge.
Most of the commenters would gladly put these criminals in blue in a cell and then throw away the key.

According to a local Fox affiliate Sousley had actually been “in the middle of a chemotherapy treatment at Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar” before local officers raided the room, apparently with the cooperation of unnamed hospital staff.

Though it’s unclear exactly what the hospital thought was happening in the room, according to Newsweek, “The officer said that the department had received a call from someone who said they smelled weed coming from Sousley’s room.” Officers ultimately found no marijuana or any illegal substance during the search, but did reportedly find CBD Oil (Cannabidiol oil), which is legal.

“If we find marijuana we’ll give you a citation,” an officer threatened as another family member tried to plead with police, saying Sousley’s extreme pain means that doctors allow him a variety of medications. Sousley denied smoking marijuana or ingesting ground-up plants, but acknowledged he uses THC containing capsules for pain management…. Read More

  • olde reb

    And it was Oliver North that ridiculed congress for trying to control the CIA and their running of drugs through Arkansas, with the assistance of governor Bill Clinton who was thanked with the Presidency by the Deep State (Wall Street) for his help. Terry Reed in COMPROMISED details the drug running; Gary Webb in DARK ALLIANCE details the Los Angeles CIA’s drug running.

    And the Bolivar cops pick on a terminally ill man to harass. Sad.

    • I think most people miss the salient points that:

      1.) There is ZERO authority for the war on drugs in the US constution. So all drug enforcers are by definition rogue criminals. They could likely be prosecuted under USC title 18 sections 241 & 242

      2.) The war on drugs was initiated by the globalist/Satanic United nations, creating the “drug schedules” for the US with president Nixon being a good little puppet for the deep state and starting the “war on drugs” 10 years later.

      3.) The state does not give us our rights and what we ingest as the sovereign’s in this country is certainly a right.

      A right that can not IMHO even be taken away with a constitutional amendment. Mere laws against drug use are laughable in legitimacy as no law can give a power to the government that they Constitution did not give them. (precisely why mere laws could not outlaw alcohol during the prohibition) So at the very least a Constitutional amendment would be required to legitimize this gobalist war on drugs which in reality is nothing more than a war on our rights.

      Verify everything that I have stated here. All of it is 100% verifiable.