12 year old girl publishes online newspaper to fight tyranny What are you doing?

MFP Commentary:
I ask:  What are you  doing for the cause of liberty? What are you doing to protect the God given rights that your children will inherit?

There is a whole heck  of a lot more to it than rifles and ammo.  Though they are critical. 

 What this 12 year old girl  is doing, should put most of us to shame: She  seems to know more about liberty than most full grown men that I know today.   

In fact  I left the established church a few years back due to their being no men (or women) , that knew what their God given rights were, much less that were interested in protecting them, and educating their fellow christians about them.  It was back then that I proposed an online newspaper as a critical step in this direction.  Not a single person was interested. Not a single “christian”  at my church was interested in their ( or others)  God given rights.  That was when I decided that I was keeping bad company, and abandoned what God  himself wanted to “vomit out” at one point.    

In  the 2000 years since Christ’s death  it looks to me like Satan has full control of America’s Churches and preachers.

This little girl is more of a Christian in my book than almost anyone that I  have associated with, including the dumbed down pastors of the churches that I have attended.  I think that she actually “gets” the greatest commandment, unlike most modern christians.


WATCH: 12yo Girl Owns Cop for Threatening to Arrest Her for Her Journalism

WATCH: 12yo Girl Owns Cop for Threatening to Arrest Her for Her Journalism

Link to her paper, “The Orange Street News”

Patagonia Marshal Theatens to Arrest OSN Publisher SEE THE VIDEO


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