Texas Judge Sanctions CPS $127K for Wrongfully Taking Couple’s Children and Lying to the Court

MFP Commentary:

When you can “take” children with no due process,  using lies as the basis for “taking” the children,  what is the difference between this, and kidnapping?   Where the hell are the criminal charges against the CPS workers?   I guess wearing a government uniform of any color exempts one from being prosecuted for any crime.  This is a glaring example of “Moral Relativism”  a plank in the beliefs of the church of Satan., and an evil  principle that is central to the structure of the US government and it’s agencies.    One last thought:  Where the hell are the “pro-life” “useful idiots”  (1) ?


Commentary by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News

There are elements that are common almost to the point of being universal in cases involving children taken from their families by Child Protective Services, including false allegations, lying by social workers, falsified medical records, failure of social workers to follow their own policies, laws broken by CPS, and the failure to consider evidence that refutes CPS allegations.

However, there is one thing that remains rare in CPS cases – that is, for anyone within the system to be held accountable. Repercussions for social workers, the CPS agency, or doctors involved in taking children from innocent parents are very rare….Read More