BLOG: Thoughts on Essential Oil Companies and Products

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I am not a new comer to the nutrition scene, though I held off my exploration of “essential oils” for years now.   I was put off by the sleazy marketing aimed at people with disposable incomes that knew little or nothing about nutrition. Your typical American soccer mom, that demanded the AMA model of a simple solution, of a  pill (or oil)  for every ill.      I saw, and still see most of these essential oil groupies, as being very uneducated about health and nutrition.   Why else would you see people ignoring the foundations of health (nutrition/toxins, sleep, exercise, emotions) and try to build a house of health on a structure with no foundation?   It makes no sense at all to those that understand that the body needs at least 90 raw materials (essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, & vitamins) to build a healthy body.   Many of these people must believe in magic,  that somehow that these magical oils are going to provide their bodies with all of the essential 90 nutrients that the body needs.  And from looking at most of these people you can tell that they are not getting good nutrition, just from their body shapes and the condition of their skin. Watching what they eat is even more telling of their nutritional ignorance.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against essential oils.   I am very much in favor of, using them, when called for and appropriate.  IMHO that  is when you have built a foundation for health by addressing diet/toxins. sleep, exercise, and emotional health and you still get some ailment. Then and only then is the modality of of exploring other options advisable. Especially from a financial perspective.  The very first thing that someone considering taking an oil should consider is: Where did I screw up on the diet/toxin side of the house?  And try and address the root cause rather than using Essential oils as band aides for your negligent treatment of your body.

All of these preconceptions were  proven out, when I somehow sat through a 3 hour Young Living seminar, that  can be best described as an indoctrination fest.  Three solid hours of being in an “echo chamber” of ideas.  I don’t have the time nor inclination to go into details here, and will move on…..

After this Young Living boot camp, I decided to go to the Young Living web site and see about getting a bottle of Bergamot oil.  After all their reputation as far as I knew was stellar.   I was  immediately confused that they were saying to use this oil only externally, when one of the most potent uses of Bergamot oil is internally for inducing autophagy.

To me this is a  lie by omission.  They had to be aware, or should have been,  aware of this use for the Bergamot,  but are   are telling people that internal use is not safe!   Reading between the lines, it seems like this Christian company’s god is the USDA, as they seem to fear repercussions from them, more than they think about telling the truth, and having their customers health as their first concern, by exercising their God given right of free speech.  Sorry but Kowtowing to government agencies illegitimate powers, by curtailing your God given free speech is not something that Christians should be doing IMHO.  If the manufacturer of a product will not educate it’s customers about the uses of a health product, then who will? And who is responsible when sickness results from this omission?

Trying to order a single item as a retail customer was a nightmare.   The $28 bottle of Bergamot expanded to cost $45 if ordered as a mere mortal.   So, I reluctantly explored becoming an associate.  After an hour of going in circles,   and being treated like  mushroom (being kept in the dark and fed bull shit) I had to give up. This entire MLM (multi level marketing) scheme was purposely obfuscated, for some reason, and I was not going to be the mark, whose time was going to be wasted.

Consequently I spent a few hours doing more research.  What I discovered was that the obvious way

Explain  why I wanted to GC-MS data sheet.
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Hello, XXX,
Thank you for contacting the Young Living® email department in regards to  our Bergamot oil. Our scientific testing is an important part of our Seed to Seal® quality commitment. We believe that extensive testing is necessary to produce quality essential oils, and one or two tests is not sufficient. We have spent years developing some of the most sophisticated and accurate test methods in the industry. Sharing these specific methods could put us at a competitive disadvantage. Additionally, this information is complex and only an experienced scientist who is familiar with natural products will understand the reports and information.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Young Living®. I hope that you have a wonderful day XXX.
If you have additional questions or concerns, or if we can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us via telephone at 1-800-371-3515, via fax at 866-203-5666, via e-mail at, or via our Live Help feature at
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explain why they are hiding this info