Widow of man killed in Oregon by FBI Sniper Speaks Out

Jeanette Finicum is the widow of Lavoy Finicum, the man who was killed by an FBI sniper in Oregon in 2016 while protesting government violation of citizens’ property rights. She will speak at the Red Pill Expo, June 21 – 23, in Spokane, Washington, and tell what really happened on that fatal day. She also will explain how the media demonized her husband in the minds of the public by falsely labeling him as a racist and potential terrorist. The world premiere of the film,Lavoy; Dead Man Talking, will take place at the beginning of the Expo. We asked Jeanette to summarize her presentation in 3 minutes or less. This is her response. …. Video on Vimeo

  • forple

    Evidence is overwhelming that this was murder. Can’t figure out why no one is in jail over this.