Louisiana Becomes the 25th State to Ban Boycotts on Israel

MFP Commentary:
“Land of the Free” my arse!  Where the hell are the so called “troops” when you have “domestic enemies”? (MIA as usual)
It seems as if Israel runs the legislatures in this country.

These state governments are clearly the enemies of your right to free speech and association! Why don’t we treat them as the enemies of freedom that they clearly are?

I seriously think we need stronger treason laws where legislators that advocate the tramping of our rights should face the possibility of being hung from the neck until dead. As it stands these criminals commit these crimes against us with no penalties at all!  Gun grabbing politicians should be the first to be charged IMHO.

Louisiana Becomes the 25th State to Ban Boycotts on Israel

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  1. Why are we fighting wars in foreign lands, when the real enemies of liberty clearly reside in our state legislatures? We need to apply treason stronger laws to these psychopaths that are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. This is ridiculous. This is the United States. Why are we banning freedoms of our citizens and businesses that do not wish to support Israel. This is insanity!

    1. If one does their due diligence you will find out that it is not Russia that wields criminal control over our government, but Israel and China, that are up to their eye balls in interfering with our freedoms.

      IMHO Modern Christianity has become a mental disorder. Consider the fact that almost every “Christian” that you encounter are perfectly comfortable with our government breaking it’s own laws by (at gunpoint) stealing over 2 billions dollars a year from the tax payers and giving it to Israel. That in itself is a crime that needs to be prosecuted. (Modern Christians seem to love and support all sorts of crimes) As it stands there are zero penalties or consequences for psychopaths in our legislators that violate our rights and or violate the Constitution. That needs to change.

      1. $2 billion is extremely low balled for what they actually get. All sources suggest the real number is at least $35 billionaire a year. The way they get that is we give them a ‘loan’ and then cancel it so it doesn’t have to be repaid….year after year. They get similar amounts from most of the big EU states. It is disgusting.

  3. This is disgusting and morally abhorrent. If I don’t want to buy from genocidal racial supremacists who celebrate murdering pregnant women, children, and unarmed men I should have that right. Whoever is passing these laws is a shameful traitor.

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