MFP commentary:

Today’s environmentalist are non-thinking trained monkey’s that jump though the politically correct hoops. They are group thinkers, and useful idiots. They dutifully throw their recyclable trash in the correct bin in their kitchen, while they sip on their fluoridated water, mandated by the state. Concerned as hell about the former, and giving little to no thought to the latter, or that the fact that recycling is just a band aide for the real problems of, mass consumption and poor packaging choices.
They fill their bellies with adulterated foods, that would have sent the manufacturers to prison 100 years ago. They walk to their cars below the chemtrailed skies, (here, here) and offer the well thought out 2 word rebuttal of fact: “conspiracy theory“. They take their children to the doctor to have him, inject mercury laden vaccines directly into their blood stream bypassing their immune system: the gut. They drive their electric cars fueled by carbon producing power plants, not aware that the state has effectively prohibited 70 mph diesel vehicles that produce less carbon in the United States than their electric POS.
They are unaware that global warming caused by carbon and man is a grand lie, designed to economically enslave them.
We are a nation of dumbed down people that are slowly being enslaved by stupid people that think that we are a “democracy” and that stealing other peoples money (socialism) is a viable, and moral economic system.
Modern environmentalism looks more like a mental disorder than a real well thought out philosophy aimed at ensuring a safe, free  place to live, and raise children…it is just another movement either created or controlled/co-opted by the deep state.