Amish farmer facing 68 years in federal prison for making homemade products

It is the only job of legitimate government to protect our rights, and that includes  the sale or barter of any product, that the 2 individuals decide to come to an agreement on the terms.  

The Federal government does not seem to be at all interested in the fake claims that the big food and drug companies make.  How about the fake claim that there is no MSG in a product? That is almost always an outright deception.  How about the claim that our medicines are safe and effective?

Vioxx killed 60,000 Americans     ( here ) with this fake claim, and not a single doctor or drug company executive has been charged much less gone to jail.

What is happening here is that the Federal government gives an absolute pass on the Vioxx  because it’s sale supports big pharma, but this guy’s  product competes with big pharma, and cost them money. That is what is really going on.

The establishment fears this type of product so much that they criminally kidnapped a man in SA making a  black slave, and they put another in Federal prison for selling apricot pits.

We need to join or die, and defend this guy. If this guy is prosecuted we have zero rights to choose our own medical care in the US police state….

IMHO  ANYONE involved in prosecuting this guy is acting criminally and lethal force  can morally be used to defend against their criminal actions.  That is how I would vote if ever put on a jury.  The American people need to come to the realization that we do not have a legitimate government, what we have are criminal thugs that do little other than violate our rights for the benefit of themselves and other moneyed interests.

Here is a Weston A Price society article on Black Salve:
My Adventures with Black Salve

When most people imagine their golden years, they don’t envision spending the last decades of their life in a federal prison, but for 56-year-old Samuel Girod, that threat is very real — thanks to the FDA. Girod is facing 68 years in jail for the simple crime of creating his own all-natural homemade products. Father to 12 and grandfather to 25, Girod has been facing a 12-count indictment since 2015.

Trouble first arose for the Amish farmer back in 2013, when someone reported his homemade products to the state health department of Missouri. An injunction was put in place by a federal judge in the state, banning Girod from making some of his products until specific conditions were met. One of those conditions was an inspection of the property where Girod’s products were made — prompting the state of Kentucky to become involved. Production of these homemade, natural products reportedly took place at Girod’s family home, somewhere along Satterfield Lane in Bath County.   ….. Read More



Amish farmer facing 68 years in federal prison for making homemade products

Here is an article in a Kentucky paper about the same man being prosecuted by an out of control/criminal  government: 

Samuel Girod Indictment Explained

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  1. Justice is mentioned a plethora of times in scripture, yet here in the bible belt, so called “Christians” continually sit by in their pews with their thumbs up their arses, when the God given rights of their fellow Christians are being trampled by an out of control/criminal government.

    US “christians” are doing exactly what the Christians of Nazi Germany did when faced with evil… nothing. Even though we were warned by several German Pastors that gave their lives in the fight:

    Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda

  2. Here is an article in a KY paper about the same case:

    The elephant in the room that EVERYONE is missing, including is that is is not a legitimate function of government to “protect” us. Read the founding documents. Read the Declaration. Neither even remotely suggests that a government should protect us from ourselves. Quite the opposite, a legitimate government will protect your right to do the most inane and dangerous of things. That is what a free society is all about…

    If it were the governments job to protect us then rock climbing and riding of horses and motorcycles would be felonies. Dozens of other things including driving your own personal car could be outlawed. The only reason that government gets away with this shite is that everyone has been dumbed down for 12 years in the government “schools”.

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