RIPPOFF report – Local business experiences:

I have had a poor experiences with  business’s here in SW Missouri  and  I thought that I would write them up as I get time, and invite others to do the same. Send them to me   ( at MFP at the above domain) and I will publish them under the “Consumer Business Reports”  category:

I am currently thinking of writing articles on


The Fordland medical Clinic
The  SAMS club south optical department and Missouri laws on this topic in general
Missouri contractors in general
Home Depot
A major large  local blood donation  center
Fordland medical clinic (single use vials etc  – bad advice, standards of care)
The drivers bureau in Marshfield
The Webster County property tax office
The Seymour police department
The marshfield police and swat team
Dragon Dictate fiasco and the MO attorney general
Google mail  and the MO attorney generals office.

I just finished a story about being physically assaulted and injured by a Seymour MO business owner.

11/7  Amazon kindle not working on my second smartphone, nor will kindle DL to either of my laptops. Support kept me going for 3 days on that one and never solved it. They trample your rights by attrition.

I would also like to direct the reader to RipOffReports, the only, as far as I can tell,    real consumer protection site  on the entire Internet that has survived the suing doctors and attorneys.

*NOTE: Don’t hold your breath for your local paper to do this, they are indebted,and thus controlled by their advertisers.  Also remember that the best way to get a “bad” business to change is to shine the light of day on them.
Expose them to public scrutiny, ridicule, and scorn.

* If you witness either government or private business misconduct or criminal activity,  please  send  your tip to MFP at the domain URL.