FBI murders woman with a baby in her arms…… Ruby Ridge: The Age of State Terrorism Begins

Just in case you have never  heard this story.  The murderer, one  FBI agent Lon Horiuchi,  has never charged.  in fact he resurfaced a few months later in Waco TX to help the Feds murder more women and children.  ~MFP

Sara Weaver has forgiven the people responsible for murdering her mother Vicki and younger brother Samuel twenty years ago. Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who shot Vicki in the head while she was holding a ten-month-old infant, is still being sheltered by the Regime that employed him. If he were any part of a man, Horiuchi would make a pilgrimage to Sara’s home in Montana to express remorse for the crimes he committed against her family…….

Ruby Ridge: The Age of State Terrorism Begins


Here is Jim Bovard’s take on the murder:

Today is the 20th anniversary of the killing of Vicki Weaver. Following is an article I wrote on this back in 1995, followed by the response from FBI director Louis Freeh, which claimed that I “grossly mischaracterized” the details of Vicki Weaver’s killing.

I wonder how much controversy such a killing would excite nowadays. It is amazing how much further government prerogatives have stretched in the past two decades. And it is perhaps even more amazing how much more docile many Americans have become towards unmitigated government BS…….

20 Years Ago at Ruby Ridge: FBI Sniper Slays Mother Holding her Baby