Grandparents Fight State of Kansas Over Attempted Forced Vaccination of Grandson Residing in Their Home

We have the second amendment to protect against criminal psychopaths like we seem to have in all of the state legislatures these days. If they continue their tyranny, I hope that they like being worm food, as that is what should become of them.

Are you square with that? Or should they get a raise for  their blasphemous/playing-god , rights trampling behavior, and  destroying children’s lives? This is NOT what the founders instituted government for!


The war against parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, or to not follow the CDC vaccine schedule which requires more vaccines for children in the U.S. than any other developed nation of the world, rages on all across America.

Citizens of the United States are waking up and recognizing that with no legal accountability for pharmaceutical companies to produce safe vaccines in the U.S., unlike most other countries of the world where one can sue a vaccine manufacturer for damages resulting from their vaccine products, the proliferation of vaccines and their known side effects carries tremendous risk of injury and even death.

Parents and physicians in the U.S. are increasingly standing up for their rights to choose medical procedures for their children and resisting coercion by government agencies who seek to mandate vaccines even against the desires of parents and sometimes their physicians as well.

In Johnson County, Kansas, one 2-year old little boy has been taken away from his mother and placed in foster care with his grandparents. The young boy was born with a serious heart defect, and has never been vaccinated. The mother and the grandparents, for both health and religious reasons, have utilized Kansas’ legal vaccine exemption laws to prevent the young boy from being vaccinated.

But since the child has been removed from his mother and placed into the temporary custody of the state of Kansas, the state is now trying to force the child to be vaccinated against the wishes of both his mother and grandparents, even while he continues to live under the care of his grandparents…. Read More


Study: 40 percent of ALL cancer cases in the U.S. are linked to obesity

by:  Natural News

(Natural News) A new study further highlights the negative implications of America’s obesity epidemic and why more education and policy changes are necessary to combat it: Some 40 percent of all cancers in the U.S. or about 630,000 cases annually, are linked to being overweight.

The findings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are particularly relevant, officials said, because nearly three-in-four adults, or 71 percent, are either overweight or obese.

The study’s results “are a cause for concern,” said CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald, in perhaps the biggest medical-related understatement of the year so far.

“A majority of American adults weigh more than recommended — and being overweight or obese puts people at higher risk for a number of cancers,” Fitzgerald said in a statement, as reported by Agence France Presse. “By getting to and keeping a healthy weight, we all can play a role in cancer prevention.”

Researchers say that people who carry around too much additional weight are at greater risk of developing 13 types of tumors that include cancers of the esophagus, thyroid, postmenopausal breast, stomach, gallbladder, liver, ovaries, pancreas, rectum, uterus and kidneys….. Read More

Study: 40 percent of ALL cancer cases in the U.S. are linked to obesity

BREAKING: Was the Las Vegas massacre an FBI terror plot that accidentally went live?


(Natural News) Few Americans are aware that the FBI actively plots a wide assortment of domestic terrorism scenarios in the United States for the purpose of recruiting targeted individuals into taking part in the plot, then arresting them as “terrorists.” Remarkably, this shocking reality was documented by none other than the New York Times in 2012, which detailed the FBI’s terrorism “sting” operations while asking whether it is appropriate for the FBI to be engaged in the plotting, planning and pseudo-execution of such mass terrorism crimes.

Now, with the FBI clearly engaged in at least some level of a cover-up with the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre, intelligent, rational people are starting to ask a very disturbing question: Was the Las Vegas massacre another FBI terror plot that “accidentally” went live?

No one is suggesting the FBI would intentionally plot the murder of Americans — well, unless they’re black of course, since the FBI did pen a letter to MLK, Jr. and tell him to commit suicide — but is it possible they staged all this, recruited the shooter, gave him the plans and then accidentally dropped the ball and allowed it all to unintentionally go into “live” status? Given the history of the FBI plotting, planning and executing dozens of actual terrorist plots on U.S. soil, it’s not an unreasonable question to consider.

The history of the FBI’s own terror plots across the United States reveals that the FBI is America’s most prolific source of terror plots….. Read More


BREAKING: Was the Las Vegas massacre an FBI terror plot that accidentally went live?

Catalonia Shows the Danger of Disarming Civilians

by Laura Williams

Since the tragic murder of 59 peaceful concertgoers in Las Vegas Sunday, I’ve heard well-intentioned Americans from all political corners echoing heartbroken and tempting refrains:

Can’t we just ban guns?

Surely we can all get together on the rocket launchers.

Things like this would happen less often.

We have enough military.

While victims were still in surgery, some took to television and social media to criticize the “outdated” and “dangerous” Second Amendment to the Constitution. They have lived so long in a safe, stable society that they falsely believe armed citizens are a threat to life and liberty for everyone.

Those who claim to see no necessity or benefits of individual gun ownership need only look to the rolling hills of Catalonia, where a live social experiment is currently unfolding.

Unarmed Patriots

Just hours before an alleged lone gunman opened fire from the Mandalay Bay casino, the citizens of a small region surrounding Barcelona, Spain, cast a vote for their regional independence. Catalonia’s citizens have a unique language, culture, and history, and consider Spain a neighboring power, not their rightful rulers. So as America’s Continental Congress heroically did (and as Texans and Californians occasionally threaten to do) Catalonia wished to declare independence and secede….. Read More

Overhwelming False Flag Evidence- But Who Was Really Behind the Vegas Shooting?

An individual, whom I have never discussed politics with before, told me that he was glad that the Vegas perpetrator of the shooting of approximately 600 people was dead. Then the individual said that man “was a killing machine”.  I tuned him out and just nodded in agreement. It was apparent to me that this man had a terminal case of cognitive dissonance and I wasn’t in the mood to hear his regurgitation of CNN, whom he loves. When he saw that I was tuning him out, he said “I suppose you have a conspiracy theory about this Vegas shooting.” I responded that indeed I did but I did not feel the need to correct his ignorance. He egged me on to present what I knew to be a conspiracy. He responded, “I suppose you think this is another 9/11”.  I said “No, this is another JFK assassination experience”. I broke down and told him what is in the following paragraphs….. Read More


Overhwelming False Flag Evidence- But Who Was Really Behind the Vegas Shooting?

A Congressman, a Former DHS Chief and a Major Wall Street Figure Have All Predicted an EMP Attack


In my years of covering the plots and conspiracies of the New World Order and their continual assault upon Americans and Christians, I have never seen such a bizarre and numerous set of events which threaten to take down the country and eventually world. This is Part Three of an open-ended series about thse events. I have had numerous discussions with colleagues about these events and to a person we have all expressed the same level of confusion. However, amongst the noise, there now appears to be a discernable pattern which is very disturbing.

It appears that North Korea is preparing to launch an EMP attack upon the United States. As an aside, this goes against everything I had come to believe about this possibility. North Korea is a puppet state of China. China owns the debt of the United States. Therefore, it would be preferrable for the Chinese to take over an America in which the infrastructure would be functional. Therefore, I have previously rejected the notion of a pending EMP attack upon the United States. Yet, the evidence coming out of these events stronly  suggests otherwise and when we follow the emerging data, we can conclude the following:

  1. North Korea will launch an EMP attack against the United States that will be sanctioned by China.
  2. There are numerous 5th column forces inside the United States ready to act after the EMP has been delivered.
  3. There will be roundups of American dissidents as rehearsed in Jade Helm 15.
  4. It is my firm belief that the United States will be attacked, Red-Dawn style, follwing completion of items #1-3 on this list.

Part 4 will deal with items  # 2 and 3 on this list and Part 5 will address item #4

…. Read  more


A Congressman, a Former DHS Chief and a Major Wall Street Figure Have All Predicted an EMP Attack

“Death by Doctor” Designed to Depopulate the American People- Ronnie McMullen

Eugenics is very real and very present in the United States today  with most people completely unaware of it’s extent.  The eugenics  movement started in the NW United States. Adolph Hiller thanked Margaret  Sanger for her great ideas in Mein  Kampf. Read more here &  here


Death by Doctor is approaching one million deaths per year. The FDA is the guardian of Fake Medicine which is designed as a slow-burn depopulation instrument.

I recently interviewed Ronnie McMullen about these events and his revelations are stunning.

“Death by Doctor” Designed to Depopulate the American People- Ronnie McMullen

Why Are the Elite Collecting DNA and Blood of Children? CSS-10/1-Joshua Coy

This has been going on for decades.  A Texas court case a few years back ordered the destruction of all such records in Texas.  There is a decades old  global plan to collect the DNA on all children born in 1st world countries.  The case in Texas was part of this.  


Another related story:
Did You Know You Also Have a Uniform Birth Number?



Why Are the Elite Collecting DNA and Blood of Children? CSS-10/1-Joshua Coy