There is No Place for Compulsory Schooling in a Civilized Society

By Joe Jarvis – August 02, 2018

A woman is facing 30 days in jail because her son missed too many days of school. His 82% attendance record wasn’t enough to keep her out of court.

Just let it sink in that you can be put in a cage if the state doesn’t have control over your child for a certain number of days each year.

Originally the mom got the case dismissed using an apparent technicality in the law.

Public education in that district was once only mandatory for 7 to 16-year-olds. Later a line was added saying that compulsory education was mandatory for 5 to 7-year-olds. But on appeal, the judge ruled that the new law did not overwrite the old one, it added to it.

But why use these silly loopholes to try to fight off the state? If you are going to waste your time on futile efforts, you might as well challenge the entire system.

Where does the state get the authority to throw a parent in jail for not sending her kid to school? Or in this case, only sending her kid to 147 out of 180 required days…

Parents used to keep their kids home from school to help with the harvest or the family business. With the state of public education today, kids would learn more staying home and surfing the internet. And chances are whatever peaks their interest will benefit them more than the factory-school system.

But now the state forces kids and teens into the school system to “educate” them… Read More

There is No Place for Compulsory Schooling in a Civilized Society

The U.S.-Backed Military Slaughters Women and Children in Cameroon

MFP Commentary:

Your  criminal government using your tax dollars, You might as well be pulling the trigger yourself….. IMHO.


When an unflinching video of soldiers shooting two women and two little children went viral, the Cameroon government called it ‘fake news.’ In fact, such atrocities are common

IKOM, Nigeria — In a decade that has seen countless horrific images of war, never has one shown soldiers from a military that benefits from American support carry out such a heartless and heart-rending act.

A video that went viral last month showed men identified as troops from the U.S.-backed army of Cameroon, but accompanied by other men not in uniform, lead two women down a dirt road. One woman has an infant, perhaps a year old, tied to her back in a traditional African wrap and clinging to her sides. The other woman leads a little girl by the hand who could not be older than six.

As they walk across the dusty scrubland, one soldier repeatedly slaps the face of the woman who clutches the hand of the little girl. “You are BH [referring to Boko Haram], you are going to die,” he says. One of the men says what’s happening was caused by the family of the women….. Read More




The TSA Is Following People Home and Opening Their Emails

Still living under the illusion that you are not the property of the state? Even mainstream media journalists are saying that Western democracies are in jeopardy because of a new wave of totalitarianism. How will the people respond? It is bad enough that TSA is allowed to commit second degree sexual assault against travelers. And this in the face of an agency that has NEVER stopped a terrorist attack. Now, this rogue agency is following travelers home and spying on their electronic communications. This is not hyperbola. The details are in the following video….. Read More

The TSA Is Following People Home and Opening Their Emails