The Fordland medical clinic, is the best friend that Bill Gates and Tony Fauci could hope for!



I got a post card from the Red Cross saying that they were having a blood drive at the local Fordland Clinic.  I do not donate blood any longer due to the Red Cross  ignoring ADA federal law, and demanding that people like myself  with breathing problems wear the useless face diapers when they give blood.   They also mix my  un-vaccinated blood with vaccinated blood and I do not wish to be part of that evil.

I called the Fordland Clinic today, and found out that they are still  pushing the deadly  mRNA COVID jab!! 

Perhaps they should consider adding abortions to their child killing repertoire,  because some people are intelligent enough not to fall for the COVID  death Jab.

Law enforcement makes me want to puke.  They put me through living hell last year because I did not have the $30  to renew my plates.

But  you can  murder people in this county if you have medical license. Those people do not have to go though “police hell” and terrorism.

A medical license  in Webster County MO is nothing short of a license to murder and maim children.

This same “law enforcement” that protects abortionist,s and vaccine murders are the same  thugs that will kidnap your child for the CPS sex trafficking ring, all without due process or a jury trial,

It is “law enforcement”  that  if you do not pay the 1st plank of the Communist manifesto extortion, euphemistically called the property tax,  they will come to your house and either make you homeless, or murder you if you resist the theft of your  home , all of that also without a trial by jury as the Constitution guarantees.

Something is very wrong with this picture where our “public servants”    serve mainly to enforce the laws written by and to serve the globalists that are the real rulers in this country.


The local “Fordland Clinic” is injecting children with cancer virus’s!!! — And so is your AMA medical provider.



As if the monopoly AMA  “standards of care”,  that do  nothing but cover up the symptoms of chronic disease, were not evil enough……

the Fordland Clinic, has decided to enter a new level of evil.

For a few years now the Clinic has been pushing the globalist death jab on the unsuspecting children of Webster County MO!


Even after it became  very clear that these untested, and unapproved, experimental  DNA altering abominations to God, were harming people…..
the Fordland clinic  charged on ahead, and even had a big billboard to try and get the unsuspecting to come in and get  their children jabbed!

It’s bad enough that this globalist created monopoly, has not faced justice for the genocide that it has been calling “medicine”,  for the past 109 years (since 1912) but now your tax dollars are paying for grants to make this temple of death twice it’s previous size!

Are they gearing up for the coming”forced vaccinations”?
The forced injections will come if we don’t stand up and  IMHO the Fordland Clinic will enthusiastically  participate in.

There is a reason why the doctors are recording your vaccine status and it is not good.

One would think that with all of the evidence of this non-vaccine causing death, and harm to children, that our law enforcement here in Webster County would be making arrests of these quacks!

That is until you realize that both health care, and law enforcement are just 2 arms of the New World Order.  We slept at the switch for the past 100 years while the globalists have co-opted every single institution in our society.
That also includes:  Our government, the press, our schools, our churches, and anything else that you can think of.

The bottom line is that there is an open season on murdering children by injection in Webster County MO, and the criminals are running the asylum!

God help us all!

Some facts that you will have to check out yourself:

It was not only the early polio vaccines that contained  cancer virus’s……
According to Dr. Judy Mikovits almost every single vaccine that you have received, (and at the Fordland  Clinic)  has cancer virus’s in it. (FYI there are electron microscope scanned vaccines for politicians, and the elite, that do not have cancer virus’s in them.)

When your child receives a vaccine  at the Fordland Clinic  it is out of a multi-dose vial that contains mercury as a preservative!  However the employees at the clinic will often vaccinate their children with single dose vials that contain no mercury!

Doctors at the clinic have deceived patients, and brought in  Burrell Behavioral Health  employees, to try and trick people into going on SSRI’s and other voodoo harmful medications.

Some of the dental employees, are so incompetent that they x-ray you 3 or 4 times and don’t think anything about it.  Sometimes they don’t even put protective covering over your thyroid!

The Nuremberg accords make it a crime to force medical treatment without consent on  people, yet that is exactly what they do at the Fordland Clinic!

If you do not consent to dental x-rays, they basically fire you as a patient.
Sounds like something that  Nazi Dr Josef Mengele  would do.

I could go on and on, as the medical monopoly that you have been told is there to protect you,  is  demonstrably doing the exact opposite.

I was aware that I was given the SV40 cancer virus by an AMA doctor in  the polio vaccine I was given as a child.    Today when they do cancer biopsies, the SV40 cancer virus is often  present.

What I have learned since from reading the work of Dr Judy Mitkovits.
is that ALL of the vaccines given to children at the Fordland Clinic contain cancer retro virus’s!

Vaccines are grown in animal cultures, and contain cancer causing retro visus’s in them!    Reto virus’ are unique in that they use an enzyme called  “reverse transcriptase” that allows the cancer virus to insert it’s animal cancer virus into your human DNA!  You therefore will pass these onto not only your children but your great grand children.

The “health authorities” were made aware of this 40 years ago by Dr Judy Mikovits.  These authorities, , including the WHO,  all  had meetings on what to do about it.

And what they did was NOTHING! They have continued to inject your children with cancer virus’s, that like the SV40 virus I was given, they will pass on to their great grand kids!



If you know of anything else improper going on at the Fordland Clinic, do not hesitate to contact me.  Your confidence will be respected.


COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths and Injured 6.6 Million Americans in 2022 –  Need to Know News

EDITORIAL: Are Bio weapons being released in Springfield Missouri?

April 28,2021

Pfizer Document Admits Vaccine Side Effects Transfer To The Unvaccinated –  The American Journal ( 5 minutes)

DISTURBING: Unvaccinated Women Claim Unusual Menstrual Cycles & Miscarriages After Being Near Recently Vaccinated Individuals  –  Kelen McBreen

Miami Private School Won’t Employ Vaccinated Teachers or Staff Due to Health Concerns Need To Know News


Are aware that we were warned  by numerous  immunology experts, (1) (2) before the roll  out of the so called “COVID vaccine”, that is in reality an experimental Gene therapy, that  those vaccinated will shed  dangerous  virus mutations  and make others sick?

The evidence that this is the case is mounting up very quickly.
A   Miami school  surely  thinks  that this is the case and is very concerned that newly vaccinated people not be around the children in their  school.

This really hit home earlier this evening when I was checking out  at  a SAMS club here in Springfield MO.   It came up that the guy at the door was freshly vaccinated. How ironic it  is  that SAMS club is pushing the Satanic/Globalist mask bull shit,  as anyone with a lick of discernment knows that these mask absolutely do not stop the transmission of virus’s  and  that masks  do the exact opposite of protecting you and  promote low blood oxygen levels and bacterial pneumonia   in  those that wear them.


In direct contrast to this  “mask virtue signaling” by  SAMS club,   they  (and the Nazi country health departments)  are allowing people  that are a real  (not imagined like the masks)  threat to  your families’ s health to work at the front door and come into contract with every customer as they leave!

What does a globalist  company care if their neglect  causes  an expectant  mother to lose her child?

Not much  I gather, from their fascist terroristic   demand that their employees wear health destroying  “masks:”   Even in cases of    employees with  medical  conditions, that Federal ADA law says are exempt from any mask requirements.    OSHA   regulations are also  are being ignored  by these globalist companies.

So   in the real world  only the little guy  like you and I have  to follow “the law”.  These big companies are exempt from all of them and in the end don’t give a tinkers damn about  anyone’s health.  They work for their globalist masters.


PS There are many inexpensive and effective protocols that one can do to both to  boost your immune system and also to  knock anything down that you may have picked up
Bring this up in the comments if you would like to know more.

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FACT:  The Ethylene Oxide that the COVID test nasal swab is  sterilized with is  tied to cancers. You are putting that chemical right next to the brain when you get this so called “test”.   Do not believe the “fact checkers” that do nothing but lie to us. The COVID vaccine itself is claimed to be safe by these demons.  ~MFP

They gave up their guns so the tyrants don’t t  even try to hide the tyranny.  ~MFP

Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021 –

** Missouri Free Press: April, 2021 Breaking news and thoughts:


Brainwashed the DocuMovie Part One: Twelve Historically Documented Tactics Actively Used By The Communists To Capture The Minds of Americans & Collapse The United States From Within

Original Post (2 hours)

Interview with the producer:

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“The whistleblower describes how German soldiers accompanied nurses to administer the vaccines, and that there was no informed consent, and some who resisted were vaccinated anyway….”

Whistleblower: 8 of 31 Residents Dead in German Nursing Home After They Were Forcibly Injected with Pfizer Experimental mRNA COVID Shots Against Their Will Medical Kidnap


“One of the most disturbing things about what these whistleblower videos reveal, according to Attorney Fuellmich, is that now they are getting more and more calls from other whistleblowers in nursing homes, in Germany and around the world, where they are reporting the same things…..”

Whistleblower Video Footage of Forced COVID Vaccines in German Nursing Homes Goes Public – Attorney: “We’re Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder” – Medical Kidnap

“I think it proper to tell you that I am the type of person who would be inclined to hunt down, ambush, and kill any people who did such a thing to me or to any member of my family. I can envision myself being so irate, I might just say Fuck the law. Fuck the courts. Fuck the public health.

The tyranny of the majority is going too far. Individual freedom is paramount to what the masses (who are asses) want.

It doesn’t matter one wit to me if the persons involved are Doctors, Nurses, Cops, Judges, or soldiers. If you come at me with a syringe containing something I don’t want, and you forcibly administer it – court order or not – You’d better get right with God because I am exactly the wrong type of person to do such a thing to. I would be inclined to retaliate by force…” ~Hal Turner

VIDEO: **FORCED** COVID VACCINATIONS; Old People Forcibly held down and given VAX –  Hal Turner Radio Show

Greek Hospital Administrator Faces Criminal Prosecution for Reporting Nurse’s Paralysis after Second mRNA Shot – Medical Kidnap

EDITORIAL: Fordland clinic as I predicted is going along with the Satanic eugenics based Globalist COVID vaccine! – MFP

Now the evil ones are forcing vaccines on old people in Spain ~MFP
Courts in Spain Order Forced COVID-19 Vaccination of Incapacitated Nursing Home Residents – Medical Kidnap




EDITORIAL: MEDICAL TYRANNY at the Fordland medical clinic?

Originally published 2019
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The Little-Known Sordid History of Psychiatry –  Joseph Mercola

The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes


Sonia Cass – AKA “Nurse Ratchet” –  the person most responsible for destroying what little medical rights I had left after their implementing of Federal Mandates.

Direct Photo Link


NOTE:  a follow up article is in the works.  What has happened  with this “clinic” in response to my utilizing my free speech and the press will make your head explode. We truly live in a criminal “clown world”  where “health care” does anything and everything it can to both destroy your rights and your health.

There is also now a Fordland Clinic category if you scroll down the main news page you can access all of the articles that I have associated with the behavior of the Fordland Medical clinic.

I apologize for the poor writing, and jumping around so much in the article below. I made the mistake of writing about it while I was under a lot of stress resulting from the clinics actions.  Hopefully I will stay more focused and succinct with the following articles that I am planning to write.

Do you go to your doctor to get lied to? To be deceived?
Well as hard as it is to believe, that is the admitted and ongoing  policy at  the local  Fordland Clinic.
I  wanted to alert the public that at  the Fordland Clinic that  they  seem to be  pushing a Federal Mandate, where  patients going there for normal visits to their  doctor,  are  unknowingly and often against their wishes, evaluated by a mental heath worker!  

I had one of these people just show up unannounced,  unwelcome, and  uninvited in the patient treatment room that I was in.  (What’s next? Perhaps an IRS agent showing up? Or your ex’s attorney?)
She  used subterfuge and lies, when asked directly if she was with “mental health”.   She  used euphemisms  designed to obfuscate rather than tell the truth, and would in the end not admit to who she was or why she was there.
Blindsiding and lying to the patient is over  top federal intrusion into our health care! ( not to mention: What type of person  that would  go along with this stuff?) To make matters MUCH worse a  Fordland Clinic (nurse Sonia) admitted to this deception and defended it!  That is when I had to hang up on her.
If you are looking for Russian collusion this might be it. If this does not make sense, you should educate yourself about the abuse of psychiatry and mental health in the old soviet union.

I have a strong feeling that this is a Federal mandate, just like all of the “no-gun”, and the pro vaccination signs that are plastered all over the facility.   They even push vaccines on their phone system messages while you are on hold.  Funny how they want to vaccinate you, that is until you ask them if they will be personally responsible (indemnify you)  for any damages caused by a vaccination.  Then they expose the truth of their  absolute lack of confidence in the safety of vaccinations.  Efficacy is an entirely different discussion.

Related News:  BREAKING: Rockland County NY Becomes America’s First Vaccine Police State – Bans Unvaccinated Children from Public Places – Health Dept. Goes Door to Door

This is another story of where this medical tyranny is headed:
Shocking video shows Arizona police officers forcing their way into a home to remove an unvaccinated toddler ….

Did they send in the “nut job evaluator”, the “enforcer of PC behavior”, because I must be nuts because I don’t vaccinate or take big pharma poison?   Just like in the old USSR the very definition of insanity is going to be anyone that disagrees with the omnipotent state.

At the very least this blindsiding and lying to the patient is unethical. It should be illegal  as well IMHO.

If anyone has any ideas on how to pursue this insanity and total betrayal of medical confidence, and respect, I would like to hear from you.   So far I have been in contact with the psychopaths known as our legislators, but seeing as they are the ones that created this problem, I don’t have much confidence in them wanting  to solve it. ( True to form they have not returned my calls – Update:  They finally called and I don’t think I am going to call them back.  In my 60 plus years I have NEVER had a government agency address much less solve a problem, so I would most certainly be wasting my time.)  Update 3/29/19:  Amazingly I have had 6 calls from different people who on their voice mails claim to be from medicare.  Like Patrick Henry famously said “I smell a rat” and likley will not call them back.)

If you have any definitive  information on this apparent Federally mandated program please forward your information to MFP and it will be held in the utmost confidence.


Followup:  FWIW  after my rights were trampled to hades and back,  I started investigating with Medicare:

How to file a complaint (grievance) 1-800-633-4227(2nd number)

After wasting an hour  of my time, and not getting to the right people  (Incompetent government  as usual) I got this number: 855-408-8557. Will this be just another wild goose chase?  I suspect it will be,  Will keep you updated.

As predicted this “agency” could not and would not do a damn thing, not even file a “complaint”…. this is how government works folks, and I could write a heavy tome on my experience in that department, but this is not the time nor the place.

The current state of this country reminds me of a JFK quote:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~JFK

I really think that the time is getting near when ‘we the people” will have to of necessity have to deal with the mess that the  criminal psychopathic legislature has created.  What do you think?  Let  me know in the comments below.

Note:  This article  is far from  exposing the full extent of the damage done to patients, by the mindless order followers,  at Fordland clinic.   They appear to not have seen a single  Federal mandate that they will not force upon their patients.

Not ordering a therapeutic phlebotomy because of the “standards of care”.  Regardless of the patients wishes is one example.  The answer for not being able to take care of my health in this regard was “I like my job and my license”.  Which I took as an admission that my health was not their highest priority and that they are controlled. (and the control was not for my benefit or protection)

On the dental side of this facility they force patients to undergo exposure to ionizing radiation regardless of their wishes.  Even people whose parents have died of brain cancer, like myself, that would rather minimize or eliminate such exposure all together.  Much of the time they “forget” to protect your thyroid with shielding.  I had to undergo 3. Yes 3 xrays when I recently got a crown.   The employees even put their fingers in the radiation beam on a regular basis and are told that this is safe!

One also exposes themselves to 2g wifi in this facility. ( 12 , 3, 4)(FYI I have everything running over Ethernet at home for my health)  There may even be  5g coming off of their router, I will have to check this out the next time that I go there. 2g and 5g are both non-ionizing radiations, but there is just too much evidence of very serious health effects from being exposed to it, especially the 5g.  I for one do not want to take chances.
UPDATE 4/12/19:  I ran an application called WiFi Analyzer” at the clinic yesterday and discovered that there are 3 routers in the building that are broadcasting both 2G and 5G frequencies.   Both can cause cancer but 5G is a magnitude more dangerous and it like 2G is linked to brain cancer.  No one at the clinic was even aware of the 5G in their environment.

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Perhaps in a later article I will talk about how staff that does vaccinate,  often use only single dose vials that do not contain mercury, for themselves and their families, but will inject your children out of the multi dose vials, that do contain mercury. (This was admitted to me by people that work there, when asked.)

Related article:  Growing Focus on Reused Medicine Vials

In summary your privacy and health do not even seem to be on the radar at this clinic, just like all of the other Federally controlled medical facilities across this country.

One last quote for you:
“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” ~Dr. Benjamin Rush

UPDATE 3/24/19

This letter from Pastor Chuck Baldwin shows us where the useful idiots in monopoly medicines “mental health” branch are going to take us. This is an eye opening letter. Please take the time to read it:
My Open Letter To Senators Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Et. Al
 Here on the MFP.
As a video on YouTube:
An Open Letter To Our Legislators, Judges And Lawmen



UPDATE  3/25/19

If you think that medical tyranny is not happening in these United States look at this bill that the criminals in Jeff City seem  to be set on passing:

“……A PDMP is a system of surveillance of law-abiding citizens, but the House still voted for it!  The PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program HB 188) that passed the House (click here for the votes) is now set for hearing in the Missouri Senate.

If the Senate committee agrees to pass it on to the full Senate, it will be just two votes away from becoming law and Missouri will have all of us under medical surveillance….”


And I am certain  that if the psychopaths in the Missouri legislature pass this draconian “spy on the citizens” bill that the Fordland clinic will enthusiastically go along.  After all the state can terrorize anyone in this monopoly that does not go along with revocation of their permission slip to earn a living. i.e. their medical license.  Land of the Free? Certainly not when it comes to your being able to get the medical care that you desire.


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Dementia Deaths Have Doubled in Two Decades
IMHO  it is the horrific diet of  the American people that AMA medicine ignores  in favor of big pharma’s poisons and profits., that is a major driver in this trend.  Excellent article by Dr Mercola.

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A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin – Medical Kidnap


24 Dead and 137 Infected at NY Nursing Home After Experimental COVID Injections

The Commons on St. Anthony nursing home in Auburn, New York. Image Source.

A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin.

by Adam Dick
The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Things seem to be working backwards at The Commons on St. Anthony nursing home in Auburn, New York. Vaccinating people is supposed to reduce or end coronavirus deaths. Right?

But, at The Commons, such deaths are reported to have occurred only after residents began receiving coronavirus vaccinations.

James T. Mulder wrote Saturday at that until December 29 there had been no coronavirus deaths at The Commons. December 29, when deaths of residents with coronavirus began occurring at The Commons, is also, Mulder’s article discloses, seven days days after the nursing home began giving coronavirus vaccinations to residents, with 80 percent of residents so far having been vaccinated.

Over a period of less than two weeks since December 29, Mulder relates that 24 coronavirus-infected residents at the 300-bed nursing home have died.

Is the timing just a strange coincidence?

Read Mulder’s article here.

This is the penultimate paragraph of Mulder’s article, where vaccinations at The Commons is mentioned:….Read More

Mask Harms in Kids: 68% of Parents Report Alarming Psychological and Physical Problems In First-of-its-kind Study – Green Med Info

A German study involving over 25,000 children reveals that major negative impacts on the physical, psychological, and behavioral health of children may be far more widespread than reported in the media and by government officials — affecting approximately 68% and contributing to 24 distinct health complaints, according to parent submitted observations. 

A concerning study conducted in Germany has been posted online as a preprint (not yet peer-reviewed) titled, “Corona children studies “Co-Ki”: First results of a Germany-wide registry on mouth and nose covering (mask) in children,” describing the results of 17,854 parent submitted reports on health complaints or impairments experienced as a result of wearing masks by their 25,930 children.

The study was designed to both explore the accumulating narratives reported by parents, educators, and doctors about increasing problems and health complaints in children and adolescents wearinng masks, as well as to provide the first known online registry where parents, doctors, teachers, and others can enter their first-hand observations. The registry and the questionnaire can be found online at

The study authors stated:..Read More


As aired on Hal Turner Show Wednesday Night: Catherine Austin Fitts on COVID-19 and Great Reset; All PLANNED Destruction to force us into Global Slave System – Hal Turner

Would it surprise you to learn that the so-called “vaccine” for COVID-19 is actually the basics for an OPERATING SYSTEM to be installed in humans to effectuate Human-Machine Interface?  An interface to create a digitized monetary system?

Would it surprise you to learn that the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing shutdowns of business were all PLANNED DESTRUCTION?

Would it surprise you to learn that the “Riots” and looting over the past year ALL took place in 34 of the 37 cities with Federal Reserve Bank locations, and that the businesses which were looted and destroyed, are mostly in “Opportunity Zones” created by law to foster investment by ultra-rich people, so they can avoid Capital Gains taxes?

All these things have been revealed by former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, in  a video created with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., available below.

In the video, you will come to learn that there is a global effort underway to digitize the entire planet, to bring into existence a Technocracy, controlled by a small group of wealthy, powerful, people, designed to monitor absolutely everything we do, everything we read, speak, eat.  That it will monitor every place we go, all the things we buy.   That it will limit where we can work, where we can travel, and will replace us with Artificial Intelligence Robots. That if we behave in a manner that the ultra wealthy don’t like, their new system will be able to instantly cut us off from all our money and shut us out of all systems of society!….Read More

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