It’s Christmas Day and I just opened a Christmas card sent by de-facto Satanists paid for with money extorted from me at gun point!


A Christmas card from Satanists

I can think of no greater  hypocrisy than getting a Christmas card from the   ‘useful idiots”  from the  Webster County  Missouri collectors office , that are collectors for the 1st and 10th planks of the Satanic Communist manifesto.

If you are unaware the “property tax” is the very literal  implementation of the 1st plank of a Satanic document then read these past articles on the topic.

This is  sheer unmitigated gall of people that are ushering in the Satanic evil of  citizens not being able to own their home in the  laughable “land of the free.”

They are part of a system where if you don’t pay this extortion, that is used to brain wash and communize our children via the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto. Most are nothing more than useful idiots where all that really matters to them  are the exorbitant  benefits that come with the job. Right and wrong play no part with these minions of Lucifer.
Just like the guards at Auschwitz that gassed Jews, they claim that “it is the law” as their lame and unconvincing defense.

With their exorbitant salaries,  and benefits (compared to my pitiful  SSI and medicare)   they don’t even spend their own money to send you a Christmas card!  They inappropriately use the money that they extorted from you and I, at gun point,  to pay for these cards and the mailings!

How much  evil are  the uneducated  morons that call themselves both Christians and Americans  going to tolerate?

It doesn’t help that the churches are in on the psy-op, and  refer to these literal demons from hell as “minsters of God” whom we should obey without question…..

I think this is the year that we reap the evil that we have sown……

In closing –  I think that like the Guards at Auschwitz these people need to be criminally charged for their evil.