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There is an answer to the current criminal government over-reach.
It is a law enforcement problem, that can be solved by bringing back  the grand jury, and the Constitutional militia to the control of the citizens in  all of our counties.

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Everything points to Japan being under a series of withering attacks as a warning not to ‘The 1/1/24 Japanese earthquake was clearly the work of a ‘GEOWEAPON’, just like the Fukushima quake and tsunami were on 3/11/11.’  – The Burning Platform

The reality here is that the people that  your mentally ill pastor tells you were put there by God are in actuality working to bring in  the New World Order by destroying your and your families health…..

Keep on tithing to these Satanic bastards and see what it brings you.



Emergency Broadcast: New American Civil War Openly Promoted By Globalist Deep State – Americans Must Come Together & Stop It!

~The Alex Jones Show

If you wish to see how you will fare under Federal martial law you only have to look back at the history that you were not taught in the government schools.
It’s all spelled out in:

by Walter Cisco

Free as a PDF


The Alfacast crew takes you on a forensic journey into the miraculous human vehicle from biological to etheric to dispell medical mythology.

The End of Medical Mythology w/ Barre Lando & Mike Winner –   Alfa Vedic

Michigan Constitutional Sheriff Offers ‘Militia Course’ for Patriots to Defend the Homeland –

I guess it’s OK now to form militias because your boss and owner , “law enforcement” says its OK   to do so.
Americans are useless, suicidal,  sheep if it takes government permission to train to defend themselves.  FWIW the  poor level of training coming out of local law enforcement will get you  killed. Look for better training.


Have you ever thought that something is fundamentally wrong with  our concept of “government” —  when a Chinese spy stole the Whitehouse,  with their help, and we can’t seem to remove him from office?

Do you think that those old  white men in 1776 knew something when they told us that the Militia was “necessary” if we wish to remain free?

The Evil of the Residential Property Tax –

Whether on residential property of not, it is still EVIL and the 1st plank of Satanically inspired Communist Manifesto. The criminals that that enforce it should be hanged from the neck until dead IMHO.

The time of year that the County Satanists extort you or else they murder you

The time of year that the County Satanists extort you or else they murder you


76 Christian Universities Caught Promoting Abortion and Planned Parenthood

“Modern Christianity” is a joke. The ones that don’t support abortions are all on board with all 10 planks of the Satanic Communist Manifesto.


Exposed: The Hidden Agenda behind the UK Government’s very real Chemtrail Operations

The World’s First Randomized Controlled Trial On Fluoridation Is Targeting Children –  ETIENNE DE LA BOETIE2

Who is going to jail for poisoning ME for 40 years?
Who is going to be responsible for lowering MY IQ by at least 10 points?
Who is going to be charged for raising my cancer risks?
No one is who!
“Law enforcement” exists in this country to protect the globalists criminals and should in fact be disbanded. We now are witnessing “law enforcement” protecting those that carried out the COVID murders. “Law Enforcement” and the NWO are both on the same side.


Federal Land Grab: Biden’s Plan to Nab 30% of America’s Land by 2030

BREAKING VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Warns of Hostile Interdimensional/Spiritual Forces Influencing the Human “Ant Farm”

Russian “Special Flight Squadron” Lands in DC – Ukraine War to End; Russia lays out terms of surrender

Israel Smears Christian Mother And Daughter They Assassinated in Gaza Church as ‘Hamas Spotters
Chris Menahan

Brighteon Broadcast News, Dec 21, 2023 – Emergency whistleblower: RED DAWN ALERT – South American violent CRIMINALS being dispersed across U.S. cities – Mike Adams

Americans  remain too fuking stupid to form local militias for self defense, or to get a comms network up and running.  Fuk the American people they appear too stupid to survive what is  already here.


INTERVIEW Abe-usive Relationship — Lincoln Laid the Foundation for Abusive Govt – David Knight interviews Eric Peters

Lead-Contaminated Fruit Pouches Poison Dozens of Children Nationwide: FDA – Epoch times

Nothing new… ALL of our food supply is unfit for human consumption.


Here We Go! LAPD swears in police officers who are DACA recipients & entered US illegally

This is why the globalists have gotten the sheep to accept a standing army by calling it the “police”.  An institution they have always controlled.


Some very interesting discussion:
Becoming An American National & Setting Up Trusts As We War Against The Beast –  Sons of Liberty Radio

Video Report: IDF “Executed” Infants Point-Blank At School In Gaza, Witnesses Claim
by Kelen McBreen

This story is being censored by Email software.
You many not even be able to mail it to anyone.


Italian Health Minister Gave Orders To Conceal Vaccination Deaths – Now Under Investigation For Murder – Greg Reese

A real question that should be asked:
Why in hell are not all 3,140 county sheriffs under criminal investigation for aiding and abetting the murder of millions?
Why isn’t the law enforcement that allowed all of this under investigation for murder?
The answer is simple…. “law enforcement ” are thugs working for the NWO, that are always above the law.

Didn’t all of the AMA doctors in this country lie about the vaccine just like this Health minister? Why don’t we have criminal charges against US doctors that lied or did not do their due diligence?

Why isn’t “law enforcement” criminally charged for allowing this to happen?

Our world views are mostly fantasies…. doctors nor law enforcement are the good guys. Not by a long shot. They are both criminal groups that stay out of trouble as long as the are helping the globalist agenda.


Brighteon Broadcast News, Dec 12, 2023 – INSTANT POVERTY FOR ALL: Supreme Court decision could impose taxes on PAPER GAINS for all assets
– Mike Adams

What comes after the property tax you ask?

Congratulations to those that have gone along with the county “property tax” you have now brought us more evil.

All this “tax” is, is the extension of an evil that the Christian churches have already accepted in this country (i.e. the county “property tax”) from the county level to the national level and applied to more things that we own.

This is what happens when idiots get on a slippery slope. They never see where it is going to intimately lead.

It’s not a coincidence that this concept is the very first plank of the Satanic Communist Manifesto. (that our churches love  because they are “exempt”)


PS….Mike you and all the other talking heads, have missed that the Supreme Court destroyed the US Constitution, between 1803 and 1819, when 3 of their “decisions” gave them the undelegated power, of judicial supremacy.
Doesn’t anyone study history Mike?

This is what happens to stupid people that have neglected to form local militias for self defense. Coming  here to Missouri sooner rather than later…..Americans make piles of dog shit look smart. 

South American Gangs Target Dozens Of Mansions In Detroit
by Zero Hedge

I am learning why the  history of “Southern Reconstruction” was removed from public education…..


If citizens were taught about what Union troops did  in 1861 and forward…… they would fear and loath  our current “military” rather than cheer it on.

The war crimes of the Northern Standing army created by Rothschild puppet Lincoln were promoted and widespread. They were policy, and not rare incidents.
Change the names and you would think that you were reading about the Nazi SS during WW2. But no it is the Union army that you are reading about. The actions of the Union troops bear a strong resemblance to Israels  current actions in Gaza.   There is much to learn IMHO from learning this forbidden history. It is well documented from many sources including private diaries.

Doctors and  Pastors were arrested and murdered.  Many churches were taken over and used by Lincolns military….. some were sold at auction to the highest bidder.  One church that did not openly pray for Lincoln had it’s pastor arrested, put in prison, and a military pastor put in his place.

This book is a preview of what to expect from whatever standing army military is  put in charge when the Feds declare martial law after the false flag that they plan to run to substantiate  marital law.

I again urge you to learn the history that the globalists have gone to extreme lengths to prevent you from learning.




Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake – Greg Reese (13 minutes)

Just an observation about those that get their moral compass exclusively from the Bible and the 10 commandments:

As planned the globalists have controlled all of the religions because people will support much evil if they base their concepts of right and wrong solely on the bible.

An illustration of this is the is the ubiquitous acceptance of all 10 planks of the Satanic Communist Manifesto in our Churches,

Christians could not find a greater evil to support than the Communist manifesto yet that is exactly what they do!

Modern Christianity is in fact one of the great evils that the globalists have created and brought to us.


Have you noticed that physical courage. (i.e charging a machine gun nest)

is a hell of lot more prevalent, than the much more important moral courage?

The ability to stand up on moral issues, and to say no!

If American men  had  even a smidgen of moral courage we would not be in the hell that we  find ourselves in.,

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
~Benjamin Franklin


BOOK: War Crimes Against Southern Civilians Hardcover – April 30, 2007 by Walter Cisco (Author)

I learned of this book while reading  Lew Rockwell article today:

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

It covers a really nasty part of our history where the standing army we were warned against having,  committed atrocities on  Southern Americans  and then it was covered up like most of our real history.

I found this book in PDF and you can DL it here.

ON AMAZON: War Crimes Against Southern Civilians Hardcover – April 30, 2007  by Walter Cisco (Author) 


Walter Brian Cisco’s War Crimes Against Southern Civilians is the first book-length survey of the Union’s “hard war” against the people of the Confederacy--one that included the shelling and burning of cities, systematic destruction of entire districts, mass arrests, forced expulsions, wholesale plundering, and murder.

In a series of compelling chapters, Cisco chronicles the St. Louis massacre, where Federal authorities proceeded to impose a reign of terror and dictatorship in Missouri. He tells of the events leading to, and the suffering caused by, the Federal decree that forced twenty thousand Missouri civilians into exile. The arrests of civilians, the suppression of civil liberties, theft, and murder to “restore the union” in Tennessee are also examined.

Women and children were robbed, brutalized, and left homeless in Sherman’s infamous raid through Georgia. In South Carolina, homes, farms, churches, and whole towns disappeared in flames. Civilians received no mercy at the hands of the Union invaders.

Thoroughly researched from sources including letters, diaries, and newspaper accounts of the time, Walter Brian Cisco’s exhaustive book notably pays careful attention to the suffering of African-American victims of Federal brutality, revealing that wherever Federal troops encountered Southern blacks, whether free or slave, they were robbed, brutalized, belittled, kidnapped, threatened, tortured, and sometimes raped or killed by their blue-clad “liberators.”

Apologists for Lincoln’s hard war continue to downplay the suffering endured and the damage done, blame the victims, or call some of the above incidents “accidents” or “mistakes.” Many also cling to the Lincolnian myth that only by the most horrendous of wars could the slaves be freed, ignoring the fact that the rest of the Western world managed to bring an end to the institution without bloodshed. This book serves to set the record straight and to show that the war on Southern civilians was not justified, despite the convictions by many that such a war was necessary to save the union.

Walter Brian Cisco’s first book, States Rights Gist: A South Carolina General of the Civil War, a biography of the little-known general, was a 1992 selection of the History Book Club. He is also the author of Taking a Stand: Portraits from the Southern Secession Movement, Henry Timrod: A Biography, and Wade Hampton: Confederate Warrior, Conservative Statesman, considered the definitive biography of Hampton and the 2006 winner of the Douglas Southall Freeman History Award. He lives in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

“Of all the enormities committed by Americans in the nineteenth century–including slavery and the Indian wars–the worst was the invasion of the South, which destroyed some twenty billion dollars of private and public property and resulted in the deaths of some two million people, most of whom were civilians–both white and black.”
–David Aiken, editor of A City Laid Waste: The Capture, Sack, and Destruction of the City of Columbia

DOCUMENTARY: The groundbreaking and highly revealing documentary “THE MYSTERY OF ISRAEL – SOLVED!” reveals who the true founders of Israel are, who finance both the State of Israel as their adversaries Hamas. This film exposes something so nefarious, so evil, so mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true.  –

The MYSTERY of Israel revealed by David Sorensen in shocking interview – Mike Adams

Abraham Lincoln—War Criminal
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

This is why they force you at gun point to go to the 12 long “dumbing down camps”
It is to get the public to worship the tyrants of US history…

FWIW this is why the founders warned us NOT to even have a standing army!
Today we have 2… i.e. the police and the army.


Here is the book in PDF  mention in the above article:

Christian Family Forcibly Removed from Home at Gun Point, Handcuffed and Locked in Van After FBI Allegedly “Goaded” 15-Year-Old Son into Posting Controversial Memes and Gun Photos
By Jim Hᴏft

We don’t have a “government”  instead we have the  criminal  minions of the Satanic globalist cabal that runs this world.
You had better step up soon, and put a stop to this before it becomes unstoppable.
Take a look at if you want some answers to stopping the evil.


New Zealand ARRESTS Government Database Admin for Revealing 24% DEATH RATE for certain COVID Vaccine Batches – Hal Turner

Bombshell: New Zealand Whistleblower Reveals Over 20% Who Took Pfizer Jab Died
by Adan Salazar

The David Knight Show – 12/01/2023

And your useless county “law enforcement” still sits on its collective ass 3 years into this mass murder spree.  They really need to be part of the criminal prosecutions for at the very least criminal dereliction of duty.
The founders warned us of  having these standing armies for a reason.


The Inconvenient Law That Exposes Them For Who They Are! –  sonsoflibertyradiolive

 This site was hacked 11/29/23
We lost most of the functionality of the site
Thankfully we have gotten much of the functionality back.
The malware is still in the site however.
So if we disappear for a bit don’t be surprised.