OPINIONS and EDITORIALS – November & December 2022

An incredibly informative interview:

Mark Passio  Interviewed By Alex Jones On InfoWars – October 29, 2022

*** Much Shorter Introduction to Marks work: 11 minutes:

Satanism: Belief vs. Reality – Mark Passio (11 minutes)

“The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule.”
~Samuel Adams

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”
~Ephesians 5:11

“But don’t be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.”
~Matthew 10

“The Americans combine the notions of religion and liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive of one without the other.”
~Alexis de Tocqueville

The corollary of this is:  Every Law ends, in a silent: “Or we will kill you”

“The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent, is this–that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot.”
~ Lysander Spooner

(Mark Passio) The Truth about The Cult of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & the Destruction of the Sacred Feminine (103 minutes)

Passio never disappoints .  Time well spent.

Passio gets right to the point with identifying modern police and military as standing armies of order followers.

Mark points out the 4 methods of creating a cult (isolation, conformity, repetition, and trauma)  used   to indoctrinate  the military, police, and   “Religions”.
I see this also applying to my Amish neighbors, and most certainly what my daughter experienced all through her medical training, from undergrad, up to her present day practice of medicine.


UN Treaty Creates Medical Dictatorship Under Biden –  The Alex Jones Show  (44 minutes)

Write Case law story….



VIDEO: New York City – Man Suffers Throat Slash on Manhattan Street; Dies


The minions of the globalists, the State and City legislators, are the evil men that have outlawed the God given right of self defense.

What a great way to keep the citizens in constant fear.

These men are blasphemous in thinking that our God given rights come from them and not Nature.

Man NEVER has the right to try and nullify or change what by definition can not be changed.

It would be just if all of the  NY politicians and cops, involved in disarming to population be immediately charged with “accessory to murder at the very least.

Instead of locking the animal in the video in cage, perhaps the citizens of NY would get better results in locking some of the animals in their government in a cage (or worse)

Until the shit for brains citizens of NY wake the hell up, and realize what the problem really is, things will only get worse.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors; Or, Christianity Before Christ by Graves (440 pages)


This book on Amazon

“Known to be a masterpiece of freethought literature. The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors has been out of print but sought after for many years. A small part of it was reprinted in The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read in 1994, thereby causing renewed interest.

Many people are unaware that before Christianity there were 15 other religions that also had a savior who died for their sins, then arose from the dead. Graves gives all the details inside, plus much more found in common like the immaculate conception of the gods, virgin born gods, magi, shepherds and angles who visit the infant saviors, the birthday of the gods being December 25th, plus an explanation as to how Jesus began to be worshipped as a God.

Some scholars are suggesting that Jesus had spent time in India. One chapter in this book discusses 346 striking analogies between Christ and Chrishna, the Hindu god. Could this same story have travelled from India rather than the man himself? Could this everpresent story, “the greatest story ever told, ” be the common link between all early religions?

Has the purpose of religion, in general, been designed to provide all of mankind with a common set of beliefs, to keep us from learning the real truth for ourselves? It is difficult to answer these questions, and it probably always will be, but this book offers us a small step closer to the answers. It shows that Christianity is not alone and special in its beliefs, and may cause us to explore further into the origins of religion.”



Where I originally found this book and in many formats  here.

I am using the Calibre ebook reader.


I heard about this book in this talk:
Mark Passio – Fake Ass Christians Part 1 of 2 – 2017-06-27


Mark Passio – Fake Ass Christians Part 1 of 2 – 2017-06-27

Mark Passio – Fake-Ass Christians – Part 2 of 2

One of the best discussions, I have run across,  of what has gone wrong with the “hi-jacked” Christian Church.

We now have “Christianity” that is anything other than Christianity.

How could “real Christians” sit idly  by while their own town destroys the bodies and the minds of their children by medicating them with “fluoride” without permission or consent?

The modern Christian Church looks more  like de-facto Satanism  than it does, the following of the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Small scriptural  Epiphany……exoteric vs esoteric meaning

I have always thought that many of the interpretations of scripture that Christians are taught were built on stretched logic and reason.

Take the story in Genesis. about the tree of the fruit of the tree of good and evil.We are taught the literal exoteric meaning that most of us are familiar with.

I think the true meaning, the esoteric meaning, is that this symbolizes the internalization of good and evil. To think that we can determine what is right and what is wrong.   It is about taking in Natural Law,  and making your-self the one who determines right and wrong. That is blasphemously taking on one of the domains of God almighty.

Natural Law was not created by man. Man can not change or alter it.This bible allegory, about the fruit of good and evil, is about bad things happening when you try to circumvent God’s Natural Law.  I am beginning to see that very little of what we are taught as Christians is the whole truth.  It’s easier to control people that are only taught the exoteric meanings in scripture.

My takeaway for from this knowledge is that government that is not based on Natural Law is illegitimate and blasphemous, because government can not eat of the fruit of good and evil and make itself rather than God the definer of right and wrong. .


Jordan Maxwell The Inner World Of The Occult Full Length (2h 45m)
Jordan Maxwell has been a truth teller for longer that almost anyone else.  I am just beginning to follow his work.

William Cooper was also an early truth teller.
Mystery Babylon programs 1 – 10

MIND CONTROL:   Mark Passio – De-Facto Satanism (1h 46m)

“Defacto” means showing by your actions.
One can be a defacto Christian  even if you are a Jew if your thoughts and actions are those that follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Passio having been in the dark occult for 10 years has condensed the essence of Satanism down to 4 factors:
1.) Ego, and thinking only of ones self and ones own self interests.
2.) Moral Relativism
3.) Social Darwinism
4.) Eugenics

After expanding on these 4 themes, he makes a very solid case that the vast majority of  people on this planet are in fact De-Facto Satanists.  It does not matter if you call yourself a Christian or not, it is your thoughts and ultimately your actions that define what you are. 

The fact is that very very few people on this planet are not de-facto Satanists.
The Rulers of this world have inculcated the human race with a watered down version of their world view, and it makes the human race that much easier to control and enslave.

I have long called the Modern Christian Church the Synagogue of Satan and this knowledge has really helped me understand why I had this very accurate view of the modern Christian  Church.   It is a fact that almost none that call themselves Christians  know right from wrong

This goes a long way in explaining the state of the world today.


Mark Passio – Psy-Ops  an Introduction to Occult Psychological Warfare (2h  11m)

In this eye-opening presentation, originally presented at the Shattering The Illusion virtual conference, Mark Passio explains what Psychological Warfare is, who employs it, and most importantly, WHY it works as a method of manipulation upon the general public. Mark goes on to break down the varied types of Psy-Ops and analyzes some of the most infamous ancient and modern psychological operations in human history. Mark concludes the presentation by exploring critical methods of defense that can be employed against all forms of Psychological Warfare.

There are 3 prime reasons that psy-ops (mind control) work so well on the World Population:
1.) Ignorance of it. If you are not educated in it’s various forms you will fall for it every time.

2.) Fear!  On the  Hawkins scale of Consciousness anyone with a score of less than 200 (courage) is living in fear and is not capable of distinguishing truth from non-truth!

3.) Nativity 

*** In order for humanity to get out from the ubiquitous psy-ops being used to control humanity, we in large numbers need to study mind control and to shed our fear.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”
~II Timothy 1:7 KJV)


This passage from God tells us not to fear if we are to be of “sound mind”!!
How much clearer than being warned by God about how fear is tied to mind control does it get?

In his podcast Mark goes into perhaps 20 hours of talking about the mind control we are under in the US



Mark Passio pointed me to look at  this man’s work:

Origins and Oracles Michael Tsarion (2h 14m)
First of 23 CD’s about the origins of man

Michael Tsarion web site

Origins & Oracles – Divination and the Goddess Tradition (Origins and Oracles) DVD-ROM – Color

`An interview with Michael Tsarion and Jocke Häggström  (1h 8m)

How the Federal Government steals from the tax payer with “energy assistance”

“Energy Assistance” itself is theft.  It is no-where authorized in the US Constitution.   It is made necessary though by another unconstitutional action of the Federal Government called Social Security that pays only a 2% return on investment rather than an expected 10%.  This criminal rate of   return was absolutely  done on purpose to make those on SSI dependent on the government thus  more easily controlled.

With my gas company (MFA propane) if you have cash you can buy your propane with that cash when it is cheap in the summer, and have it delivered for that price later in the winter when prices are higher.

HOWEVER if you have an energy assistance credit at your gas company you can not do this.   Propane is now about $2.50 a gallon.  If I had cash I could put my entire credit towards propane and buy it for $2.50 a gallon.
BUT since it is stolen tax payer money the rules are different.
You are often forced to use this “assistance”  during the winter when the prices  often top $5.00 a gallon so it cost you twice as much!

Working people often get pissed at the non-working because they really don’t know the facts of what has transpired.

If the money we put into Social Security returned 10% (like all of those government employees in Galveston Country TX  do that opted out of SSI) there would not have to be food stamps, there would not have to be energy assistance, there would not have to be free Obama’s cell phones and a number of other tax payer rip offs!

The problem is that after the 12 year long  mandatory indoctrination camps your average American is about as dumb as a box of rocks and  the “Christian”  churches use Romans 13 to teach “Christians” to go along with and worship this evil.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge…”
~Hosea 4:6


“All  men are created equal”  except that all of the government employees in Galveston TX  can opt  out of SSI and get a 10% ROI  and I can not.

“All  men are created equal”  except that my Amish neighbors have all opted out of SSI and  I can not!

Amazon Warning

The multi billion dollar Amazon does not really tell you what your bill is when you check out!  Every now, and then they charge you differently, and think this an honest way to do business.  For example when you check out they call the tax an “estimated tax”. WTF is an estimated f’ing tax?  A billion dollar company can’t figure out a tax correctly?  Obviously they can not.
If I had the time I would file a complaint with the MO AG’s office.

When I checked out  the total was not $65.47 but  $63.21!
That difference cost me an hour trying to figure out why i I had insufficient funds, and another order was cancelled!  Not only the hour tracking the bank balance error caused by Amazon, but another hour of my time driving to town last week to deposit money to cover the order that was just cancelled because of the insufficient funds that Amazon caused!  So I have lost at  least 2 hours due to this globalist run company .

** To add insult to injury the product that I paid $60.65  for, and that they screwed up the sales tax on, has dropped to  $41,21 and Amazon does not do a price match on  their  products!

They also do not tell you that a product is not returnable UNTIL after you order and receive  it!.

In this one order I have been subjected to 3 really shitty business activities  by this tax payer supported (their mail rates) globalist NWO company!

I have noticed that the closer that they get to being a complete globalist monopoly  the worse and worse that they treat the customers.

This is the reason I only order a single thing a time from them… to cost these crooks as much money as I can.


another strike against this  Satanic company:

U.S. Postal Worker Ordered to Miss Sunday Church Services in Order to Deliver Amazon Packages, Denied Accommodation

Did you realize that if you don’t go to the proper URL   “http://smile.amazon.com/”  that Amazon does not give to the charity that you set up to give to? And smart phone app orders never give to your charity.
This company is based on deception.

Did you realize that if you criticize Amazon with your You Tube channel that the channel can be, as mine was, completely and permanently deleted within hours?

Joke: Terrorists have kidnapped the entire US Congress

A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the highway outside Washington, DC;
Nothing was moving.
Suddenly, a man knocks on the window.
The driver rolls down the window and asks, “What’s going on?”

“Terrorists have kidnapped the entire US Congress, and they’re asking for a $100 million dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, collecting donations.”

“How much is everyone giving, on an average?” the driver asks.

The man replies, “Roughly a gallon…”


Anytime words are used inappropriately one should suspect globalist initiated Neuro linguistic Programming.
These are MIND CONTROL words:

Conspiracy theory
Fear mongering
Civil Rights
Climate change
The “Patriot” Act
Both sides of the “sovereign citizen movement” …..

All of these words are used in a manner  to mislead you from a truth.
They do so by many methods. They invoke fear. They have false definitions. Both sides are controlled……

“If you think you’re on the right side I can assure you are on the wrong side no matter which side you are on. Each of us individually must begin to study, research and learn the truth.”

~William Milton Cooper



I’ll tell you exactly why Dave Hodges….
Because you and “Patriots” like you have supported the government  “schools” which are the 10th plank of a Satanic document,  and have done exactly what they were supposed to do:  To create a nation of moronic dumbed down Communists. just like Yuri Bezmenov told us they were going to do. Yet you have repeatedly urged the reopening of these schools over the past year.

The  standing army, the institution euphemistically called “police” have  severely disarmed the people to the degree  that they don’t have the tools needed to fight effectively, and they know it.

The “police”  have helped kill the idea that Americans  have the duty to protect themselves.  Jesus told us  to sell our cloak and buy a sword.   Jesus told us to protect ourselves.That  also fits the definition of a militia Dave. Jesus told us to form Militias in essence but you seem to know better.

The police institution helped kill the idea of the Militia.  Men like Dave Hodges that don’t seem to be able to read the Constitution  have at the very  least killed the Militia by refusing to support it.  Your actions and inaction’s have created this sorry situation Dave.

Last but not least the Synagogues of Satan  in this country that we euphemistically call  the Organized Christian  churches have  helped tremendously by spreading  Adolph Hitler’s version of Romans 13 from sea to shining sea.  You seem to support these churches also Dave.  You seem to literally support every thing and anything that would destroy our fighting spirit and ability to fight then you complain about it.
By definition Dave you seem to be a useful idiot for the globalists.


Report: Soros Nonprofits Donated More than $35 Million to Anti-Police Groups Last Year

This nothing more than a dialectic. BOTH sides are controlled — both sides are wrong and evil.

“If you think you’re on the right side I can assure you are on the wrong side no matter which side you are on. Each of us individually must begin to study, research and learn the truth.”

~William Milton Cooper

We were told in the 2nd amendment  to have a militia if we wanted to remain free.



Our police are nothing more than a standing army that is used by the globalists to control us…the slaves on the plantation.

If you investigate the Church of Satan you will learn that they to a very  large degree control our police.
We need to go back to what we had in 1776 as far as law enforcement.
Read the intro and 1st chapter of Balko’s book if you want to learn how they did policing correctly  way back then.
Rise of the Warrior Cop

The globalists want to destroy our current system so that they can bring in something even more evil.

The founders gave us the solution to this in the second amendment:

Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment


A quick case for State militias being economically viable

GDP in millions of $

Russia       $1,775,799.92
California  $3,353,473.00
Texas         $2,006,662.00
New York  $1,893,670.00
US              $22,996,100.00
If  these numbers are correct  they show that 4 of our States have the funds  to build a military (State Militias) equivalent to that of Russia if they choose to do so.

It seems that here is no economic  reason why we could not have had State Militias that would be the equivalent to Russia. Each one of those 4 states!

The reality is that this nations criminal military industrial complex having 13 times the money available as  Russia is likely going  to get it’s ass kicked.

Regardless we have no other choice other than to begin this task now.

Without a militia who the hell is going to protect you against the UN Troops many of whom  are already here?



Without going into  much detail  but I am going to list a few.
If you don’t recognize them for what they are, you have a lot to truth seeking to do as you are under mind control not to see it.  

Some are harder to see than others without the proper knowledge since most Americans do no even know what a right is they fail to see slavery.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

1.) Public schools. Your children are forced by criminal penalties, to attend 12 years of what is nothing other than State indoctrination.  An indoctrination that creates idolatry of the State. Modern Christian churches very heavily push the idea that government is God.


2.) The draft is clearly slavery.  The decision to defend oneself is your decision.  When you allow others to make that decision you end up with standing armies, and a country that has been at war for almost it’s entire existence.

3.) Jury duty while a extremely important duty has been perverted into a form of slavery where you are threatened with physical violence and kidnapping if you don’t comply.


4.) All gun/weapons  laws are slavery and in violation of the 2nd amendment.  Historically only slaves are disarmed and those that are disarmed are either killed or enslaved.  The modern Christian church is all on board of our disarmament.  They  and  “law enforcement” support the 1968 gun cotrol act which in reality is word for word Nazi gun law hoisted upon the US.

5.) Law enforcement is slavery. The idea that there are men that can initiate violence upon you and that it is a crime to defend yourself from this aggression is nothing other than slave mentality.


6.) Government itself is slavery. It contradicts  Natural Law and Gods word that he is not a “respecter of persons” and creates a class of men that can initiate violence on peaceful people. Steal from them by calling it taxes and justify it by saying that they exist so that bad people will not steal from and enslave you!!

7.)  Our medical system is slavery.  In 1912 the US Congress trampled you right to choose your own medical care by creating the AMA medical monopoly.   Can you really say that you are free when you don’t have even the most basic medical rights?   

8.)  Our monetary System is slavery.  The Federal Reserve is designed to keep you in dept your entire life. Dept slavery is very real and most fail to see it.

9.) The property tax is slavery.  Can you really say  that you are free when you can not own property in this county?

10.)  The  graduated income tax is slavery. Very little of the money goes to government, most goes to the globalists for the illegitimate purpose of  paying them interest on money that they counterfeit!!

11.) Drivers licenses and  auto insurance are slavery.  Would you accept a walking or a bicycle license and required insurance?  (It’s sad but if the government told us to do so, many of not most modern Christians would comply)

12.)  Professional licencing is slavery.  Soon you not be allowed to do any work without a government “license”. There are currently hundreds of examples:  Almost every business in this country complies and has a “business license”.   Health care workers are required to have a “license”. Your dog and cat in many areas must have a “licence”.  To defend yourself and carry a weapon you must have a government issued license.  To do any construction work in many areas you mush have a multiple lionesses for every branch of construction that you do. In Florida  it is a serious felony not to have this license.  In some cities it is illegal for you to work on your own home without a license.  In order to build your home you must get and comply with the limits of a building permit (license)

13.)  All regulation is slavery.   Either you have rights or you don’t. All forms of regulation are prior constraint . They are there for nothing other than control but the dumbed down public thinks that somehow violating your God given rights, is good and that it protects you.

There are dozens of others, but unfortunately normalcy bias has dulled even my ability to clearly see them all. Whenever you rights are violated, you need to look at it as a form of  slavery……  Feel free to add to my list by replying below.


The Supreme Court: We need to quit begging the Federal Government to solve our problems

The general public through attending  the 12 year long dumbing down camps that we euphemistically  call public education,  are unbelievably indoctrinated in false beliefs about our form of government.

No matter what you were told, he truth is that  government can pass any law they wish, the Constitution does not matter to them. This has been going on at least since 1803  with Marberry v Madison,  and arguably even earlier.  George Washington signed off on the 1st of 3 National banks did he not?  Then  John Adams signed off on the alien and sedition act!   Were you ever taught in school that our first 2 presidents urinated all over the Constitution?  This is the very tip of the evil and lawlessness. If you wish to dig deeper I highly suggest you read:  Saving the Constitution  by Richard Proctor PhD

The real solution is education not dealing with the very institutions that have been incrementally enslaving us for the past 250 years.  The Supreme Court being central in destroying the  Constitution. The education that we are lacking, and that the founders had, was a deep knowledge of Natural Law.  Without knowledge of the true moral laws of the universe, we are going to keep on being the creators of our own sorrow and misery.   If you are not well versed in Natural Law this documentaty is a must:  Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary


If you want to use government to change government, the only chance that you have is to work at the State level, and the local level.   Unfortunately the men in the State legislatures are corrupt just like they are in the Federal Government.  Perhaps the bigger problem is that these men know less that a child, about the powers and duties of the States.  These children that run our State governments either need to be replaced or educated if that is even possible.  Anyhow you are going to have your work ahead of you.

Perhaps a better place to start is with your county sheriff as they are literally the highest law enforcement officers in the Nation. The problem here is that they  collectively also are dumber than a box of rocks and many are very corrupt.  I find it enlightening to observe that there are over 3,000 county sheriffs in this country and not one of these dumb ass clowns will even talk (much less act) about the COVID murders going on right in front of their  faces.   Even local Law Enforcement as it exists today is as  ignorant, evil and corrupt as the day is long.    

All of this may discourage you, but you at least need to know the facts of what you are facing.

The answer as in every matter is education. But that can take time. Generations of time.

The pubic does not see the real answer to all of the roadblocks that I just outlined.  Look in the mirror and you will see the road block. Everyone wants someone else to fix this evil, when the only solution lies in you.

The general  brain washed public supports the standing army, that has always been there to further the globalist agenda for this country.   Remember that you are the answer.   You are the militia that no longer really exists.  The only solution to the above problems is for the people to be able to defend themselves against evil, tyrannical government, while at the same time working to either replace or fix your local and State government.

No matter which avenue you choose to pursue, it is going to be futile until the people realize that they are the militia. That they are the 4th branch of government checks and balances both in the Militia and in the Jury box.

You have been fed a lot of shite and fear about the concept of the Militia.  I ask you to watch these 2 documentaries on the real purpose of the militia and immediately begin to form local militias with or without the help of local government. If you do work with government in this process, please do so with a jaundiced eye.

Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment



Please look in the mirror and see the solution that the globalists do not want you to see. 


What is a RIGHT?….The Elephant in the room


For 50 years, I have listened to “patriots” talk about liberty and freedom and rights.
Very few of them knowing a damn thing especially about the Constitution, and the Declaration.

But the really big and gaping ignorance, is that none of them can competently define what a right is!!! WTF?  For 50 years I have heard no one even try to define a right!

Most  of the dumb asses on the right use the term “civil right”. An oxymoron, that  at best  that means a permission that the government granted you!

When you don’t know what a right is you sure as hell can not defend them.

When you  don’t know what a right is you don’t know what a wrong is either and you end up supporting evil!

I am not going to define a right for you here.
If you are that damn lazy and dumbed down, stay in your ignorance.
If you would like to begin to learn what has been purposely hidden from you then  this is a beginning:

Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary (at Youtube)
Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary (at Odysee)


“If you think you’re on the right side I can assure you are on the wrong side no matter which side you are on. Each of us individually must begin to study, research and learn the truth.”

~William Milton Cooper

“Natural Law” BTW is the study of the irrevocable  and  un-circumventable,    moral laws of the universe.


Is Alex Jones falling for CIA mind Control?

14 methods of mind control being used on the world, by master globalist psychologists as defined by mark Passio

If you are on this site you are likely familiar with the CIA psy-ops that use the phrase “conspiracy theory” as a form of Neurol Linguistic Programming (mind control using words).

There is another CIA  NLP mind control phrase that I hear a lot in the alternative press and not just from Alex.

That term is “Anarchy” which as the CIA wants it, is  most always associated with chaos.
This  hides the fact that Anarchy literally means “without a king”. Sort of what God was telling his people  to choose through Samuel in the bible.   It was what the based on Natural Law Declaration of Independence was all about. For the first time in history just about, the founders eliminated royalty.

There are other areas where I see what appears to be  mass mind control.
Take the daily repetition in the alt press that  Treaties can supersede the Constitution.
The particular form of mind control used here is often referred to as obfuscation. 
The mind controllers, make things seem complicated, so much that you can not figure them out for yourself, so that you will defer to the judgement of others. In this case judges that falsely  say that treaties can and do supersede the Constitution.   By using this  obfuscation and other MC methods the controllers of this planet, have since 1803 had the supreme court   continually work towards  destroying the  US Constitution!

That is not all,  the master psychologists doing this also have your favorite alt media press person repeating this lie.   The alt press just like Hitler said to do, is unceasingly  repeating the lie (another form of mind control) until it becomes the truth. As this lie has already become in most peoples minds.


The patriot community seems dead set in helping to bring in the New World Order with their willful ignorance 

They are propagating the lie that  treaties supersede the US Constitution, and that will insure, the slavery and death of everyone in this country…..

Don’t take my word for it.  Do you due diligence and discover that the Supreme Courts false  claim of  judicial review, is how the globalists got “their supreme court”  to  wave their magic wand, and declare that  treaties supersede the Constitution.   They is all they need to do to destroy this country and bring in their hellish One World Government.

I think it a long shot that the dumb asses that call themselves Americans will wake up in time to to stop this, if they ever wake up at all.
We are all under mind control and very few seem to realize that fact.



The false acceptance of treaties being superior to the US Constitution is as big of a hoax as the entire COVID story was…….

It is very unsettling, to see more people fall for the “Treaty Hoax” than fell for the “COVID Hoax”!

It is a testimony to how dumbed down “Patriots” are about the meaning, and intent of the US Constitution.

Even a young child could figure this one out, but inexplicably almost all are falling for this latest mind control operation. 


That Jefferson clearly in quotes, and in private letters rejected the idea that a treaty could supersede the Constitution.

That Article 1 of the Constitution clearly says that Treaties MUST conform to the Constitution.
That Article 3 of the Constitution does NOT give judges the power of Judicial Review (where all of this madness originates)

That the Constitution is a legally binding contract BETWEEN THE STATES!
The Federal government did not even exist until the Constitution was ratified, and made the Federal Government “the product of the contract” and an inferior party to the Contract.  The Constitution is NOT a contract between the States, and the Federal government. (again because the Federal government did not exist until is was ratified and that this would be  a temporal impossibility)

The bottom line is that  the Federal Government was never given the power to determine the limits of it’s own powers. That determining  the validity of any Treaty  is solely up to the States, and the people!  The States can nullify any law that they find unconstitutional,  and if necessary they can leave the Union that they created. All without any input or approval from the Federal Government or the Federal Courts. 

Again this is so simple and clear cut that any child should be able to see it.
BUT we have a dumbed down mind controlled  population, that drinks fluoridated water, go to  12 year long indoctrination camps,  attend “churches” that tell them that government is God, and so much more.

FWIW this is not the only misunderstanding of the Constitution  by the right by far. It just happens to be their most dangerous false belief at this time.


A Phenomenal web site you need to check out: Educate Yourself 

Start a Podcast & Walk the Talk
Whether it’s a live or pre-recorded podcast, the TalkShoe podcasting platform has everything you need to be a creator.

Anyone thinking about either a recorded or a live podcast?
This platform is more than a decade old and seems to have a lot going for it.

“What if?” thought experiment:


What if I were to con or bribe the US Congress to pass a “law” that unconstitutionally allows me to create money out of thin air, and then loan it to the government at interest?

What if I purchased a few color laser printers, and put them in my garage so that I could create physical money out of thin air?

What if I did not even have to do this, and could just  create most money at no cost electronically  by  merely entering it into a ledger?

What if I also had Congress impose an unconstitutional “income tax” to tax you so that I would  be assured of getting paid this interest?

What if you now have to work for 3 or 4 months a year to pay this tax, so that I can collect the interest on the money I counterfeited?

What if I created a terrorists organization called the “IRS” that enforces it’s edicts that are not even law, without any due process or trial?

What if this same  terrorists IRS can take your business, your bank account, or put you in jail, with no law backing that action and again no due process or trial?

Well that is exactly the situation that we do have. Ignored and or supported by clueless Americans and  the apostate   Christian Church in this country.



“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
~Thomas Jefferson


Original Intent (Full Documentary) –  James Jaeger documentary   (3h 15 m)

Fiat Empire — Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution (Full Length) –  James Jaeger documentary (58 minutes)

Both very good documentaries pointed out to me by Mark Passio.


The  dark occultists that run this planet use words to  Mock God, to mock us, and to control us, using mind control techniques such as Neural Linguistic Programming.

Take for example   the words  “let there be light” in Genesis i.3    The Latin for “let there be light”  is: “fiat lux”.

The globalists created the term  “fiat money’, which is their way to mock  Genesis 3, and God  because it means “let there be money”. 

Money created out of thin air, by thought, by dark occultists,  just like in   Genesis God created  this world.





The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose [Audio book – 10 hours]

Why read the Satanic Bible?

A VERY good reason would be to understand the Worldwide  Satanic system being put in place right before our very eyes.   You must know your enemy to win any battle.

If this were widely read by Christians, perhaps they would not be solidly on Satan’s team without even realizing it.

On Amazon – $9.99

This book was mentioned by Mark Passio in podast #19,  while discussing mass mind control of the population, to facilitate the creation of a New Word Order.

This book gives a lot of insight into that evil plan.

FWIW this is a great talk:
De-Facto Satanism – Mark Passio – Convergence FUNL 2 Conference


Will Your State Reject the Fed’s Digital Dollar? –  economicprism.com

I doubt if the clueless psychopaths in Jeff City, even recognize the problem.
They will sell us into slavery with their  ignorance, apathy, and complacency.   Look at how badly they have fucked up their jobs so far.

I want to withdraw my recommendation of  armorally.com in Missouri.

They want to offer horrible  service, and if you let them know what they are doing wrong, then  they refuse to do business with you!

Does the “soup man” from Seinfeld run this company?

It was my mistake to even give this sorry company another chance.



I found my pills at Powder Valley for more money, but am glad to send the money to a family owned company that always treats it’s customers right.

I am trying a new place for brass, and  I Iove the prices:
.223 / 5.56 Range Brass (Not Cleaned or Polished) (1000ct)
Your Price: $70.00 (no tax and flat $10 shipping!)

Illuminati insiders are very rare:
In this 2  hour  Mark Passio podcast   a member of   an Illuminati family going back to Cancan in the bible is interviewed!

I  have done a lot of studying of the  Illuminati, and this was almost too much information to handle. It confirms my opinion of how bad we have let things get.

Take the time to listen to this interview about trauma based mind control in Illuminati families.  (and much more)  These sexually abused children are all around us.  Possibly in your own church.  They do it to their own children!

WOEIH Show #017
Topics: Trauma-Based Mind Control, Project Monarch, Occultism, Bohemian Grove
Guest: Neo

All of the  WOEIH Shows


Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness – Jim Keith

Thanks For The Memories … The Truth Has Set Me Free! The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-Controlled Slave – Brice Taylor

The Illuminati Formula, Volume 2: used to create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave  –  Fritz Springmeier

TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave –  Cathy O’Brien

The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska
by John W. DeCamp

That Old-Time Religion: The Story of Religious Foundations – Jordan Maxwell

I  also think that Russ Dizdar’s book also adds a lot to the discussion:

The Black Awakening: Rise of Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos –  Russ Dizdar


EPIPHANY: The so called Patriot Movement and Alternative Press

For many decades I have listened to the talking heads of the Liberty movement.    It amazes me how poorly the majority of them understand the basics of liberty, such as the meaning, and intent of our founding documents.

A recent example of this was Alex Jones, Hal Turner, Dave Hodges, and Mike Adams ALL claiming that  US treaties superseded the US Constitution!

The truth of the matter is that the only reason that treaties trump the Constitution is that everyone is believing, and  going along with the lie!
The  belief, of this particular lie, is central in the  “Dark Occultists”  bringing in the New World Order, so it is important to get this one right.

The Patriot Movements acceptance of  many untruths, is based upon the belief that men in black dress’s can determine what the Constitution says, when they were never given that power, and writings of the founders clearly refute that was their intent:

“I say the same as to the opinion of those who consider the grant of the treaty making power as boundless. if it is, then we have no constitution.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“You seem to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”
~Thomas Jefferson

What is even more frustrating is that you can not educate men that think that they already know a thing. They  become impossible to educate. They will reject a provable  truth that is put right in from of their faces.

A common thread in the intellectual shortcomings of our Liberty mouthpieces,  is that in reality that they do not understand liberty, freedom, or rights very well! That truth should shock you if you haven’t realized it yet.

To prove my point I ask you to define a right……..
Are you done?
This is  how you should have defined a right if you were correct, and it is much easier to define a right, in the antithetical (by defining what it isn’t)

“A right is anything that does not initiate  harm to another sentient being”

Were you even close?

If you can not define a right correctly, I  ask you how you can know a wrong, or defend a right?   You can’t and we don’t!  That ladies and  gentlemen is the current state of affairs in this country.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20

God’s “Natural Law”, was the  guiding  principle that the Declaration, and the Constitution were founded upon.  I bet they did not teach you that in either your apostate church or the communist schools that you were indoctrinated in.

Liberty and God’s Natural Laws were at one time on the minds and lips of most Americans:

“The Americans combine the notions of religion and liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive of one without the other.”
~Alexis de Tocqueville

Perhaps you are one of the few that seek the truth. If so you also have obligation to  teach others the truth. Without action nothing will change for the better.


There will be no Mike Adams today or possibly ever.


The man pushes the Sat Phone Store to his audience, and when a member of his audience is lied to and cheated by the SPS, Mike refuses to even look at the evidence, and has censored me on his platform for trying to warn others about this company.  He is personally aware of this case and shows very low moral character.
If that was not enough, his company destroyed one of my channels on his platform, mainly because I was did not have enough gravitas

to warrant them helping me recover the channel I lost because i lost control of an email address. They did not help me mainly because I was too small for them to bother.

FWIW I can not even listen to Mike Adams after this treatment, it actually makes me psychically ill to do so.


A glimpse into how dumbed down Americans  have been made:

Most Americans are becoming aware of how out of control that government has become at all levels.

What most Americans forget, if the ever knew it,  is that  government can pass all of the illegitimate laws that they wish, for their globalist masters., but the one thing that they can not do  is to enforce any of those laws!

Did that take you back?  Do you think that this statement is hyperbole?
Probably since you have been under mind control since the time you took your first breath.

Well the fact of the matter is that  juries are where laws are enforced and it is not the police or the legislators that  actually enforce the law.  That is your job and you need to educate yourself as the jury system is in the process of being destroyed, never to return if YOU don’t wake up, educate yourself, and then educate others.  

If CPS comes and kidnaps your child do you get a jury trial as the law requires?

If the tax collector comes to your home and makes you homeless, do you get a jury trial as the law requires?

If the Fordland Clinic kills your child with the COVID jab, do you get a jury trial as the law requires?

As you can see this destruction of the jury is well underway. A lot worse in fact than I have time to go into here.

We have almost lost one of  our most powerful tools to check  tyrannical government, because we are without question now a nation of dumb asses and cowards.




There was a guy close to me, that was always shooting in EXTREMELY unsafe directions.   Also doing all sorts of other dangerous things with firearms.  I  just classified him as low IQ, and was going to start wearing body armor if I ever were around him shooting.

Today however, it all makes sense:  HE IS A COP!  Cops are gods in this country.

If they shoot someone they have “sovereign immunity”,  (and they are likely to kill  you if you let them know that you are a sovereign citizen as the Declaration states) and you are SOL if they were to kill a member of your family , with  the insanity like I have witnessed from this guy.

Only a cop, someone that  knows  that he is never held responsible for his actions, would act in the dangerous manner  that this guy does.


(Mark Passio) The Truth about The Cult of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & the Destruction of the Sacred Feminine (103 minutes)


Ever wonder why I give the so called “right” or the “conservatives” so much hell?  For starters they are not much different than the left,  when it comes to many things including,  censorship regardless of what you believe.  They are in many ways no different than Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I can’t tell you how many right leaning sites have banned my free speech, without cause. They just like Facebook or Twitter,  don’t tell you why, and make it damn near impossible to contest it in a meaningful manner.

Tonight  the Gateway Pundit,  said I was banned (for no apparent reason).
If I did something criminal then call the police, and press charges on me!!
I don’t know exactly what I wrote, but I assure you it was covered by the 1st amendment.

No donations from me for the Gateway Pundit. I do not support sites that censor.

In the end it takes me about 60 seconds to create a new account and all they have done is piss off their own base.



I suggest you read the book :
The Church Deceived

Red Beckman pointed out 40 years ago a lot of the Governmental  and Church issues that we still  have today ,  only worse.

These are 3 of the last pages of the book that I thought were insightful enough to try and post here.

Red  Beckman  talks about the property tax, public schools. the income tax, the federal reserve,  the inheritance tax….

The  1st plank of the Communist manifesto is used to steal your home, and make you homeless, you don’t even get a Jury trial as required by law. Your county sheriff goes along with this, and is part of the problem.

page 163 is hard to read…but it talks about the 10th plank: our schools and their real purpose to brainwash and indoctrinate your child.



What IF this  speech characterized Modern  Americans? What if…?

“Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live, at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”

~William Wallace: Address to Scottish Army at Stirling

This sounds a lot like Sam Adams a few hundred years later:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom–go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
~ Samuel Adams

A Satanic  mental illness has taken over the  Modern Christian Church:

The last time I attended one of the Demonic Temples, that call  themselves
 Christian Churches, they themselves clearly illustrated how lost they have become.

To begin, these are not legally “churches”.   They have voluntarily become 501c3 corporations with NONE of  God’s protections granted a church  that are recognized in  the 1st amendment.  They eschewed God’s laws, protected in the 1st amendment with the lies,  and laws of man. 

They get very concerned, and unhinged, about Sunday sales of alcohol (a God given right – UNLESS you are an idolater, and believe that government is God, like most “Christians” do) they also  get unhinged with the use of prohibited words on some secret list.

They do not care of show any concern, that  their children’s bodies and minds are being destroyed with “fluoride” being added to their water, They are not upset about their children’s immune  systems  being crippled for life with  almost all “vaccines”.

Satanic mind control is the only answer that I can  accept.
None of them give Satan much  credit, while his evil works are literally  all around them. They do not know God’s Natural Laws like the Christians in 1776 did.


MISSOURI: MIAC Report 2009 – The Modern Militia Movement

If you believe in the  US Constitution.  Particularly if you believe the founders when in the 2nd amendment, they told us that the militia was “necessary”  if we wanted to remain free……

…..then the order followers and  psychopaths in Missouri Law enforcement categorize you as a terrorists these days!

If you believe in the Constitution in Missouri,  the thugs in blue consider you someone that they can kidnap or kill with no due process , or trial!

(they already have practiced this  with CPS kidnappings of children) 

This  mind control of  “law enforcement” is scary, in that  Satan can actually get men to adapt such an evil mindset as he has  both Missouri government  and law enforcement.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20

Lastly i want to point out that not only the US Constitution the Missouri Constitution also establishes a militia for the State of Missouri.  I know because I have been a member for years.


Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

I have never once Tweeted on Twitter, yet I am banned for life.
It looks like pre-emptive  DHS/government censorship to me.

I have had similar experiences, with G-mail, Amazon, Facebook, and many others.   At least I know I am over target of these evil bastards that run the world.

*** FYI to create a new account, TWITTER lies through it’s teeth and says that you can either verify with a phone number  or email address……
then once you get verified through your email, they DEMAND your phone number to continue……
I’ve been anally reamed enough times this month, I think I am going to pass.



1.) We have been at war for all but 7 of the 250 years plus that this country has existed.

2.) Most Americans have an idolic view of both of the standing armies that we have. (police and the military)

3.) The founders, and Jesus Christ warned us about standing armies.

4.) The second amendment of the Constitution says that a militia is NECESSARY if we wish to remain free! Isn’t this yet another warning about standing armies? In fact the founders said that the militia would prevent the rise of standing armies.

Yet no one supports the phucking  State militias!
Can’t they read the 20 odd words of the 2nd amendment and understand them?

All I hear is outright idolatry for the standing army, that has been at war for almost our entire existence!

There is no difference between left and right in this country. Both are a mental illness that can not read, can not think or reason.

Even if the so called “right” wins, we are still phucked  if these people that do not understand Natural Law like Jesus and the founders did, get back into power. Not a phucking  good thing will come from”conservatives” gaining power again as they can’t phucking  read or think.

Didn’t Carroll Quigley warn us in, Tragedy and Hope, that there is no difference at all between the 2 parties, and that the Globalists ran them both?



GRRRR!  Damn email companies are fraudulent as hell.
After a year or so when they think they have you, they fake that you have exceeded their free storage capacity when you obviously have not, and they lock your mail where you can’t send or receive mail!!!

Going to file my Missouri AG complaint, of the week,  against Proton mail that is doing this.

G- mail did this to me a few months back and that is why I moved to Proton mail.



“Conservationism” 101:

Has the modern “Conservative”  political philosophy not sat right with you?
 If so perhaps you are more discerning than most.
Conservatism  is VERY different than what the Declaration lays out.
It does not follow, at all, the intent of the founders,  or of the Constitution.

Chances are that your church either pushes Satan’s socialism, or it pushes what I call, “Satanism Lite” or “Conservatism”, which completely throws God’s Natural Laws under the bus.   “Conservatism” is not what you would have heard  in a Sermon  in 1775,  from Pastor Jonas Clark in Lexington Massachusetts .  These men of God knew Natural Law, they  lived by them, and taught it to their congregations.

Satan’s mind control works very well and most of the country has fallen under his spell.    Listen to just the first chapter of  “For  a New Liberty”, and you will begin to uncover the Satanic deceptions that have been hoisted upon the gullible and naive people of this country. If not go back to sleep…..

For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto Audiobook (all  15 parts)

Part 1, will blow you away with the history that you were never taught about this country:

1. The Libertarian Heritage: The American Revolution and Classical Liberalism

*** A very important book to become familiar with.


Natural Law, Liberty & Government Package – 10 Messages on 6 DVDs – By Pastor Chuck Baldwin – Featuring “Christ’s Law Of The Sword”

Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary (108 minutes)

The Promise of Natural Law
By Bionic Mosquito

“The Americans combine the notions of religion and liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive of one without the other.”
~Alexis de Tocqueville


In case the fact that, Satan runs our monetary system, has somehow escaped you, this week the Federal Reserve is going to discuss, how much of YOUR money that you can withdraw as cash. 

Right after WW2, this is what Christian men with backbones  did in a Tennessee town when their election was stolen!

Of course the government schools would never teach you such dangerous American traits,  and learning  the Natural Law  principles that this country was founded upon:

HISTORY: The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

Do you see the Natural Law  parallels to Genesis chapter 14 here?

Mark Passio: Are You Really The ‘Good Guys’? (2020) – 15 minutes

I am on a Mark Passio kick this weekend, and after revising about 10 of his talks, this is one that I found really stellar:

Mark Passio – Fake Ass Christians Part 1 of 2 – 2017-06-27 (3 hours) –  part 2 is also very good – perhaps better than part 1.

What is amazing to me, is how this meshes with Pastor Chuck Balwin’s  teachings.



In the time of Christ, Satan had taken over all of the World’s governments.
That was made clear when Satan offered Christ the riches of the world if he would only bow down and worship him.

In the time of Christ, Satan had taken over Judaism,  as evinced by the behavior of the  Sagasees and the Pharisees, and the writing of  Babylonian Talmud in 100 AD.

In 300 AD the very  people that murdered Christ,  Roman Emperor  Constantine took over  “Christianity” and told the religious leaders of the day to create a “religion”, that would control,  and neuter the growing Christian danger to the Roman Empire.   That worked for 1400 years, until the founders, using God’s Natural Law,  re-discovered much of what Satan had obscured.  Our Declaration was based entirely on God’s Natural Laws.

Today in the year 2022,  Satan has again taken over the Christian faith from top to bottom.   Much of what passes as Christianity today is actually a watered down version of Satanism.   

Moral relativism being a big one, and it is accepted whole  hog in all of the modern Christian Churches.  Modern Christians know absolutely nothing about Natural Law, as beautifully illustrated in Genesis 12 and 14.  Modern Christians, demonstrably do no know right from wrong.

Is that any wonder when Satan controls our governments, our religions, our monetary supply, our educational system, the press? …..and much more.

“We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”
~1 John 5:19


Most of us that attended the 12 year dumbing down camps, euphemistically known as “public schools”, were never taught anything much about the “Communist Manifesto“, much less the fact that all 10 planks have been implemented in the United states in one form or another.   We are not taught either that it was Adam Weishaupt’s   Satanic Illuminati that commissioned Marx to write the Manifesto.  It is clearly a Satanic document written by evil men.

The very first plank of this Satanic document, is that citizens will own nothing! (The same message that is coming from  globalist Klaus Schwab today) This is implemented in Webster County as the “property tax”.   The fact is that no one in the United States really owns their home, or the property that it sits upon.

It certainly is not a concept from scripture, or from the founders.  What it really is, is useful idiots, or demon possessed  people ( I don’t know which) that are doing Lucifer’s work with the 1st of 2 of Lucifer’s taxes. (the other one is the “income tax” that is the 2nd plank of Lucifer’s  manifesto)
(16th Amendment Lesson _ Dave Champion tv)

Not surprisingly, the implied threat of this extortion threat is:  “If you don’t pay this extortion, then mindless order followers in blue uniforms, will show up at your door and give you 2 choices:  To vacate  immediately what you thought that you owned, losing most of your possessions, becoming homeless, and likely dying on the street from what accompanies that.
OR if you don’t take that offer we will murder you on the spot.

This is the reality of what these property tax collectors are really about.  On top of all the evils I have so far presented,  I do not know of a single case of  anyone getting a jury trial of his peers, as required in the US Constitution. (so much for the thugs in blue upholding the Constitution – you also get no jury trial when they kidnap your child for the sex trafficking CPS)

A little background showing the anti-Christ and demonic nature of these people:

Last year the Webster County Tax collectors office did what I characterize  as a “drive by assessment”.    It was exactly what it sounds like. They admitted that they drove by, and made up  a price. (one that was at least 100% too high)
The office refused 4 times to come out and do a real assessment,  citing law after law that allowed them to do evil. I told them they sounded a lot like the guards at Auschwitz during the Nuremberg trials. And they did….

This office also told me that if I could not afford their imaginary and inflated criminally determined evaluation, that what I should do is  to sell my home and find one that cost less!  

They thought because it looked like I was poor, that they could make more money for their inflated salaries and benefits,  by financially raping me and leaving  me  no real recourse. I would bet that  that they have done this  same thing  to many others residing this county.

I was given no other choice that I could see other, than getting  a $500 professional home estimate done on a credit card, that I would never be able to pay back. So on top of extorting 20 pieces of silver (at today’s spot price) from me, they also contributed to destroying my credit rating.

Their is a  scripture that fits: “For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow” ~Ecclesiastes 1:18

This verse perfectly describes my thoughts on this matter.   This is  happening because all children are required to attend the government mind control camps, for 12 years, that BTW are the 10th plank of the Satanic Manifesto.
No one coming out of these dumbing down camps knows right from wrong.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
~Isaiah 5:20


 The so called modern Christian church  has plenty of culpability in the matter. Our pulpits are filled with cowardly men that are afraid to speak out because the “Johnson Amendment”  threatens their tax exempt status if they speak the truth.  Beside their “love of money”, these churches are apostate,  and of a reprobate  mind.

Our Churches  will  follow the dictates of government, over  the dictates of the Lord God,  almost every time they are given the choice.


PS—.  It says a lot about them that I could not even visit the web site with my VPN on. What are they doing collecting information for our criminal Federal government, so that you can’t pay your taxes with the privacy of a VPN?

They also disarm every one that goes into the Courthouse  building, which also says a lot about them. They know what they are doing to people, and don’t want anyone armed (like the 2nd amendment guarantees)   near them because of the way that they treat people.  They also do not want anyone with recording devices in the Court House, because of the many lies and inappropriate goings on that would be exposed if citizens were allowed to exercise their God given rights in what I see as a Demonic Temple.


I am late to drawing attention to this.  Red Beckman  wrote about this in the 1980’s.  Here are  photos of 3  pertinent pages:

Sorry this is not easier to read but it is worth the time. Some very observant thoughts and truths are there.

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”
~ Psalm 94:16

I saddens me beyond words, that after 10 years of being a watchman in this area, that I have not  met a single Christian that is at all interested in standing up against the workers of iniquity. 
It’s no wonder when it is often they themselves that are supports of iniquity.
Friendship with the world is all most Christians seem to know.

“…know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”
~James 4:4


Sex Crimes and the Vatican (38 minutes)
Reporter Colm O’Gorman explores four separate cases internationally of wide-spread clerical abuse, and puts the Roman Catholic Church on trial for the reckless endangerment of children, for allowing and even facilitating their abuse.

VERY hard hitting and worth watching!
This applies to most of the planet in the year 2022.
Satanism in and out  of the Church,  and the sexual abuse of children is literally everywhere. The reason it thrives is that people won’t believe what is right in front of them. Christians seem to believe the father of lies rather than the truth.

“But don’t be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.”
~Matthew 10:26

Movie:  Agora

Set in ancient Egypt under Roman rule, “Agora” follows astronomer Hypatia (Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, “The Mummy”) as she leads a few disciples fighting to save the wisdom of the ancient world. Among these disciples are two men vying for her heart: the privileged Orestes (Golden Globe nominee Oscar Isaac, “Star Wars”) and a young slave Davus (Max Minghella, “The Social Network”).

*** BOOK: Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness Paperback –  Jim Keith (256 pages)  At Amazon  – free PDF copy

Mark Passio recommends this book in this talk: The True Meaning & Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment, Part 2: Arms, Needs & Cowardice
It describes how the CIA operation Mockingbird was much more successful at brainwashing the American people (this includes Christians) than the KGB attempt to brainwash the Russian people.

Book: Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 Paperback – John Coleman
Free as a PDF

BOOK: The Church Deceived – Martin “Red” Beckman (174 pages)

It is alarming to me that this book is becoming unavailable. I read it a few years back after buying a used copy through Amazon.   It  confirmed years of observations about the Church and where it was headed, and this was written in 1984!    

I looked around and found the Red Beckman Site and discovered that Red had recently passed and that a relative had all of the books in existence in their basement, and was willing to sell them. I immediacy bought a case of them, and have passed out quite  a few.

I urge you to get a copy of this book, by hook or by crook.  It was that much of an epiphany to me, to discover that someone else had figured  out that the Christian Church had been hijacked and explained it all very well.

If I had the time I would OCR this in a scanner and make it into a PDF.  It really is a book you should buy for your children and family if not your pastor and Church.  If you read only one book this year, this might be the one.

Contact me if you can not find a copy and I will see what I can do.

God Bless